Sahara Reporter’s Sowore insists Dino Melaye never graduated from ABU

The man whose online news medium first alleged that a Nigerian senator did not have a degree from a government-owned university contrary to the senator’s claims has insisted that the record presented by the vice-chancellor of the university in question did not reflect the truth.

Omoyele Sowore, the founder of Sahara Reporters, said Monday that the vice chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, Professor Ibrahim Garba, “cherry picked the 400 Level ‘3rd Semester’ results” after he was told by unnamed officials of the university that “available records” could not back up Senator Dino Melaye’s claims that he graduated from the school.

“The authentic records in our possession,” he wrote, “shows that Melaye couldn’t have graduated, he did not fulfil some core course requirements of which, for example, ‘Geog 307 (Long Field Trip)’ handled by one Dr Bello had to be met.”

He also insisted that the absence of Melaye’s name in the Convocation Brochure of Ahmadu Bello University, which combined graduating students from 1998/99-2000/2001 sessions, supported his claim that Melaye never graduated from the school.

But Professor Garba told the Nigerian senate’s Committee on Ethics and Privileges on Monday that Melaye did finish from the school with a third class B.A. in Geography.

“From records, Dino formerly known as Daniel Jonah Melaye graduated from ABU, BA Geography,” he said.

The Senate had on March 21, 2017, mandated the Committee to investigate Sahara Reporters’ allegation that Melaye did not finish university education at ABU. This followed a point of order raised by former Leader of the Senate, Mohammed Ndume, during plenary.

Melaye, who also appeared before the Committee to defend himself against the allegation, presented documents such as acceptance letter, acceptance of offer of admission, result and final year dissertation to buttress his claims of being an ABU alumnus. He stated that he was yet to collect his original certificate from the university.

Curiously, however, the senator said he changed his name from Daniel Melaye to Dino Melaye but did not present any affidavit to back up that claim.


Source: The Guardian

UPDATE: Dino Melaye graduated with a 3rd class in Geography – ABU VC

The Vice-Chancellor of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, is now at the National Assembly for the Senate Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petition hearing investigating the certificate scandal involving Kogi State senator, Dino Melaye.

Senator Dino Melaye is appearing before Senate ethics committee investigating allegations over his certificate scandal.

Senator Melaye told the committee that he is a graduate of ABU, Zaria although he is yet to collect his certificate from the institution.

He further went to state that he intends to collect the certificate when he visits the institution on Friday.

In a reply to the question; “Did Senator Dino Melaye graduate from the ABU?”, the institution’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ibrahim Garba told the committee that from record, Dino Melaye graduated with a Third-Class degree in Geography.


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UPDATE: I graduated from ABU but I’m yet to collect my certificate – Dino Melaye

The Vice-Chancellor of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, is now at the National Assembly for the Senate Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petition hearing investigating the certificate scandal involving Kogi State senator, Dino Melaye.

Senator Dino Melaye is appearing before Senate ethics committee investigating allegations over his certificate scandal.

Senator Melaye told the committee that he is a graduate of ABU, Zaria although he is yet to collect his certificate from the institution.

He further went to state that he intends to collect the certificate when he visits the institution on Friday.


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BREAKING: ABU VC arrives Senate for Dino Melaye’s certificate hearing

The Vice-Chancellor of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, is now at the National Assembly for the Senate Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petition hearing investigating the certificate scandal involving Kogi State senator, Dino Melaye.

The Senate had last week tasked the committee chaired by Samuel Anyanwu, PDP-Imo, to investigate the allegation that Mr. Melaye, APC-Kogi, did not graduate from ABU as he claims in official documentations.

That Senate’s resolution followed a motion by former Senate Leader, Ali Ndume, who said the scandal had made the Senate subject of public ridicule.

Mr. Melaye claims eight degrees, including two from Harvard University and London School of Economics and Political Science, but Sahara Reporters reported how the two schools debunked the Senator’s claims.

Mr. Melaye is also present at the hearing currently underway.

The ABU had turned down earlier media inquiries to confirm whether Mr. Melaye graduated from the school.

Dino Melaye is the architect of his own problems – Ex-schoolmate

A former schoolmate of vocal senator, Dino Melaye, at the Ahmadu Bello University, ABU, has said the current certificate scandal he is facing is self-inflicted, Premium Times reports.

?Abdussobur Salaam, who now works at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, FUNAAB.

Salaam, who spoke on a Penpushing social media platform also confirmed his comments to the online news medium.

He said he studied Political Science at ABU at the same time Melaye was a student in the Department of Geography at the university.

“Permit me to make an intervention on the issue of Dino and ABU, having been admitted and ‘graduated’ from ABU same year as Dino. I use the word ‘graduated’, very guardedly and with caution.

“Permit me to say that as at the time we were admitted, Geography Department was under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS). In our 200 level, the Faculty was split and Geography Department had issues of where to fit in. It was initially placed under Faculty of Arts and later shifted to Faculty of Sciences where it is presently domiciled. The narrative on his certificate could be correct”, Mr. Salaam wrote.

“Dino and I are supposed to be ‘friends’ but differences never permitted while we were in school. Till date, we communicate once in a while, but I dare say he is the architect of his problems.

“I have spent all yesterday responding to enquiries on different platforms about Dino’s status as a graduate. My take?

“We were admitted the same year, initially into the same faculty of FASS, and given that our courses were four years, we ought to have graduated same year.

“However, recalling how studentship in ABU was that period, you could never be too sure of the academic status of any ‘student’.

“What do I mean? We had ‘students’ who were always around, attended lectures, participated in all student activities, were allocated hostel space, were always holding files and feigning academic seriousness, only for an issue to come up and you would find out that despite your having known them for years, they were never students but just lived pseudo student lives!”

Salaam said during their time at ABU their were many fake students who disguised as authentic ones.

“If they were never discovered, 20 years time, if a controversy arose as to their status, one would swear confidently that the person graduated!”, he stated.

“While this is not exactly the same with Dino, you cannot be too sure until facts are unearthed.

“I know for a fact that we were admitted together. I am aware that he was very active in student political circles, though he has attempted to insinuate that he was SUG president to shore up his political profile. Unfortunately, during our time, under the reign of Uncle K, (General Kontagora as Sole Administrator) the student Union was proscribed, so that claim cannot stick! He lied on that!

“As President of Geography students, I am aware that he was impeached. I also know that he had fraud related issues with the Kogi State Students Association and Segun Halilu personally had lamented to me about this, then.

“I remember that he wanted to join the OAU students club then, and we blocked his membership, knowing his tendencies to cause confusion and take over the structure of the club for personal ends”.

Speaking further, Salaam said it is only the records of ABU that can state whether Melaye was a bonafide graduate of the university.

“On his status as a graduate, only the records can tell. For all you know, he may have had a few unresolved carry-overs. Knowing Dino, he may have bluffed, paid or manipulated the system to ensure those records are obliterated.

“If not, recall that given the circumstances of our year set, many concessions/waivers were given to ensure that we graduated, having spent almost double the statutory length of years we should spend. Dino may just have been such a beneficiary of waivers. It is however not our place to tell, but the truth will unfold itself”, Mr. Salaam stressed.

“As a political scientist, what I see is a class fragmentation struggle. An in-house struggle within the elite class. Saraki and Dino are the subjects of attack today for takeover of the National Assembly. They may get over it or it may consume them.

“However, I do not have my sympathy for him (Mr. Melaye) because he is also a master in the art of subterfuge, blackmail and crude propaganda. Today, he is a victim of the same method he has adopted over the years and I am happy to see the tables turn!

“Unfortunately, issues like this have led to the results they were meant to produce – public hysteria! Everyone is now caught up in debates about the Dino certificate scandal, or is it Dinogate?

“Everyone includes me! Last two weeks, it was Apostle Suleman. This week, it is Dino. Who knows who next week will throw up? While we dwell on personalities, and are distracted by their shenanigans, we continue to remain victims of the plots and scheming.

“At the end of the day, things like this die off, others take their place in an endless cycle of politics of personality. While the elite class continues to regale us with entertainment, the real problems of underdevelopment, poverty, poor infrastructure, bad governance, corruption, and other malaise remain! God help Nigeria!”, Mr. Salaam concluded.

Efforts to reach Melaye on Salaam’s new claims were unsuccessful as the senator refused to pick his call.


Source: YNaija

Senate to summon ABU authorities over Dino Melaye’s certificate scandal

The Senate will this week summon authorities of the Ahmadu Bello University to clear the air on the certificate scandal rocking the senator representing Kogi West senatorial district, Dino Melaye, The Punch reports.

A source who spoke on the matter said, “The Senate is inviting the authorities of the Universities Dino Melaye said he attended. Specifically, the Senate is inviting Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) to clear the controversy. The truth will be cleared by ABU this week. All the allegations are rubbish, ABU will not offer anybody admission with three credits.”


Source: YNaija

ABU to enjoy uninterrupted power as university begins construction of 10mw solar plant

Adamu Adamu, Minister of Education, on Monday performed the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a 10MW solar power plant estimated to cost N4 billion naira at Ahmadu Bello University, ABU, Zaria.

The project, located at Biye Village, Sabongari Local Government Area of Kaduna State, is expected to be completed in six months and is meant to address the energy needs of the university.

It was designed, initiated and financed by ABU in collaboration with Nigeria-German Energy Partnership with assistance from Tertiary Education Trust Fund.

During the foundation laying ceremony, the minister commended the university for its foresight and urged it to sustain the tempo.

Mr. Adamu was represented by Fatima Jidda-Ahmed, Director, Tertiary Institutions in the Federal Ministry of Education.

He expressed the hoped that the institution would take advantage of the partnership with Germany, not only in power generation, but in encouraging engineering students gain from the partnership.

In his speech, the German Deputy Ambassador to Nigeria, Regina Hess, said the partnership was based on the passion Germany had for university education in Nigeria.

She said universities would perform better if the education budget was used judiciously.

“With this project, our passion for Germany has become the passion for Nigerian government too,” she said.

Mrs. Hess promised to train engineers from the ABU to become experts in the field of solar energy.

Jeremy Gains, the Coordinator, Nigeria-German Energy Partnership, recalled that the project started in 2008 in Berlin when the late President Umaru Yar’Adua and his wife visited Germany.

“Both Yar’Adua and his wife were alumni of the university. He met Chancellor Martha and she asked how Germany can help Nigeria.

“The late president said wisely in just three words and those three words were; power, power, power, adding that electricity is the key to development,” he said.

Mr. Gains said another alumni of ABU who also facilitated the project was the late Rilwanu Lukman, when he was both minister and Secretary-General of Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

“German company will come to Nigeria to create power stations while in return, Nigeria will guarantee energy security in the form of gas,” he noted.

Earlier, the ABU Vice-Chancellor, Ibrahim Garba, said ABU, the largest university, not only in Nigeria but in West Africa, had high demand for electricity.

He said the university spent about N85 million monthly on electricity, “that’s why we need our own power source to use and probably sell out to consumers out there.”

Mr. Garba said, all things being equal, the project, which initial cost stood at N4 billion naira would be completed in the next six months.

ABU Makes History, Becomes First To Host American Football Match In West Africa

The prestigious Ahmadu Bello University (ABU)  has yet again imprinted its name in the history books by being the first to host an American Football match, not only in Nigeria, but the entire West African sub-region.
The historical match which pitched the Lagos Marines against hosts ABU saw the more experienced home team devoured the visitors 26-14 in the highly entertaining encounter last Saturday.

Being the first time, organisers were not anticipating the unprecedented large turn-out of spectators that thronged the ABU Sports Complex to get a glimpse of the historic match.

Fans of American Football, who were attracted from all over Nigeria, were excited all through the encounter, presenting Nigerians with another pulsating option to the regular football.

Speaking in an interview after the encounter, President of the Nigerian Institute of American Football, Professor Adamu Ahmed, said that he was impressed by the impact the first outing had on the spectators.
“We are really thrilled and excited about the huge followership this first game is getting,” he said.
He explained that the thought of the institute was first muted in 2012, during the 50th Anniversary Celebration of ABU, a decision all stakeholders are today very proud of.

Credit: DailyTimes

ABU Professor Murdered After Mob Mistook Him For Boko Haram

Following the tragic death of a professor of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Ahmed Falaki, The Assistant Inspector- General, Zone 1, Kano, Yabo Muhammad, told journalists on Wednesday that Mr. Falaki was not killed by a gunshot fired by the police but by mob action when he was mistaken for a terrorist.

Mr. Muhammad said the late scholar was coming back from Bauchi state on a trip and made a stop over to change a deflated tyre. He said Mr. Falaki’s Toyota Hilux van was then seized at gun point by fleeing insurgents. He added that the villagers chasing the insurgents had mistook Mr. Falaki for one of the terrorists and killed him.

The AIG said Mr. Falaki, his brother and a driver had headed to Fala village, a few metres from where their vehicle was snatched to seek assistance. He noted that the villagers initially assisted them and called residents of a neighbouring village, alerting them of the fleeing insurgents, and asking them to block the road.

Mr. Muhammad said, however, during the ensuing pandemonium Mr. Falaki had tried to identify himself to the special constabulary who had arrived the scene, displaying his identity card. But the police officer, unable to read the contents of the ID card, suggested that the late professor, his brother and a driver, were part of the insurgents.

According to Mr. Muhammad, Mr. Falaki’s driver, Tambari, had reported that it was the suspicions of the police officer that caused panic among the villagers, leading to the mob action and eventually Mr. Falaki’s death.

The corpse of the late professor was taken to the Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital where an autopsy showed he had died of multiple scalp wounds stemming from the beating he received from the mob.

Source : Premiumtimes