I Did Not Rent Crowd To Boo Buhari In London—Fani-Kayode

Director of Media and Publicity of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Presidential Campaign Organisation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has denied allegation that he has rented a crowd to boo the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (Rted) during his presentation at the Chatham House, London, on Thursday.

FaniBuhariHe took to micro-blogging site-Twitter to deny the allegation, stating that “My attention has been drawn to a story that I am renting a crowd to embarrass Gen. Buhari at Chatham House later today. It is a lie,” via his handle, @realFFK.

Since his appointment by president Goodluck Jonathan, the former APC stalwart has engaged the party and its presidential candidate, Gen.Buhari in a fierce campaign battle.

It will be recalled that the APC alleged on Wednesday that their sources in London disclosed that Fani-Kayode is organizing a paid protest against Gen. Buhari on Thursday when he appears for his Chatham House engagement.

Gen. Buhari also threatened, Wednesday, to back out of the Abuja Peace Accord over what he termed ‘repeated thrown tantrums’ over his academic qualifications by Fani-Kayode.

Buhari will address Chatham House by 11:00am.

I’ll Inherit Huge Debt Profile And Empty Treasury From PDP – Buhari –

PRESIDENTIAL candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has said that he would inherit a huge debt profile and empty treasury if elected president, expressing confidence that his wealth of experience would assist in turning the situation around.

He also stated that his party’s economic policies are conceived to be people-centred, adding that the country would for the first time in over three decades experience a truly pro-people Federal Government if elected.

Buhari said this in a statement by the Director of Media and Publicity of the APC Presidential Campaign Organisation, APCPCO, Malam Garba Shehu.

His words: “It is crystal clear that our revenues are dwindling by the day and if we must survive, we cannot continue on this path of near absence of accountability, mismanagement, outright waste and jamboree that has characterised the management of public resources under the Jonathan-led PDP government.

“We can assure the mass of Nigerian people that help is on the way. We know that an APC controlled Federal Government will obviously inherit a huge debt profile and an empty treasury from this PDP Federal Government. We are confident of turning the situation around.

“It is apparent that the Federal Government has suddenly found itself in a bind with plummeting crude oil prices in the international market, but typical of a team that lacks capacity for anticipatory actions, the Federal Government has been running from pillar to post in a vain bid to stabilize the economy.

#PAUSIBILITY: Change Is The Only Constant Thing by Adebayo Coker


These past few weeks have seen me skim the local television stations looking for one political campaign or the other, and I must confess it has been an interesting venture for me; I hope am speaking for a greater number of you too. But in all, I want us to hold on to one of the concepts of realism which is “ the determination to face facts and deal with issues practically without being influenced by any sentiments or false ideas; it is the showing of things as they are”.

BTW: I couldn’t submit anything last week as all that came to mind was about that Hotter Big Shop (I hope you can decode), but my preference to yield to the admonition to do no harm to men in cassock made me keep myself away from writing this column altogether.

Without hunger no man will strive for anything; the dearth of qualitative leadership and good governance, for a very long time now in our dear country, has made a good number of the populace clamour for TRUE change in our socio-political life.

There is a school of thought that I strongly believe: the greater the love the greater the hatred that follows any form of betrayal. I remember and I make bold to say anywhere and anytime that GEJ won the 2011 Presidential Election fair and square, as we all thronged our different Polling Stations and thumbed him in because we thought he represented a heave of fresh air, but these past few years have proven all of us wrong. It is never a good thing to make a decision based on sentiments. Never!

Jonathan has proven to us that not everyone who lives with the starving populace really feels their pain. One would have expected a man that fed us with I had no shoes bicky to readily identify the plight of the people and work at fixing the problems, but instead he daily gives credence to a school of thought that says a mind does not work well when the stomach is overfull as a full stomach is conducive only to sleep. This is why a huge number of us are asking this animal Professor to carry all the shoes he has so far bought with our monies and pave way for this change that we so much need in this land. He has proven on many fronts that his person and attitude are Un-Presidential.

I follow how the American billionaire, Donald Trump, daily loads President Obama with criticisms but never for once did POTUS degrade that office by trying to respond to any of those criticisms; rather Obama daily loads the populace with deliveries of his electoral promises and that endears the first black President of the United States the more to his people, regardless of their colour, race or religion. It’s very lazy to set attack dogs to action anytime you are called to give account of your stewardship. These attack dogs have pitched this President and this government against the people they are supposed to preside over with love. They are arrogantly clueless when it comes to managing the affairs of the nation.

On the other hand, GMB has shown to us that he has patterned his life after the giant bamboo whose exterior, though smooth and lovely to touch, is tough and resistant to the swords of the Jonathanians. Buhari has shown that he has space within him for continued growth. His anti-corruption stance is undeniably speaking for him as his report sheet shows neatness, orderliness and is not at all cluttered in anyway, but straight and upward to the sky. Even though he is not the Messiah that will turn our lives around but the people believe he will redeem the nation from the imminent collapse that is seriously hanging over our head if this reckless government is allowed to continue in office.

The people are tired of our seemingly ingrained teachings of corruption and they don’t want to deny themselves the opportunity of saving their dear country, availed by the knowledge of a single person that is appealingly the centerpiece of this social puzzle.

The only thing that is certain is change and to battle change is to waste one’s time, the battle can never be won. To become a willing ally of change is an assurance of life in itself. – Leo Buscaglia

My good people, it is important that we know why we are moving slowly. It’s like village women who are given lectures on birth control. They listen attentively, then go home and imagine that it did not pertain to them, but only concerns their neighbours, and go right on having more and more children. I know this change is not going to be overnight . We have to be patient. We must be willing to offer ourselves for service. We should stop asking why isn’t our society a better place as it will only amount to a total waste of time; rather we should start talking about how we can make our society a better place as I know that question has an answer.

In essence, we all have been accusing the system of being corrupt but habitually fail to realize that we make up the system. The change we need must start with us. Beam the light on yourself. Do not sell your vote!


The Ugly Side of Buhari and Jonathan By Atedo Peterside

Opinion polls commissioned by ANAP Foundation and conducted by NOI Polls (using Gallup methodology) show that President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) and his main challenger, Major-General Mohammadu Buhari (Buhari) are currently running neck-to-neck in the 2015 Presidential race. The difference between them in terms of potential votes nation wide is statistically insignificant because it is dwarfed considerably by the much larger percentage of voters who remain “Undecided” – and so the race is truly too close to call. This election will therefore not be decided by the loyalists. It will be called by the large number of undecided voters (these are the swing voters) and they have one thing in common – they do not like GEJ, but then they do not like Buhari either (they want change but see Buhari as the type of change that is both alarming and worrisome).

In such circumstances, efforts by both candidates to sell themselves forcefully to their core constituencies may simultaneously alienate the swing voters. When Hausa/Fulani elders and/or retired Generals and Muslim leaders shout forcefully that Buhari must have it, the rest of the nation recoils in horror. The same thing happens when misguided elements from the South-South zone and Christian leaders insist that their zone (or a Christian) must have two full terms in Aso Rock. The truth is that the Presidency is not anyone’s birthright and so it is naive and downright foolish to go down that route. Indeed some of these bold declarations by core supporters are akin to a kiss of death with swing voters.

Buhari publicly declared in 2011 that he will not contest again. Jonathan is said to have privately declared in 2011 that he would only stay for a single term. Let us therefore assume that they have both broken their word by contesting in 2015 and so there is little to be gained with the swing voters by dwelling on this.

Swing voters are moved more by what they do not like about either candidate. At the end of the day therefore they will vote “against” the candidate that they dislike more and their collecive actions will determine who wins. That is why this article focuses on the ugly side of Buhari and GEJ and not on their strengths.

Many of the swing voters are upset. They feel that our two major political parties have “cheated” them by forcing them to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea.

During the course of the 2014 National Conference, where I was a delegate, I made a contribution to the effect that past military rulers, who toppled democratically elected governments, should still be tried for treason so as to serve as a permanent detterent to young and ambitious military officers who will the understand that the long arm of the law may get them even in their old age and even after they claim to have repented. Buhari dethroned a democratically elected government in order to become a military head of state at the end of 1983. Many of the swing voters are true democrats who abhor authoritarianism. Buhari was not a benevolent dictator either. He was a vicious and wicked one who used retroactive decrees to sentence youths to death and to jail journalists who dared to publish the whole truth. Can the leopard shed it’s spots overnight as some would have us believe?

Wickedness and callousness are not matters of style and/or fashion they are a reflection of a real personae. Buhari’s unguarded utterances about him supporting the institution of sharia nationwide and his “famous” statement that Muslims should only vote for Muslims and his threat that the baboon and the dog will be soaked in blood if elections were rigged are all consistent with his unelectable personae, hence his persistent search for devout Christians (with little or no political clout) as Vice Presidential candidates while he is on the capaign trail. Is he simply hanging on to political lightweights that he knows he can devour the day after he gets elected?

On the economy, Buhari was a disaster first time around. He was clearly an economic illiterate and thought he could run the complex Nigerian economy by controlling rations as was done in a military cantonment. He placed everything under import licence and empowered some individuals under him to prescribe what quantity of every good Nigeria needed and also sought to prescribe which individuals would import the item and in what quantity. Ignorance was on display all around and it was exploited through massive racketeering by persons in his government who called the shots. That he was deemed to be personally honest became irrelevant and so many of us cheered when soldiers (not known for honesty) put him out of his misery by kicking him out of office in less than 18 months and before he could torture the nation any further.

GEJ is unliked by many because he is seen as being weak and unable to control the excesses of some of his close aides and party chieftains. YES, he eventually stood up to ex-President Obasanjo (who tries to dictate to every serving President), but then who wouldn’t? All future Presidents (including those unborn) now know to avoid Obasanjo like a plague. What manner of ex-President will divulge details of his one-on-one meeting with a serving President to the general public ( in a book), without getting the latter’s prior consent?

NO, GEJ’s vulnerabilities are from the party chieftains and a few dodgy aides that he accommodates and/or tolerates. He also believed too much in assurances from our Security Agencies, Defence Ministers, Chiefs of Defence Staff, National Security Advisers etc. This entire group have lost credibility in the fight against Boko Haram. His most recent utterances suggest that he has realised now, how deadly Boko Haram are, but it is rather late in the day as the elections are a little more than a couple of weeks away. My own position on Boko Haram (BH) has remained consistent. The entire Nigerian elite continue to under-estimate BH at our peril. I would love to wish them away, but history and my head tell me that, like Colombia’s Farc Rebels, BH will still be around in some form or the other for decades.

Presidents who aspire to have a second term in Nigeria face this paradox; if they stand up to all the party Chieftains, over-bearing Governors and Security Chiefs, they will not get re-elected because the Party will throw up a Challenger. If they succumb to this motley/unholy lot, they will slow down economic reform, secure their Party nomination but alienate swing voters nationwide.
The only reason for the swing voters to vote for GEJ therefore is if he can convince them that he will be free himself from this motley crowd next time around. Afterall, a second Presidential term is a final term and nobody (except Obasanjo) will ever dream about a third term. In effect, GEJ must convince swing voters that, if they give him a second term, he will be man enough to bite many of the grubby hands that lurk around the higher echelons of his party.

Further complexities in the Presidential race arise because some of the ambitious and highly educated politicians from the North East (in particular) do not want an ageing and not so capable Buhari to ascend a throne which they aspire to occupy in 2019. Buhari was rejected consistently by some of his newer supporters when he was younger and more capable. Ironically, the older and less capable he becomes, the more he appeals to them because they hope to usurp his authority. He has agreed to be dressed up in sheep’s clothing now, but they should beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. They might be shut out of Aso Rock if he wins.

Ironically, if these power brokers (who are not known for honesty) come out now to publicly affirm that they will have continuing relevance if Buhari wins, then again the swing voters get turned off because they see corrupt persons surrounding an old and infirm “honest” man who is driven by a blind ambition to re-occupy a seat from which he was booted out prematurely in 1985, even though he recognises that he is not clever enough to understand 21st Century economic and financial transactions through which some of his new and unscrupulous friends hope to loot and/or corner the national treasury under his lazy and ineffective watch.

GEJ has also gathered all sorts of renegades unto his campaign ship. The enemies of his enemy have all become his friends overnight. They are strange bedfellows. In his second term (if he wins) he will need to cut off many of these hangers-on. If he does that they will try to resist, but a second term President is hard to bully. GEJ needs to convince the electorate that he can continue with his bold agricultural sector reforms, his power sector roadmap, overhaul and reform of the transportation sector (beyond the celebration of token and/or paltry railway services) etc.

GEJ’s biggest failure on the economic front was his inability to introduce earth-shaking reforms to trim our recurrent expenditure budget at the Federal level by instituting the massive lay-off of idle civil servants. He did not confront the National Assembly either on this thorny issue. Ironically many of those who accuse him of guilt in this area are guilty of the exact same allegation in their respective States and Local Government Areas.

I am sad that GEJ did not simply go all out to transform our economy in his first term at the risk of being a single term President. Instead he slowed down on some economic reform because he was pandering to power brokers within his political party, who would have a say in helping him to secure a second term.

I am sad that an ageing and incapable Buhari refused to play the role of a King-maker by identifying a single well educated and well meaning younger person 2 or 3 years ago (even if he narrowed his search to his own North West zone) whom he could have groomed and backed to challenge GEJ.

If I vote for GEJ in this election it is because his ugly side is less ugly than Buhari’s known and well-documented uglier side and nothing more. If you disagree with me please note that there is no need for us to fight – our only weapon should be the ballot paper and how we decide to cast it. Those who think they can intimidate swing voters, by threatening mayhem if their candidate does not win a close election, do their candidate a massive disservice because their careless utterances send the swing voters in the opposite direction in a race that is currently too close to call.

Before anybody dismisses ANAP Foundation’s opinion polls again, let me add that similar polls commissioned concurrently by us (using the exact same methodology) show Nasir El-Rufai of the APC with a significant lead over the incumbent PDP Governor (Yero), while the PDP’s Nyesom Wike currently leads APC’s Dakuku Peterside in Rivers State, but there is a large “undecided” element in the case of Rivers State.

ANAP Foundation will release more information on all the Polls we commissioned (including Lagos Governorship) over the course of the next few days, using a multitude of media channels.

Credit: thisdaylive.com

“Protect Your Votes, Escort Your Votes And Wait” – Buhari Tells Supporters

The All Progressive Congress Party’s presidential candidate and former military Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari has asked his supporters to protect their votes during the upcoming electoral process on the 14th and 28 of February.

“We are calling on you, on February 14, pick your voters’ cards, vote, protect your votes, escort your votes and wait,” he said.

He made this know at a rally in Kaduna at the Murtala Mohammed square yesterday where he also assured Nigerians of a remarkable change two years into his administration.

“Anywhere I go, I speak about three things that are major challenges to us as a nation since the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) came to power 16 years ago

“First is security. There is no security in this country. If there is no security, nobody can go about doing business. The second issue is the economy of the country. The third issue is corruption” he declared.

Speaking in Hausa language, he said, “By the grace of God, if you come out to vote for us on February 14, and the remaining elections of February 28, we will address the challenges of insecurity.

He also spoke of renovating the industries which used to operate in the North central and assured his supporters that the APC was not on ground for cynic reasons but to work for the benefit of the entire country.

“On the issue of unemployment, you in Kaduna are aware of the many industries that used to be here. We used to have companies like the Nigerian airways, the Nigerian Railway and others, but since the PDP came to power 16 years ago, these companies have collapsed.

“If we vote APC, we are helping ourselves. We will renovate and equip our schools and employ teachers. We will renovate our hospitals, equip them and supply them with drugs.

Source – Daily Post

Retired Generals Will Support Buhari In The Polls– IBB

Former military President, Ibrahim Babangida has said that retired generals in Nigeria will support the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari at the February 14 election.

Babangida said this when APC presidential flagbearer, Buhari paid him a courtesy visit in his residence in Minna, the Niger State capital.

IBB, as many would call him, said he was proud of the persistence and perseverance of Buhari in seeking to offer himself for service at the highest level in the country’s young democracy.

Babangida told his guest: “You have beaten some of us in proving General Douglas Mc’Arthur’s theory that, ‘old soldiers never die’ but fade away gradually, but you have refused to fade away.”

He then commended APC for honouring the military by nominating Buhari, adding that: “I wish to congratulate members of the party for the honour of nominating my colleague, General Muhammadu Buhari, as your presidential candidate in 2015 election.”

He noted that the media had misrepresented their relationship, alleging that the media had created the impression that the two leaders were at loggerheads.

He said: “You media men have created this impression that we are fighting each other.

“Look at us here today. He knows what I mean and I know what he means.

“We both fought to keep Nigeria one when we were young majors then. We were well travelled.

“I want to commend APC for choosing our colleague as your flag bearer. All of us will support you (Buhari) in this course to salvage this country.”

I Would Create Jobs Through Agriculture And Mining – GMB Promises

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, has promised to create job opportunities through agriculture and mining, if elected.

Mr. Buhari made the promise while addressing a rally in Osogbo.

According to him, his administration will focus on agriculture and mining as a way to secure jobs for able Nigerians.

“There is a cycle of insecurity, unemployment and corruption in the country which I will break when elected next month’’, he said.

He, however, called on Nigerians and party faithful to collect their voter cards and ensure that their votes count during the polls.

Mr. Buhari said the electorate owed it to the country to vote and make the required change to happen.

Earlier, Rauf Aregesola of Osun State called on the people to exercise their franchise because the forthcoming elections would be different.

#CommentSpotlight: GMB & GEJ Share Warm Hug…

       “…And the ignorant followers are busy fighting and killing themselves!”

Today, we saw President Jonathan and General Buhari sharing a warm hug and holding hands in the bid to promote a violent free election. This is indeed a lesson to all Nigerians and a reminder that we all can vote without exhibiting violence or negatively rubbing our differences on each other’s faces.

Remember, regardless of political party or ethnic region, this election is all about NIGERIA!!! Hence, this comment on our post concerning the report is on our comment spotlight. (Click on images for clarity)



GMB & GEJ Share Warm Hug At Election Violence Sensitization Conference

This is a rare sight, but believe it is true!!! A violence sensitization conference held in Abuja, dishes out a lesson to all Nigerians to embrace peace during the forth coming elections.

Major presidential candidates of the All progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party met in Abuja today to discuss ways to mitigate election violence during the upcoming general election scheduled for February 2015.

Credit: Sahara Reporters


GMB Failed When He Had The Chance To Transform Nigeria – Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday accused the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.) of failing to transform the country when he had the opportunity as a military head of state, thus asking Nigerians not to allow Buhari return to power by stopping him from winning the February 14 presidential election.

Speaking at the presidential campaign of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osogbo, capital of Osun State, Jonathan alleged that Buhari would unleash more hardship and unnecessary punishment on Nigerians should he win the poll.

Stressing that Buhari had the opportunity to ensure an effective mass transit system in the country but chose not do anything about it, Jonathan said, “We have done reasonably well despite the challenges before us. All of you saw the train that just passed through this place now. We promised to resuscitate railway and we did it. All of you saw the train; we can even end the campaign with that.

Buhari Was Cruel To My Innocent Father So He Cant Get My Votes – Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti,Son of late afrobeat legend Fela has said he is not voting Buhari for what he did to his father 31 years ago.He told Nigerian Tribune:

“Truth is that I have no reason to give my vote to any of the two contestants, but more especially Buhari because of the eternal emotional damage he caused the Kuti family, especially me,” “I will only urge Nigerians, especially her youths, to come out enmasse to elect the ruler of their choice so that Nigeria’s democracy will continue to grow. As for me though, I will never vote for Buhari because of what he did to my father. It is a personal grouse.
“Buhari denied me the chance of seeing my father in the early stage of my life. He arrested and detained Fela in Kirikiri for the same number of years I was growing up without a father, and even did not allow his family members to see him on a daily basis. He eventually jailed my father and I will always remember that. He jailed my innocent father on currency trafficking, but he is claiming to be a saint now.

We Never Endorsed Buhari — Ex-Mend Commanders

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, MEND, may have been hit by a crisis, following the purported endorsement of General Muhamadu Buhari (rtd) of the All Progressives Congress, APC, for the presidential election, as a former leader of the group, ‘Gen’ Reuben Wilson, has called on Nigerians to disregard the said endorsement.

He said that the ex-militants were all for President Goodluck Jonathan in next month’s presidential election.

But Jomo Gbomo, who speaks for the group, has lambasted the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and Ijaw Youth Congress, IYC, for questioning its credibility and describing MEND as a ghost organisation because of its proclaimed support for Buhari.

Gbomo said: “MEND views the recent question and statement credited to the PDP National publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, as very callous and irresponsible. The question: ‘Explain your connections with MEND’ further confirms and vindicates our views about President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP.

“MEND strongly denies any links with the APC and has never been approached for anything, at any point in time, by the party, as alleged by Olisa Metuh.”

Wilson, on his part who spoke for the ex-militant commanders, called on Nigerians to ignore the Buhari endorsement story, describing same as part of the APC, propaganda ahead of the general elections.

Read More: 

I’ll Send Corrupt Nigerians To Kirikiri Prison – Buhari

Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.) has pledged that all corrupt politicians will face the full wrath of the law if he becomes Nigeria’s president.

Buhari disclosed this while speaking on Tuesday in Uyo at the APC rally and presentation of the party’s flag to Umana Umana, the Akwa Ibom governorship candidate.

Buhari also assured that all avenues through which money was being siphoned out of the country would be blocked.

“When we come into power, anyone who steals Nigerian money will end up in Kirikiri Maximum Prisons. We are going to make sure that Nigeria’s wealth belongs only to Nigerians,” Buhari said.

The former military Head of State, however, assured Nigerians that his government would create over three million jobs yearly to take care of the jobless youths, saying that the country would not have faced the economic downturn if the country had invested in agriculture.

Buhari wondered how Nigeria that used to export tin and columbite suddenly stopped producing and exporting these minerals due to maximum focus on oil.

On the power sector, Buhari stated that many industries had shut down operation because of epileptic power supply.

Jonathan vs Buhari: Who has a Better Record? By Adeyemi Olufemi

In more experienced democracies, the choice of who deserves to be elected the president of Nigeria between President Goodluck Jonathan and former Head of state General Mohammadu Buhari, in the 2015 presidential election would be a forgone issue due to the fact that both contestants have been in office as president and Nigerians have experienced the governance styles of both, with first-hand observation of their strengths and weaknesses, and importantly what both achieved while in office.

It is important to examine the public records for the facts of what both did while in office because as Professor Wole Soyinka said about the public records of General Buhari while he was in office, “History matters. Records are not kept simply to assist the weakness of memory, but to operate as guides to the future”.

Hence to commence an examination of the record of both leaders we must start with the most critical, security. Much has been said about the record of performance by President Jonathan on security, while he declared a state of emergency and changed several Service Chiefs, all these efforts have been adjudged more from the fact that the well-resourced Boko Haram, like ISIS in Syria and Iraq, the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well as their Salafist comrades in Chechnya, Russia are still holding ground against the Nigerian Army. What is however without doubt is that with respect to the Jonathan government, the threat to the security of Nigerians are from external forces, Boko Haram, Kidnappers, armed robbers, etc. The latter two have been a problem for every government depending on scale, while religious zealots have periodically caused mayhem in the North generally and the North East in particular, in other regimes although with greater brutality.

In comparison however, whereas the threat to the security of Nigerians came from forces external to government in the Jonathan regime, with the Buhari regime, government itself was the source of the greatest threat to the security of Nigerians. Under Buhari’s regime anyone could be detained at his whim using draconian decrees, the list of those incarcerated under Buhari is lengthy, Sam Mbakwe, Fela Kuti, Femi Aribisala, Bisi Onabanjo, Bola Ige, Audu Ogbeh, and so many others. Individual security was so bad under Buhari that when Pa Adekunle Ajasin was acquitted twice by courts that found him not guilty of Buhari’s accusation of corruption, the Buhari regime re-arrested and detained him under Decree no. 2. While Buhari detained Tai Solarin and denied him medication even while Tai Solarin was having persistent asthmatic attacks. Even worse, Buhari ordered the judicial murder of Bernard Ogedengbe , who was sentenced to death under Decree 20 for a crime he committed before Decree 20 was enacted whereas it carried a lighter sentence when he committed the crime. Buhari refused to accept any pleas to spare Ogedengbe’s life, hence under Buhari the state denied the individual his life at the whim of ‘President’ Buhari. To summarize the state of security under Buhari’s regime, Professor Wole Soyinka expressed shock that any Nigerian will ever contemplate voting for Buhari as a president thus, “Buhari enslaved the nation. He gloated and gloried in a master-slave relation to the millions of its inhabitants. It is astonishing to find that the same former slaves, now free of their chains, should clamour to be ruled by one who not only turned their nation into a slave plantation, but forbade them any discussion of their condition”.

A second but important sphere for comparison is education, because although Nigerians like to celebrate oil and gas and the easy wealth it brings, globally it is acknowledged that the most important resource for a nation is its human capital, its people, their abilities and capabilities and how these capabilities are enhanced through education, formal and informal. In this regard, even some elders in the north of Nigeria who now tout Buhari as the presidential candidate of the north, like former Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Coomasie, are unable to wipe out the indelible annals of public record, where Buhari is noted to have stopped food subsidies in Nigerian universities and thereby prioritized the introduction of malnutrition into universities as an opportunity cost for other economic decisions. In contrast, Coomasie and his ilk are unable to deny the fact that Goodluck Jonathan has built more Universities in Northern Nigeria within three years from 2011 to 2013 than any northern leader ever did b
etween 1960 and 2013. The list of these universities include, Federal University Lafia (2011), Federal University Wukari (2011), Federal University Lokoja (2011), Federal University Kashere (2011), Federal University Dutse (2011), Federal University Dutsin-ma (2011), Police Academy Wudil (2012), Federal University Gashua (2013), Federal University Gusau (2013) and the Federal University Birnin-Kebbi (2013), before this only the Gowon and Babangida governments built up to four universities each while others established one or two between 1962 and 1988.

Moreover, apart from the overwhelming and unprecedented investment in primary school education, through the universal basic education, vocational schools, and the launching of the special funding of the all-embracing education called Almajiri education -the very first in the history of northern Nigeria- the Jonathan administration took children from the streets of northern Nigeria and gave them new opportunities, whereas some elders of northern Nigeria who called western education “Haram” denied them formal western education but offered instead religious knowledge and USD 2000 Kalashnikovs to use as Boko Haram foot soldiers.

Again on the very critical issue of the economy, some have attributed Buhari’s regime with stabilizing the economy at a turbulent time by using counter trade to keep the IMF in abeyance, but this was not the independent assessment of evaluators who observed that the counter-trade mechanism was abused to siphon public funds by converting Nigeria crude to laundered funds for cronies of the Buhari regime. Of course, this could not be scrutinized by the Nigerian press. Those who dared ended up at No 15 Awolowo Road in Lagos or other such detention centres created to silence critics of the Buhari government. Still, independent assessors at the GATT, later the WTO, had written in their report number BOP/W/102 of September 1986 that on the Counter trade,” “Four principal countertrade agreements were concluded with Brazil, France, Italy, and Austria. This policy, while permitting a certain amount of extra imports to enter, was subsequently seen as causing considerable diversion of trade and substantial extra cost to the economy as a whole”. In contrast the past four years of the Jonathan administration has seen a steady economic growth of over 6% with a much larger GDP. Some have criticized the growth, saying it did not trickle down to all spheres of society, but the same thing has been said of the Chinese development which is poised to become the biggest economy in the world.

Credit: www.vanguardngr.com

GMB: Is Age Really a Problem?

I have heard of different propaganda against GMB but the particular one i will like to treat here is that of his age. They say GMB is too old to lead Nigeria. The only question I will like to ask them is is GEJ presently offloading dangote cement trailer or laying NNPC pipeline that requires Energy in Aso-rock that could justify such statement???

The Prof. that supervised my postgraduate project is over 70 and was able to bring out the best in me through my work. My external supervisor attested this by saying “this is a Ph.D work submitted by a masters student” He would wake me up in the middle of the night and early in the morning to remind me of his ultimatums and would always read every page of any work he gives you no matter how voluminous they may be. Most of the young lectures don’t either have time or energy to function so closely to this man. Won’t it be an injustice to then compare this old man with the young ones who I cant’ really ascertain their level of productivity?

I also met a man in 2007 who was close to 70 at that time and was contesting for a seat in the senate. He had a well documented and printed blue print for his mission in the senate with all the statistics there to back it up. He happened to be the only legislator I have seen to have a well prepared plan for their mission since I have been following politics. Unlike a lot of those who just come and blow grammar to deceive us.

These two scenarios are enough to prove to us that age shouldn’t be enough to discard the best brains around. Let’s look at what anyone has to irrespective of the age, tribe or religion.

We all know what Buhari is bringing on board at this crucial time of our existence as a nation is to fight corruption which is about 80% of the reason our country is travelling backwards. He may not have the swaggs, good oratory skill or exposure as some people will say (incidentally GEJ doesnt have either of them all). We can all get them as bonus from his aides and cabinet members. Even the Bible said “seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things shall be added unto thee”
For me and my family we are with Buhari this time around not with GEJ as we did in 2011.

 Omonla Mark Olaniyi @fishmark62