French police claim to have FACES of Kim Kardashian jewellery thieves.

French police have found CCTV footage which shows the faces of the thieves who robbed Kim Kardashian thanks to a lucky break, it has been reported Tuesday night.

Kim, 35, was ambushed in her Paris apartment in the early hours of Monday.

She was thrown bound and gagged into a bathtub by masked gunmen dressed as police officers .

The five, who fled on hired bikes, escaped with her engagement ring and other jewellery worth £8.5million.

It had been believed that despite having such a high-profile guest, there was only one security camera covering the prestigious £8,000-a-week Hotel Pourtales.

And the Mirror has been told it was facing the wrong way, capturing none of the dramatic robbery.

But it has sensationally been claimed Tuesday night that the thieves WERE captured by another CCTV camera covering a nearby nail salon during the getaway.

In a ‘million-to-one’ scenario, the gang can be seen in the reflection of a mirror as they walked through a small shopping precinct adjacent to the Kardashian apartment on Rue Tronchet, it is claimed.

They then went through an unlocked office door and into a car park where they jumped onto motorbikes, according to The Sun.

It would represent a major breakthrough for French police who are under intense pressure to solve the case.

A local shopkeeper confirmed that police have been asking for CCTV.

One told the Mirror: “We have had calls from police asking for any information and video footage overlooking the area.

“Everyone is doing what they can to help. We are all shocked.”

Kim is believed to have been tailed for three days before the robbery by two men with French accents, posing as a policeman and photographer.

Kim’s personal bodyguard, Pascal Duvier has vowed to find those responsible.

He warned: “The events in Paris was one of the most sickening things I have seen or heard.

“We have tips and leads and we will find you – that I promise you. You messed with the wrong one.”

Kim’s two children – North, three, and 10-month-old Saint – were not with her at the time of the robbery.

As Kanye stepped up protection around his family, a source insisted: “Kanye’s never been lax about security, he takes the safety of his wife very seriously.

“The whole family are under round-the-clock protection. He even lent Kim’s mum Kris his own personal security when she sacked hers after an intruder broke into her house while Kim was there.

“A few years ago, he started paying lookalikes of the couple and their son North on a retainer, in case they needed to disguise their location. Now he wants them on the payroll.”

Kanye interrupted a New York gig on Sunday night after learning of the raid, as Kim flew by private jet to be with him.

He has since postponed two tour dates.

On Monday the pair had 20 hired guards and a police escort to accompany them to their penthouse apartment.

The couple already own a pair of £1million “bullet-proof, bomb-proof” armoured vehicles – and will deploy similar anti-assault technology on a wall round their £20million home in Hidden Hills, California.

Cameras have already been installed in every room, including their closets, and the couple can see the footage from anywhere in the world.

Meanwhile, Kanye is reviewing their social media use to delay posts and prevent locations being traceable in real time, using an agency that has previously advised the US President.

Kim had posted images on Snapchat from the apartment just two hours before the heist – and a video in which she wore her £3.5million, 20 carat engagement ring.

Police had previously warned Kim’s half-sister, Kylie Jenner, about using the social network site – where a vague idea of a user’s location is tagged when using the app’s geofilter settings.

Charles Pellegrini, the ex head of France’s anti-organised crime squad, blasted the lax arrangements, saying: “I’m personally amazed at how her security was handled.”

A spokesperson for the star said she was “badly shaken but physically unharmed” during the Paris raid.

Think You’ve Seen “All” Of Kim Kardashian? Maybe A Little More Left (SEE PHOTO)

Most people often say there is nothing new about Kim Kardashian and her body. Well we’ve seen it all, but there’s just something about her when she releases another photo and then we realize that she sheds her old skin often. LOL!

The sexy mother of two has been serving post pregnancy body goals and even though we’ve see it before, we can’t help but admire again. See a pic she posted on her IG lately:

Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj to Perform at 2016 MTV VMAs; Kim Kardashian & More Announced as Presenters

MTV has announced that Kim Kardashian West alongside  Rita Ora, Ansel Elgort, Alicia Keys, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jaden Smith, Fifth Harmony and Shameik Moore will be presenters at the MTV Video Music Awards that’ll take place this Sunday.

The Music Television company also announced that Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj will rock the stage in the highly anticipated event slated to go down live in Madison Square Garden in New York City.
Beyonce garnered a whopping 11 nominations while Adele, Ariana Grande and Drake have eight, five and four nominations of their own, respectively.

Kanye West is in the Video of the Year category for the controversial visuals accompanying “Famous,” as well as Best Male Video.

Kim Kardashian ‘Deliberately Leaked Her Sex Tape’ With The Help Of Kris Jenner

It’s alleged in Ian Halperin’s ‘Kardashian Dynasty’ that Kim masterminded the idea to launch her into fame and fortune with his mother and manager, Kris Jenner.

Investigative journalist and author Ian Halperin quotes a source from the “adult film industry”, who told him:

“A mutual friend of Kim and Paris [Hilton] had advised her that if she wanted to achieve fame, a sex tape would be the way to go . . . Kim had discussed the idea of producing a tape with her family beforehand.”

One of the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star’s former pals also told Halperin: “It was Kris who engineered the deal behind the scenes and was responsible for the tape seeing the light of day.”


After the footage was supposedly ‘leaked’ Kim signed a deal with Vivid Entertainment so that she would be able to benefit from the proceeds of the video.

Vivid maintain that the tape was given to the ‘by a third party’ and not the Kardashian family.


A rep reportedly said: “A third party brought it to Vivid . . . [We] got in touch with the Kardashian family.”

The Kardashians are yet to comment on these latest claims however, have in the past strongly denied similar rumours.

Credit: Yahoo

Kim Kardashian Allegedly Restricts Kanye From Speaking To Rihanna

Reports say that Kanye West has distanced himself from his longtime protégée Rihanna— and it’s all because of his furious and envious wife, Kim Kardashian!

“Each and every time Rihanna is on the scene Kim gets jealous and threatened,” an insider tells Radar, adding, “It’s unbearable for all concerned.”

The insider admitted that West, 38, and 27-year-old Rihanna “do have a very close bond” and that the two “flirt around each other a lot.”

“This is just how Kanye is with everyone,” insisted the insider, dismissing 35-year-old Kardashian’s fears.

However, “That’s not cutting it with Kim, who’s paranoid they have this crush on each other and that one day Rihanna could steal him away.“

Credit: Radar

Amber Rose Shuts Down Pink & Defends Kim Kardashian’s Nude Selfie

Pretty much everyone has weighed in on Kim Kardashian West’s nude selfie this week. But now we can all go home because Amber Rose has jumped into the fray to defend her new BFF, Kim.

Amber had Kim’s back today, commenting on P!nk’s hot take, which read: “Shout out to all the women across the world using their brains, their strength, their work ethic, their talent, their ‘magic.'” P!nk never actually named Kim in her message, but it was pretty clear who she was directing it at.

Amber took a screenshot of P!nk’s post and put it on Instagram today with this caption:

Damn Pink we were all born naked society sexualizes our breast and bodies. If a grown mother of 2 is comfortable with her body and wants to show it off that’s none of ur business or anyone else’s. Now, if u wanna talk to kids and be a mentor to young teens, tell them to go to school and to not use their bodies to get ahead?! I’m all for it! But please as a grown woman let another grown woman live as she wishes. That’s our problem! We’re so quick to down each other instead of uplifting! Pink, We’ve seen u damn near naked swinging from a rope( Beautifully) but what’s the difference between a rope, a pole and a pic on Instagram? Classism. Because u sing while ur half naked does that make it “Classy” or is it because u have a “talent”? I’m not dissing at all Pink just curious after u said “You’ll never have to make a silly excuse for yourself”.

Amber posted one of Kim’s nude photos on Instagram with a message directly to Kim, inviting her to participate in the SlutWalk with Amber Rose. The caption reads:

And @kimkardashian I don’t know u well but I saw u speak about slut shaming and as u know I’m an activist feminist so it spoke to me. Being Slut shamed and ridiculed is not fun it’s hurtful and mean. Us women deal with it everyday and I’m happy u can speak openly on this now because if anyone knows what it’s like to be Slut Shamed it’s u! Live it Kim! Make a difference and speak on it! Not only when it’s convenient for u but when u can help others. Last year at my Slutwalk I told my Slut shaming story. This year I would love for u to come and tell urs. This is an open invite from me to u and ur sisters are welcomed too ? Let’s let the naysayers know u are so much more then a sex tape (13 years ago) ? fuck it own it. Ur a mom and a business woman, a wife, sister and daughter. Hope we can make this happen #AmberRoseSlutWalk2016

Credit: Cosmopolitan

Pink Throws Shade At Kim Kardashian’s Nude Selfie

Using International Women’s Day as her platform, Pink appeared to step into Kim Kardashian’s recent row with stars such as Bette Midler and Chloë Grace Moretz over whether or not it’s a good idea to flaunt your naked body.

The feud began when Midler, 70, and Moretz, 19, questioned Kardashian’s decision to post pictures of herself naked, after the mom of two shared the first of two totally nude selfies via her social media accounts.

Identify The Real Kim Kardashian, New Kim K Lookalike Takes Over The Internet

Should Kim Kardashian ever need another body double to try on clothes for her, she should contact Sonia from Dubai. Sonia is a beauty blogger who regularly works with her makeup artist sister Fyza, who’s based in London and the Middle East. Sonia also looks like Kim Kardashian.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Sonia says people often think she’s the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star when she’s at airports and shopping, and especially when she’s in the U.S. “I have never seen it but my family and friends always would say there was a resemblance,” she tells the site. “Regardless of what look I go for, there will always be that one person who mentions that I look like her.”

See Sonia’s pics below:

? #soniaxfyza pic whilst getting pampered at @edensalonspakw #kuwait #q8 #beautylover #middleeast
Had the most amazing treatments at @sistersbl at @thedubaimall ???? thank you so much for having us! #Dubai #UAE #mydubai #dubaimall #soniaxfyza #sniffingcookie
Credit: Cosmopolitan

Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose Unite For Threesome? Find Out The Whole Gist Behind The Selfie

So today we woke to what was meant to be two arch enemies posing for a selfie together. Didn’t go down well with some of us because it was super awkward.

Well, we read through comments to find a clue to what that was and most people claimed it was a reunion for a threesome with Kanye West. Sigh… Remember the threesome allegation that trended online then died down? Yes, cos most people felt a threesome was the reason behind that awkward selfie.

However, a flip side gist said Kim Kardashian reached out to Amber Rose and the two reconciled at Kris Jenner’s house.

Us Weekly says, “Making amends is something that Kim has wanted to do for a long time,” according to sources and that “Amber and Kim are both mothers, and it was the right thing to do.”

The breaking of bread took place three days after West, 38, took to his Twitter and semi-apologized for bringing up Bash last Friday, January 29. “God’s dream…” the Waves rapper tweeted. “Never speak on kids again… all love … all blessings…”

This Photo Might Be Kanye West’s Worst Nightmare (SEE PHOTO)

This life is a box full of surprises. Aren’t they supposed to be enemies? That is Amber Rose and Kim K. Then all of a sudden they are posing together.

What’s happening here? We are equally startled at this and want some explanation. More startling is the fact that they both posted the photo almost at the same time with caption, “Tea anyone?” and “Swingers”. But be rest assured, we will find out what’s going down. Or maybe Kim is on some “finger” tutorial lessons from Amber.

See photo below:

Swingers ???

See How Many Christmas Boxes Kanye West Gave Kim Kardashian

It looks like Kim Kardashian’s husband Kanye West really pulled out all the stops for Christmas, at least in the gift giving department.  In a recent livestream, Kim revealed just how bountiful her Christmas was, thanks to her generous hubby.

In a recap of the family’s livestream videos posted to her website, a sign that reads “To Kim, Love Kanye” is seen perched near boxes and boxes neatly wrapped in dark paper and ribbon.

“We’ve got ‘To Kim from Kanye…150 gifts and counting,” remarks the person shooting the video as the camera pans over all the presents. US Weekly reports the gifts Kanye got his wife included a Prada jumpsuit and a Louis Vuitton dress among many others. “He sent his assistant to Italy and shopped via Skype,” Kim told fans. When mom Kris Jenner calls her “spoiled,” Kim has the perfect response.

Credit: Cosmopolitan

Kim Kardashian’s First Appearance After Saint, Says Her Boobs Are Enormous (PHOTO)

She’s back!  After a week of teasing the world with videos where she is heard but not seen, Kim Kardashian treated fans to a brief four-minute live stream on her app and website on Thursday.

Kim has done a few live streams and social media posts since giving birth to new son Saint West, but this is the first time she fully showed her face. “I have just been chilling at home with the baby and being cozy in robes,” Kim said. “I decided to put makeup on,” she said. “My boobs look enormous.”

Credit: Cosmopolitan

Kim Kardashian Is Eating Her Own Placenta

Kim Kardashian can literally thank herself for fighting the good fight against baby blues. In a new blog post aptly titled “Eating My Placenta,” Kim explains why she had her placenta converted into pill form after giving birth to son Saint West. (Unfortunately Kim did not offer a warning to those who are reading while eating lunch or enjoying a light mid-day snack).

“I heard so many stories when I was pregnant with North of moms who never ate their placenta with their first baby and then had postpartum depression, but then when they took the pills with their second baby, they did not suffer from depression! So I thought, why not try it? What do I have to lose?”

According to Kim, who gave birth to her second child on Dec. 5, the results have been positive, thanks to the capsules “made by me, for me.”

“Every time I take a pill, I feel a surge of energy and feel really healthy and good,” she writes.

Credit: Cosmopolitan

Kim Kardashian Donates 1000 Pairs Of Shoes To Charity

She may have given birth less than a week ago but that hasn’t stopped Kim Kardashian from getting stuck in with a new project.

Hours after bringing baby Saint West home from the hospital, Kim took to her Twitter page to reveal that being up late breastfeeding had opened her eyes to a whole new charity initiative

She wrote: “I’m up breastfeeding & watching this show Dish Nation. I heard the cutest story of a girl who is trying to find 1000 pairs of shoes to donate to this charity Soles For Souls!

“They helped her during Hurricane Katrina. I think I know the designer of Shoe of the Year Award!

“Kanye and I would love to donate those 1000 shoes to Soles For Souls.I’ve been looking online to find this little girl so we can let her know the shoes are on their way….but can’t seem to find her.

“So whoever you are ….these shoes are for you! We will contact Soles For Souls! You reached your goal, so proud of you!!! xoxox [sic]”

She later added: “Can u help me find the girl who is trying 2 get 1000 pairs of shoes by Christmas @DishNation @Soles4Souls Kanye & I would love to donate! [sic]”

So far it looks as though her mission to find the little girl has been unsuccessful, but with the power of the internet we have every faith that Kim will find her somehow.

Credit: Yahoo

Kylie Jenner Gradually Becoming The New Kim Kardashian

Kylie Jenner has not only evolved facially or physique wise, but her fashion sense is gradually moulding into the typical Kim Kardashian.

Talk of a nude body suit, white pants and vintage jackets… Well, Kylie is taking over the signature look from her big sister. Don’t be alarmed if she monopolizes the Kardashain business offers and opportunities too.

See her style in her IG post today. You’ll swear it’s Kim without the baby bump…

Early ??

Unborn Yeezus Is Breach, Kim Kardashian Doing Everything To Avoid C-Section

Kim Kardashian is sharing more about her current pregnancy complications.

The 35-year-old reality star’s latest blog post on her website and app reveals that her baby is breech — meaning he’s in the wrong position for childbirth — and that she’s doing everything she can to try to have a vaginal birth. Kim says she’s started intensive chiropractic work, and lies “awake late at night,” researching.

“I, of course, will try anything to still turn the baby,” she writes, sharing that her baby’s head is still up when it’s supposed to be down. “I lay practically upside down three times a day for 15 minutes. I play music in the right position and ice my belly in certain spots to get him to squirm out of the breech position. I even started acupuncture where I burn moxa (mugwort) on my pinky toe every day! I am even attempting hypnosis!”

Kim reveals she will be trying external cephalic version (ECV), a procedure used to turn a baby from a breech position or side-lying position into a head-down position before labor begins. The procedure is usually performed after about 37 weeks, and Kim is entering her 36th week of pregnancy.

” … It looks so painful and scary and has to be done in the hospital,” Kim shares. “Obviously, if it’s an emergency and for the safety of my son, I will get a C-section — but if I don’t need one, I’d rather not.”

Kim admits she’s nervous about her upcoming delivery.

“This whole delivery gives me anxiety, not gonna lie,” she writes. “I hope the baby turns and all goes well but I’m prepared for anything!”

Credit: ETonline

Kanye West Loves Attention- Kim Kardashian

Keeping things in perspective. Kim Kardashian is expecting her second child in December, but of the many qualms the reality star has, one major one is how she’ll juggle time for both her kids and husband Kanye West, she told Ryan Seacrest in an interview.

“My husband needs a lot of attention, each kid needs a lot of attention, I work a lot, [and] I want to be able to give everyone just the same amount of attention,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star told Seacrest during a segment for On Air With Ryan Seacrest.

Kardashian, 35, and West, 38, are expecting their second child together, a son, on Christmas, and the second-time mom revealed that two might just be the magic number.

“I am so over it… I am beyond over it,” she said of being pregnant, with just six weeks left in her pregnancy. “I said this last time. I said I am done. Don’t ever make me go through that again. …How miserable it is, swollen feet and heartburn. It is the worst.”

Credit: USweekly

Unborn Baby Yeezus Gets Customized Gold Chain

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s son is already flexing on us. And he hasn’t even been born yet.

Earlier this evening, mama Kardashian took to social media to share an image of a miniature gold chain created specifically her unborn child. As you can see in the photo above, the envy-inducing piece was designed to match one of West’s diamond gold chains, and was appropriately captioned “Like father like son.”

Though we’re currently in an era of swaggy superstar babies, the Kardashian-West children are definitely leading the pack. North West, who is only 2 years old, already has a collection of designer clothes, which includes custom pieces fromBalmain, Givenchy, and Alexander Wang.

We can only imagine what baby Yeezus will rock after he arrives.

Kim Kardashian Ignores Caitlyn’s Birthday? Find Out Here

After all said and done, Kim Kardashian eventually wished her step father, Caitlyn Jenner, a happy birthday.

Well we all thought Caitlyn was abandoned when only Kylie and Kourtney shoed up for her birthday lunch.

Kim shared a selfie of herself and Caitlyn. See instagram post below:

Kim Kardashian Whining About Her 7 Months Pregnancy

In a recent post on her website, the 35-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wrote, “I feel like a f**king whale.”

Kim admits that it isn’t just her size that’s bothering her, but also some of the other common side effects of having a bun in the oven. Specifically, she says her unborn son is “sitting on [her] bladder and [she has] to pee every five minutes.

While it sounds like her second pregnancy hasn’t exactly been a cakewalk, the reality star did get a pleasant treat on her birthday last week when her husband threw her a surprise 35th birthday party.

Credit: ETonline

Kim Kardashian Celebrates 50 Million IG Followers With This Photo

Kim Kardashian West has expressed her excitement and appreciation to her IG followers for hitting 50 followers.

However, she is yet to beat Taylor Swift who has 52.6 million followers, while queen Bey is still dangling in third place with 49.1 million followers.

See her IG post below:

Kanye West Does The Unthinkable For Kim Kardashian’s Birthday (PHOTOS)

It’s Kim Kardashian’s birthday… and Mr West did the Unthinkable.

He rented an out an entire movie theater to screen the new Steve Jobs  and had all of her family and close friends come dressed up as their best pregnant Kim look. Birthday guests were given fake baby bumps on arrival.

See Kim’s Instagram post below:

Kim Kardashian Cancels Baby Shower Amid Lamar Odom Hospitalization

Kim Kardashian has postponed her baby shower following Lamar Odom’s recent hospitalization, her rep confirms.

The celebration in anticipation of Kim and Kanye West’s second child was scheduled for Saturday at the home of family friend, Sharon Azoff. The Beverly Hills estate owned by Azoff and her husband, music mogul Irving Azoff, is also where Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom were married in 2009.

The baby shower was supposed to be thrown by Kim’s sisters and filmed for their reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

The reality show cameras have not been rolling in Las Vegas, where Odom remains in critical condition at Sunrise Hospital. The 35-year-old NBA pro has been visited by his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian, and her sisters — Kim, Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner — and her mother, Kris Jenner, as well as Odom’s ex-girlfriend, Liza Morales, and their two children, Destiny and Lamar Jr.

Read More: ETonline

Obama Gives Kanye West Some Tips For Presidential Run

If you’re going to run for president, Kanye West, you might as well listen to someone who’s been there and done that.

“I do have some advice for him,” President Barack Obama said during a West Coast fundraiser featuring an appearance by the rapper. “Just some stuff that I’ve picked up on the way.”

When West appeared on the MTV Video Music Awards last month, he announced that he would run for president in 2020.

Image: Kanye West accepts the Video Vanguard Award at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles
Entertainer Kanye West accepts the Video Vanguard Award at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, California, August 30, 2015. MARIO ANZUONI / Reuters

Obama’s Tip No. 1 could have been aimed at reality TV star turned presidential candidate Donald Trump — and maybe a few others in the crowded GOP field.

“First of all, you’ve got to spend a lot of time dealing with some strange characters who behave like they’re on a reality TV show,” Obama said. “So you’ve just to be cool with that.”

Tip No. 2 referenced West’s fifth studio album. “Saying that you have a ‘Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ — that’s what’s known as ‘off-message’ in politics,” Obama said. “You can’t say something like that. There are a lot of people who have lost their congressional seats saying things like that.”

Tip No. 3 hit the Chicago-raised West close to home. “Do you really think that this country is going to elect a black guy from the South Side of Chicago with a funny name to be president of the United States?” Obama asked. “That is crazy. That’s cray!”

Obama, aka POTUS, also joked that West has his own nickname for the person in the White House — Peezy (that’s someone who is really, really cool).

West also is thinking about running for speaker of the House, Obama cracked.

“Couldn’t get any stranger,” he said.

Watch full Video below…

What Kim Kardashian Really Feels About Being Pregnant

Kim Kardashian is feeling the pregnancy woes the second time around.

In a new post on her website titled “From the Desk Of: How I Really Feel About Being Pregnant,” the reality star does some venting about her second pregnancy.

“I’m gonna keep it real: For me, pregnancy is the worst experience of my life! LOL!” Kim, who is mom to North West with husband Kanye, wrote. “I don’t enjoy one moment of it and I don’t understand people who enjoy it.”

Kim went to say she just hasn’t been feeling her usual self lately.

“Maybe it’s the swelling, the backaches or just the complete mindf**k of how your body expands and nothing fits,” she continued. “I just always feel like I’m not in my own skin.”

Read More: Yahoo

Kim Kardashian Envies Caitlyn Jenner’s Boobs, Might Get A Boob Job

Kim Kardashian has revealed when she saw Caitlyn Jenner’s breasts for the first time, she wanted to get some changes made to her own.

Speaking on a sneak peek clip from the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she is seen saying: ‘It made me want a boob job.’

The 34-year-old revealed she first saw her former stepfather’s boobs when she was undressing for her famed Vanity Fair cover shoot.

Such was her envy of Caitlyn’s chest, after the incident Kim rushed to tell her younger sister Khloé how she felt at seeing Caitlyn’s body, after her gender reassignment surgery.

‘I went to Caitlyn’s photoshoot, she was pretty, like really pretty,’ she told her 31-year-old sister.

Read More: dailymail


The Game Kinda Implies He Dated Kim Kardashian Back In The Day

The Game was a guest on The Wendy Williams Show yesterday where he went to promote his new album, Documentary 2. And while talking about his past relationships with Kardashian sisters, Kim and Khloe, he kinda implied that he dated Kim and not Khloe.
‘Were you hooking up with Khloe Kardashian,’ Williams asked straightforward, saying she felt the two had hooked up casually at least three times.
‘No, no,’ The Game quickly responded ‘Khloe is just a good friend.She was just chill and it was never about that’ he explained.

Wendy asked again, ‘Is it true that before the Khloe rumors that you and Kim had something going on?’
The Game wasn’t as fast in denying an affair with Kim as he stumbled over his explanation. “Um, you know, uh….you know so uh, you know what’ he hesitated.
‘Kanye is great, Kim is great, they’re great for each other, you know,’ and he avoided completely answering the question.
Wendy acknowledged his vague answer and she and audience laughed, cheered and applauded.
‘Kanye is a really good friend of mine and you know, he’s got a really good family structure,’ he explained. ‘That baby is just to die for and you know I don’t want to disrespect their family infrastructure.’
Wendy replied, ‘We understand what you’re saying,’ as she gave a huge side wink to her audience.

Kim Kardashian To Cut Her Uterus After Baby No. 2?

Kim Kardashian’s current pregnancy may be her last.

In an interview with C Magazine, the multi-talented mama says that in her first pregnancy, she suffered placenta accreta. With placenta accreta, the placenta grows blood vessels into the uterus. Instead of the placenta getting completely expelled along with the baby during the birth, it stays attached to the wall of the uterus. It can lead to severe blood loss and, in some cases, death.

So after Baby South (or whatever they name him) comes into the world, surgeons may remove her uterus.

“They think I’ll have placenta accreta again, so if the placenta grows a little bit deeper than it did last time, then they are prepared to have my uterus removed, which is a little scary for me,” she told C Magazine. “I think we’re just gonna go day by day, see how overwhelming it is, and see how the delivery goes.”

Read More: TV Guide

Kim Kardashian Allegedly Trying To Stop Amber Rose’s Reality TV Show

Kim Kardashian has reportedly ‘tried her hardest’ to prevent Amber Rose/Black Chyna’s reality TV show from ever happening.

And failing that, it’s believed that Kim will stop at nothing to make sure that no one watches their soon-to-be filmed MTV reality show.

“This is the worst possible scenario for the Kardashians,” a source told, adding:

“Giving these two more of a voice than they already have is going to be beyond destructive! Amber and Blac Chyna will definitely be verbally going after the Kardashians on TV,”

“Kim tried her hardest to prevent this show from happening, but obviously did not succeed.”

Read More: yahoo

Kim Kardashian Shops For Toys, Buys Basically The Entire Store

?TMZ reports that Kim Kardashian hit up a Toys”R”Us in Los Angeles on Saturday, and went all “Supermarket Sweep” on their behinds.

Later that night, she went to her husband’s show at FYF Fest and so if you’re looking for the winner of who had the most perfect yesterday, it’s her.


‘Let’s Not Drag My Mum Through The Mud’ – Khloé K Confronts Caitlyn Jenner

In a preview for next episode of Caitlyn Jenner’s ‘I Am Cait’ reality show, Khloe made her debut on the show and it wasn’t a pleasant one as she confronted her step dad/mum over comments she made about his ex and her mum, Kris Jenner.

“We haven’t really gotten a chance to talk since you sent me all those tough texts,” Caitlyn says while wearing a blue sweater

“Kim said that you said they were tough and Kim read all of them and she was like ‘these really weren’t that tough,'” Khloé told Caitlyn. “I just said ‘We don’t care what you’re doing.’ Meaning we don’t care if you want to transition. We want to support you and be there for you. But, we don’t think that that entails you speaking negatively about my mom. In our opinion, you don’t even need to mention my mom…let’s not drag my mom through the mud.”

Kim Kardashian Slams The Cops, Accuses Them Of Covering Up Murder

Kim Kardashian has joined the bevy of celebrities who are adding their voices to the campaign on twitter, demanding answers to the bizarre story of the 28 year old Chicago woman Sandra Bland who died in jail after she was taken into police custody.

Kim took to her page hours ago to voice her own concerns, and she agreed, too, alongside many other voices, that there seems to be a ‘massive cover up’ in the police reports.

See what she wrote below:

Sandra Bland’s death was ruled by prosecutors as suicide by hanging, but many have refuted that report and even analysed the first mugshot released by the police; there is a raging unanimous agreement among many on social media who believe that the mugshot was taken after Bland was dead. They believe that the case is race related and that the police brutally murdered Bland because she was black.

A Heavier Rob Kardashian Emerges Under Cover Of Darkness For Late Night Burger Run

Rob Kardashian is currently trending on US social media and you can easily tell the reason why, right?

His mother Kris Jenner recently admitted she fears for his life, after he gained 45kg amid a deep depression. And while Rob Kardashian has been living a reclusive existence, far away from the TV cameras that follow his family around for their E! reality show, he emerged from seclusion on Wednesday night.

The 28-year-old was spotted on a burger run in Woodland Hills at 10pm as his weight appears to have ballooned once again.

Sources close to the family recently shared with People about Rob’s current emotional and mental state of mind, and they said:

‘He has retreated more. He’s sad, he’s bitter, he’s single. He is very depressed and has been for a while.’The attitude has always been that when Rob gets his act together, starts working out and loses weight, everything will be good and he will be happy. Behind this weight gain is this very unhealthy mental state that he keeps struggling with. Kris doesn’t want Rob on the show when his emotionally unstable.’

‘Enjoy How You Look, You’re Not Getting Any Younger’: Kim K Writes A letter To Her Future Self

Kim Kardashian has revealed the letter she wrote to her future self…10 years from now which she titled ‘Don’t open until 2025’. In the letter, she described her hopes for herself and her family.
‘Kim, when you read this you’ll be ten years older in the year 2025. I hope this is where you are. When it comes to how you feel about your body remember to be kind to yourself and enjoy how you look now, because you’re not getting any younger.’

See all the other stuff she wished for other members of her family below…

She reflected on her life in the spotlight

“We both know that there are always so many haters out there and I just hope that you continue to ignore them and focus on everything positive.’

‘Are you still filming KUWTK? Are you still decorating our dream home? Are selfies still a thing?’
She also pondered ‘Are the terms ‘bae’ and ‘on fleek’ soooo 2015? If not, am I still on fleek?’

Conspiracy Theorists Give Their Take On Caitlyn Jenner

You know how conspiracy theorists have a weird, confusing explanation for everything? Well, they have started with Bruce Jenner, turned Caitlyn Jenner. In this article titled ‘The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner’s Transformation’ published on,, the website attempts to explain why Bruce turned to Caitlyn and the explanation is quite scary. Not that I believe it but its quite chilling. Read below…
Bruce Jenner is now known as Caitlyn Jenner and, for some reason, all media outlets have converged to turn this personal transformation into a massive, all-encompassing media event. Why is that? Because Jenner’s transformation was not personal, it is a planned event meant to support an ongoing agenda.

After the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games, Bruce Jenner was an American hero and was dubbed “the world’s greatest athlete”. He then embarked in a movie and television career, which solidified his near-superhero mystique in popular culture.

After his marriage with Kris Houghton and his involvement with Keeping Up with the Kardashians, most of that mystique was gone. He was part of the Kardashian experiment, the family that was built by mass media and for mass media, from absolutely nothing, to monopolize the attention of masses. From sex tapes to relationship rumors to butt pics that are supposed to “break the internet”, celeb marriages, and young girls becoming sexualized at a young age, the Kardashians constantly seek media attention for all kinds of purposes. Bruce Jenner’s story is yet another chapter in that story. And, like most of the “events”  involving the Kardashians, Jenner’s transformation was meticulously planned with perfect mass media coverage to gain worldwide attention.

Before I go further (and because some people like to put words in my mouth), I need to emphasize that I do not think that all transgenders are “evil” nor that they are part of a sinister Agenda. If one feels more comfortable and happier living as the opposite sex, well that’s their business and not mine. As a staunch proponent of true freedom, I will never judge a person who took a personal decision to live a better life. Bruce Jenner’s sex change, however, was everything but personal. It was an orchestrated media event, blown-up to proportions so large that it has been turned into a grand ritual, a staged ceremony meant to push an agenda.

Following the Script

Like the rest of the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner’s fame in 2015 (almost 40 years after winning his gold medal), is solely due to mass media keeping him famous. In other words, he is famous because he’s famous. And he stays famous because the elite is using his family to push an agenda.

In 2013, I published an article entitled The Kardashian 2013 Christmas Card: A Tribute to the Illuminati Entertainment Industry, where I analyzed a highly symbolic Christmas card created by David Lachapelle – a fashion photographer who is no stranger to the MK-Ultra based entertainment industry. That Christmas card was somewhat prophetic.

The Christmas card features Kardashians posing in a deserted movie theater that is replete with imagery representing the true role and the true fate of that made-for-showbiz family.

Bruce Jenner, the only male in that photo, is the only one in that is not posing fashionably. Quite to the contrary, he is imprisoned in the cashier’s booth, which looks like a giant test tube.

Stuck in a what looks like a giant tube, Bruce Jenner is gazing at statue that is wearing a gold medal – but that is also dismembered. That statue clearly represents Bruce’s past self, which was, since then, broken  and symbolically dismembered. Jenner is now trapped in the tube that is show-business, like some kind of lab rat.

His daughters, who were about 15 at the time, were also depicted in a near prophetic matter.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner posing in front of an Illuminati pyramid which strongly hint that they’re owned by the occult elite’s system.

Since 2013, the Jenner sisters have indeed been fully integrated the Illuminati system, fully pushing ongoing agenda of sexualizing minors.

The sisters often pose while doing the One-Eye sign, confirming that they’re owned by the system.
In this picture, the sisters are holding the hands of two invisible, “shadowy” men, representing the sinister unseen handlers controlling their lives.

So, not unlike Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the actual lives of the Jenners are mostly scripted. Caitlyn Jenner is also part of the script.

Perfect Media Storm

After his divorce, Bruce Jenner could have silently stepped out of the spotlight and lived his new life in relative privacy. But the exact opposite happened. Caitlyn saturated all major media outlets in a carefully orchestrated media storm. Here’s what happened in the span of a few weeks.

Speaking of courage, in a rather absurd, almost forced, media move, Caitlyn Jenner will be receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award during the 2015 ESPY Awards in July 2015. Caitlyn’s “courage” was deemed superior to Lauren Hill, a college athlete who played basketball despite an inoperable brain tumor and who died earlier this year.

There is more: Caitlyn will be the subject of her own reality show … expect a whole lot of magazine photoshoots.

The Hidden Agenda

As stated above, Jenner’s transformation was not intimate nor personal. It was a grand, ceremonial, ritualistic event that symbolizes a change in society as a whole. An important part of the elite’s agenda is to debase, confuse and mix up the natural, harmonious order of things. It is about steering away from what is real, pure and authentic to move towards to the fake, artificial and the constructed. For this reason, there one aspect of the Agenda that is becoming increasingly apparent : The feminization of the male and the masculinization of the female. Under the guise of “empowerment”, men who act like females and females who act like men are not only accepted, but celebrated. I personally do not have a problem with that. I DO have a problem with the other side of this agenda: Men who act like traditional men (and do not feel the need to apologize for it) are now portrayed as evil and wrong. And, all of a sudden, portraying a stay-at-home mom who takes pride in cooking for her family is considered “sexist”.

In other words, it is about a complete reversal of gender roles. Simply by looking at our genetic make-up and the behavior of most mammals, one can observe that males are engineered to hunt, provide and protect while females are made to “nest”, care and nurture, While modern living has made these traits less dominant, they are nevertheless part of our core being. And mass media is heavily focusing on promoting the exact opposite of this. It is about the attacking the mind with messages that conflict with our natural inclinations. If you look at what is happening right now in mass media, you have, on one side, the head of the Kardashian family putting on makeup and wearing dresses while, on the other side, you have Taylor Swift training for combat with big weapons, with a gang of tough, violent women (see the video for Bad Blood).

While Jenner is an all-American product, Europe also went through its ritualistic, transgender event.

Conchita Wurst was the winner of Eurovision 2014. To further confuse everybody in the world (including other transgenders) Conchita wears a beard.

The above image of Conchita, with the strategically placed antlers, alludes to the lesser-known, esoteric part of the Agenda. In occult secret societies, the highest stage of illumination is achieved through the internalization of duality and the equilibrium between opposing forces –  good and evil, active and passive. male and female. This concept is symbolically represented by the horned, hermaphrodite god Baphomet. It is also represented in alchemical symbolism such as the Alchemical Androgyne :

“The symbol reproduced above is from a rare edition of the Turbæ Philosophorum published in Germany in 1750, and represents by a hermaphroditic figure the accomplishment of the magnum opus. The active and passive principles of Nature were often depicted by male and female figures, and when these two principle, were harmoniously conjoined in any one nature or body it was customary to symbolize this state of perfect equilibrium by the composite figure above shown.” (Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages).

Of course, the concepts above are meant to be interpreted in an esoteric and spiritual context where the human soul transcends its physical shell. However, today’s elite is bent on twisting and corrupting occult concepts, using its inherent powers for sinister purposes. Therefore the concept of equilibrium has turned into a unhealthy obsession on transgendered media pawns.

In Conclusion

Because, simply touching on the subjects I discussed above leads to unwarranted accusations of sexism, “transphobia” and whatnot, I feel the need to emphasize one point: This article is not against transgender people who decide to make a change because it makes them happy. It is against the exploitation of transgender people to push an Agenda.
The Caitlyn Jenner story was orchestrated to bring specific concepts to the forefront, notably the complete reversal of gender roles. Although the elite’s occult teaching are about complete equilibrium, they want the masses to be completely out of balance. That’s how you keep them confused and malleable.

I Won’t Call Myself A Role Model – Kim Kardashian

Kim opened up on July issue of Glamour magazine on her growth …The mother of one who is pregnant with her second child said ..

 I’m a completely different person. I don’t know if it’s growing up or being with Kanye, who’s more private, but I try and live my off time as privately as possible. I used to enjoy the spotlight. If I had a day off from filming, I didn’t know what to do. Now I enjoy my family time so much, there is this sense of, If it all went away, and I was just a mom, I would love my life.
On being a role model
 I’m not trying to influence anyone else; I’m not saying, “Do what I do.” I think it’s a little pretentious to say, “I’m a role model”; I would never say that, and I don’t think of myself that way. Are there things I’d take back? I don’t know if I’d take back the lessons that I’ve learned. Yeah, there are things that I’d be embarrassed about or wish didn’t happen, but if I didn’t have all those bad, crazy things, would I be who I am today? I don’t know.

On her style

 My style was really fun and flirty and cute; very colorful, very trendy. When I started dating Kanye, he was like, “Babe, you have so many crazy shoes and platforms with spikes and jewels, so much going on. Can I have my stylist come and we’ll clean out your closet?” I’ve become in love with this still sexy but just cleaner look.

On North doing a nude shoot:

I think I would if it were done artsy and cool. I can’t speak for Kanye—he freaks out when she tries on my heels.

Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant

It was revealed at the end of Sunday night’s midseason finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that Kim Kardashian is finally pregnant with her and Kanye West’s second child. “I just got the blood test back, and I am pregnant!” Kim, 34, exclaims while sharing her happy news with sister Khloé.

The baby will be the younger sibling of Kimye’s adorable daughter, North, who turns 2 on June 15.

Prior to the show’s East Coast airing, Kardashian teased that it was going to be an episode fans would not want to miss.

And after the episode, Kim’s BFF Jonathan Cheban tweeted out his congratulations:

In the past, Kim had made it very clear that she hoped to have another little one running around soon.

“I want a boy and another girl; I want it to start happening straight away,” the reality star told Elle U.K. in December. “I loved being part of a huge family — and I want that for North.”

I Pursued Kanye After My Divorce- Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian says there was an instant attraction between her Kanye West when they first met years ago.

Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush sat down exclusively with the reality star, who said she was “always attracted” to the rapper, long before he became her husband.

‘When I first met him, we worked on a project together and there was definitely a spark, but we were in other relationships and we kept our distance,” she said. “We stayed in touch here and there and then when he wasn’t in relationships, you know, it’s just our timing would always not really coincide.

“And then, I think it was six months after I was newly single in like 2012, I was like why not? Like, what am I waiting for?” she continued.

It was actually Kim who pursued Kanye after her short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries ended.

“I called [Kanye] because I’m sure it was really hurtful that I got married and, even though it’s not like we communicated all the time, I knew what he was thinking. So I thought he was going to call me as soon as he knew that I was single again,” she explained. “He didn’t, and so I called him and I said, ‘Hello? I thought you were at least going to call me and ‘I told you so,’ something?’ And then – he’s always been a good friend to me, like, we’ve always been there for each other – then he invited me to a fashion show of his in Paris and I went, and then the magic happened.”

Having come out of a very public divorce, Kim was initially hesitant to start a new relationship. “But then in my head I was like, ‘You know what? Screw it. Like, this is probably what I’ve been waiting for, it’s been in front of my face,'” she said.

The couple is coming up on their 1-year wedding anniversary, and Kim said Kanye’s confidence has inspired her to believe in herself.

“He’s super confident and I think in my career and in life he’s given me so much confidence,” she said. “I handle things differently. Like in business, like I go into something where before I might have been a little bit timid and I’m a little bit calmer, and I go in like, ‘No, guys, this is what I want.'”


Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Install $35,000 Home Theater, Rent Movies For $500 Per Day

Kimye might consider themselves royalty, but even “Regal” Cinemas is not enough for them. A source tells Us Weekly that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have installed a $35,000 Prima Cinema system into their $20 million Hidden Hills, Calif. mansion.

Read More:

OMG!!! Kanye West Considering Surrogate? Kim Kardashian Might Not Have Another Baby

Kris Jenner left our jaws hanging when she shared a video clip on her instagram. The clip was a heads up for their show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, in which she urged fans to tune in for new episodes.

We were shocked when Kim K mentioned that Kanye West said they might consider a surrogate for another child and Kim is totally not cool with that decision. She was all moody and almost in tears while Scott Disick looked at her in shock.

2 2

Khloe then said something about having a surgery to enable them know if she can conceive by herself or not. Well we’ll keep our fingers crossed and keep our eyes on them.

Could this be the beginning of their major marriage trial? Will a surrogate wreck their marriage? The questions keep flooding. Share your thoughts with us.

Kanye West Congratulates His Wife Kim K West In His Own Special Way

Everybody has at one point or the other wondered how Kanye West felt about his wife posing nude. We don’t have to wonder about it any more, he obviously loves it.

On Monday he congatulated Kim on the successful premiere of the new season of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and also on having 30 million followers on twitter. This is what he wrote and the pictures he attached to his tweet.



Miley Cyrus Mocks Newly Blonde Kim Kardashian in Hilarious Instagram Photo

Miley Cyrus knows a thing or two about being a platinum bottle blonde, but the outspoken pop star just isn’t loving the white blonde locks on Kim Kardashian. In fact, Cyrus was so shocked by Kardashian’s look – which she debuted in Paris over the weekend – that she took to Instagram Sunday, March 8, to mock the reality star’s style in true Miley fashion.

In an Instagram exchange with her own hair guru, Justin Anderson – a colorist at the Chris McMillan Salon and the Creative Director of dpHUE, Cyrus had her followers in hysterics when she shared a hilarious Photoshopped rendering of Kardashian’s “color session.”


Wild Wild (Mrs) West! Kim Kardashian Rocks A Cowgirl-Inspired Look In Fringed Jacket And Matching Skirt At Star-Studded Balmain PFW Dinner.

Just when you thought she had tried out every look possible, Kim Kardashian decided to take some inspiration from the Wild Wild West.

The 34-year-old reality TV star, who unveiled her new platinum blonde locks to the world earlier in the day, attended a Balmain dinner after the label’s Paris Fashion week presentation where she rocked a fringed jacket and matching skirt.

Kim’s outfit appeared to be inspired by cowboys but rather than suede, her clothing’s material was glittery.

1 2 4

Read More:

I Have Been Having Sex 500 Times A Day – Kim Kardashian

Its no news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye are trying to have a sibling for North West, however, she may have revealed a bit too much about how she and husband are trying to conceive. In the new teaser for the upcoming tenth season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that was released on Thursday.Sitting with Khloe, Kim aired her frustrations saying

‘I’ve been having sex 500 times a day,

A shocked Khloe’ yelled  with her mouth wide open while rolling her eyes.Another scene sees Khloe asking Kim

You didn’t bone in the bathroom did you,’  Kim slyly smiled and seemingly confirmed her rendezvous. ‘You’re trying that hard?’ responded Khloe.

Find Out! When Kim K Took Her First Selfie!

In a new interview for Adweek, Kim opens up about her mobile gaming empire, her new book, Selfie, her reality show with her “normal family,” and what she thinks of people who judge her for all the pictures she takes of herself.

She told the magazine her husband Kanye West was the one who encouraged her to make the Kim Kardashion Hollywood video game after she was approached by Glu Mobile about a possible project. So you can thank him for all those countless hours you spent ditching friends and loved ones so you could try and get more K-stars.




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Wiz Khalifa’s Mother Against Amber Rose: You Didn’t Take My Son’s Last Name!

Wiz Khalifa’s mom Peachie Wimbush technically is still Amber’s mother-in-law (during her interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club , Amber said that she’s still married to Wiz).
Mama Dukes tweeted :
“You didn’t fix your lips to question any
bodies parenting skills did you? ???????????????? #glasshouse #ihavestones #queenofstones #dontwantitwith???? ”

She continued by quoting Amber tho “she didn’t @ her :
So in love you never took his name……
#pieceofshitgang Imma write a song…….
???????????????????????????????????? ”
“Running around acting like you
#trynachoose for 4 months, but I’m sleep
tho????#pimpsandplayersaremyfriendsiknowthegame ”

She also posted this message on Instagram ” I’m tryna tell ya! #dontbedecieved
#bowdowntoarealMom ????”

Kim Kardashian Reveals North West Wore A Bulletproof Vest To Dad Kanye’s Fashion Show

Working it
When it comes to toddler fashion, North West leads the style stakes. But somehow we can’t see the one-year-old’s latest number flying off the shelves. That’s because it’s a bulletproof vest. Yes, really. The little girl wore the outfit when she attended her dad Kanye West’s fashion show in New York over the weekend.
North West Kim Kardashian instagram

Teflon vested North West we all saw it as a dress but deep down baby was all gun battle ready thanks to daddy

While the protective clothing went under the radar then, mum Kim Kardashian has now let the cat out of the bag about its double purpose.The reality star shared a picture of the tot, which her tongue sticking out, wearing the safe black threads.She captioned it: “Look at my little cutie!!! #DaddysMuse#BabyYeezyBulletProofVest.”Being the trendsetter that she is, we imagine everyone is going to want to get their hands on one now.

Kanye West and Adidas Originals

baby northwest with mummy , wish she knew she could have given her aunty khloe kardashian the bullet proof to take the shots amber rose fired at her family

It’s still up in the air exactly how comfortable the vest it, especially after North pulled a massive tantrum during the event.The little angel was hardly giving it a rave review when she erupted into tears from the front row.Still the vest managed to cause very little offence, which is more than can be said for the fur coat she wore last week.Peta slammed the furry number and Kim’s choice for dressing North in it.

Kanye West: ‘My Wife Has Dated Broke Black Dudes’

Kanye West became the latest recipient of the Visionary Award at the 2015 BET Honors on Saturday night, and he took full advantage of the platform, gracing the audience with a pretty loaded acceptance speech!

The rapper got deep, addressing everything from the overarching issue of racism in society to his wife’s late father, Robert Kardashian. The artist, who collaborated with Paul McCartney on his new song “Only One” kicked off his speech by telling the crowd about a meeting with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan Muhammad Sr., whose reaction to West’s relationship with a “woman not of color” was “groundbreaking” and “special” for him.

The 37-year-old also took a moment to clarify any stigmas that may have been thrust upon him since he married Kim Kardashian. Since tying the knot with the reality star, the “Gold Digger” rapper apparently has faced many jokes and criticisms about his wife “maybe” looking like one. “At the barbershop … I used to hear people always talking about, ‘Man you know when an entertainer get on, of course you know he gon’ go and get a white girl, and blah, blah, blah, and a white girl gon’ get a rich black dude,’” Kanye told the audience. “But I wanna say that my wife has dated broke black dudes. It got nothing to do with the money.”


#DidYouKnow Kim Kardashian Has a Music Video Aside Sex Tape? (Watch Video)

Strange right??? But yes, Kim Kardashian has a recorded MUSIC VIDEO aside her famous sex tape. Bet many of you did not know. Now you know, Kim K tried singing…

The song is titled “Turn it Up”, which was produced in American R & B singer’s studio, The Dream, who also sang alongside with her.

Watch Video:

Kim Kardashian Gives Amber Rose A Challenge By Displaying Curves In FUR Bikini


Kim Kardashian is not afraid to make a bold move when it comes to fashion, but that didn’t stop our surprise to see her in a FURKINI.

The brunette beauty shared a couple of stunning shots on her Instagram page of the new addition to her wardrobe from her recent 24-hour ski trip.

The furkini, as Kim called it, was set on white string displaying her famous curves as she posed OUTSIDE to display her bikini and matching boots.


Kim, 34, clearly proud of the furry swimwear as she wrote: “Baby it’s cold outside…..”

While later calling it a “Furkini”.

Set against a snowy backdrop, Kim poses for the camera with her dark locks flowing, showing off the hard work she’s put in the gym.

She later added another Instagram photo with matching boots, along with the caption: “Boots with the fur..”

Her husband Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose has been putting on a display of garish bikinis and monokinis during her recent break in Miami but we think this round goes to Kim K.

instagram / AmberroseAmber Rose
Amber Rose


Can you imagine what the label says? Be wretched if it said ‘dry-clean only’ wouldn’t it?

While we love a little Bam Bam – this is part-Yetti vibe is not a look we want to see by the swimming pool this summer thanks.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West descended on the slopes for a mini ski break this weekend – and it was romance central as they joined in an eight couple date.

The reality star and her hubby had a cheeky photo session together as they took to the snow in their most glamorous ski gear.

Posing together for the best selfie we’ve seen from them in a long time, the pair cover up in fur hoods and bandanas, with Kim hiding behind huge ski goggles.

And it’s impossible to see if Kanye’s smiling, as his stunning wife pouts next to him (we’ll take a wild guess he’s not).



Another shows the pair stood together with gloves at the ready, no doubt preparing to race each other down – because we like to think they’re a bit competitive like that.

Kim wrote: “Skiing with my [heart]!”

Wearing a shiny black jacket and tight black leggings, the star took the opportunity to flaunt those famous curves.

And who needs shades when you have goggles like THESE?


The star met with a group of old friends and their other halves for the trip, and posted a snap of all the girls, writing: “Best 24 hr ski trip with 8 couples! All my best friends from childhood, nope they won’t let me tag them or name them. I respect their privacy by just posting a pic lol.”

Although we know Kim is partial to a bit of fur:

Kanye Overhauls Kim Wardrobe for 2015

Expect Kim Kardashian to dress differently this year than she did in 2014. The reality TV star has overhauled her wardrobe with the help of her husband, Kanye West.

“Up all night redoing my whole wardrobe with Kanye…” she wrote on Twitter. “I’m so ready for new looks for the New Year! New 2015 vision.”

Kardashian, 34, explained about a year ago that motherhood had inspired her to “dress a little lighter color-wise,” but fans of her show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” know that West, 37, is perhaps her biggest fashion influence.

In fact, this isn’t the first time he’s taken control of her clothes. A few years ago, he did the exact same thing, even bringing in his stylist to help her change her look.

“Kanye’s definitely inspired me to want to be a little bit more of an individual,” she said. “I think my style’s just evolving and changing, and I think it should.”



Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian Tries To Break The Internet Too !!!

Eventually, it’s not just Kim that knows how to break the internet in the Kardashian clan.

Heavily pregnant Kourtney has also given us something to talk about before she eventually drops the cake baking in her oven.

Kourtney who is about to have her third child for boyfriend, Scott Disick, posed naked for Dujuor magazine.

Just like her sister, Kim, the mother of two says she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her as long as going naked is what she wants to do.

Speaking to the magazine she says, Disick supports her all the way and always complements her body.

We guess now that Kim and Kourtney have done the unimaginable, it might just be the right time for Khloe to want to follow in their steps.

Kourtney — who is ready to pop with her third kid — tried one up on Kim. When you break it down limb by limb … she really looks amazing … shades of Demi Moore.Your move, Khloe.

Source -Daily times NG

Details into Kim and Kanye’s Divorce “Talks”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce is coming and Kim’s nasty Thanksgiving Twitter message implicitly excluding Kanye from her family while he was with his boyfriends in Paris shows the marriage is on it’s last legs. Most people are with family on Thanksgiving, or they make an attempt to be with family or loved ones. Not the case with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, however, as the couple adds more fuel to the divorce rumors circulating. Not only do these two have the money and means to be together, but they are certainly able to manipulate their schedules so that they are able to make the time to share the family holiday with one another.

In fact, not only were the two apart for Thanksgiving, Kim made it very clear that Kanye is the outsider now as she quietly makes plans for a future without the rapper. Kim and North were at Khloe’s while Kanye was in his favorite place…Paris. Kim tweeted, “Happy Thanksgiving! I’m so thankful to have spent the day with my whole family over at Khloe’s house today! Khloe cooked so much yummy food!” Notice the words “whole family” in that post? No mention of her missing hubby, then a very clear point made about who Kim considers her family. I guess that whole Kanye/daughter/marriage thing doesn’t constitute a “family” in Kim’s eyes. Kim knew she was sending a very clear message to fans when sending that tweet.

It wasn’t just Kim who made the decision to be apart. Kanye has been complaining about Kris nonstop to Kim and she cannot take much more. He criticizes Kim for still letting Kris Jenner run the show, claiming she has too much power. Kim needs Kris in her corner, however, because Kris will help with damage control after the divorce. Kanye wasn’t too excited about being with Kris and the family, so he went to his favorite retreat—Paris—to be with friends. No concert, no paid obligation. He was eating dinner in a restaurant with friends in Paris on Thanksgiving. Of course, if the couple has the means to fly to one another to be together if they’d have wanted to, but that simply was not the case. Kim didn’t want to be in Paris and was not willing to budge. Kanye, on the other hand, purposely fled to Paris after learning of Kim kardashian’s dalliances in Dubai after being caught with Tyrese Gibson. He didn’t want to be around and insisted he wanted some space. Though he though Kim may follow, she opted to stay with her “whole family.”

While the “friends” Kanye shared the special holiday with have not been disclosed, many believe one guest in attendance was Kanye’s reported secret lover, designer Riccardo Tisci. Kanye has long battled rumors of being gay and having had a sexual relationship with Tisci. The fact that the two wore matching shirts to Tisci’s recent 40thbirthday party, may be another telling sign that the two are a little too close for comfort. How many heterosexual men do you know who plan to wear matching shirts to a birthday party? A little odd.

After the Kim and Tyrese encounter, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian each talking to their exes,  Kim’s visit to divorce attorney Laura Wasser, and now spending Thanksgiving apart—it is only a matter of time before these two split for good.

Credit: Celeb Dirty Laundry

See how Nick Cannon Failed Lie Detector Test About Amber Rose, Reveals Sexual Relationship with Kim Kardashian

Nick Cannon was on BBC Radio 1Xtra, and he agreed to take a lie detector test. He answers questions about his former wife, Mariah Carey, his past with Kim Kardashian and a possible hook up with Rose. Watch the video and see how he failed the test.

Miley Cyrus Mocks Kim’s Nudes (Viewer Discretion)

Controversial singer, Miley Cyrus, finds Kim Kardashian nude poses on Paper Magazine hilarious.

She posted these altered versions of the photo shoot and captioned, “Killin me” and  said they were very funny.

Miley, who also has several nudes on the internet probably thinks Kim’s #BreakTheInternet nude photos are a little bit extreme.


Kim Kardashian Goes Butt Naked for 10$ Magazine (See Photos)

Kim Kardashian, mother to North West, has stripped butt naked for Paper Magazine. She posted the photo on her Instagram and said she was honoured working with “legendary” photographer, Jean-Paul Goude.

She also revealed that it was shot in Paris and expressed mixed feeling with an emoji on her caption, saying she can’t wait to see the whole issue.

Maybe she is afraid she revealed too much…


Hottest Couple Ever???

Some people are of the opinion that the Kimye couple are quite more real and cuter than the power couple, Beyonce and Jay Z.

Well we were forced to almost agree to that opinion after an adorable photo posted  by Kim Kardashian. She posted this photo of herself with her “Bae”, stepping out in the morning and gosh… they look like they were meant for each other, with both celebrities complimenting each others’ swag and elegance.


She also said her hand bag was painted by her daughter, North and some of us were wondering why someone would let their children toy with their  expensive stuff. #TooMuch Money.

Question of the Day: Is Kim Kardashian’s Body 100% Natural???

She has been named GQ’s Woman of the Year and is wifey to Kanye West.

kk 2

Her coca- cola body figure has made her the gaze of the entire earth, but most people believe that her body is not all natural. Critics say she doesn’t want to admit to having secret surgeries, while other say she is all natural and her killer body is as a result of serious constant work outs.

So here is the Question of the Day: Is Kim K’s Body all Natural?

3 4 5


Kim K’S Nudes on British GQ (Viewer Discretion)

Kim Kardashian received Woman of the Year honour by the British GQ Magazine. But that was not all. The Sexy Mrs. West took it all off for the British GQ. Yes!!! Every single cloth went off.

British GQ released the magazine few hours after the ceremony in London and the unclad projection of Mummy North was unbelievable, but true. Pretty much the fantasies of many on the pages of a magazine.

kim nude  Kimmm

KIMM  photo (12) KIM



Kim Kardashian: Woman of the Year

Kanye_West_and_Kim_Kardas    KIM

Controversial celebrity star, Kim Kardashian West, was honoured by the GQ Men Of The Year Awards in London on Tuesday night as the Woman of the year.

 Wearing a daring custom-designed haute couture gunmetal skirt by Ralph & Russo, with an Atsuko Kudo latex bodysuit with Tom Ford heels, Kim K stunned all guests as she flaunts herself on the red carpet. She was accompanied by her husband Kanye West, who couldn’t keep his hands off her, while the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was presented with the Woman of the Year award by GQ’s editor Dylan Jones, who didn’t announce her full name with ‘West’ on the end.

Speaking to the guests gathered at the Royal Opera House, Kim said:’It’s Kim Kardashian West. I want to thank GQ for making me Woman of the Year, and my husband for making me feel like woman of the year every day.’



Dylan Jones had introduced the reality star with the following words: ‘She is simply one of the most famous women in the world. The queen of social media and the queen of TV. And since marrying Kanye West in May she has become part of the world’s most famous couple. She’s Cocoa Cola famous.. it’s Kim Kardashian.’

Enjoy a gallery collection of the glits and glam of the event.