Not Yet Over: British Home Office Clarifies James Ibori’s Release From Prison.

The British Home Office, speaking on today’s developments on the James Ibori case, clarified on Wednesday evening that all foreign national offenders given a custodial sentence are normally considered for deportation.


The boisterous former Delta State governor is hoping to return to Nigeria on his own terms when his United Kingdom troubles are supposedly over. That would enable him to put on a show of some sort among his supporters, and perhaps negotiate a deal with the current government in the country.


In a brief statement, Press Officer Richard Mellor declined to comment on ongoing legal proceedings, describing that as “inappropriate.” He, however, pointed out that where offenders are released by an Immigration Judge, the Office procedurally seeks the most stringent bail conditions while it continues to pursue their removal from the UK.


The Royal of Justice Court in London today ruled that the former Delta State governor be released following the completion of his conviction on money-laundering charges.


He is, however, to be restricted to flat on Abbey Road in the St. John’s Wood area of London, pending removal proceedings and a confiscation hearing scheduled to begin next month. in the meantime, Mr. Ibori is required to report to a police station in Croydon and will be considered an absconder and tagged with an electronic bracelet if he fails to do so.