Berlin Bomb Attack Plan Suspect Commits Suicide In Custody

A Syrian refugee suspected of planning a bomb attack “with Islamist motives” on a Berlin airport has strangled himself to death with his shirt in detention, Saxony state justice officials said Thursday.

Investigators believe that 22-year-old Albakr, who arrived in Germany last year, was close to staging a terrorist attack. German police have said that Albakr’s “approach and behavior” suggest an ISIS link.

“On the evening of October the 12th, 2016, Jaber Albakr, the prime suspect in planning a serious attack against the state, took his life in the prison hospital of the Leipzig correctional facility,” the ministry said in a statement on its website, also confirming the news to CNN.
The Saxony Justice Minister Sebastian Gemkow told reporters that Albakr had strangled himself with his shirt but it was not immediately clear if he had hanged himself in his cell.
Gemkow said Albakr had been seen by a psychologist earlier in the day, but it was assessed that suicide was unlikely.
Authorities then decided to reduce its checks on him from every 30 minutes to every 15.
Albakr was on a hunger strike and refused to drink, Gemkow said, adding that authorities tried to resuscitate him for about half an hour after they found his body.

Time To Define Your Relationship? 5 Signs You Are Ready To Commit

1. It just feels right

You’re going to reach a point when you know you like this person a lot and just can’t take it any longer — you want to make them yours. You will know when it feels right to broach the nerve-wracking exclusivity talk. You know it has to be done, and it’s time to buckle down and do it. The easiest way is to sit them down and just come out with it: “I want to be exclusive with you. How do you feel about that?” Those words will probably be met with relief and a resounding yes, but whatever the answer may be, it’s good you put it out there.

2. You don’t want to see anyone else

This is a huge sign that it’s time to define the relationship. You can’t imagine seeing anyone else because the person you’ve been dating is it. You may not love this person yet, but you can definitely see yourself being in love with him or her someday. Now is the time to have the exclusivity talk.

3. You are yourself around the other person

A great indicator that you’re in (or on the road to) a great relationship is that you can 100% be yourself around the person you’re seeing. If he or she has accepted you for who you are, it’s time to have the talk.

4. You don’t want to be intimate with anyone else

This is simple: You don’t want the person you’re seeing to be with anyone else because you really like him or her. It’s time to see if they feel the same way.

5. You can’t imagine your life without this person

You think about this person all the time, and when something good happens to you, you want to tell them first. Your special someone is the first person you think about in the morning and the last person you think about before you go to sleep. You need to have the talk — stat — so you can find out if they are feeling the same way.

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Oil Baron, One Other Commit Suicide

Homicide Department of the Ebonyi State Police Command, Abakaliki is battling to unravel the circumstances surrounding the harvest of suicide incidents in various parts of the state.

Reports gathered that the suicide incidents, which occurred simultaneously in various parts of the state had left many residents of the state especially within Abakaliki metropolis bewildered, especially when a popular petroleum dealer was one of the victims of the suicide.

One of the persons, who allegedly took their own lives according to police source included Ebonyi-based Anambra oil magnet, who was simply identified as Chima, whose body was found dangling on the ceiling hook in his office at the popular Presco Junction.

Chima allegedly committed the act in his office at Presco Campus Junction of the Ebonyi State University (EBSU).

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10 Things You Must Do To Make Mr. Right Commit To You

Here are 10 things Mrs. Right does to make Mr. Right commit to her:

1. Trust him.

Trust is a simple but not easy word to carry on our shoulders. She is willing to put her doubts and uncertainty aside to fully give herself to him, in order to trust him. Sure, she might not know if he is definitely the man she can fully trust with her heart, but she is willing to take a chance with him.

2. Make him smile.

A woman who knows how to make her man smile is surely a keeper. It doesn’t take a comedian to make a man smile. She is willing to show him every side of her without worrying of being judged. An authentic woman has a tendency to be funny and have the ability to relax enough to crack a joke or give a small gift. All she cares about is simply to see the smile on his face.

3. Communicate with him.

The committed woman knows the importance of communication in a relationship. She doesn’t keep things to herself or expect her man to know exactly what she is thinking. She knows that he can’t read her mind, so she is willing to tell him what is in her mind. She talks to him about everything, from her favorite reality show to his favorite football games. A woman that wants her man to commit also delves into deeper topics like her feelings about her man.

4. Be supportive.

She might not fully understand all of his choices, but she is always there to support her man in all of his pursuits. She believes that he can achieve greatness. A dedicated woman supports her man especially at times when he is doubtful of himself. She makes sure he knows that she will always be there for him no matter what he chose to pursue.

5. Encourage him.

It is easy for a man to find a woman when he has all the things in the world going his way. But a woman who sticks around through his thick and thins are not easy to find. She is not only staying when he is having a hard time, but she puts him back on track with her support when he is lost. She walks through the hardship together with him and assures him that things are going to work out for him eventually.

6. Be genuine.

She is not one to put out an act just to meet the expectations and standards of the society. A woman ready to commit is always true to herself. She is willing to show her man the good and bad side of her, even though she understands that not everybody will adore or like what she has to offer. She is happy to have him appreciating her for who she is.

7. Be loyal.

She might have many other men she encounters in her life, but she chooses to stay faithful to him. He might not be the only man who wants her, but she knows that he is the one and only man she wants to be with. Faithfulness is the foundation of every committed relationship. She knows the boundaries she has to keep with her male friends, because she understands that if her closeness with her male friends bothers him, it is only because he cares. She makes sure she doesn’t step out of the line with her male friends because she respected her man.

8. Take good care of him.

She makes sure he is well taken care of physically and emotionally. She makes sure he eats well, sleeps well and keeps track of his emotions. She knows what to say and when to say them. She understands that man doesn’t like to be nagged, so she keeps a good pace of telling him the right things when it is appropriate.

9. Be Patient with him.

A committed woman is willing to wait patiently. She makes sure he is well taken care of by her, and she does everything in her power to make the relationship work. She knows that if he is the man she believes him to be, he will remain committed.

10. Connect with the people in his life.

She relates herself well with the people that matters to him. She understands that there are people in his life that he also cares about besides her. She connects well with the people around him, so that he doesn’t have to worry that she would feel neglected when he is around them.