Brazil’s foreign minister resigns from office to attend to health-related issues.

Jose Serra, Brazil’s foreign minister, has resigned from his post to attend to health-related issues.

Serra, in a letter to Brazil President Michel Temer, said he needed to take care of his health and prepare for upcoming medical treatments, CNN reports.

The foreign minister expressed sadness over his decision to step down but noted that his doctors told him he would need “at least four months” to adequately recuperate.

Serra was said to have personally given Temer the letter which was published by state-run news agency Agencia Brasil.

The 74-year-old had only been on the job for less than a year.

Serra assumed the role after former president Dilma Rousseff was suspended in May 2016.


Source: The Cable

Shame: Brazil’s $12 billion Olympic legacy lies in ruins just 6 months after Rio2016

Less than six months ago, the eyes of the world were on the huge Olympic stadiums in Rio.

Billions of dollars were spent on bringing the flagship sporting event to Brazil, with the overall cost estimated to be around $12billion. This was at a time when the Brazilian economy was in a huge recession, and state workers were being paid late, if at all.

But now the Olympic legacy lies in ruins, new photos have revealed, with arenas crumbling and already falling into disrepair.

The aquatics stadium, used for last year's Olympic and Paralympic Games, is currently in a state of disrepair. It was set to be dismantled and turned into two schools, but there is no sign of this coming to fruition

The aquatics stadium, used for last year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games, is currently in a state of disrepair. It was set to be dismantled and turned into two schools, but there is no sign of this coming to fruition

The threadbare pitch of the world-famous Maracana Stadium is a far cry from the days when it hosted the World Cup final and fixtures in last year's Olympic and Paralympic Games

The threadbare pitch of the world-famous Maracana Stadium is a far cry from the days when it hosted the World Cup final and fixtures in last year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games

In the aquatics centre, which was built as a temporary structure for the Games, the pool has been drained and the arena look delipidated on the inside – a far cry from the impressive venue it was last summer.

And the world-famous Maracana Stadium, which was also hosted the World Cup final in 2014, is now in a state of abandon, the once-lucious green pitch far from the top playing surface it once was.

The electricity has been turned off because of unpaid bills – estimated to total nearly $1 million, and like many other arenas used during the Games last year, questions remain over its future. The stadium was looted last month, and the consortium which manages it has called for the state to intervene.

It is thought hosting the Olympics cost the Brazilian government $3billion, with the rest of the massive bill coming from other sources.

Tapestries fixed to the outside of the aquatic centre in Rio, used for the Games, are falling down and the Olympic Park is now a cutting-edge ghost town

Tapestries fixed to the outside of the aquatic centre in Rio, used for the Games, are falling down and the Olympic Park is now a cutting-edge ghost town

It remains unclear what will happen to the buildings erected for the Games, with increasing unrest about the amount spent on the Games and the 2014 World Cup

It remains unclear what will happen to the buildings erected for the Games, with increasing unrest about the amount spent on the Games and the 2014 World Cup

A huge pile of seats, which have been torn up from the stands, inside the Maracana stadium in Rio, which hosted the 2014 World Cup final

A huge pile of seats, which have been torn up from the stands, inside the Maracana stadium in Rio, which hosted the 2014 World Cup final

The crumbling inside of the Maracana stadium is a shocking indictment of the legacy of the huge sporting events Rio has hosted in the past three years

The crumbling inside of the Maracana stadium is a shocking indictment of the legacy of the huge sporting events Rio has hosted in the past three years

Two years earlier, the Ministry of Sport stated, $11.63bn was spent on bringing the World Cup to the cash-strapped country. Such was the outcry that soccer-mad Brazilians took to the streets to protest the massive expenditure at a time when public services were under intense pressure.

This year, the New York Times reports, that at least 48 towns and cities are considering cancelling carnival celebrations this year because they cannot afford it.

In Rio, the newspaper states, authorities are predicting a budget shortfall of $1bn this year, with the state budget likely to be $6bn short. It also owes $10bn in loans.

There were big plans for the Olympic infrastructure once the Games finished.

Abandoned prefabricated houses remain next to the  Olympic golf course, created and used for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and now run by the Brazilian Golf Confederation for the public

Abandoned prefabricated houses remain next to the Olympic golf course, created and used for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and now run by the Brazilian Golf Confederation for the public

Sad legacy: The Olympic Aquatics Centre in Rio de Janeiro, which was set to be converted into two schools

Sad legacy: The Olympic Aquatics Centre in Rio de Janeiro, which was set to be converted into two schools

The taikwondo arena was set to be converted into a school, while the aquarium was due to be dismantled and turned into two schools. None of this has happened, and Brazilians have been left questioning the wisdom of hosting the event.

Last week Vera Hickmann, 42, who visited the Olympic village recently, summed up the disquiet, telling the New York Times: ‘The government didn’t have money to throw a party like that, and we’re the ones who have to sacrifice.’

While the athletes’ village was supposed to be turned into luxury homes, only a small fraction have been sold.

In its heydey, the Aquatics Centre, pictured in June last year, hosted events featuring some of the world's best known athletes

In its heydey, the Aquatics Centre, pictured in June last year, hosted events featuring some of the world’s best known athletes

Unemployment in the Brazilian capital has doubled since the Games, while GDP has fallen by 8.4 per cent.

Public employees have had their wages and pensions cut by 30 per cent as the state grapples with the economic crisis.

The sight of the arenas in disrepair has caused huge discontent in Rio. The tennis centre and velodrome are locked to the public, having failed to find new operators, and the Brazilian capital’s $20million golf course has struggled to attract new members.

Theresa Williamson, director of Catalytic Communities, an organisation which supports communities in the city’s poverty-stricken favelas, said in an interview with AAP: ‘The legacy is incredibly poor.

‘This all coincided with the economic recession but in Rio, just like the boom here was more intense because of the Olympics, now the fall is more intense because of the Olympics. Everybody here is suffering right now, of all incomes and all stripes and colours.’

Ripped seats in the dugouts at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro this month, where the stadium has fallen into disrepair

Ripped seats in the dugouts at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro this month, where the stadium has fallen into disrepair

Source: Daily Mail

Brazil inmates dug three tunnels out of Alcacuz jail

Police searching a prison in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte say they have found three unfinished escape tunnels.

The discovery comes just days after at least 26 inmates were killed in a riot at the jail in the city of Natal.

Officials said inmates at Alcacuz jail had taken advantage of heavy rains to dig the tunnels in the softened ground.

But they insisted that none of them had been finished and that no prisoner had managed to escape through them.

Violence erupted at Alcacuz on 14 January when rival criminal gangs First Command of the Capital (PCC) and the Crime Union clashed.

At least 26 people were killed in the 14-hour riot.

There have been several outbreaks of violence at the jail since that day.

Military police are erecting a barrier made from 12m-high (39ft) containers between the prison wings occupied by the rival gangs to keep them apart.

Officials said the temporary barricade would eventually be replaced by a cement wall measuring about 90m in length.

Alcacuz prison was designed to hold 620 inmates, but held more than 1,000 before the riot erupted.

The authorities have since transferred 220 prisoners to other prisons.

Brazil has seen a wave of prison violence since the beginning of the year with more than 120 inmates killed.

The spike in violence is blamed on a breakdown of a truce between two of the country’s most powerful gangs.

Man storms house party, kills ex-wife, son, 9 others, before shooting self in the head.

A gunman stormed a house party and killed 11 people, including his former wife and eight-year-old son, before shooting himself in the head during a New Year’s party in southeastern Brazilian.

Police say the shooter, 46-year-old Sidnei Ramis de Araújo, was angry over a split with his wife, Isamara Filier, 41, who is the mother of his son, João Victor.

Three other people remain hospitalized, police said, while four people survived the attack unharmed.

One party attendee managed to flee to a bathroom and phone the police when the shooting began at the property in the city of Campinas late on Saturday.

A gunman stormed a house party and killed 11 people in southeastern Brazil. Among the victims are the shooters ex-wife Isamara Filier, 41, and their son João Victor

A gunman stormed a house party and killed 11 people in southeastern Brazil. Among the victims are the shooters ex-wife Isamara Filier, 41, and their son João Victor

Survivors, according to a police spokesman, said that just before midnight, the shooter jumped over a fence surrounding the house, burst through a door and began firing even as he berated Filier for taking their son.

Araújo possibly sought to take advantage of the commotion of New Year’s Eve to disguise the shooting, police said.

One neighbor told local television that he and his family heard shots, but had thought they might be fireworks until one of the wounded ran to their property, bleeding and pleading for help.

At least one of those wounded escaped by running to a neighbor’s house. Neighbor Christiano Machado said he heard the shots a little before midnight but assumed they were fireworks.

‘When we opened the gate to go into the street to see the fireworks, the celebrations, a wounded person came into our yard. He entered, asking for help,’ he said in a video posted on the G1 news portal.

Despite high rates of crime and violence in Brazil, including significant problems with assaults against women, the attack alarmed Latin America’s biggest country on a holiday associated with family gatherings.

The shooting took place in Campinas, an industrial and university city of over 1 million residents, is located about 100 kilometers (60 miles) northwest of the city of São Paulo

The shooting took place in Campinas, an industrial and university city of over 1 million residents, is located about 100 kilometers (60 miles) northwest of the city of São Paulo

Gun deaths are common in heists, holdups and in confrontations among police, drug gangs and other criminals in Brazil, but targeted mass shootings are rare.

Police said Araújo, reported by local media to be a laboratory technician, used a 9 mm pistol and carried two additional clips, extra ammunition, a knife and unspecified but unused explosives.

Investigators are analyzing the explosives in addition to a cell phone and audio recorder found in a car he parked outside the home to determine whether Araújo left any sort of message about his attack.

Police said they did not yet know if Araújo had a history of violence, or whether he had been known to physically harm or threaten his former wife before the attack.

Campinas, an industrial and university city of over 1 million residents, is located about 100 kilometers (60 miles) northwest of the city of São Paulo, Brazil’s biggest metropolis.

Brazilian women shun pregnancy due to Zika virus

More than half of young Brazilian women have shunned pregnancy due to Zika, which can cause birth defects, according to research released Friday.
In a national survey in June of more than 2,000 literate women in Brazil aged 18 to 39, 56 percent said they had “avoided, or tried to avoid pregnancy” due to the virus, according to an article in the medical journal BMJ.

More than a quarter of the women, however, reported that the Zika epidemic — which has swept across the country since mid-2015 — had not discouraged them from trying to have a child.

Sixteen percent said they had not been planning to get pregnant in any case.“The results provide an important first glimpse into how Zika has shaped pregnancy intentions among women in Brazil,” said co-author Marcelo Medeiros, a professor at the University of Brasilia.

While Zika causes only mild symptoms in most people, pregnant women with the virus risk giving birth to babies with microcephaly — a crippling deformation that leads to abnormally small brains and heads.

More than 1.5 million people have been infected with Zika, mainly in Brazil, and more than 1,600 babies have been born with microcephaly since last year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The UN’s global health agency ended the Zika global health emergency — declared in February 2016 — last month.

Brazil has refused to downgrade the risk, and some experts have criticised the WHO decision.

In the survey, women of colour were more likely to report avoiding pregnancy than white women.

There was no significant difference, however, among religious groups, with 58 percent of Catholics and 55 percent of evangelical women saying they had sought to avoid pregnancy.

“Brazil must urgently re-evaluate its reproductive health policies to ensure better access to contraception,” the authors wrote in BMJ.

The survey data was extracted from a larger study called the Brazilian National Abortion Survey, Medeiros told AFP.

Bodies of Chapecoense crash victims reach Brazil for memorial.

The victims of the Colombian air crash which killed 71 people including almost a football squad, arrived in Brazil on Saturday for a memorial.

The bodies left the airport in the Colombian city of Medellin on Friday and were accompanied by representatives of Colombia’s civil aviation authority, soldiers, police officers and rescue workers.

Among those killed were 19 first-team players from Brazilian football team Chapecoense.

The club will hold a stadium memorial service at its Arena Conda later on Saturday.

The stadium’s capacity of 19,000 will be boosted by an extra 2,000 seats on the pitch for the service.

Heavy rain met the arrival of the plane carrying the coffins in Chapeco, the city where the team are based.

The coffins were draped in white cloth adorned with the team’s green logo and were carried from the aircraft by soldiers.

On Monday, the team’s chartered plane took off with 77 people aboard bound for the final of the Copa Sudamericana in Medellin.

The Lamia Air Avro RJ 85 crashed in hills close to Medellin after apparently running out of fuel.

The dead include 19 Chapecoense players, 24 team officials and their companions, 21 Brazilian journalists and seven Bolivian and Paraguayan flight crew members.

However, three players, two crew members and a journalist survived.

Rafael Henzel Valmorbida, 43, a reporter for Radio Oeste Capital, a station in the Brazilian city of Chapeco, where the team is based, survived the crash.

Report says among the Chapecoense players that survived, Neto remains in a critical condition, while Alan Ruschel underwent surgery for a spinal injury and Jakson Follmann’s right leg was amputated.

Brazil completed three days of national mourning for the victims on Friday.

Ronaldinho and Riquelme ‘to Come Out of Retirement to Play For Chapecoense’

SOUTH AMERICAN legends Ronaldinho and Juan Roman Riquelme are reportedly considering coming out of retirement to play for Chapecoense following a huge social media campaign.

Chapecoense tragically lost 19 players when a plane crashed on route to Colombia – killing 71 people on board.

Ronaldinho could come out of retirement to play for the Brazil side
Ronaldinho could come out of retirement to play for the Brazil side
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA: Juan Roman Riquelme of Boca Juniors team celebrates after scoring against Velez Sarsfield during the Libertadores Cup footbal match, at La Bombonera stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 02 May 2007. AFP PHOTO/Alejandro PAGNI (Photo credit should read ALEJANDRO PAGNI/AFP/Getty Images)
Juan Roman Riquelme has offered to play for free

The footballing world has come together to pay tribute to the side and their families that left just three Chapecoense players surviving the plane crash.

Whilst Brazilian sides have offered to loan players to the club free of charge, reports are circulating that Ronaldinho and Riquelme have offered to dust off their boots pull on the green and white of Chapecoense.

Riquelme, who last played for Argentinos Juniors in 2014, has won Argentina’s Footballer of the Year four times whilst Ronaldinho was crowned the world’s best player in 2005.


Protesters storm Brazil Congress demanding military coup.

Dozens of rightwing protesters burst into Brazil’s legislative chamber on Wednesday to demand a military coup.

The approximately 40 people swept past security guards and broke a glass door to get into the chamber of the lower house of Congress, interrupting the start of the session.

Taking over the podium they chanted “general here, general here,” in reference to support for a takeover by the army.

Brazil was ruled by a military government from 1964 to 1985 and a small minority of Brazilians support the idea of a new takeover in response to widespread corruption and a floundering economy.

The chamber was mostly empty at the time, but the scenes of shouting protesters were played on national television. All the demonstrators were detained by police for questioning.

“It’s worrying and serves as a warning. We are returning to an era of extremes,” said one congressional deputy, Betinho Gomes.

Later in the day, President Michel Temer’s spokesman, Alexandre Parola, called the protest an “affront” and said it was a “violation of the norms of democratic coexistence.”

“Episodes like today’s are unacceptable and will be fought in the light of law and in defense of the integrity of each of the state’s institutions,” he said.

Brazil endured a turbulent day Wednesday as Rio de Janeiro riot police fired tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades into an angry crowd protesting proposed austerity measures for the state of Rio.

More than 2,000 people, ranging from teachers to off-duty police officers, faced off against elite Shock Battalion police outside the state legislature in the center of Rio.

Rio state Governor Luiz Fernando Pezao, a member of Temer’s conservative party, is pushing budget cuts in response to nearly empty public coffers.

The state has been in crisis all year and required a huge federal bailout just before hosting the Olympic Games in August.

Former Brazil captain Carlos Alberto dies aged 72

Former Brazil captain Carlos Alberto has died, aged 72.

Alberto skippered Brazil to World Cup glory in 1970 and scored arguably the greatest goal in the competition’s history in the final against Italy.

Alberto suffered a heart attack and later died in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday.

The defender was widely considered one of the best right-backs in the world during his illustrious 19-year career and he enjoyed success as a manager with the likes of Flamengo and Botafogo.

Two of Alberto’s former sides, Santos and Flamengo, were quick to pay tribute to the defender on social media.

Alberto scored one of the most famous goals of all time when he netted an iconic fourth goal in Brazil’s 1970 World Cup final win against Italy.

Brazil Police Arrest Ex-minister Palocci For Graft

Brazilian police on Monday arrested Antonio Palocci, a powerful former finance minister and presidential chief of staff in recent Workers Party (PT) governments, as a sweeping anti-corruption probe hit even harder at the left-leaning party.

Prosecutors said at a news conference that Palocci acted as a liaison between the PT and Brazil’s largest engineering and construction conglomerate, Odebrecht SA [ODBES.UL], from 2006 to 2013 in a kickback scheme centered on contracts at state-led oil company Petroleo Brasileiro SA, or Petrobras.

“Evidence has surfaced … that he was responsible for coordinating his political party’s receipt of surreptitious payments from the Odebrecht Group,” read Monday’s search and arrest warrant signed by anti-corruption judge Sergio Moro.

Investigators allege Palocci improperly approved loans from state development bank BNDES to Odebrecht in Africa and for oil platforms. They also allege that he pushed legislation through Congress to help the company win tax advantages.

Prosecutors said they had found evidence that Odebrecht paid 128 million reais ($39.5 million) to the Workers Party and its representatives between 2008 and 2013, including Palocci.

Construction magnate Marcelo Odebrecht, whose family owns the namesake company, received a 19-year sentence in March for bribery, money laundering and organized crime in relation to the scandal at Petrobras.

Two former aides of Palocci were arrested in Monday’s police sweep.

A medical doctor by training, Palocci was former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s finance minister and a key player in the 2002 election campaign that put the union and PT leader in the presidential seat.

He also served as chief of staff to Lula’s hand-picked successor, Dilma Rousseff, ousted last month in an impeachment trial that ended 13 years of PT rule.

She was succeeded by her former vice-president Michel Temer, whose political and economic policies have veered sharply to the right.

Palocci’s lawyer did not immediately respond to requests for comment about Monday’s accusations.

Odebrecht’s press office said the company would not comment. BNDES officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Palocci’s arrest brings the investigation of Brazil’s biggest corruption scandal further into the core leadership of the PT.

Last week, police detained Guido Mantega, who succeeded Palocci as Lula’s finance minister and stayed in the post for almost nine years.

Mantega, who was accused of corruption, was released after a few hours. Palocci was picked up on the same warrant, which could mean his detention will also be brief.

“This is another nail in the Workers Party coffin,” said Andre Cesar, a political analyst at Brasilia-based public policy consultancy Hold Legislative Advisors. “The circle is closing.”

Lula was indicted last week on corruption charges in a case involving a luxury seaside apartment that prosecutors say was a disguised bribe from a construction company implicated in the Petrobras scheme. Still one of Brazil’s most popular politicians, his arrest is unlikely before he goes on trial.

Palocci helped Lula change his image from leftist radical into a business friendly and socially progressive leader who finally secured election on his fourth bid.

Brazil President Booed At Opening Ceremony Of Rio Paralympics

Brazilians jeered their new President Michel Temer on Wednesday as he attended an Independence Day rally in Brasilia and the opening ceremony of the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro.

The events were the first official gatherings that Temer had attended since becoming the country’s president on August 31 after Dilma Rousseff was impeached and removed from office amid a declining economy and bribery scandal. Temer will now serve the remaining two years and four
months of her term.

Sixth Zika Case Confirmed In Philippines

The Philippine health department confirmed on Monday that a 45-year-old woman from central Philippine city of Iloilo has tested positive for Zika virus, the sixth case recorded in the country.

Health Undersecretary Gerardo Bayugo told a news conference that the Zika-infected woman, whom he did not identify, has no history of travel abroad, adding that she probably acquired the virus locally.

He also said the disease does not pose a public health risk at this point, adding that the department has not confirmed any local transmission.

He said this could be a case of sporadic transmission. The woman’s husband has yet to be tested for the virus, he added.

“As of now we have no confirmation of any local transmission,” Bayugo said. Nevertheless, he said the government is closely monitoring the situation.

The health department has monitored at least five Zika-infection cases since 2012.

“These (five cases) did not convert into an outbreak. And we hope that this (new) one is sporadic that will not translate (into an outbreak) similar to what is being experienced elsewhere,” Bayugo said.

The Philippine government over the weekend issued an advisory, urging Filipino travellers “to take extra precautions” while staying in Zika-infected countries.

The Philippine Bureau of Quarantine is also continues to screen arriving passengers for signs of fever, one of the symptoms of Zika-infected person.

It has urged all arriving passengers to fit-out a health declaration checklist upon arrival and to report or visit any government health facility if they become ill with unexplained fever within seven days from arrival.

Health Secretary Paulyn Jean Rosell-Ubial has also advised pregnant women to avoid travel to countries with reported Zika case and transmission, adding that it is very risky for pregnant women to get infected with the Zika virus as this has been linked to birth of babies with severe brain and other neurological defects including microcephaly.

Zika virus is acquired through bites from infected Aedes aegypti mosquitos, the same type of mosquito that spreads dengue and chikungunya. Common symptoms include fever, skin rash, joint pains and conjunctivitis, the advisory said.

There is no available vaccine to prevent the mosquito-borne virus. But medial experts said the symptoms of Zika virus could be treated with common pain and fever medicine, rest and enough water intake.

New President Promises To Heal Brazil

Brazil’s new leader Michel Temer began his presidency in earnest Thursday vowing to heal the crisis-stricken Latin American giant after senators fired his defiant rival Dilma Rousseff in an emotional impeachment trial.

Temer, 75, was sworn in shortly after a majority of senators voted Wednesday in a highly charged session to remove the leftist Rousseff, 68, on grounds that she illegally manipulated the state budget.

Rousseff’s successor shrugged off her claims that he had led a “coup” to seize power from her Workers’ Party government, which has ruled Brazil for 13 years.

Sworn in to serve out the remainder of Rousseff’s four-year presidential term up to the end of 2018, Temer vowed to create jobs in the recession-stricken country and guarantee “political stability” to lure investors.

“My only interest is in handing over to my successor a country that is reconciled, pacified and growing economically,” he said in a pre-recorded television address, aired as he headed off to China for a G20 summit.

Rousseff told supporters at the Alvorada presidential palace on the outskirts of the capital Brasilia that she had committed no crime.

“They have convicted an innocent person and carried out a parliamentary coup,” she said, defiantly vowing that she’d “be back.”

In the day’s surprise twist, a separate vote to bar Rousseff from holding any public office for eight years failed to pass, meaning she could in theory re-enter political life.

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Why Brazil’s Rousseff Was Impeached

Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff was stripped of the country’s presidency Wednesday in a Senate impeachment vote ending 13 years of leftist rule in Latin America’s biggest economy.

Rousseff, 68, was convicted by 61 of the 81 senators of illegally manipulating the national budget. The vote, passing the needed two-thirds majority, meant she was immediately removed from office.

Cheers — and cries of disappointment — erupted in the blue-carpeted, circular Senate chamber as the verdict flashed up on the electronic voting screen.

Pro-impeachment senators burst into a rendering of the national anthem, some waving Brazilian flags, while allies of Rousseff stood stony faced.

“I will not associate my name to this infamy,” read a sign held up by one senator.

Brazil’s first female president, holed up in the presidential palace on the outskirts of the capital Brasilia with close aides, was expected to make a statement soon after the vote.

Her vice president turned bitter political enemy, Michel Temer, will be sworn as her replacement at about 3:00 pm (1800 GMT).

The veteran center-right politician, whom Rousseff accuses of using the impeachment process to mount a coup, was then to leave for a G20 summit in China.

About 50 leftist demonstrators gathered outside the presidential palace to show their support.

“We are protesting against the coup and fighting for democracy,” said 61-year-old farmer Orlando Ribeiro.

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Usain Bolt’s Girlfriend Finally Reacts To Cheating Scandal

Usain Bolt’s girlfriend has reacted to his night of passion with a Brazilian student, and near-constant wild nights out with a bevy of beauties since finishing the Olympics.

Model Kasi Bennett, 26, who he refers to as his ‘First Lady’, has remained silent on claims her man has cheated following his victory at the Games.

But now she appears to have thrown serious shade online, by liking a series of cutting comments from fans, and memes online hitting out at the star.

The brunette beauty liked an Instagram meme showing her and Brazilian Jady Duarte pictured side by side with the caption: ”When your girl is Selfridges, and you cheat on her with Primark.”

She then liked a tweet directed at her boyfriend, which read: “You traded your life with a goddess for a one night fling with someone who will never even come close.”

Bolt’s sister Christine Bolt-Hylton, 32, previously insisted that the couple would remain together, despite the sport star’s alleged cheating.

Usain Bolt And Girlfriend Will Not Split,He Loves Her Too Much’-Sprinter’s Sister Reacts To Photos Of Him With Other Women

Usain Bolt and his girlfriend will not split up after photos of the Olympic hero with another woman surfaced, his sister has revealed.
Bolt’s big sister, Christine Bolt-Hylton, 32, has said that Usain Bolt and his girlfriend Kasi Bennett, 26, are a solid couple and will stay together because they are so in love.

Brazilian student Jady Duarte, 20, shared pictures which appear to show her kissing and cuddling Bolt after his 30th birthday bash in Rio.And further photos of Usain kissing and dancing with a third girl also came to light yesterday morning. 

Speaking from her hometown of St Andrews near Kingston, Jamaica, Christine said:

‘I’m sure Kasi will be used to it by now. She is used to seeing pictures like this.’People ask for pictures with him and he is always willing to have pictures. She is used to him being in the public domain.”I don’t think anything happened between him and the Brazilian girl,’ she added of the snaps with Jady. He loves Kasi too much to jeopardise the relationship.’I’m looking at the pictures and it doesn’t look like he was doing anything with her.’

Asked if Kasi will be upset, Christine, who is Usain’s half-sister, continued:

 ‘The pictures are of a young girl. I know she will be upset. But she will talk to him and I know they can work their difficulties out.’Usain doesn’t believe in cheating. Normally when we speak he sees he is against stuff like that. He has never done this before as far as I know.

‘When he was much younger he was popular with the girls but from when they have been together he hasn’t done anything like that. If they were together as she is saying they were, I think she had planned for her to take the photographs and expose him for ‘cheating’.’

Asked if her little brother should apologise, Christine said:

‘Kasi was definitely OK with the party pictures. The pictures with the girl he should definitely apologise for.He would never cheat. He was brought up by his parents never to do such things.

‘He was brought up in a Christian home and his mother doesn’t support that lifestyle. So I don’t think he would ever cheat.’I think Kasi will talk to him and they will make a decision about what to do together.’Speaking from personal experience and being close to him, he is definitely objected to cheating.’I do think that Kasi and Usain will work on past whatever it was and move on with their lives.’He has got to be careful because of his actions.’

Culled from Mailonline

Rio Olympics: Siasia, Dream Team May Boycott Quarter Finals

Nigeria Olympic team coach Samson Siasia has lashed out at how “disrespectful” the authorities have been to his team, saying he will now support the boys should they insist on boycotting Saturday’s quarterfinal against Denmark.


Siasia’s scathing comments on national radio Friday confirmed reports on the latest crisis that has engulfed his team in Brazil.


“We have been disrespected from all angles – the sports ministry, the Nigeria Football Federation. Is that how you will treat your own children? We are not street kids,” former Super Eagles coach Siasia fired away on Brila FM sports radio Friday morning.


“We have only been paid allowances for 11 days. There is no match bonus. What of all the months we have been training in Nigeria and Atlanta? That’s not fair.


“I have not received my salary for the past five months.


“Everything is upside down and the boys don’t want to play anymore. Whatever they want to do, I’m with them. They are right for fighting for their rights.”

Siasia continued: “The country already has a bad image, but through football it has got some good image, but still they won’t let us play.”


“I have begged these boys, but I cannot do more than what I have done to get this team up to this point.”


“I have done my best and now I am tired.”


Siasia also put a lie to an official statement by the NFF that there was no order for kits to be returned to Nigeria after the Rio Olympics.


As usual, the NFF were quick to dismiss a media report that the NFF secretariat ordered that kits be returned to the office from Rio.


But Siasia told Brila FM: ”The NFF ordered that they bring back the jerseys (from Brazil). Siji Lagunju (of the NFF technical department) was directed to bring the jerseys back to the NFF.”

See Pictures Of The Miss BumBum 2016 Contestants [Pictures]

The Bikini race completely shut down the famous Avenida Paulista, the main street of the country’s biggest city Sao Paulo.



With their massive assets out in the open air as they ran down the street in an 100-metre sprint wearing just thong bikinis, the contestants were excited to be participants of the event.



A representative of Sao Paulo and one of the 27 contestants, Ana Paula Saad, 38, said: “Running down the busiest street in Sao Paulo in just a bikini is the least I’m willing to do to get to the finals. I hope I stood out from the rest, and that more people in my home city will vote for me.’



Another contestant representing state of Amazonas, Dani Omeles, 27, said: ‘I got up at 5am this morning to do some stretches, then spend the rest of the time putting my make-up on. This means everything to me. I know I’ve got the best bottom in Brazil, now it’s up to me to make everyone else know about it.’






Nadal Confirms Participation In Rio Olympics Despite Injury And Zika Concerns

Rafael Nadal has confirmed that he will represent Spain at the Olympic Games in Rio, despite injury concerns.

Nadal's participation has boosted the Tennis Olympics committee.
Nadal’s participation has boosted the Tennis Olympics committee.

World number five Nadal spent a lengthy period after his practice session on centre court discussing his plans with the team doctor and team captain Conchita Martinez.

The 14-time Grand Slam winner has committed himself to playing singles, doubles and mixed doubles at the Games, despite worries over whether or not his left wrist injury will survive the gruelling challenges ahead.

He is scheduled to play doubles with Marc Lopez and mixed doubles with French Open champion Garbine Muguruza.”Yesterday (Monday) and today (Tuesday) have been my strongest training in two months and the wrist has not gotten worse,” he added.

Nadal admitted that his best medal chance may be in the doubles where the burden is shared.”It’s true that in doubles, I might go better, but you never know,” he said.”I will do everything possible to make my role the best and bring something positive for Spain.”

Nadal’s decision to play in all three events was a major boost for the organisers who on Tuesday saw world number four Stan Wawrinka pull out with a back injury.Wawrinka was replaced in the draw by big-serving Australian Sam Groth.

Nadal is due to carry his country’s flag at Friday’s opening ceremony in Rio.

Wow: See The “Luxury” Prison Cell Of Brazilian Drug Lord, Jarvis Pavao. [Pictures]

Paraguayan authorities got a surprise when they raided a Brazilian drug lord’s jail cell… and found a three-room luxury suite complete with library, kitchen, conference room and plasma TV.

Jarvis Chimenes Pavao, considered one of South America’s most dangerous drug traffickers, had been serving an eight-year sentence for money laundering at the Tacumbu prison in the Paraguayan capital, Asuncion.

But little did anyone on the outside know what kind of lifestyle that really meant — until a powerful bomb was discovered inside the prison.

Chimenes Pavao, who was due for release next year but facing extradition back to Brazil on drug charges, had allegedly planned to use the plastic explosives to blow a hole in the prison walls and escape.

But his plan backfired when police poured into the prison to investigate and discovered his pimped out cell.

The “VIP cell,” as it was known to prisoners, had three rooms with en suite bathroom, a kitchen and conference room, air conditioning, stylishly tiled walls, plush furniture and a library complete with a DVD collection to watch on the big-screen plasma TV, AFP reporters saw during a visit.

The DVDs included the full collection of “Pablo Escobar,” a TV series on the feared Colombian kingpin who was killed in 1993, a hero of Chimenes Pavao’s.

Prison Cell 2

– Friends in high places –

The raid, which took place Tuesday night, has already shaken up the Paraguayan penal system.

Chimenes Pavao’s lawyer, Laura Acasuso, told reporters the corruption that enabled her client to turn his cell into a luxury suite reached all the way to the top.

“Six or seven justice ministers and six or seven prison directors” took bribes from Chimenes Pavao, she said.

Justice Minister Carla Bacigalupo was sacked almost as soon as the scandal broke. Her replacement, Ever Martinez, vowed a crackdown.

“We’re going to demolish Chimenes Pavao’s cell and take measures against the prison directors who allowed this inmate to enjoy these privileges,” he said.

Chimenes Pavao has now been transferred to a cell in a police special operations unit.

Among the 3,500 inmates at Tacumbu — double its capacity — many already say they miss him.

“I don’t know what’s going to become of us without him,” said a fellow prisoner, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

He said Chimenes Pavao was a generous benefactor who paid for a football pitch and chapel at the prison, as well as employing bodyguards among the inmates.

“He was the most loved man in this prison,” said another inmate, Antonio Gonzalez.

Prison Cell 3

– ‘Not a saint’ –

Like at many prisons across Latin America, most inmates at Tacumbu eat only irregularly and sleep on cardboard boxes or directly on the floor. Riots are common.

“It’s miserable,” said Josieux, another prisoner from Brazil. “Two inmates died of hunger and cold” in June, he said.

Things were different for Chimenes Pavao, who was arrested on the Brazil-Paraguay border — a hotbed of smuggling — and is accused of ordering the killing of business tycoon Jorge Rafaat in the same region last month.

To be transferred to the pavilion where he was held, inmates had to pay $5,000, plus weekly rent of $600, a former inmate, Osvaldo Arias, said in a TV interview.

In return, they were allowed to use cell phones, the internet and receive visitors anytime, he said.

“He never said he was a saint,” said Chimenes Pavao’s lawyer.

“But he was completing his sentence and helping out with the money he earns legally through his companies,” which employ 1,200 people, she said.

She said her client paid for lodgings for prison directors, toilets for the guards, the renovation of the prison library and the cooks’ salaries.

Brazil VP ‘Accidentally’ Releases Post-Impeach Speech

Brazil’s vice president — who would take over if Dilma Rousseff is impeached — on Monday accidentally released the speech he’d give to the nation if she were forced to stand aside, reports said. The appearance online of the 14-minute speech in which Vice President Michel Temer addresses “the Brazilian people” was immediately interpreted by Rousseff supporters as evidence for their claims that impeachment proceedings are a coup plot in disguise.

Temer’s office told Folha newspaper that the vice president, who turned on Rousseff to become an opposition leader, was just practicing “on his cell phone and it was sent by accident.” In the leaked speech, Temer states that his “great mission from now is the calming of the country, the unification of the country.”

He calls on all parties to join “to pull the country out of crisis.” Temer would automatically assume the presidency if the Senate votes to put Rousseff on impeachment trial for allegedly illegal government accounting tricks. But for that to happen, the lower house first needs to vote in about a week’s time, with a two thirds majority required for the Senate to take up the case.

The Senate would then have to vote to start the trial. With Rousseff fighting hard to defeat the motion in the lower house, the outcome remains far from sure. Despite the assurances that the recording was just a precautionary measure sent out by accident, some saw darker motives. Rousseff’s Workers’ Party tweeted that Temer’s premature speech to the nation reveals preparations for “a brazen coup plot.”

And the bizarre twist in an already complex fight over Rousseff’s future prompted lively exchanges on social media. Some questioned whether the release of the presidential-style speech, which was quickly given widespread media coverage, really was accidental. Others made fun of Temer, who according to a recent poll would only get one to two percent of the vote in a presidential election.

Credit: Vanguard

Photos From Miss Criminal 2015 Beauty Pageant

One of the toughest women prisons in the world played host to the annual Miss Criminal 2015 beauty pageant .It was held at the Talavera Bruce women’s prison in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.This year’s winner was 27 year old Michelle Neri Rangel
She has been behind bars since 2010, when she was sentenced to 39 years for robbery – with an additional six years added on for prostitution inside the prison.

The women try on different dresses, have their makeup and hair styled by volunteers and even perform catwalk poses in the Miss World-style contest.The contest aims to boost the self-esteem of female inmates and is supported by community and church groups.

Images-UK Mirror

Israel, Brazil To Assist Nigeria End Boko Haram

Chief of Army Staff(COAS), Lt-General Tukur Buratai, yesterday appealed to the Brazilian government to help train Nigerian soldiers in jungle warfare.

This is even as the Israeli government promise to assist Nigeria end Boko Haram insurgency.

Buratai, who made the appeal when  he hosted the Deputy Chief of Army Staff for International and Special Affairs, Brazilian Army, Major-General Pereira Junior, in his Abuja  office, said the training was necessary to assist Nigeria wipe out insurgency and other security challenges in the country.

The COAS, while commending Brazil for its continuous support to the Nigerian Army, also declared the Army’s readiness to end terrorism soonest.

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Kaka, Lucas Moura And Hulk Return To Brazil Squad

The trio are joined by newcomers Alisson, Douglas Santos and Lucas Lima for the Chevrolet Brasil Global Tour clashes with Costa Rica and USA

Kaka, Hulk and Lucas Moura have will all return to the Brazil squad for September’s Chevrolet Brasil Global Tour matches with Costa Rica and USA, coach Dunga announced on Thursday.

Zenit forward Hulk and PSG winger Lucas Moura are in line for their first international appearances since Dunga’s July 2014 appointment.

33-year-old Orlando City man Kaka has 89 caps for the Selecao but was left out of Dunga’s squad for this year’s Copa America, with his last appearance arriving in October last year as Brazil saw off Japan 4-0.

Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho was a surprise omission following his fine form for Liverpool, with Dunga insisting that direct replacement Kaka offers more experience to the squad.

Internacional goalkeeper Alisson, Atletico Mineiro full-back Douglas Santos and Santos midfielder Lucas Lima are all in line to make their debuts for their country.

Captain Neymar has been included on standby with suspension ruling him out of Brazil’s first two World Cup qualifying games, against Chile and Venezuela, in October.

Key first-team players Danilo, Luiz Gustavo and Oscar all return after missing the Copa America through injury.

Coach Dunga has led Brazil to ten consecutive Chevrolet Brasil Global Tour victories since his July 2014 appointment, but is looking to bounce back following a disappointing quarter-final finish in this year’s Copa America.

The five-time world champions will meet Costa Rica at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, NJ, on September 5 before travelling to the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA, for a clash with USA on September 9.

The double-header will be Brazil’s final two fixtures before the starOctober sees them kick off their qualification campaign for the World Cup in 2018 with games against Chile and Venezuela.

Brazil squad:

Goalkeepers: Jefferson (Botafogo), Marcelo Grohe (Gremio), Alisson (Internacional).

Defenders: David Luiz (PSG), Marquinhos (PSG), Miranda (Inter), Gabriel Paulista (Arsenal), Dani Alves (Barcelona), Filipe Luis (Atletico Madrid), Danilo (Real Madrid), Douglas Santos (Atletico Mineiro).

Midfielders: Luiz Gustavo (Wolfsburg), Fernandinho (Manchester City), Elias (Corinthians), Ramires (Chelsea), Oscar (Chelsea), Willian(Chelsea), Lucas Lima (Santos), Kaka (Orlando City).

Forwards: Roberto Firmino (Liverpool), Neymar (Barcelona), Lucas Moura (PSG), Hulk (Zenit), Douglas Costa (Bayern Munich).

Brazil’s Miss Bumbum Contestants Cause Traffic Jam As They Take A Stroll On The Streets

The contestants of Brazil’s glamour model pageant, Miss Bumbum 2015, caused traffic gridlock yesterday August 4th as they took a stroll on the streets of Sau Paulo in Brazil to campaign for public votes in the competition. Of the 27 shortlisted candidates, only 15 of them with the highest number of votes from the public will be allowed to contest in the grand final. More photos below…

Miss BumBum Is Back! Search For Brazil’s Rear Of Year Commences

Miss BumBum is back – and voting for the title of Brazilian rear of the year has begun online.

Contestants lined up in Sao Paulo city centre on Monday as the fifth instalment of the annual competition was officially launched. A total of 27 women, one from each of the South American nation’s states, are competing for the top prize.


They’ve been whittled down from more than 500 applicants. And the 15 that receive the most amount of votes via the event’s website will go forward to a live televised pageant on November 9, according to local media. The hopefuls donned green and yellow bikinis to strut their stuff at various locations in the city.

Credit: Yahoo


Neymar Denies Copa America Fracas: “I Was Waiting For The Ref… But Nothing Happened”!

The Barcelona superstar was dismissed against Colombia but he maintains that he is innocent, while claiming that Dunga’s side can win the tournament without him

Neymar has denied trying to attack referee Enrique Ossess after Brazil‘s 1-0 loss to Colombia last week, and insists that he left the Copa America voluntarily.

The forward departed Chile on Monday after receiving a four-match suspension for attempting to headbutt Jeison Murillo during the Selecao’s 1-0 defeat to Colombia last Thursday before allegedly insulting the official.

Neymar, though, says that the decision for him to leave Brazil’s base was a joint one, and he has defended his innocence over the furore in Santiago.

“It was a family decision to leave,” he told Jornal Nacional. “I talked to my father, and then I told Dunga and team manager Gilmar Rinaldi. They agreed.

“Nothing happened at the tunnel, basically. I was inside of it, and waiting to ask the ref why he dismissed me. Then a huddle took place and security guards came in, thinking I was nervous, that I wanted to attack him.

“That’s how it came to this.”

Despite his absence, Neymar remains confident that his compatriots will eventually win the tournament after seeing them progress to the quarter-finals from Group C.

“I think there’s a lot of life in Selecao without Neymar. The players have shown that they can win games and win Copa America,” the Barcelona forward told Jornal Nacional.

“Brazil has plenty of great players. I’m absolutely confident of this team and the players that are there representing it. They are all big names who’ll take care of business.”

Brazil will face Paraguay, the team that knocked them out on penalties at the same stage in 2011, this Saturday.

Ronaldo De Lima Considers Coming Out Of Retirement For The Love Of Football

Brazil legend Ronaldo, has admitted that he may come out of retirement and feature in some games for Fort Lauderdale Strikers, a North American Soccer League he co-owns.

Ronaldo, who won the FIFA World Player of the Year three times, has not played football since he left Corinthians in 2011.

Asked at a news conference if he would consider playing, the 38-year-old said: “That is not easy.

“I love to play, I love soccer, that was, all my life, my big love. When I retired, I stopped playing because of my body. So much pain and injuries.

“To play a soccer game you have to be in very good shape. I will try for myself, it’s another challenge. I am sure it will help the league, help the team.

“I will train a lot and, if the coach needs me, maybe.”

And he also told Sports Illustrated: “I will try to play some games. This year I want to train a lot. The last three years I didn’t, because I was too busy in other stuff.

Miss Best Buttocks Runner up Hospitalised for Surgical Complications

A 27-year-old Brazilian reality TV star who was runner-up in a best-buttocks competition has been hospitalized with complications from a cosmetic procedure to enlarge her thighs.

The Conceicao Hospital Group in the southern city of Porto Alegre said Wednesday that Andressa Urach had an infection in her thighs after receiving under-skin injections of a substance to increase volume in the upper legs. She was hospitalized Monday evening.

Urach earlier had been sedated. But the group said in a statement Wednesday that she later woke up and was taken off a respirator.

She underwent two procedures at the hospital to drain a substance called aquagel that is used in Brazil as an alternative to cosmetic implants.

Urach was runner up in Brazil’s 2012 “Miss Bumbum” contest celebrating shapely bottoms.

Credit: Yahoo News

Dilma Rousseff Promises Reform after Brazil Poll Win

President Dilma Rousseff has promised to re-unite Brazil after narrowly winning re-election to a second term in office with 51.6% of the vote.


She said “dialogue” would be her top priority after a bitterly fought campaign against centre-right candidate Aecio Neves, who got 48.4% of the vote.

The left-wing leader said she wanted to be “a much better president than I have been until now”. She faced mass protests last year against corruption and poor services.

But Ms Rousseff, who has been in power since 2010, remains popular with poor Brazilians thanks to her government’s welfare programmes.

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Ebola in Brazil?

Brazil says it has identified a suspected Ebola case who arrived in the country on Thursday.

The patient, Souleymane Bah from Guinea, presented himself after coming down with a fever at a public health centre in the town of Cascavel in the southern state of Parana. He has been flown to Rio de Janeiro to the National Institute of Infectology.

Doctors say he no longer has a fever and blood test results are expected on Saturday. Health Minister Arthur Chioro said the situation was under control and “all health protocols and procedures were applied efficiently and with great success”.

Guinea is one of the three West African countries most affected by Ebola.Mr Bah’s symptoms appeared on the 20th day after he left Guinea – within the 21-day incubation period. But since his arrival he has not shown any symptoms and his fever has not returned. Mr Bah arrived in Brazil as a refugee and was granted leave to remain until 2015 by immigration police.

Sixty-four people who came into contact with Mr Bah, mostly in the health centre in Parana, are also being monitored for symptoms of Ebola, although the Health Ministry says they are considered low risk. Concerns have been expressed about what route Mr Bah took to get to Brazil.

The authorities in Argentina are concerned he may have come to South America through one of the country’s airports or ports. The Brazilian Health Ministry says it has contacted the World Health Organisation about these concerns.

Nigeria’s Nnamdi Oduamadi at the confederations Cup by Ahmed Mustafa

With major football leagues across europe on break till August, football lovers have embraced the opportunity to see some of the world’s leading soccer stars on parade at the ongoing FIFA confederation cup in brazil.

Brazil will play host to the rest of the world next july when the 2014 edition of the FIFA world cup kicks off. The confederations cup is a chance to show the world what to expect come 2014.

The super Eagles of Nigeria earned the right to represent Africa at the competition this year after triumphs at AFCON 2013 earlier this year. just like Nigerians were stunned at the team head coach Steven Keshi paraded at the AFCON finals, the graffer has once again called up relatively unknown commodities at the expense of established names.

The introduction of Nnamdi Oduamadi to the fold of the national team was greeted with the usual Nigerian skepticism but after his performance against lowly Tahiti where the young striker bagged a hat trick in an impressive showing, many are beginning to herald the birth of a new star.

Born in lagos, Nnamdi Chidiebere Oduamadi started playing football at the prestigious Pepsi football academy at the tender age of 7.

He left the shores of this country in 2008 to join AC Milan, although he only officially signed for them in January 2009 and was a part of the U-20 team that won the Coppa italia primavera in 2010.

” Odu”  as he is called in the city of Milan where he plies his trade is actually not a new entry into the National team fold as he has been called up at U-17 and U-21 levels to represent his country.

Not many know this but the player made his international debut for Nigeria against Kenya way back in 2011 coming on as a second half substitute.

The lanky winger cum striker got his 1st senior goal for Nigeria this year with a last minute, all important equalizer against Kenya and many have tipped him for great things. 




AC Milan is  due to recall the striker after  season long loan spell with serie B outfit Varese where he made 11 appearamce scoring trice, expectations are high.

One can only hope that he reaches the heights of expectations that soccer loving Nigerians are beginning to set of the young forward with some already drawing comparisms with the legendary Nwankwo Kanu.

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