#CommentSpotlight: GMB & GEJ Share Warm Hug…

       “…And the ignorant followers are busy fighting and killing themselves!”

Today, we saw President Jonathan and General Buhari sharing a warm hug and holding hands in the bid to promote a violent free election. This is indeed a lesson to all Nigerians and a reminder that we all can vote without exhibiting violence or negatively rubbing our differences on each other’s faces.

Remember, regardless of political party or ethnic region, this election is all about NIGERIA!!! Hence, this comment on our post concerning the report is on our comment spotlight. (Click on images for clarity)



GMB & GEJ Share Warm Hug At Election Violence Sensitization Conference

This is a rare sight, but believe it is true!!! A violence sensitization conference held in Abuja, dishes out a lesson to all Nigerians to embrace peace during the forth coming elections.

Major presidential candidates of the All progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party met in Abuja today to discuss ways to mitigate election violence during the upcoming general election scheduled for February 2015.

Credit: Sahara Reporters