ISIS Executes 10 In New Gruesome Video

In a sickening video, ten Kurdish soldiers are lined up and forced to kneel moments before being brutally decapitated by the Islamic State.

Sickening video of the executions was released by the jihadists shortly after suffering heavy losses at the hands of the Peshmerga in Iraq.

The footage, shot near the terror group’s stronghold of Mosul, shows the prisoners kneeling on the floor while executioners cloaked in black stand behind them with hunting knives.

The captives, dressed in orange jumpsuits, can be heard reciting passages from the Koran while one says his final prayers of Shahada – an Islamic testimony of faith.

After the men are beheaded and their placed on their bodies, an ISIS fighter warned of the ‘inevitable fate’ of other peshmerga prisoners still being held captive, it was reported by Kurdish news outlet Kurdaw.

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