Female Cop who shot Dead Unarmed Black Man charged with First Degree Manslaughter

Prosecutors in Tulsa, Oklahoma, have filed charges against the white female police officerBetty Shelby, who shot and killed unarmed black man, 40-year-old Terence Crutcher who had his hands up on September 16. She has been charged with first-degree manslaughter. Dashcam and aerial footage of the shooting showed Crutcher walking away from Shelby with his arms up in the air. The Tulsa County District Attorney’s office said Officer Shelby ‘reacted unreasonably by escalating the situation’ by ‘becoming emotionally involved to the point that she overreacted.’
Crutcher’s twin sister, Tiffany, spoke to reporters outside of the Tulsa County Courthouse on Thursday and said that the family is happy Shelby has been charged. She said that they hope the district attorney prosecutes the case and hopefully obtains a conviction. Adding that she hopes a criminal conviction will help bring an end to the killing of innocent citizens by police.

Oklahoma GovMary Fallin  also said that she hopes a first-degree manslaughter charge against Shelby provides some peace to the Crutcher family and to the people of Tulsa.

Urging Tulsa residents to be patient as the case works its way through the justice system. She also added that Shelby is innocent until proven guilty.

A warrant has been issued for her arrest and arrangements are now being made for her to surrender. If convicted, she faces between fours years and the maximum sentence of life in prison.

“I Was Unfairly Treated At Manchester United” – Moyes

The Scot, now Sunderland manager, insists that he was not given a fair crack of the whip at Old Trafford, but maintains that his spell at the club made him better

David Moyes believes he was harshly treated by former club Manchester United as he looks ahead to his tenure with Sunderland.

Fronting the media as Sunderland manager, Moyes opened up on his time at Old Trafford, where he was sacked less than a season into a six-year deal with the Premier League giants.

However, Moyes – who was ultimately replaced by Louis van Gaal ahead of the 2014-15 campaign – has now hit back at his former employers after his move to the Stadium of Light.

“I’ve said all along that I was (unfairly treated). When you sign a six-year contract and you end up there ten months, yeah, I believe I was,” said the Scot.

“But that is life in football. Ultimately the key is to win football matches. I didn’t win enough football matches.

“You must say there were mitigating circumstances. And I think you could say there are maybe things that have gone on since then, that would actually justify that even more so.”

Nevertheless, Moyes believes that his brief spell at United did wonders for his career.

“It gave me an unbelievable idea of what it is at the top,” he added.

“I believe that’s where I can work and that’s where I should be working, and my level is that, because that is what I saw in the time I was there.

“You don’t get offered those jobs, you don’t get offered big jobs, if you’ve not done something. You don’t get offered the Real Madrid job, the Barcelona job, the Manchester United job, if you’ve not had something to suggest that there’s a reason for that job.

“Yeah I am better [as a manager]. I have had several opportunities, big ones, but timing is so positive. The timing for this job at Sunderland was right. It feels good to me.”

After being fired from Old Trafford, Moyes went on to coach Real Sociedad in La Liga, where he was also sacked after a promising start.

Wenger Reveals The Quality He Admires Most In Sir Alex Ferguson

The pair were rivals during Arsenal’s title battles with Manchester United but the Frenchman has revealed that he keeps in touch with his former adversary

Arsene Wenger admits the quality he admires in Sir Alex Ferguson is the former Manchester Unitedmanager’s ability to “reinvent himself”.

The duo were long-time rivals during United’s title battles with Arsenal but the Frenchman has revealed that he remains in contact with Ferguson, who won 38 trophies in his time at Old Trafford.

“For me, at this level, Ferguson is an example,” the Arsenal manager said in an interview with L’Equipe’s Sport & Style Magazine.

“For starters, he always knew how to reinvent himself, how to evolve. He did not stand still in success. It is a quality of his that I appreciate. He always knew how to challenge himself. Even if he did it instinctively.

“But he had other passions. He liked horses. Wine. He knew red wine better than I did. Recently, I met with him and I said to him: “Alex, do you not miss it?”. He responded to me “not at all”. I was at that moment disappointed and comforted. It gives me a reason to hope for myself.”

When asked about the prospect of retirement and whether he had a passion outside of football, Wenger replied: “No. That is where my natural anxiety comes from.

“I am not Ferguson. I do not have a substitute and I am not interested in looking back either. Like writing a book about what on my experiences. I suffer when I see former players who come back to see me and who are no longer fully happy.

“To be presented as Mr X, the former Arsenal player, and not for what he is today is painful. Having to be what you once were is a form of suffering. I hope, in my after-life [life after football], that I can be something other than the former manager of Arsenal. Coach kids. Be useful.”

Ferguson Reveals Reasons For Keeping “Amazing” Cantona After Kung-Fu Kick

The former Manchester United star was suspended for eight months for kicking a supporter, with his former manager admitting he felt duty-bound to keep him

Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed the reasons behind his decision to keep Eric Cantona at Manchester United after his infamous kung-fu kick on a Crystal Palace supporter in 1995.

Cantona was banned for eight months after the incident, which led to widespread calls for Ferguson to sell him.

The long-serving United boss decided to keep him at the club, however, admitting that he felt compelled to fight his player’s corner.

“Jesus, you know, he was done and it was a problem for the club because it got such headlines,” Ferguson told the BBC. “It was front page and we decided to have a meeting at Alderley Edge the next night.

“On the way I get a phone call from Richard Greenbury, who was chairman of Marks and Spencer at the time, Richard, a big United fan.

“He says ‘well, don’t let Cantona go. He’ll give you great moments of joy.’ I said ‘I know that.’ But you know it was the mood of the board, so I had to fight the case, look we must keep him, we can’t let him go, we can’t give in to the mob and we decided to suspend him for four months and the FA at the time were happy with it, but somehow they added to it.

United signed Cantona for around £1.2 million from Leeds in 1992, with the France international playing a key role in the Red Devils’ title wins in 1993 and 1994.

And Ferguson insists he had no idea that Cantona would ever react to a fan’s provocation in such a dramatic manner.

“He’d never given us any indication that explosion was there. But I decided to approach it this way: I would speak to him every day, I would talk to him about football all the time and he loved it.

“That’s why the other players said he was my prodigal son. But I think he needed different attention, you needed different ways of dealing with him, he was a different guy from everyone else. He’s an amazing human being.

“No. There was something in me that said I need to stand by him because the world is after him. And it was a bit like, no one’s there to help him and I says well it’ll have to be me because I’m his manager.”

Another Black Boy Shot by US Police (Watch Video)

A video was released on Wednesday showing the police officers involved in the killing of the 12-year-old African-American boy who was carrying a fake gun in Cleveland, Ohio.

Tamir Rice was shot by officers on Saturday and was rushed to a local hospital, but was pronounced dead on Sunday morning.

The officers involved said the boy refused to raise his hands and tried to pull the fake gun from his waistband outside the Cudell Recreation Center in Cleveland.

However, the video released by the state police on Wednesday clearly shows that one of the officers shot the boy seconds after he got out of the patrol car.

The video, containing stuttered images with no sound, shows the boy walking and pointing his fake gun in different directions. He then enters a gazebo before officers arrive in their patrol car. The first officer, Timothy Loehmann, gets out of the car and shoots the boy instantaneously.

Deputy Cleveland Police Chief Edward Tomba said the release of the video should not be regarded as a way to explain actions taken by the officers or the young man.

“This is not an effort to exonerate. It’s not an effort to show the public that anybody did anything wrong,” said Tomba. “This is an obvious tragic event where a young member of our community lost their life. We’ve got two officers that were out there protecting the public that just had to, you know, do something that nobody wants to do.”

The incident has sparked anger among the residents of the community. The US is already reeling from the aftershocks of a grand jury decision over the death of another black teenager in Missouri which sparked massive protests across the country over the past two days.

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Ferguson: Brown’s Mother says Officer’s Story “Sounds Crazy”

The grief-stricken mother of Michael Brown says police officer Darren Wilson’s first interview following a grand jury’s decision not to indict him in her teenage son’s shooting death “added insult to injury.”

Lesley McSpadden, Brown’s mother, called the Wilson’s interview “disrespectful” on NBC’s “Today” show Wednesday, a day after the officer’s interview with ABC News aired. “I don’t believe a word of it,” McSpadden said on “CBS This Morning.” Wilson’s account of the events that led to Brown’s killing on Aug. 9 “sounds crazy,” Michael Brown Sr. said on “Today.”

According to Wilson, the teen pinned the officer in his car during a struggle in which the 18-year-old punched him repeatedly in the face. “I didn’t know if I’d be able to withstand another hit like that,” Wilson said on ABC, reiterating testimony he gave to the grand jury.

The officer said he grabbed his gun and fired a shot at Brown, who initially ran but then turned around and charged at him as the unarmed teenager reached into his waistband. “He starts charging me,” Wilson said. “My initial thought was, is there a weapon in there.” Brown then continued to charge at Wilson, the officer said. “I fired a series of shots and paused,” Wilson said. “I noticed at least one of them hit him. I don’t know where. I saw his body kind of flinch a little.” But Brown kept coming.

“For one, my son, he respected law enforcement,” Brown Sr. said. “Two, who in their right mind would rush or charge at a police officer that has his gun drawn? It sounds crazy.”

“I know my son far too well to know he wouldn’t ever do anything like that,” McSpadden said on CBS. “He wouldn’t do anything to provoke anyone to do anything to him, and he wouldn’t do anything to anybody.” She said she believes Wilson was intent on violence. “He didn’t do what he had to do, he did what he wanted to do,” McSpadden said.”I don’t think he wanted to kill my son, but he wanted to kill someone.”

Shortly after the verdict was announced, McSpadden, standing on the hood of a car surrounded by protesters in Ferguson, was overcome with grief. Michael Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, was criticized for inciting violence after he climbed on the car to console McSpadden, turned to the crowd and repeatedly shouted, “Burn this bitch down!”

On ABC, Wilson was asked if there was anything he’d like to say to the Brown family. “I think those are grieving parents who are mourning the loss of their son,” he said. “I don’t think there’s anything I could say, but, again, I’m sorry that their son lost his life. It wasn’t the intention of that day. It’s what occurred that day, and there’s nothing you can say that’s going to make a parent feel better.”

Credit: Yahoo News

Former Police Supports Ferguson Protest

A former Philadelphia police officer says that he’s standing with protesters in Ferguson, Missouri to send a message that police are oppressing the majority of Americans.

“Number one, I want to give the residents of Ferguson the knowledge that there are some police that do support them,” Ray Lewis, a former Philadelphia Police captain told Al Jazeera. “I want to try and get a message to mainstream America that that this system is corrupt, that police really are oppressing not only the black community, but also the whites,” he said.

“It’s an oppressive organization now controlled by the one percent of corporate America. Corporate America is using police forces as their mercenaries.”

Credit: Huffington Post


Ferguson Ruling: Protests Enter Day 2

People protesting against the Ferguson jury decision took to the streets in some US cities for a second day, even as others were still cleaning up vandalism from the night before.

Protesters on Tuesday disrupted traffic for several hours in central St Louis by blocking major intersections, an interstate highway and a Mississippi River bridge connecting the city to Illinois.

Riot police arrested several demonstrators who sat in the middle of an interstate highway. They used pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

People are calling for justice after the grand jury ruled not to indict a white police officer who killed an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown.

National Guard

Al Jazeera’s Daniel Lak, reporting from Ferguson, said that National Guard soldiers stepped in to assist police with controlling the crowd.

“Some protesters were arrested outside the Ferguson Police Department after someone in the crowd threw what appeared to be a water bottle at the lines of police and National Guard soldiers,” our correspondent said.

“Three armoured vehicles moved in and soldiers joined the police for the first time tonight, shouting at people to move back. National Guard troops pinned protestors on the ground and a number were put in the back of a police armoured vehicle.”

More than a thousand people took to the streets in the nation’s capital. Rallies were also held on Tuesday in Newark, New Jersey, Portland, Maine, Baltimore and elsewhere.

“Mike Brown is an emblem (of a movement). This country is at its boiling point,” said Ethan Jury, a protester in Philadelphia, where hundreds marched. “How many people need to die? How many black people need to die?” Jury added.

Earlier in the day, Missouri governor, Jay Nixon, ordered more than 2,200 National Guardsmen troops to the region near Ferguson rocked by rioting.

Meanwhile, in his first public statements during an interview with ABC News, white police officer Darren Wilson said he has a clean conscience because “I know I did my job right”.

President Barack Obama condemned the violence, saying they are criminal and those responsible should be prosecuted.

But America’s first black president said he understands that many people are upset by the grand jury decision. He said that their frustration is rooted in a sense that laws are not always being enforced “uniformly and fairly” in communities of colour.

“Burning buildings, torching cars, destroying property, putting people at risk … there’s no excuse for it,” Obama said.Obama urged parties aggrieved by events in Ferguson to work peacefully to achieve change, saying the case had exposed “an American problem”.

Lawyers for Michael Brown’s family said the process that led to the white officer not being indicted was “unfair and broken”.

Benjamin Crump said on Tuesday that the family’s legal team objected to St Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCullough’s decision to call a grand jury in the case and not appoint a special prosecutor.

Speaking at a news conference in Ferguson, where Brown was shot on August 9, Crump also called for protests to remain peaceful.

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#PhotoNews: Ferguson…

Americans, mostly African Americans have called for the need to charge officer Darren Wilson who shot Michael Brown with murder.

The grand jury’s decision however, provides that the police officer will not face state criminal charges over the shooting.

Eleven US cities have seen new protests over the decision not to charge a white policeman who shot black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

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Photos of Michael Brown’s Funeral #Ferguson

Mike Brown f


The body of Michael Brown has been laid to rest in Missouri, attracting thousands of mourners. His death aroused violent protest, considering the fact that he was unarmed when the white policeman shot him.

Brown Jr. was due for college and had big dreams of becoming a rapper like Lil Wayne. Racial Injustice has become a thing of serious concern after his death and hopes lingering are praying that his funeral will equally bury racial tension and injustice.

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 Mike r 

mike brown

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