Joan Rivers’ Clinic Blamed for her Death

The Manhattan clinic that treated comedian Joan Rivers before her death made a number of serious mistakes, including failing to identify deteriorating vital signs, and providing timely intervention, according to a report released Monday.

The report, issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), a federal agency, did not mention Rivers by name, but referred an 81-year-old female, or Patient #1.

The description of that patient and the procedures she underwent match what’s known about Rivers, including her age and the date of her appointment. CMS declined to say whether the patient referenced in the report is Rivers.

The famed 81-year-old entertainer died September 4, a week after an appointment at Manhattan’s Yorkville Endoscopy clinic.

Among the major errors CMS found the clinic committed are:

— Failing to identify deteriorating vital signs and provide timely intervention;

— Failing to record Rivers’ weight, prior to the administration of medication for sedation;

— Failing to consistently document the dose of Propofol, a sedative, administered;

— Failing to get Rivers’ informed consent for each procedure performed;

— Failing to ensure that she was cared for only by physicians granted privilege in accordance with the clinic’s bylaws;

— And finally, failing to abide by its own cell phone policy (the report found that a photograph was taken of a surgeon and Rivers while she was under sedation).

Yorkville Endoscopy released a statement in response to the report, saying it has been cooperative and already taken steps to correct the situation.

“In response to the statement of deficiencies, Yorkville immediately submitted and implemented a plan of correction that addressed all issues raised. The regulatory agencies are currently reviewing the corrective plan of action and have been in regular contact with Yorkville.

“In addition, the physicians involved in the direct care and treatment referenced in the report no longer practice or provide services at Yorkville,” it said.

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Joan Rivers Died of Brain Damage Concludes Post Mortem

Comedian Joan Rivers died of brain damage from low blood oxygen, the New York medical examiner’s office has ruled.

Her death was classified as a “therapeutic complication”, meaning it was a known risk of the procedure. Negligence is not suspected and was not listed as a contributing cause.

The medical examiner listed the official cause of death as anoxic encephalopathy due to hypoxic arrest – a condition caused when brain tissue is deprived of oxygen leading to brain damage.

Rivers had been sedated with the anaesthetic propofol during her outpatient procedure examining the back of her throat and vocal cords.


Joan Rivers’ Surgeon in Selfie Scandal


Joan Rivers‘  ear, nose, and throat doctor has been reported to have taken a selfie with the comedienne while she was under general anesthesia.

Reports have it that a Yorkville Endoscopy staff member told investigators that the photograph was taken while Rivers was in the procedure room for her throat surgery.

The 81-year-old entertainer was in the clinic to undergo a scheduled endoscopy by gastroenterologist and the clinic’s medical director Dr. Lawrence Cohen, according to reports. After that procedure, reports also claim that Rivers also underwent an unauthorized vocal cord biopsy performed by a physician, who hasn’t been identified.

On Friday Yorkville Endoscopy announced Dr. Cohen was no longer medical director of the clinic, located in Manhattan. Reports are conflicting as to whether he voluntarily stepped down or was fired.

I’ve had so much plastic surgery, when I die they will donate my body to Tupperware- Joan Rivers

 British Academy Television Awards - Arrivals joan-rivers-1

Regardless of reports saying that Joan Rivers died due to surgery complications, this is a woman whose popularity is not just credited to her comic career but also with the unusual amount of times she had been under the knife. As a cosmetic plastic surgery icon, Joan Rivers never gave excuses for what she was doing and filled her life with so much exciting thrills, bringing joy and laughter to many and owing no one an apology.

Joan Rivers, 81, actually became interested in performing at age 11. After attending college and landing a play titled Seawood on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, USO show Broadway USA and a gig with Chicago-based improvisational acting troupe Second CityRivers was honored her with the Harvard University’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals Woman of the Year award in 1984 for “a lasting and impressive contribution to the world of entertainment.”

In 1987, a few months after the end of The Late Show, her husband, Edgar Rosenberg, who managed her career and produced her Fox show, committed suicide. She made her first TV appearance after his death at the Emmys that year, and presented the award for best supporting actor in a comedy series to John Larroquette of NBC’s Night Court.

As a fashion critic and red-carpet doyenne, she began hosting E! Entertainment’s red carpet show for the Golden Globes in 1994and was the face of Fashion Police before she died.

Joanrivers  Joan4

She had been criticized for comments or hard jokes like the one she described President Obama as gay and first lady Michelle Obama as “a transgender.” Here are some of her comments about cosmetic surgery:

-“I wish I had a twin so I could know what I’d look like without plastic surgery.” “Looking 50 is great — if you’re 60.”

-“I’m never without a bandage.” “The only way I can get a man to touch me at this age is plastic surgery.”

-“With age comes wisdom. You don’t need big boobs to be feminine. Look at Liberace.”

-“No more Botox for me. Betty White‘s bowels move more than my face.”

-“I saw what’s going on under my chin. I don’t want to be the one the president has to pardon on Thanksgiving.”