People in oil-producing areas are prone to cancer – Research Professor

Again, more studies are linking crude oil products to cancer. A study suggests that with the rising cases of oil spills, pipeline destruction and gas production in the Niger Delta and over dependence on petroleum products, Nigerians are in for a massive health catastrophe.

A new study published in a journal, PLOS ONE, found that young people diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukaemia are more likely to live in areas of high-density oil and gas development compared to others diagnosed with other types of cancer. The researchers at the Colorado School of Public Health at CU Anschutz, United States, however, observed no association between non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and high-density oil and gas development.

The study is titled “Childhood hematologic cancer and residential proximity to oil and gas development.”

“The findings from our registry-based case control study indicate that young Coloradans diagnosed with one type of childhood leukemia are more likely to live in the densest areas of oil and gas sites.

Besides, studies published in American Journal of Environmental Sciences found that more Nigerians are at a greater risk of developing different types of cancer due to exposure to crude oil pollutants.

The studies, which predict ‘epidemic’ of cancers in oil producing areas of Nigeria by 2025, stated that more than 25 per cent of Nigerians are at an increased risk of developing cancer due to exposure to toxic chemicals from crude oil pollution, Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs). They also suggest that PAHs can be genotoxic; that is, the damage caused can be inherited.

Another study had established that crude oil, even in low quantity, could harm not just human health but that of fish. The study concluded that people of the Niger Delta are at a higher risk of cancer because high concentrations of this toxic chemical were found in the fishes they eat.

Journalists Against Cancer in Nigeria get four mobile cancer centres

About 8.8 million people die every year from cancer, mostly in low and middle-income countries because cancer cases are diagnosed too late.This is coming as the total annual economic cost of cancer through healthcare expenditure and loss of productivity was estimated at $1.16 trillion (N522 trillion).

According to new guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO), released over the weekend to mark the World Cancer Day on February 4, cancer is now responsible for almost one in six deaths globally and more than 14 million people develop cancer every year, and this figure is projected to rise to over 21 million by 2030.

The WHO noted that cancers, along with diabetes, cardiovascular and chronic lung diseases, are also known as non communicable diseases (NCDs), which were responsible for 40 million (70 per cent) of the world’s 56 million deaths in 2015.

Less than 30 per cent of low-income countries have generally accessible diagnosis and treatment services, and referral systems for suspected cancer are often unavailable resulting in delayed and fragmented care.

Also, Journalists Against Cancer in Nigeria (JaCiN) has made giant strides in their plans to procure mobile cancer centres in 36 states of the federation plus the federal capital territory (FCT) Abuja.

JaCiN at a summit in Lagos to mark the World Cancer Day said they would be taking delivery of four of the mobile cancer centres by the middle of the year for Abuja, Lagos, Asaba and Port Harcourt. It is estimated that each mobile cancer centre is worth over N300 million ($600,000).

JaCiN is a media advocacy group co-founded by Nigerian Guild of Editor (NGE), Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) and National Cancer Prevention Programme (NCPP).

An ocular oncologist and coordinator of JaCiN, Abia Nzelu, and National Coordinator of NCPP, Dr. Kin Egwuchim, called for more awareness programmes with immediate intervention in the fight against cancer to stem the death rate.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government has decried the lack of biomedical engineering companies to fix broken cancer treatment machines in the country.The National Coordinator, National Control Programme, Federal Ministry of Health, Dr. Ramatu Hassan, who made this known yesterday in Abuja, said the country lacked biomedical engineering companies with service centres where spare parts and appropriate personnel are readily available for the repairs and maintenance of the machines.

43% of cancer death caused by tobacco, diet, infection – Oncologist

Dr. Adisa Oyesegun, the Head, Department of Radiotherapy and Oncology of the National Hospital, Abuja, on Thursday attributed 43 per cent of cancer death to diet, infection and tobacco.

Oyesegun made the assertion in Abuja at the commemoration of the World Cancer Day slated for every February 4 worldwide.

The theme for 2017 is: “I Can, We Can Conquer.”

The oncologist, who listed various types of cancer as breast, cervical, prostrate and colorectal cancers, however, said the disease accounted for more deaths than HIV and Tuberculosis put together.

According to him, other factors that can predispose one to cancer are genetic, obesity, hormonal factors, among others.

Oyesegun said that one third of cancer could be treated when diagnosed earlier.

He said that late presentation, general attitude of the public, lack of awareness, illiteracy, and lack of organised legislated screening scheme were some of the challenges in addressing the disease burden.

The expert said that some patients after being diagnosed of cancer tactically ran away from the treatment centres out of shame or fear of death.

Oyesegun, who described cancer treatment as very expensive, said that the cost of treatment further compounded such problems.|

He, however, appealed to the government to prioritise the inclusion of cancer treatment in the National Health Insurance Scheme.

The oncologist said that its inclusion in the scheme would further ameliorate the sufferings of the patients with regard to reduction in the treatment cost.

Oyesegun said: “Cancer is preventable by eating right, avoid alcohol and smoking, engage in regular exercise, screening, vaccination and early presentation.”

The oncologist said that 40 per cent of all cancer cases were preventable.

In his remarks, Dr. Festus Igbinoba, a Consultant Radiation Clinical Oncologist, said the World Cancer Day was set aside to create awareness on its prevalence, sign and symptoms as well as preventive measures.

Igbinoba, who is also the President, Association of Radiotherapist and Clinical Oncologist of Nigeria, said that cancer account for the death of 8.2 million people annually worldwide.

He said that the figure would increase to 14 million in the next 10 years if adequate measures were not adopted by both the general public, clinicians and the government.

Igbinoba described as pathetic the agony some patients were going through in the course of treatment, saying that many of them travelled a far distance, and was more killing than the cancer.

He said that many of such patients might not be able to receive treatment on the appointment day due to the breakdown of chemotherapy machine and other cancer machines.

Igbinoba said: “Attitude and behaviour about cancer are not what should be. Some people choose to reject it while such diagnoses are made, they run away from surgery, chemotherapy.

“State of cancer treatment is still far from the desired. Government must rise up to its responsibilities by ensuring that equipment for cancer treatment is of good quality and standard.

“If cancer treatment is taking as a priority and the money budgeted for is promptly released, we can go a long way in addressing cancer burden.

“Government must also sign maintenance agreement with whichever country is supplying such equipment to ensure prompt response in an event of any breakdown.”

“‘Doggy’ Style Causes Cancer & Stroke”, Says Health Minister, Motsoaledi.

South Africa’s Minister of Health, Aaron Motsoaledi, has made a shocking discovery after three years of grueling research!


It appears the Minister has found the cure for stroke and cancer—and he says, the antidote to these high death causing diseases resides in our sexual desires.


Speaking to The Insider, The 58-year-old former Limpopo MEC said he had started the study after noticing that there had been increased cases of stroke and cancer in South Africa which is due to citizens’ untamed obsession with the sexually exhilarating and yet dangerous style; doggy.


Asked to explain the connection between this style and cancer or stroke, he said that during his research, he found out that the high pumping of blood during s_ex, when one is standing or kneeling overloads the veins in the legs which ultimately causes stroke.


On cancer, he said; “One of the main causes of cancer is stress, fatigue and tiredness. The most energy consuming and stressful sexual position for men is doggy, hence the connection is more than clear.”


Motsoaledi advised that, occasional doggy style like only on Christmas day and Valentine is harmless but enjoying that each night is suicidal, the reason why South African married men die and leave their wives a lot these days.


The Minister said that a full statement on the Ministry’s website, “Look, I am only giving you guys a snippet, but we will be posting the results of the full research on the Ministry website,”


He added that he is in talks with Home Affairs Minister, Malusi Gigaba to craft a legislation that will seek to outlaw this style.


More to follow…

Dead British girl gets right to freeze body till cure for cancer is found

A 14-year-old girl dying of cancer won a historic court ruling to have her body cryogenically frozen so she can be awaken in years to come when a cure is found, BBC has reported.

The girl, who died in October, did extensive research on cryonics.

Her mother supported her decision while her father who was strongly against it, wrote a statement to the presiding judge saying: “Even if the treatment is successful and she is brought back to life in, let’s say, 200 years, she may not find any relative and she might not remember things.

“She may be left in a desperate situation – given that she is still only 14 years old – and will be in the United States of America where her body was to be stored.”

The young girl, whose identity has remained anonymous, then urged the high court to intervene.

Going by the alias, JS, she wrote: “I have been asked to explain why I want this unusual thing done. I’m only 14 years old and I don’t want to die, but I know I am going to.

“I think being cryo?preserved gives me a chance to be cured and woken up, even in hundreds of years’ time. I don’t want to be buried underground.

“I want to live and live longer and I think that in the future they may find a cure for my cancer and wake me up. I want to have this chance.

“This is my wish.”

Justice Peter Jackson made the ruling in October after a private hearing at the family division of the London high court.

Jackson ruled that nothing about the case should be reported while she was alive because media coverage would distress her.

He visited her in the hospital, and was moved by “the valiant way in which she was facing her predicament”.

“It is no surprise that this application is the only one of its kind to have come before the courts in this country, and probably anywhere else.

“It is an example of the new questions that science poses to the law, perhaps most of all to family law … No other parent has ever been put in the position of JS’s father.”

The ruling, he said, was not about the rights or wrongs of cryonics but about a dispute between parents over the disposal of their daughter’s body.

“A dispute about a parent being able to see his child after death would be momentous enough on its own if the case did not also raise the issue of cryonic preservation.”

The court ruled that the mother of the girl, who supported the decision for her daughter’s body to be frozen, should have the final decision.

Shortly before her death in a London hospital, the judge granted JS her wish.

Her body was taken to a storage facility in the US where it has been frozen “in perpetuity” by a commercial company at a cost of £37,000.

She is one of only 10 Britons to have been frozen.

Woman Dies Of Cancer One Day Before Her Wedding

A 25-year-old woman diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor in January 2015 died Friday, one day before her wedding, People reports. A month after being given three years to live, Swabey joined Tinder, where she met Andy Bell. She told Marie Claire she disclosed she was going to die to Bell up front, knowing that it meant she was doomed to “break his heart.” She figured that would be the end of it; it wasn’t. They fell for each other, and Bell stayed by Swabey’s side through 12 rounds of chemo, according to Us Weekly. They even managed to have a normal relationship. “We still bicker over whose turn it is to wash the dishes,” Swabey told Marie Claire. “We just make up quickly.”

After 10 months of dating, Bell proposed to Swabey last December. “I cried and asked if he was sure—if we went ahead, he’d be a widower before he was 30,” she said. “He said that he’d rather be married to me for a few years than not at all.” They scheduled their wedding for Sept. 17, and Bell said he couldn’t wait to introduce Swabey as his wife. He never got that chance. Swabey died peacefully early Friday. “Amongst our sadness, we are so proud of her courage, her spirit and the determination she showed throughout her illness,” Swabey’s family posted to Facebook. Before her death, Swabey chronicled her battle with cancer on her blog and helped raise nearly $100,000 for brain tumor research.

Credit: usatoday

Celine Dion Has Another Family Member Struggling With Cancer

Earlier this year, Celine Dion mourned the loss of her husband, René Angélil, who died after a long fight with cancer. And only two days after that, her brother, Daniel, also succumbed to cancer. Now, several months later, the music icon is reportedly dealing with another family member fighting the disease.

According to, Dion’s sister, Claudette, told Echos Vedettes magazine that their sister Liette’s husband, Guy Poirier, is being treated for cancer that has spread to his lungs, brain, and bones. (Celine has 12 brothers and sisters.) Poirier is being treated at the Maison Adhemar-Dion, a palliative care facility named after Dion’s father, who died of bone cancer in 2003.

“My brother-in-law is at the Maison Adhemar-Dion and he is still conscious,” she told the magazine. “My sister (Liette) is with him and she is very strong. People of the Maison are angels and they are taking very good care of our brother-in-law.” The family is asking for any well-wishers to donate to the facility.

Dion is doing her best to jump back into her career and show strength after loss. She has been continuing her Las Vegas residency, touring around the world, and recording new music since her husband’s death. “I feel fulfilled because I was with the best man,” she told the Montreal Gazette. “He gave me so much knowledge. And he gave me three magnificent children and I look at them and I see him every day.”

Credit: TheNewsroom

Janice Dickinson Reveals She’s Been Diagnosed Of Breast Cancer

Supermodel Janice Dickinson has revealed she is battling breast cancer in an emotional interview with Daily Mail Online. The reality star was diagnosed with the disease on March 12 after her doctor found a lump in her right breast during a routine medical examination.

After an urgent mammogram and biopsy Janice was found to have early stage ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) – a common form of breast cancer that starts in the milk ducts.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Mail Online, Janice choked back tears as she spoke of facing the
greatest challenge of her life.

She says: ‘Just two weeks ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it’s hard for me to say this, but I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s still quite shocking. Today I got very scared… I just get very scared and it hit me. But I am not gonna let that define me, the fear. I’m going to get through this, I’ll be just fine kiddo.’

Janice, 61, known as the world’s first supermodel, says she feels like she has entered a ‘nightmarish dream’ since the diagnosis.

David Bowie’s Wife, Iman Pays Tribute To Her Late Husband

The wife of David Bowie, 60 year old, Iman Abdulmajid paid her own tribute on social media, sharing a message on Twitter: “The struggle is real, but so is God”. The Somali-born model who was married to the iconic rock star for nearly 24 years, posted several tweets at the weekend. One heartfelt message said “Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”
The model’s Instagram page is populated with pictures of her late husband, with several posted over
the last few days, showing photographs of Bowie and Iman. More photos below…

Mom Scams People After Shaving Daughter’s Hair, Claiming She’s Fighting Cancer

According to, Juanita Garcia of Mission, Texas, allegedly shaved her 7-year-old daughter’s head and told her she only had months to live in order to convince people to donate money to her.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office reports Garcia, 46, allegedly told people both in person and online that her daughter was terminally ill and that any money they donated would go toward her daughter’s treatment. Investigators medically evaluated the child and found her to be completely healthy. They also found Garcia had collected donations from a few people, though it’s unclear how much she made.

Child Protective Services removed Garcia’s daughter from her home since charging Garcia with exploitation of a child on Dec. 9. Garcia is currently being held on $10,000 bond at the Hidalgo County Adult Detention Center and admitted to police during questioning that she’d faked her daughter’s illness.

Credit: Cosmopolitan

Mother Shaves Daughter’s Hair, Declares Her A Cancer Patient Just To Raise Money

Authorities in Texas said they arrested a mother accused of shaving her 7-year-old daughter’s head and fraudulently claiming the child had cancer. The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office said Juanita Garcia, 46, organized multiple fundraisers to obtain money she claimed was needed for her 7-year-old daughter’s cancer treatments.

The sheriff’s office said a joint investigation with Child Protective Services found Garcia would tell people in person and on social media that the child was terminal and had only months to live.

Authorities said Garcia went so far as to shave her daughter’s head and actually convinced the child she was suffering from the disease.

However, investigators said the girl was actually in perfect health, and Garcia admitted during questioning that she had made up the cancer story to scam money out of generous strangers.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office has urged people to verify and confirm information from fundraisers that they choose to participate in.

Garcia was booked into the Hidalgo County Adult Detention Center on a felony charge of exploitation of a child. She was ordered held in lieu of $10,000 bond.

Processed Meat & Cancer: Should I Stop Eating Meat? Read What Experts Say

The UN’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) warned Monday that processed meats like sausages and ham cause bowel cancer, and red meat “probably” does too.

Does this mean we should stop eating meat?

By the IARC’s own account, meat has “known health benefits”.

And the agency says it does not know what a safe meat quota would be — or even if there is one.

Other specialists insist the report is no reason to drop steak from the menu, though it is probably wise for big eaters of it to cut back.

Meat is a good source of key nutrients like zinc, protein and vitamin B12, they point out, as well as iron, which humans absorb more easily from meat than from plants.

“This decision doesn’t mean you need to stop eating any red and processed meat,” said Tim Key, an epidemiologist at Cancer Research UK.

“But if you eat lots of it, you may want to think about cutting down. You could try having fish for your dinner rather than sausages, or choosing to have a bean salad for lunch over a BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich).”

Nutritionist Elizabeth Lund from Norfolk in England said obesity and lack of exercise were a far bigger cancer risks.

“Overall, I feel that eating meat once a day combined with plenty of fruit, vegetable and cereal fibre plus exercise and weight control, will allow for a low risk of CRC,” she said, referring to colo-rectal cancer.

“It should also be noted that some studies have shown that if meat is consumed with vegetables or a high-fibre diet, the risk of CRC is reduced.”

Ian Johnson of the UK-based Institute of Food Research, said meat consumption was “probably one of many” factors contributing to relatively high rates of bowel cancer in the United States, Western Europe and Australia — parts of the developed world where more meat has traditionally been eaten.

However, “there is little or no evidence that vegetarians in the UK have lower risk of bowel cancer than meat-eaters,” he said.

The specialists point out that the cancer risk posed by a meaty diet was statistically much lower than other factors like tobacco smoking and air pollution.

The IARC report “does not mean… that eating bacon is as bad as smoking,” said University of Reading nutrition expert Gunter Kuhnle.

“Processed meat can be part of a healthy lifestyle — smoking can’t”.

According to the World Health Organization, bowel cancer is the third most common type, with some 900,000 new cases every year, and 500,000 deaths.

Generally, dietary advice is to limit red-meat intake to once or twice a week, said nutrition professor Tom Sanders of King’s College London — the equivalent of about two steaks or three hamburgers.

“The problem with this issue is that food is not like tobacco — we have to eat something.”

Credit: AFP

President Of Nigerian Prostitutes, Jessica Elvis Dies

The president of Nigerian Association of Prostitutes,Jessica Elvis (Oluchi) is dead..According to Daily Post,Elvis died Sunday afternoon in an undisclosed hospital in Benin after battling a protracted heart-related disease.Just last month, she granted an interview in which she said her dream is to sleep with Cristiano Ronaldo and Wizkid before she retires.

Confirming the sad development to the publication on Sunday afternoon, the Secretary General of the association, Tamar Tion in a text message described Elvis’ demise as a sad loss to the group.

Hi Ameh, want to inform you that we just lost our President, Jessy this afternoon. She died after battling heart-related disease for years. It is a sad loss to NANP and we pray God to give her family and 15-year-old daughter the fortitude to bear the loss,” the statement added.

Aliko Dangote Loses Foster Daughter To Cancer

Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote is bereaved. The founder of Dangote group of companies lost his niece to the cold hand of death last week. Fatima Bello Dangote, who reportedly lost her father alongside Ibrahim Abacha in an ill-fate plane crash in 1996 lost her 2-year battle to brain cancer in a private hospital in the United Kingdom on Friday.

Dangote, who acted as her guardian and foster father, after her father’s death, single-handedly brought her up and trained her through schools and universities. The Kano-born billionaire is reported to be very shattered by her death.

Chidinma “Ms Kedike”, Oge Okoye And Breast Cancer Survivors Lead The Pink Walk, Race And Cycling Against Cancer


Project PINK BLUE is a cancer Nonprofit engaged in breast and cervical cancer awareness, provision of free cancer screenings and support to people battling with cancer. This year we organized the PINK OCTOBER WALK, RACE & CYCLING AGAINST CANCER in partnership with Nma Foundation to commemorate the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


The popular musician, Chidinma Ekile “Ms. Kedike” and Nollywood diva, Oge Okoye led the Pink October Walk, Race & against Cancer with over 200 people and two breast cancer survivors, Khadijat Banwo and Gloria Orji; today Saturday 3rd October, 2015, at Alade Market, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. It was a 1km walk, 1km race and 7km cycling with @RoadRunners club to create awareness and provide free breast and cervical cancer screenings to women at Alade Market.

blue 1

 “I am honoured to lend my voice to the fight against this disease that has been ravaging women at their prime, it is a worthy cause and I am excited that my foundation- NMA Foundation partnered with Project PINK BLUE to make this happen. I am most happy that we had this event in a market to reach-out low income earners. I encourage every women to always do breast self exam” said Chidinma. While, Oge Okoye, said, “I am supporting this cause in honour of my aunt, who had breast cancer and survived and also, in honour of thousands of women who lost the fight against cancer and those battling with it presently. Being part of an initiative aimed at saving lives is quite close to my heart, and I am excited to meet these lovely and strong breast cancer survivors”.

blue 2

Runcie Chidebe, the executive director of Project PINK BLUE said that “Seventy-nine (79) women received free clinical breast examination and over forty-five (45) women received free cervical cancer screening. Thanks to all our partners and I strongly believe that we can do more with your support. The strategic vision is to encourage all women in Nigeria to do breast self exam in this October and every month”.

The event also featured the following: Dance Against Cancer, where a celebrity dancer Taiwo Lawal led a dramatic healthy dance. The celebrities signed their signatures against cancer, made pitches against cancer and also participated in the aerobics. While, Peace Emezue and Pamela Umebuani led the Aerobics, Dr. M.O. Nwaneri, a consultant oncologist with St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos made a presentation on breast cancer and Dr. Paschal of Society for Family Health (SFH) made a presentation on Cervical Cancer. A nurse from Pink Pearl Foundation also made a presentation on Breast Self Examination.

Project PINK BLUE has impacted over 771 women directly and indirectly. We have been recognized with Nelson Mandela-Graca Machel Innovation Award, Johannesburg, South Africa (; Global Shapers Community Abuja I AM BOLD Award, Shape Africa 2014 (; and Semi-finalist in the Big C Competition by LiveSTRONG, USA ( and listed among Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP 2015).

For more information: or Contact Number: +2348036053866

FOLLOW @ProjectPINKBLUE  on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Pink October Walk, Race And Cycling Against Cancer To Hold Saturday Oct 3rd In Lagos

Project PINK BLUE is a cancer Nonprofit engaged in breast and cervical cancer awareness, provision of free cancer screenings and support to people battling with cancer. This year we will be hosting PINK OCTOBER WALK, RACE & CYCLING against Cancer in order to commemorate the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Venue: Alade Market, Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos Nigeria.

Time: 7Am

Date: Saturday, 3rd October, 2015.


The month of October every year is known as Pink Month. The entire month is used for breast cancer awareness, fundraising to support women battling with breast cancer. Encourage breast cancer survivors and conduct free cancer screening for all women.

Celebrities and cancer survivors will lead the Pink October 1km Walk, 2km Race & 5km Cycling against Cancer. Over 700 women will also receive free breast & cervical cancer screening. Other activities lined up for the event are as follows: Dance against Cancer, Celebrities Pitch against Cancer, Signatures against Cancer, Aerobics, Presentations by oncologists on Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Smoking/Alcohol and Breast Cancer, Breast Self Examination guide.


More women are dying of breast cancer in Nigeria because they lack access to accurate information, affordable screening and treatment options. Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among women and late detection is a major factor. All Nigerians should play a role by creating awareness. We urge everyone to join us in the Pink October Walk, Race & Cycling against Cancer.


Attendance is FREE (sign up here: )

PINK AWARENESS T-SHIRTS are available for N1000, N2,000 & N5,000.

NOTE: Our PINK T-Shirt is absolutely OPTIONAL. If you can’t afford it, get any pink shirt and look PINK on that day.

DONATION & SUPPORT: Donations and Support are highly appreciated. We indulge you to support breast cancer survivors and people battling with cancer.

Project PINK BLUE has impacted over 771 women directly and indirectly. We have bagged Nelson Mandela-Graca Machel Innovation Award, Johannesburg, South Africa (; Global Shapers Community Abuja I AM BOLD Award, Shape Africa 2014 (; and Semi-finalist in the Big C Competition by LiveSTRONG, USA ( and listed among Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP 2015).

Read more: or

Contact Number: +2348036053866

Click here: to watch our previous WALK, RACE & CYCLING against CANCER with Korede Bello.

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Director Project PINK BLUE

9/11 survivor ‘Dust Lady’ dies of cancer

The dust-covered 9/11 survivor whose haunting image went viral after the tragedy has died after a yearlong battle with stomach cancer, her family said.

42-year-old Marcy Borders, of Bayonne, NJ, was just a month into her new bank job on Sept. 11, 2001, when a plane slammed into the North Tower where she worked. Instead of staying at her desk, as her boss had ordered, she fled from the building and into the street with fellow survivors.

 The former Bank of America worker was named the “Dust Lady” ­after a photographer snapped a photograph of her stricken and caked with ash after fleeing the World Trade Center.

A stranger pulled her into a building lobby just as the North Tower collapsed — and it was then that a photographer captured her terrified face in the photo that has since been seen around the world.

John Borders called his cousin a “hero” on Facebook, saying she “unfortunately succumbed to the diseases that has ridden her body since 9/11.”

“In addition to losing so many friends, co-workers and colleagues on and after that tragic day .?.?. the pains from yesteryear have found a way to resurface,” he added in a comment.

She battled severe depression and became addicted to crack cocaine after the horrific event.

“I didn’t do a day’s work in nearly 10 years and by 2011 I was a complete mess,” she told The Post in 2011. ­“Every time I saw an aircraft, I panicked.”


Borders lost custody of her two kids and checked into rehab in April 2011 but she got sober and eventually ­regained custody.

In a November interview with The Jersey Journal, she revealed she’d recently been diagnosed with stomach cancer and was scheduled to have surgery in December, followed by radiation and chemotherapy.

She however wondered if her illness was related to the harrowing experience she endured on September 11.

“I’m saying to myself, ‘Did this thing ignite cancer cells in me?’?” she told the newspaper.

Photo Credit : Getty Images/ NY Post

Former US President, Jimmy Carter Announces Cancer Has Spread To His Brain

Former President of the United States of America, Jimmy Carter announced today that doctors had found cancer on his brain and that he would begin radiation treatments later in the day.

During a news conference at the Carter Center, Mr. Carter, 90, said that he had four melanoma spots on his brain and that another cancerous mass had been removed from his liver during a procedure on Aug. 3. He had announced last week that he had cancer, but Thursday’s appearance was the first time that he publicly detailed his condition.

“I’m perfectly at ease with whatever comes,” Mr. Carter said. “I do have a deep religious faith, which I’m very grateful for.”

He acknowledged, however, immediate feelings that he “had just a few weeks left” when he first learned of the cancer on his brain.

Jimmy Carter Diagnosed With Cancer

Former U.S. President, Jimmy Carter, said Wednesday that a recent liver surgery revealed he had cancer that had spread to other parts of his body. “I will be rearranging my schedule as necessary so I can undergo treatment by physicians at Emory Healthcare.

“A more complete public statement will be made when facts are known, possibly next week,” said Carter, 90, in a statement issued from the Carter Center.

Carter, a Democrat born in October 1924, served as the 39th U.S. president from 1977 to 1981 after defeating Republican incumbent Gerald Ford. He was defeated for re-election by Ronald Reagan of Republican Party in 1980. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.

Credit: NAN

Kissing May Cause Cancer?

Kissing has overtaken smoking and drinking as the leading risk factor for developing head and neck cancers.

The humble French kiss can pass on human papilloma virus (HPV), and Head of Maxillofacial and Head and neck Surgery at the Royal Darwin Hospital, Dr Mahiban Thomas, said the virus was responsible for a ‘tsunami’ of cancer cases.

Dr Thomas told NT News if you became infected by HPV in the oropharynx, your risk of developing head and neck cancer was 250 times higher than that of someone without the virus.

While most commonly associated with cervical cancers in women, HPV can affect both men and women. There are more than 100 types of the virus, but it is ‘Oral HPV’ that can cause cancers in the oropharynx.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said studies suggested Oral HPV could be passed on during oral sex or open-mouthed or ‘French’ kissing, and about 7% of people have oral HPV, but only 1% of people have the type of oral HPV that is found in oropharyngeal cancers.

‘’High-risk behaviours are oral sex, multiple kissing partners, and more recently there are reports even ‘petting’ can lead to infection,’ Dr Thomas told NT News.

“If someone has kissed in excess of six people their risk of contracting HPV is higher, or if someone has kissed in excess of nine people the risk is significantly higher again,” Dr Thomas said.

Girl Who Was Told To ‘Stop Googling’ Cancer That Eventually Killed Her Left Heartbreaking Messages, Begging Doctors To Take Her Seriously

19 year old Bronte Doyne begged doctors to take her seriously in a series of desperate messages written shortly before she died of a rare cancer that doctors told her she didn’t have and should stop googling about. A frustrated Bronte said she was ‘fed up of trusting’ medics who refused to accept she was dying. She eventually died in March 2013, 16 months after she developed fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma, a rare form of liver cancer which only affects 200 people a year worldwide.

Full report From UK Daily Mail:
The teenager had an operation in September 2011 to remove the cancer and was told she would make a full recovery, but online research in America told her that FBC often returns.
But ‘aloof and evasive’ doctors at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH) treated her with ‘woeful lack of care and empathy’ and refused to accept this and told her to ‘stop Googling’.
In a text weeks before she died she said: ‘Need answers. Want to know what’s going on. Something’s not right. I’m sick of this’.
And days before she died she wrote: ‘Can’t begin to tell you how it feels to have to tell an oncologist they are wrong. I had to, I’m fed up of trusting them’.
Today Bronte’s mother Lorraine Doyne (pictured right)  has made the messages public to reveal her daughter’s plight.
She said: ‘Bronte was denied pain relief, referrals were hugely delayed and efforts by her family to gather information and understand Bronte’s prognosis were handled in an evasive and aloof manner

HHer fears that her symptoms over the preceding months before she died were cancer-related were proved right.
‘The messages from Bronte are all her own words and I believe that’s more powerful for people to understand what she went through.
She added: ‘I want to see changes and action now.’
She and her daughter were forced to do their own research online, but doctors dismissed their fears.
Mrs Doyne said: ‘We had no information forthcoming and the only sources we found were through our own research.
‘We found a website for the Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation, which is based in the United States, and it included an international forum.
‘It’s not just some pathetic website on Google, it’s been endorsed by the White House in publications, and was the only contact we had to get some awareness about this disease. But that information was dismissed here. I told the clinician that I knew what was happening to my daughter and something needed to be done but I was just told to “stop Googling”. 

Bronte was first admitted to hospital in September 2011 with suspected appendicitis, and was told she had fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma shortly after turning 18.
Over a 16-month period, she was told by doctors that she would survive the disease and had nothing to worry about after having an operation to remove a section of her liver in December.
But Bronte and her family knew through their own online research that there was a high chance the cancer would return and eventually claim her life, which it did on March 23, 2013.
The NHS trust who treated her has now promised to embrace the ‘internet age’ – and accept patients use the internet to research their illnesses –  and admitted: ‘We did not listen with sufficient attention’.
Bronte’s tweets, text messages and personal diary entries reveal her fears about death because doctors were not taking her condition seriously.
These were all passed to the hospital as part of a complaint after her death.
In a diary entry less than a month before her death : ‘Mum tried to talk to my consultant but he didn’t give her much help. She even had to ask him when I was going to get my appointment for the oncologist. Really don’t think he likes my mum asking questions.’
She also wrote she was advised by her GP to go to hospital as an emergency case when her symptoms worsened about six weeks before her death, but was told she could not been seen.
She wrote: ‘I got so angry because the doctor was so rude and just shrugged his shoulders.
‘He gave me a sarcastic comment like you can sleep here if you want but they won’t do anything. So I just have to wait for another hospital appointment.’
In a tweet before her death she also warned: ‘My body does not feel very good #helpme.’
After she was diagnosed, Bronte wrote in her diary: ‘I have cancer. I’m scared. Mum rang keyworker. Need to know what this is. He doesn’t know much. Help me.’
She underwent liver resection surgery in December 2011.
Seven months later, after doctors had told her she was fine, she tweeted: ‘My body does not feel very good #helpme.’
Then, in November 2012, Bronte wrote in her diary: ‘Feeling sick for months now. Tired of this feeling c***. Hospital not worried so trying to get on with it.’
The teenager texted friends saying that doctors referred to how she ‘had’ cancer in the past and advised her not to relate symptoms to the disease.
Her fears about feeling like ‘something’s not right’ were ignored, as she said a doctor claimed her weight loss was a result of her being ‘part of a skinny family’.
Bronte was eventually referred to the Hogarth Ward, a Teenage Cancer Trust unit, where she stayed for 10 days before she died – after 16 months of being told she would be fine.
Source: UK Daily Mail

PR Guru, Alima Attah Dies Of Cancer

PR Guru, educationist, MD of  Sesema PR and host of TalkBiz on Smooth 98.1fm, Alima Atta has died. Alima, recently named one of Nigeria’s ?100 most influential women died on Saturday June 6th after a battle with cancer.

Alima Atta studied French and Marketing and had a successful career in Public Relations and Marketing for over 20 years and worked at MMD Marketing Communications and Anderson Soames in the UK before establishing her own PR agency in 2002.

She was an inspiring woman who worked hard to get to the top. May her soul rest in peace, amen.

I Won My Battle With Cancer 15 Years Ago – Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

Minister of Finance Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala yesterday disclosed that she was diagnosed with cancer some years back and had her last surgery for it 15 years ago.

Mrs Okonjo-Iweala spoke about her experience at the Service of Songs for late Special Adviser to the President on Research and Documentation, Oronto Douglas yesterday April 30th. According to the Minister, she constantly used her experience to encourage Oronto during his battle with the disease which led to his death on April 9th.

“Oronto and I had two similarities in life, we both had cancer. I had my last surgery 15 years ago and I shared my experience with him,” she said.

She however did not state what type of cancer she had.

How I Survived Cancer- Okonjo-Iweala

A rare insight into the past physical challenge of the coordinating minister of the economy and minister of finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala emerged yesterday when she disclosed that she survived cancer 15 years ago affirming the scare is not the end of life.

She spoke at the service of songs for the late Oronto Douglas, special adviser to the president on research and documentation that held in Abuja last night.

The service was attended by a cross section of the society from civil society, government, the media, the clergy among others.

President Goodluck Jonathan was represented by Senator Anyim Pius Anyim, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, at the service which remarkably brought together his associates from both sides of the political divide including former Governor Kayode Fayemi, Pastor Tunde Bakare who brought greetings from General Muhammadu Buhari, ministers, former chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, Senator-Elect Ben Murray Bruce, deputy managing director of Thisday, Mr. Kayode Komolafe among several others.

In her remarks at the occasion, Dr. Okonjo-Iweala said: “Oronto and I had two similarities in life, we both had cancer. I had my last surgery, 15 years ago and I shared my experience with him,” she said, narrating how she repeatedly sought to encourage him using her triumph over the disease.

Tributes from several speakers centered on how Oronto built bridges across political divides. Dr. Fayemi, Hon Uche Onyeogocha leading members of the All Progressives Congress, APC spoke in that direction and they were buttressed by Pastor Bakare.

Tributes also came from former Governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha of Bayelsa State, Dr. Sam Amadi, chairman National Electricity Regulatory Commission, Rev. Nnimmo Bassey, Yinka Odumakin, Ken Saro Wiwa among others.


Oprah Winfrey Has 12 Weeks To Live?

Reports have it that famous and wealthy talk show host, Oprah Winfrey, has just 12 more weeks left here on earth.

It was said that Oprah was given the shock of her life when a routine check up turned into her having less than four months to live following a stage 4 cancer diagnosis.

However she said, “I’ve made more money than I could spend in a life time, but I’m going to enjoy seeing what kind of dent I can put in $2 billion in 3 months”.

In addition, sources claim that Oprah said she will spend half of her fortune making a few lucky fans dreams come true, donating the rest and while leaving something for her dog and Steadman.

And contrary to what people would expect, Oprah is not sad, claiming that she said, “why be sad when I can buy a small country, name it Oprah, and live forever.”