Kim Kardashian Rakes In $700k A Day, Thanks To Kanye’s Business Vision Abilities

Thanks to Kanye, Kim Kardashian ’s app rakes in nearly a whopping £700,000 a day..She revealed that she was “made” to do the project with Glu Mobile by her husband Kanye and now she ‘thanks him everyday’.Talking at Cannes Lion festival, the pregnant star told Mail Online:

 “Kanye really talked me into doing this partnership. He always wanted to do music for video games, so he thought it was the coolest thing in the world to have a video game with a character of myself.”“And as long as I had some control over the look of the character, what the character would be wearing and saying and doing, it would be so much fun, and it proved to be so right,” she said.“I thank Kanye every day for making me do this deal.”

Everything We Now Know About Kim Kardashian’s Diet.

Love or hate her, it’s undeniable that there’s something hypnotizing about Kim Kardashian. And the details in her recent day-in-the-life Harper’s Bazaar feature, which appears in the magazine’s May issue, are nothing less than intriguing — right down to what she eats in an average day. Just like her fine-tuned exercise schedule, diet is essential to maintaining her famous curves. And wow, does she take it seriously.


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