Our Dr. Ajiboye has gone Overboard – By Seun Awogbenle Boluwatife

When I first received a call from my brother of a lifetime, Oyawale Olabode Bodewrites, to seek clarification on a rumor mill which was already on overdrive and had traveled to him within a brisk space in Lagos.

He asked”is it true that Eminent had been slapped” the question hit me like a thunderbolt and I was equally exasperated, I held myself and swiftly gestured, this can’t be true Bode, in a rather stern manner, I promised to get back to him ASAP as I was in company of top union officials where we were representing the university at the opening ceremony of the 137th Meeting of the Joint Tax Board, which was held at the Kwara state banquet hall.

I was quick to hint the Publicity Secretary of the Student Union, Com. Ahmed Damilare Yayi, he hurriedly confide in the Vice President (permanent site) the amazing Com. Iromini Tohira Omolola, we quickly made frantic calls to impeccable sources, as the president could not be reached but all our efforts proved futile and abortive.

We broke the news to the rest of the team, after all said, we dismissed the story as a mere vituperation and falsehood which must have emanated from the quarters of mischief makers, we quickly got back to our cheerleading duties as the university was currently engaged in a verbal fray with the University of Benin, we had our eyes set on the price and the rest was history.

Once we were done, we made our way to the Bus, we were largely nervy, but on the one end pretended that all was well and prayed it was just a jocular attempt. Until a call had come in from God knows who, Ooops, it was the President trying to relate to the Sub Dean his ordeals, it was unbelievable, our fear had been made known, lo and behold Eminent had been slapped!

I turned to Yayi, in utter incredulity, Eminent was slapped! Holy Jesus I exclaimed!for a moment we were thrown into turmoil, our discontent knew no bound, it was an endless rage!

I was devastated, it was the unimaginable, the person must have picked on the wrong customer I told myself, it offended my sensibilities and I was perpetually perplexed.

Shivers had run through me, who had dare to touch the tail of the lion! This is an unpardonable hara-kiri, I reverberated.

The reason for my agony was pure and simple, the president of over 35000 students had just been severely brutalized. This is the height of lawlessness, impunity, threat to National Security and more importantly our peaceful coexistence as a university community.

It is a ridicule on the entire student union institution, we had been collectively dehumanized. It was an injury to all!

Our Dr. Ajiboye went overboard, by unleashing horror on our beloved president, he should be ready for the adversity of what he had inadvertently courted for himself as a result of his own self indiscipline! Never again must he throw caution to the wind!

His action negates the spirit and ideals upon which this university was formed, It is a departure from the acceptable norms and ethics, it was a case of an ethical dilemma. His inability to have a reign on his temperament leaves much to be desired and puts a question mark on his credibility as a lecturer in the University of Ilorin.

It is my hope that the university Management, will treat this show of shame, act of indiscipline and abuse of public trust with the seriousness it deserves.

No student regardless of age, size, race, color, tribe, religion, deserves to be publicly maligned, maltreated or mishandled. It is a bad trend that must stop here, now!
My Observation is that Dr. Ajiboye must serve as a deterrent and Eminent Sanity must be restored to our public institutions!

Let us all now remain above-board and not overboard!

Seun Awogbenle is an emerging leader, writer, Public policy and Sport analyst. He tweets @Primebaba