The Hut

Jake Okechukwu Effoduh Represented Nigeria at the World Economic Forum Meeting at the Vatican. He shares his experience from his meeting with the Pope.

The Hut

by Jake Okechukwu Effoduh.

Insight from the World Economic Forum meeting at the Vatican

 There is a common Igbo[1] proverb that says, ‘A man who does not leave his hut will bring nothing in.’[2] This saying describes a person with self-interest who is only concerned about the business in his hut and does not see the need to go or look outside. The hut represents a mindset. It is a way of thinking, that restricts not only the individual, but also their family and community at large.

Reflecting on this proverb reveals the potential of an increasing value to an individual and the community at large when a person is willing to go outside and bring more people in. The notion of: ‘with more people in the hut, the food gets smaller for everyone’ is a deceitful concept because with more people let inside, there will be more food. There are more resources outside therefore, more people coming in, means more resources and capacities.

“Whoever looks into a mirror in order to improve himself hasn’t really changed”. The capitalist world has looked at businesses in the same mirror for many years and the image it creates is a widening gap between the rich and the poor. Perhaps it is time to look, maybe not at the mirror anymore, but the window – to see who is outside the hut and if possible open the doors to let them in.

This reason why the World Economic Forum called together 80 leaders from around the world was to explore ways of overcoming social and economic exclusion. The event was a result of the collaboration between the Holy See (Pontifical Council for the Laity) and the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, and it took place on the 18th and 19th of November 2014 in Rome, Italy. The meeting was inspired by the teachings of Pope Francis contained in the book, Evangelii Gaudium[3] and his message to participants at the Annual Meeting 2014 in Davos-Klostiers[4]. His Holiness states that, ‘Business is – in fact – a vocation, and a noble vocation, provided that those engaged in it see themselves challenged by a greater meaning in life’[5].

Jake Okechukwu Effoduh Speaking With Chidiogo Akunyili, The Senior Manager Africa Of The Global Shapers Community As Well As, Mauro Ometto, A Global Shaper Of The Rome Hub.

Jake Effoduh Speaking With Chidiogo Akunyili, The Senior Manager Africa Of The Global Shapers Community As Well As, Mauro Ometto, A Global Shaper Of The Rome Hub.










Today, half of the largest 100 economies are companies[6]. The governments who are meant to be custodians of the ‘greater meaning’ are now losing economic power to the Fortune 500s. Businesses are more interested in profits than the ‘greater meaning in life’ and this has dragged the world to an extreme poverty trap. With a billion and a half of the world’s population living in slums, the current social inequality has resulted into a global economic dysfunction. Economic and social inequalities are the root causes of social evil. This is evidenced by Oxfam’s statistics revealing that more than half of the world’s population owns the same wealth as the richest 85 persons[7]. In other words, 85 individuals in a world of 7 billion are living in huts that can accommodate half of the world.

Participants at the Vatican meeting comprised of World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers, Young Global Leaders and Social Entrepreneurs communities. Also present were representatives from the Holy See, senior business leaders and global experts on inequality and social inclusion. We examined the drivers of inequality and explored novelties from the private and public sectors, and civil society that can help build more inclusive, entrepreneurial economies that are based on the principles of love and respect for all.

The outcome of the meeting was the creation of a new social contract for all human progress, which will provide essential resources for economic engagement, ensure well-functioning institutions, rights and responsibilities, and enable all global citizens to lead purposeful lives. The three areas to enable the realization of a new global mindset are: personal transformation, organizational transformation and cultural transformation.

Jake Effoduh Discussing With A Caucus Group As They Draft The "New Social Contract"

Jake Effoduh Discussing With The Caucus Group As They Draft The “New Social Contract”









On personal transformation: The Pope made it clear that people can make relevant contribution by placing their expertise at the service of those who are still in poverty; “The vocation of an entrepreneur is a noble work when it is led by a quest towards the broader meaning of life[8].” One hut can change the mindset of an entire community. One person can make the difference. Professor Klaus Schwab is one person. He founded the World Economic Forum in 1971[9] through inspiration from his own book, Moderne Unternehmensführung im Maschinenbau[10] – in which the stakeholder principle was first ever defined[11]. He is the same person who created the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship[12] in 1998, at a time when nobody knew what social entrepreneurship was! Two heads may be better than one, but one head is enough to inspire and commit others to improving the state of the world. Schwab’s ideology is that even if one hut (or stakeholder) may be too small, one must realize that there are those who do not have huts – and they constitute one and a half billion people.

The purport of organizational transformation is to create a new language in organizations. The language of using long term dynamism to meet short term goals; the language of leadership not rulership; the language of owning the responsibility for social transformation and human development. We have to evacuate ourselves from the circular economy of “take-make-waste” to “take-make-retake-remake-retake-remake.” Capitalism in its current model is unequivocally broken and it is going to get worse if we don’t incorporate ecological boundaries as well as the need to embrace equality in humanity. We need a world of plenty and not plenty for a few. Therefore there is need for organizations to transform their mindsets. It’s not about making profits but about making people.

Cultural transformations will only fruition with acceptance. We must work towards a system that embraces all people from all backgrounds, ensuring that each individual and group has the ability to contribute to a prosperous, purpose-driven world to their highest potential. They say what a man can do; a woman can do better. But why do women constitute 70% of the world’s poorest?[13] Anti-discrimination laws covering sexual orientation have an especially strong correlation with GDP per capita[14]. But do we need a business case before we advance equality? Living by the culture of your hut is like looking into the mirror to improve yourself. Stepping outside your hut will give you an opportunity to have a better perspective. Stereotypes must be unlearned.


The Podium









The new mindset is about recognizing the human dignity. It is about selflessness and sacrifice. It is ensuring that institutions exist for common good and stewardship. Businesses must be capable of feeling emotion, compassion and humanity. ‘How can it be that it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses two points?’[15]

The Qur’an instructs us to ‘give them [the poor] of the wealth of God, which He has given you’.[16] The bible says ‘whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed’[17]. Charity is a necessity in life because some of us are tested by being rich and some of us are tested by being poor, but charity is not enough. The new mindset goes beyond the thinking that the poor cannot help themselves, or that they have no capacity. Our role in helping the poor is not likened to filling up empty vessels but to ensure that the vessels are uncovered to all their potentials. There is no dignity in giving another man bread, if you are capable of teaching him how to make bread.

Social and economic exclusion is not our inescapable destiny. We can make what seems inevitable, intolerable. We need to change the mentality of “we can’t fix this world” to “we can’t have this world like this” Hence the reason why the pope calls us to action, with a sense of urgency: ‘to ensure that humanity is served by wealth and not ruled by it’[18].


Cross Section of Participants

At The Plenary With Participants





Speaking With Experts On Inclusion


Jake Okechukwu Effoduh is one of the 4,401 Global Shapers: A Community of exceptional young individuals under the age of 30, initiated by the World Economic Forum with currently 359 independent hubs worldwide. Jake Okechukwu is the Deputy Curator of the Abuja Global Shapers Hub, one of the 5 existing hubs in Nigeria. He was invited to The Forum’s meeting at the Vatican where he worked with a selected caucus to draft the new social contract; a framework for meeting the challenge to overcoming social and economic exclusion in the world. It was submitted to, and accepted by His Holiness Pope Francis I. Email:


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African Cup Host to be Named in 2-3 Days

A new host for the African Cup of Nations will be named in 2-3 days, the Confederation of African Football said Wednesday, although it still hasn’t made contact with the countries who could possibly replace Morocco.

“All I can say is that it will be played somewhere,” CAF President Issa Hayatou said in comments published Wednesday by the African soccer body from an interview with television station France 24.

Hayatou offered no clarity on the new host for the continent’s top tournament with only two months to go until kickoff. But he did say it would go ahead as planned in January and February.

Morocco was dumped as host and thrown out of the 2015 African Cup on Tuesday after insisting it should be delayed over fears of the spread of Ebola. The CAF president said “it was absolutely necessary to end this standoff” with Morocco by stripping it of hosting rights.

CAF had “a few requests” from African federations to step in for Morocco, Hayatou said in the France 24 interview, which was originally broadcast Tuesday night. However, CAF still had to fully investigate the options.

“We have not had the time to get in touch with these federations to try to define the contours of the organization,” Hayatou said, according to the interview transcript released by CAF. “Therefore, I cannot tell you where it will be played. All I can tell you is that it will take place.”

Nigeria, Angola and Gabon have been mentioned as possible stand-in hosts, while South Africa, Egypt, Sudan, Ghana and Algeria have all seemingly ruled themselves out. No country has yet said publicly it wants to host the tournament at short notice.

Hayatou did say that delaying the tournament — as Morocco had requested — would have hurt CAF’s relationship with its sponsors, while some of Africa’s top players may not have been released by their European clubs to play in a re-scheduled tournament.

That would have been like signing a “death warrant” for African football, Hayatou said.

“Once you postpone this event, it will open the door for everybody to ask for a delay of any competition and we will no longer be credible and cannot organize anything,” he said. “We will hurt our sponsors and partners … That is what I told the Moroccans. We cannot sign our death warrant, because if we postpone this event, it will be very deadly for African football.”

Hayatou’s comments underlined CAF’s most pressing reason for keeping the African Cup to the planned dates of Jan. 17-Feb. 8: a delay would affect the money-earning potential of its main tournament and source of revenue.

Credit: Yahoo News

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Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan says claims that he killed his friend and Ghanaian rapper Castro as part of a ritual sacrifice are “wild and absurd”.

Afrobeats artist Castro, whose real name is Theophilus Tagoe, went missing, along with friend Janet Bandu, in July.

They disappeared while using jet skis on holiday with former Sunderland striker Gyan’s family in the Ghanaian coastal town of Ada.

Allegations in Ghana’s media suggested the disappearance was suspicious.

Castro and Bandu were last seen heading towards the ocean on a jet ski and were presumed drowned.

No bodies were recovered and rumours continued to circulate this month when Gyan’s brother, Baffour Gyan, was alleged to have been part of a gang which attacked a journalist who had asked the player about the rumours. The assault charges on Baffour Gyan have now been dropped.

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#VoicesInMyHead: AN EXCELLENT SPIRIT – by Oreoluwa Aboluwarin

#VoicesInMyHead: AN EXCELLENT SPIRIT – by Oreoluwa Aboluwarin
When you hear of Solomon’s temple or of the ipad/iphone and other devices created by apple, the first thing that comes to mind is the brilliance and ingenuity behind such creations. Last week, I wrote about relevance; the need to make a mark in our immediate surroundings and the world at large. What better way to make an impact than being outstanding, excellent in carrying out the tasks your hands find to do?

My article will be somewhat short today as I want to get straight to the point. I keep wondering how many situations would not have turned the way they did had the people in charge done a little more, how many children wouldn’t have been scarred for life had their parents played their roles with a little more diligence, how this country will have finely shaped out now had everyone done the work he’d been assigned in time, with skill and precision and maybe added a little more commitment to it.

There’s way too much sloppiness in the world that we think we can just do things the ‘normal’ way and expect extraordinary results. The only reason some stand out, tall above others is due to the fact that they have taken it upon themselves to cultivate an habit of doing more than ordinarily expected of them in their respective positions.

A fellow that has taken an oath, made a pledge to himself to exhibit excellence of the highest order will ensure that he performs beyond expectation anywhere he finds himself. Excellence goes way beyond natural intelligence (which gets one the plaudits for being a notch above others in certain fields). Excellence cuts across all the areas of our lives:

Excellence is paying your bills on time

Excellence is getting to work early and leaving later than others

It is being refined in attitude and character

It is shown in the propriety in dressing not necessarily quality of dressing.

Excellence is shown in the quality of work/service you put forth.

Excellence is portrayed in the way you treat people.

Excellence is shown forth in your intergrity and uprightness

It is in being able to fulfil your word even when it is difficult.

It is completing tasks in record time and making sure no stone is unturned.


I could go on and on. However, the idea behind excellence is making an exerted effort not to be sucked into the giant vacuum of mediocrity most people are being drawn into daily which makes it difficult if not impossible to attain the best possible heights they could attain, the greatest possible feats they could achieve.

A person of excellence does not flow downstream like everyone else, he does not try to do the same things others do just so he could be reckoned with in their own ways. He tries to be the best he knows he can be. He tries to do the things he knows he can do well and actually does them perfectly. He gives everything his best effort.

It takes a conscious decision not to be sloppy. Not to be busy doing nothing while others are busy looking for ways to make a mark in their fields, not to play when one ought to work, to be diligent when others choose to be mediocre. It takes a conscious decision to put in that little more effort. To speak to oneself, challenge the inner man to work like there’s no tomorrow.

Everyone is created to be a cut-above. Erase the notion of ‘everybody’ does it so I’d do the same. Learn to do what is right and proper not what is convenient. When we do things in our comfort zone all/most the time, we should begin to sense that we’re not doing all the things that would make us the standards in the midst of even the outstanding.

Start making the excellent choices today. You may not have a large home or a fat salary, you may not have a lot of clothes to adorn daily, you may not have the natural brilliance endowed upon the next fellow but take your time today, make the more excellent choices, be the kind of witness you want people around you to emulate, from there on believe me, you have started to cultivate an excellent spirit. Just like little drops of water make the mighty ocean, so also are the ingredients one needs to attain an height of excellence. It certainly doesn’t take a day but days, weeks and sometimes years, and of course very meticulously calculated steps.

Go into this week with a new determination to put something right you didn’t like about yesterday. Do things in a more dynamic and distinct way, keep your word even when it’s absolutely a”giordan knot” situation, stand for what is right even when you stand alone.

Have a fabulous week ahead.


I am @oreoluwade on twitter.

#SuperBloggers III: Something Fresh – @ikeamadi

A published Nigerian writer resident in Russia, Ike Amadi is a rare blend of talent, Godliness and humility. He came 2nd in the 3rd Edition of’s SuperBloggers with an entry capable to winning any literary competition nationally and internationally. Let’s meet him:


Some call me, ‘Mr. Do Something,’ others, ‘Mr. Fresh’. However, I still miss being called ‘Ikechukwu Amadi’.

Born in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria to hardworking Christian parents who both hail from Imo State, Nigeria, I have since imbibed the code of conduct that says, ‘Hardwork Pays!’ By the special grace of God, I was able to gain admission to do an undergraduate program in Moscow, Russia after having spent nearly 2 yrs studying Veterinary Medicine in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Computer Engineering caught my fancy here, and I am currently working on completing my Masters Programme in the same university here in Moscow, Russia.

I speak Hausa and Igbo quite fluently and currently working hard to perfect my Yoruba, so as to be WAZOBIA in perception. For my non-Nigerian friends, WAZOBIA is a collection of ‘come’ in the three major languages in Nigeria: ‘WA’ – for ‘come’ in Yoruba; ‘ZO’ – in Hausa; and ‘BIA’ – in Igbo. Thus, when one is said to be WAZOBIA, it means he is a fully integrated Nigerian.

Being 2nd in a family of 5 with relatives constantly flocking the house day-in day- out, I have since learned that the more, the merrier. This has etched in my medulla oblongata the need to always be part of a community that fostered goodly conducts while propagating the need for one to use up all the potentials invested in one’s self, thus leading me to the platform of Twitter, and subsequently Superbloggers – a fine competition spearheaded by our very own, Mr. Omojuwa.

I have been reading since I knew how to. I am very sure my dad misses me as he would have to read his newspapers alone. The adage that says, ‘he who loves to read will one day wish to write’ proved true in my life when on Oct. 23, 2010 I launched my very first motivational book, ‘Do Something!’ Which is purely based on my ‘do something’ philosophy. I have since been working hard on my next which I think I might call, ‘Steady Freshness.’

I entered the Superbloggers competition so as to test the waters and to see if Nigerians were interested in short stories – especially when on the subject of love. It was an exciting adventure which was more enthralling considering the fact that we had to voraciously share our write-ups and get our friends to read and comment and not just rely on ‘literary excellence’. I have since learnt to spread my tentacles and try to put out my works to as many people as possible.

Being part of the winning team for Superbloggers 3 is really something fresh, as I haven’t won a writing competition before. I see it as an opportunity to share freshness with the world.

Writing for me is medicinal. While hospitalized last year due to the stress of my book launch, I asked the nurses to please give me nothing but paper and pen. That was the only way I could get better.

I write about anything and everything, from short story fiction to motivation. When I dive into the pool of love, I find myself doing poetry, albeit rarely.  Every experience is a story to me. The only thing that I do not write, for now, is politics. I’ll rather stick to reading.

Now every guy, I hear, loves to watch football. I only happen to watch football when Chelsea is playing. My whole family is Chelsea. We are all Chelsea. I am, however, an excellent footballer on the pitch. Some persons have actually asked, ‘why don’t you play for the national team?’  I digress.

I remember wanting to close down my website as it wasn’t generating any income even though I had to pay to maintain it. I consulted with my friend, Nze Sylva, who is also a writer, and he advised that I worked harder in writing and sharing my works in strategic places. Since then, I have been faithful in documenting all my thoughts and ideas which I hope to share with you now that I have been given the opportunity to write on

Keep doing something to stay fresh!



#SuperBloggers III: The TRUTH and HOPE – @oreoluwade

He makes the girls blush, handsome and creatively endowed, Oreoluwa Aboluwarin is a poet extraordinaire and his participation in the 3rd Edition of’s SuperBloggers did not go unnoticed as he came 3rd after a fiercely fought contest. Let’s get to meet him:



I am Oreoluwa Aboluwarin, the second child in a family of three children. Born a little above twenty years ago. I graduated from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife a couple of months back with a B. Sc Degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. I love reading, singing, listening to ‘sane’ music, writing, sports (especially soccer and tennis), a Manchester United fan, I play chess and scrabble proficiently.
I love learning and as such I consider everyone I meet better than me in some way in that I learn something of him. To this end, I believe everyone deserves to be loved, appreciated and respected. Everyone deserves to have an opinion and should not be riled because he has a different opinion from ours. What distinguishes us from the uncivilized is the ability to come together and discuss our differences and peculiarities and see if the next person will “come to the light.”
I believe a lot in keeping solid and lasting relationships, standing for what is right even when standing alone, making the most of every opportunity and having the heart of a child, being open to change, a different school of thought every other time.

My Foray Into Writing:

As virtually all writers would probably say, I started writing at an early age. I wrote the most ridiculous stories you’d ever come across, drew the most incredible caricatures as illustration. I read a lot early on in life and having educators (teachers) as parents certainly drove me a long way to becoming studious and as such developed my writing. Then and now, I believed writing was the best way I could communicate as I sometimes get timid when faced with “a couple of people” hence, before now I wrote grudge notes, apology letters, memoirs, songs and all sort of stuff. (Never did write a love letter though *smiles*). Down the years I can say my writing has matured and even though I still am work in progress I can say I’ve written some stuff I’m satisfied with to a certain extent.
My desire to contribute in some way into awakening the lost reading culture particularly drove me into blogging early this year as I felt I could reach a larger audience than what note son Facebook afforded me. I must say to a certain extent it has worked. Creative writing is my utmost love and as such I respect difference in styles by different writers which gives the reading audience a wide variety to choose from. Hardly anyone has an excuse not to read again except of course the disabled in eyesight perhaps.


My desire to rub minds with other talented writers out there, my desire for my work to be read, appreciated, critiqued as well as of course the nudge by a friend to participate drove me to my first experience in SuperBloggers in the “season 2”. Would have loved to have won the competition but of course multi-talented people from all around participated in the competition and I feel highly privileged to have come third in #SuperBloggers 3, it leaves something to be desired whenever you come out tops or thereabout in anything.
I believe SuperBloggers will still be a major competition in coming months, I love the fact that it doesn’t handicap you, allows you to focus on any genre or style of your choice and enables you ultimately to learn more about blogging, bloggers and the blogosphere.
I’d like to say a big thank you to all who supported me, read my post, commented (critiqued or adulated) and shared, your love and hands of fellowship humbled me. Particular praise to Ogunyemi Olaitan Bukola, whose tenure as the crowned king of SuperBloggers was breathtaking and extraordinary. He’s set a mark for excellence that I feel subsequent champions and runners-up will struggle to meet up to, lofty standards indeed. The man’s absolutely creative. By the way, check him out @zebbook on twitter
Expect more from me. I promise to bring two things to the forefront with my writings, the TRUTH and HOPE, afterall, without hope we’re nothing.


Follow @oreoluwade on twitter
I blog at

#SuperBloggers III: All The Above – @opesays

Her writing is as beautiful as her face  is, but both cannot be compared to her infectious humility and endearing spirit. Opemipo Adebanjo came 4th in the 3rd Edition of’s SuperBloggers competition, let’s get to meet her.


Background – I am Opemipo Adebanjo,a 23 year old girl and the first of three children ,all girls.  I graduated from University of Agriculture , Abeokuta, with a degree in Microbiology. I have parents who didn’t clip my wings, they let me fly and that has made me really independent

Beliefs – I went to school with the children of the rich and seeing their lifestyles made me want more. I knew there was more out there and I could achieve more. So I began my quest. I read voraciously …everything I could lay my hands on. I knew that  you aren’t as successful as you want to be, there’s something you don’t know and you have to learn it. I also believe that books are a storehouse of knowledge. That’s why I’m an avid reader.

I’m all the above. You can’t box me in. I can be this and I can be that…very fluid. Most of all I am liberal. The book, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand ,basically sums up my beliefs, my philosophies and character. Live and let live is my principle. I believe more than anything in the existence of God and He is my source. He is the fountain of all that I am and all that I’ll ever be.

Writing-I have been writing since forever. Writing is my therapy. When I was a kid, I kept a diary. I wrote whenever I was happy, sad, excited or simply thinking. My love affair with writing started when read my first novel, The Concubine, at the age of seven. It took me weeks, but at the end of it, I was hooked.

Blogging – Blogging was sort of accidental for me. I started some months ago with the idea of creating a blog for the Estate where I live. The idea was to create a closely knit community for the youth in the estate. From there I started to blog. Then a friend of mine said, “You are limiting yourself, why not start a blog that’s about you?” .Then opesays was born.

SuperBloggers – It was the first ever writing competiton I had ever entered. I entered superbloggers because I wanted some exposure for my writing and my blog.  This is not my first superbloggers  experience. I competed in the second edition and came 9th,but I really wanted to do better and I entered once more. It has been an wonderful experience and I have met amazingly gifted writers. I say a big thank you to Japheth Omojuwa for creating it.

What to expect- I’ll be writing my column weekly on this site. It is called ALL THE ABOVE. Do join me weekly as we discuss the issues that matter. It promises to be fun.


Opemipo Adebanjo

@opesays on Twitter


After several weeks of intense competition, the winners of the 3rd Season of OMOJUWA.COM’s #SUPERBLOGGERS will be announced on Tuesday, 12th June 2012 in honour of late Chief MKO Abiola, the winner of the June 12 1993 Presidential election.

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PING, TWIT and SHARE: The Birth of the Social Media Generation #SuperBloggers by ibmaleeq

PING, TWIT and SHARE: The Birth of the Social Media Generation










There is a shift, though gradual, in the mind-set and attitude of the average Nigerian youth as regards politics and affairs of the state. My friends and associates who have either displayed a passive interest or bland indifference and in some cases utter contempt to anything ‘political’, have quite literally awoken from the dead overnight. Suddenly you have an army of young Nigerians, whose only fancy hitherto to now has been the English Premier League and Sex and The City, debating hardline national issues. And in one massive stroke, the political ‘space’ has become inundated with die-hard activists, crusaders, bloggers and their ilk. They have over time ‘occupied’ it, making it theirs, exhibiting boundless talent, wit, energy and passion.


All these of course wouldn’t have been possible without the social media platform. It has empowered them to express themselves in a way unheard of. Though divided along religious and ethnic fault lines, with the chasm widening by the day, these Nigerian youths have found succor on these social media websites, learning to voice their anger and frustration at societal wrongs and rot. For how can one explain the speedy gathering of over a hundred youths at the Eagle Square upon a 1-hour notice on the first day of the Occupy Nigeria protests? How can one explain the alacrity with which information; both real and imagined is been disseminated across the land? How can one explain the growing number of youthful, zealous and in most cases quack economists, each postulating theories on how to go about the fuel subsidy debacle and other issues of national interest?


The social media is indeed powerful a tool; so powerful indeed that the (mis)Information Minister Labaran Maku in an attempt to score cheap political points for his paymaster sought Nigerians to be grateful to this government for introducing ‘facebook’ to Nigeria. How preposterous! But like the popular ‘Pirelli’ slogan, ‘POWER is nothing without CONTROL”; so also it goes that the social media platform has its alter-ego and if not approached and handled with the utmost care, it could mutate into some monstrous being. Sadly, mischief makers amongst us have cashed in on this fat cow, resulting in cases of breach of privacy, distortions and manipulation of sensitive information, callous propaganda of sorts and other nefarious deeds and misdeeds.


Lastly, a point worthy of note is an admonishment to my fellow youths; that the struggle for liberty and access to a more dignified existence does not and cannot begin and end on your blackberry, facebook or twitter. Yes, they are veritable tools in the struggle, but circumstances develop and demand that a certain degree of balance must be achieved between the real and virtual worlds. I say this because I noticed a worrying trend in the last general elections where most youths would rather stay glued to their phones or TVs ‘monitoring’ results as they come in. And even recently, quite a large number remained indoors, refusing to join in the protest during the #occupy Nigeria saga; observing events from the comfort of their gadgets. While it’s not my intention to sound all philosophical or preachy at the moment, as these things are all personal and one is at liberty to act as he deems fit for oneself; but the crux of the matter is with this nonchalance, we can never move as a nation from where we’ve been and where we are now to where we hope to be in the future.


And lastly, the #Occupy Nigeria concept transcends the fuel subsidy matter; its the people’s struggle and no one person or group can claim monopoly over it. Not NLC, not Tunde Bakare, not El-Rufai, not Dino Melaye and certainly not Femi Fani Kayode. Its about the Nigerian youth standing at the crossroads starring boldly at a failed generation of old men and women and proclaiming; ‘this shall not be our potion’…that ours and that of our children yet unborn shall be better. So help Us God…




Abdulmalik Ibrahim

Yobe State, Nigeria

@ibmaleeq on twitter


Abortion: Wait! Think! #SuperBloggers by @rhemmymatician

Abortion: Wait! Think!










The burial is today.

A very unceremonious ceremony indeed. A bland wooden casket. In it lies Bimpe Adeoti,  19 years old at her last breath. Everybody is uniformly decked in black. Her mother is too weak to stand, and so she sits on a chair. Her eyes too swollen to cry more, her heart too broken to care less.

Her father stands with a bland expression, hands crossed behind his back, probably pulling on all the manliness he possesses  to keep emotions at bay, every now and then he shakes his head. Bad enough not to have a male child and even worse to lose the only child at her prime.

The procession comes to a close and the super-brief ceremony is concluded, the dust cycle completed, now the grass can grow in peace over the grave, watered by the tears of loved ones.

If only her parents could hear her, her cries; see her, her shame.


Shes on the queue of judgment, lined up directly behind the baby she had just murdered. Poetic justice?
She is dead and he’s still walking the earth. She is scared stiff of the judgment of heaven about to be pronounced, he is stalking his next prey, afterall life must go on. Was it worth it?
ABORTION! Please be wise. Please think it through. If you are old enough to throw caution to the wind and skindive be old enough (and sensible enough) not to risk your life in taking a life.

Aderemi Adesoji

Ekiti State, Nigeria.
blogs @
@rhemmymatician on twitter

WHAT CAN PIERCE THIS THICK SKIN? #SuperBloggers by @faridah_m












‘We the People’ of Nigeria are some of the most adaptive people you can find anywhere in this world. We are loud, aggressive and hardworking; and yet we are also foolish when it comes to knowing our rights and demanding for what is right from the people we have entrusted with leadership. With over 70 percent of our population living below the poverty line, much need not to be said about hardship. Perhaps it is this hardship that has turned the average Nigerian into specie that adapts to anything life brings forth. It was no wonder therefore that ‘We the People’ of Nigeria were regarded as the happiest people in the world some years back because we move on with life in spite of our numerous problems. We have over the years developed very thick skin that almost nothing can pierce.

The recent Fuel subsidy probe exposed monumental theft of our commonwealth by a small group of people who have become overnight billionaires without doing anything. How we reacted? A percentage of us who managed to read the report made noise in different social media forums for some days and moved on. Newspapers carried the news in fragments, made their profits and moved on. Meanwhile majority of us either did not know, or did not care or are too ignorant to comprehend the gravity of what happened.

Before this was the pension scam, where an official stashed the sum of 2 billion Naira cash in his house. There were also the power projects scam, capital market scam and the scam called the freest and fairest election. We still were not shocked.

The closest we came to something was during the Occupy Nigeria protests in January which paralyzed the country for a whole week. Sadly enough even that was short lived.

If stealing trillions of naira by the people safeguarding our national wealth is not enough to shock us as a people, let us move to the next subject.

1st October 2010 bomb blast. This was new to us, it involved death and we love life. We were gripped for days, but with the assurance from government  that perpetrators will be ‘fished out and brought to book’, we moved on. Even though the news that Terrorists are in our country spread quickly, we were not really concerned because the killings taking place were in faraway Maiduguri.

Then came the Police Headquarters blast in the Abuja. This was also new to us because it involved a suicide bomber!.’ We the people’ of Nigeria could not imagine that one of us could actually blow himself to pieces for anything, because we love to live life no matter what. After days of analyses in the media, the usual script read by the government, we moved on.

We now have an established pattern regarding this. Bomb explodes, people die, some get scarred for life, government condemns and vows, the dead get buried and sadly ‘We the people’ shrug and move on.

True to our nature, we are fast adapting to this dangerous way of life even though we also struggle for the basic things in life. We have failed to hold our leaders accountable and to demand good governance; instead we complain, do nothing and move on. We have completely surrendered our lives to the worst people among us and yet we expect much.

My prayer nowadays to God is no longer targeted towards our leaders, it is rather targeted towards ‘we the people’ of Nigeria to have the courage to free ourselves from this bondage.



Faridah Maidamma

Abuja Nigeria

@faridah_m on twitter


SIT, THINK, ACT #SuperBloggers by @ayo_david












Ever wondered what the most powerful force on earth is? Well besides God of course. Few clues.  Our very lives depend on it. More important than the air we breathe, more vital than the food we eat; we are faced with it daily. It torments us constantly. Still thinking? It’s the choices we make. A choice is one of the most powerful forces on the face of the earth. It alters history at will, destroys greatness in one fell swoop. Despite the enormous power it wields, the funny thing is, we control it. The power of choice is one of the major reasons we are highest on the food chain. Take a brief moment to think about where you are right now. Ask yourself, how did I get here.  Simple.  A choice you made at some point, ultimately led you to your present position. Yes there are some circumstances life thrusts on us way beyond our control but the way we choose to handle those circumstances will eventually determine the outcome. A good example of this can be found in Nigeria. Most of us accepted President Goodluck Jonathan with open arms during the 2011 general elections. He was one of the options placed before us and we chose him. What we are seeing in our country today, whether we accept it or not, is a direct function of our choice. If we had chosen Gen. Muhammadu Buhari or Nuhu Ribadu, we would have been experiencing a completely different outcome. Good or bad, we can never tell.
The major problem I have with choice is in its effect on our lives. Unfortunately, there is no clear cut method that can be used to measure this. The only way we can ever know the full effect of our choice is in it consequence. It’s sad really because it is hindsight. At this same time, it makes me wonder, “what if it were possible to catch a glimpse of the consequences of our choice?” Let me state at this point that there is no choice made on this earth that does not have a ripple effect. If you have ever thrown a stone into a river, you will know exactly what I mean. No matter the size of the stone, the length, breadth or depth of the river, the ripple effect will always show.
Our choices reflect who we are and most importantly who we are going to be. It is extremely vital to sit down and think about the “possible” consequences of one’s choice. No gambling. Just well thought out implications. If you are not sure, seek advice. Even if at the end of the day your choice has a negative effect, you will have the satisfaction of knowing what went wrong. This gives us a better chance of learning from our mistakes than when we just gamble. The power of choice is the greatest gift God gave to humans. It is what makes us “higher animals”. Unfortunately we have chosen to perverse this great power cum responsibility. From a tender age, every being is imputed with the ability to know right from wrong. Whatever you choose in life, choose right. Be sure you are ready for the consequences. Don’t follow the crowd. Don’t gamble with your life. Endeavor to sit, think and then act.


Olusanya-David Ayorinde

Kaduna, Nigeria
Blog address:

@ayo_david on twitter

Bang Bang Bang #SuperBloggers by @sheddysaddih

Bang Bang Bang












Over the past few months I’ve gotten increasingly worried about the rate of not just unemployment but under-employment. I am of course not saying anything that hasn’t been said before but then the problem just refuses to go away; what can a man do but write about it?
I recall the picture on the internet sometime last year of a stadium full of people (literal stadium, literally full!) that turned out to be one of about 5 centers for a recruitment test into a Government agency! I also know one other Government Agency which had 108, 000 applicants out of which it employed a little over 4, 000 or so. I know – the math is just not good. As if the existing army of unemployed graduates is not enough of a complication the Universities are churning out even more recruits every day. Who will employ this army?


Talking about armies, the focus of generating employment is overwhelmingly with reference to educated applicants but the problem is much bigger than that. I reckon that the uneducated ones are an even bigger issue because by my estimation they are more prone to violence; and therefore are ready material for recruitment into the reverse side of the war on terrorism. If it is true that 75% of Nigerians live on less than $2USD a day, then you don’t need to be a macro-economist to see that this is a socio-economic time bomb ticking away, unattended. And indeed, for the tenders are too busy lining their pockets with the funds meant for everyone’s benefit and foolishly lying that things are getting better as if we all live in Canberra, Australia not right here in the thick of the mess!

There are indeed various dimensions to the problem, one important one being the issue of underemployment which I mentioned earlier. In my office, there are several graduates of different disciplines who are drivers, and I know it isn’t peculiar to my office. Think of the ones who sell recharge cards: are they “telecoms workers”? What is the effect of just sitting there and saying “how much?” and scratching recharge cards all day, every day on their intellect? The under utilization of capacity is criminal! Please don’t get me wrong; my issue is not that every graduate should have a white collar job. Far from it! What I’m decrying is the prevailing economic environment which stifles the entrepreneurial spirit. The Nigerian economy must have the highest “infant mortality rate” for businesses in the whole world! Think of this: why do Nigerians do so well in other climes but not here at home?


Another issue is the fact that many graduates are simply unemployable and abysmally unprofessional; someone wrote after several years as an accountant (chartered no doubt!) that his job description was “doing Bank runs/transactions”! I don’t know whether to be outraged at an economy that has no better use for a chartered accountant than “bank runs” or at a chartered accountant who doesn’t know how to craft a CV! There are simply no upsides to this discussion. I ask again, who will save the day?

Our immense natural resources are being left to waste and no one seems to care – least of all those who can and should do something. I repeat, this is a time bomb waiting to explode. The ominous words of the last verse of Tracy Chapman’s              “Bang bang Bang” are hauntingly scary:

“Before you can bridge the gulf between,
And embrace him in your arms,
Bang Bang Bang, He’ll shoot you down”

Is anyone even listening?



Shadrach Saddih
Abuja, Nigeria
Blog page:
@sheddysaddih on twitter

VANTAGE POINTS #SuperBloggers by @timiblogz













MUHAMMED: But what is this country turning into self?

ROTIMI: This is what you get when you have a president whose government was founded and built on corruption

PROMISE: Goodluck is trying, his efforts are just being frustrated by this Boko Haram people no be una people (Muhammad)

MUHAMMED: Promise this is the problem we have we the Northerners are the one at fault if by now you don’t know that Boko Haram is a franchise under which political killings, oppression of the masses and indiscriminate killings is carried out then you are missing the point

ROTIMI: The problem is not bad luck on Goodluck’s side but our failure to ask questions and demand answers

MUHAMMED: Simply put are you saying that the problem is with us Nigerians?

PROMISE: He is saying the problem is not with Jonathan like you northerners claim

ROTIMI: Promise that is not what I said let me be explicit, we are in a nation which we can’t hold the government in ransom for its actions without provoking the South-South, a Nation where the definition of democracy is the government in which the wills of the cabals are reflected in the institutions of the state, a nation where democracy is being practiced and people are still arrested for speaking freely.

PROMISE: my guy but you get beef with my people shey?

ROTIMI: But honestly am sure we both condemned Obasanjo’s government and that Yar’adua’s government was too slow in making decisions yet I did not accuse you of hating on a Yoruba neither did Muhammad accuse you of hating on an Hausa man we were all against bad governance .

MUHAMMED: Wallahi you are missing the point. You see, silence during injustice is a crime in itself and believe me our lives end the day we become silent about things that matter

ROTIMI: Aside from sentimentalism what has Jonathan done since his inception into office?

PROMISE: Errrm err I can’t  talk for now because you guys have  bamboozled  me but give me time I will get back to you on that one

MUHAMMED: Indeed I am sure you will get back to us on that one, but before you start deceiving yourself wake up and realize that it is not about being an Hausa Yoruba, Igbo, Ijaw, Tiv, Nupe, Igbira, but it is about being a Nigerian and leaving aside sentiments the sentiments that we can’t hold a government accountable because he comes from a certain region

ROTIMI: We used to sing songs back then about being the leaders of tomorrow …. Well that tomorrow we used to sing about is today and we have to raise our voice and empower our fellow youths to see that light dispels darkness. Wisdom dispels ignorance and knowledge is power, knowledge on how the policies made have impacted on our lives.

PROMISE: My own fight is with the Senators and House of Reps members, they say they are there to represent us yet they amass such wealth that you wonder what they do to justify this income for just nays and ayes

ROTIMI:  They collect close to 45 million naira quarterly for the Senate and the House of Reps collect 27 million naira quarterly, the allowances they collect is just ludicrous they even collect hardship allowances.

MUHAMMED: Rogues they all are I tell you I wonder how we got to this stage , I mean this stage of putting rogues at the helms of affairs of this our prestigious nation  how?

ROTIMI: If you want to know how we helped this rogues assume office, I will tell you, you know that moment that we considered a candidate based on his identity rather than credibility, that moment where we considered a candidate  based on the money he gave us rather than his manifesto, that moment where we sat down in our house watching mtv base rather than exercising our franchise, that particular moment where you decided to vote without sitting down to analyze how they were actually going to give us fresh air when they are stocking their homes with oxygen  masks yes that was the exact moment we were robbed and voted these crooks into power

PROMISE: So what is the way out?

ROTIMI: Now you are asking the right questions the federal government can divert resources to capital projects that impact meaningfully on the lives of its citizens through diversification of the economy and creation of jobs.

MUHAMMED: But this can be achieved only if the government can make expenditure cuts in the recurrent side of the budget, which is where the overruns are concentrated.


Rotimi Balogun
Kaduna, Nigeria
@timiblogz on twitter

WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE ME DO #SuperBloggers by @waleflame












My name is Rolake, I live in Onike, a suburb of Yaba metropolitan area inLagos. I am here to tell you my story or perhaps my ordeal in a humorous manner. Being the last born of a family of five has often endeared me to people, I get favour where others have been disappointed. My guiltless face with an impish smile no doubt deceived people to be overly nice to me. I took advantage of this allure to warm myself straight to people’s heart. All that was while growing up, things have changed quickly… I have out-grown my once- upon- a-charming self. I have wailed severally at the loss of my dad while in final year to the extent that good favours that usually accompanied my pretty smile albeit taking for granted then, had all eluded me. Here I am aging, but young at heart and I need to accomplish a whole lot of things like- get a good job-Car- and ultimately find my missing rib. Sad? – Don’t cry for me yet- wait to hear me bear it all before you decide exactly what to do me. I have shed all the tears I could, its Five years gone, no winner no vanquish. Your wailing and soothing words won’t change anything now; I have come to accept that life in its entirety isn’t fair as well. My only option was to move on- hoping for a miracle. Miracle? A part of me still clung to it…where lies my breakthrough remains a critical focal point in finding the much needed happiness I craved. Faith works… (singing)-”my r-e-d-e-e-m-e-r lives”…..this became my favourite song of confession which is usually the case with me whenever I am in dilemma (oh! and you too?).

I waited patiently like a woman in need of the fruit of the womb. I knew I had to be strong, sooner than I realized, my resilience paid off. Adamu came from nowhere; he was a simple, charming, everyday guy. To cut the story short, I fell in love and gave Adamu the keys to my heart with the hope of driving me to my destination safely. He did not disappoint, perhaps my hope of unearthing happiness once again has been rekindled. His love for me was unparallel. He showered me with gifts I could only dream of; with him I traveled far and wide. Just when I thought my predicaments were over, my phone rang, not once, not twice, eventually I picked up. It was a call from Adamu’s office. His office has been attacked by the dreaded book haram sect and my husband to be has been rushed down to the hospital. I was devastated. Why me again? Am I jinxed? I soliloquised and dashed to the drawer for the car keys; I jumped into the car and sped off …. I was rattled by the news. Driving on the 3rd mainland bridge wondering what sort of ill-luck this was, I was in a vacuum of my own and lost in thoughts I could neither ear the deafening noise around nor the blistering horn coming from other motorist. I was floating in a world of my own drifting away…The car steering was throbbing ….I was no longer in control and the much expected happened. I wasn’t conscious enough to narrate that ordeal. But I found myself in the hospital lying next to Adamu, we were both wrapped up a in white garb. I didn’t want to die this young … I knew I had been ungrateful to God; I made a sugar coated wish in my subconscious mind. “God please give me another chance at life; I promise to be more thankful rather than seethe at the things I couldn’t get” And guess what? My prayer had been answered as I awoke to realize that I had been dreaming all the while. Alas there was no Adamu at sight and the car he bought me had also disappeared with the dream.  Oh, don’t get mad at him at least I had you also dreaming for about 10minutes believing this story is real. And here is my poser again, what would you rather have me do?


Wale Bakare

Lagos, Nigeria


@waleflame on twitter

MAY THEIR SOULS NOT REST IN PEACE #SuperBloggers by @iamayomidotun













I woke up feeling gloom. The last time I felt this way was the morning after 9/11. Saying my morning prayers was difficult. I had too many questions in head, with answers few and far-fetched. I mumbled through my prayers half-heartedly, without feeling any better afterwards (obviously my mind wasn’t in it). I needed answers! This has definitely gone too far.

Staring at the gory images from Bayero University bomb blast on my laptop, no fewer than 14 dead and many injured. A female body lay on the ground, the head area covered in blood, and a piece of bloodied clothe dumped over her to conceal the nakedness (what is left of it). Other injured people with varying degree of burns, lay helpless in dirt. Two university Dons met their untimely death in this attack, leaving behind grieving families. I wondered how and when it got to this point for us in Nigeria. How many more innocent lives are we going to lose before this is over? Would it ever be over?

I don’t care whatever Boko Haram motives are (if there is any). How can you claim to be fighting a government by bombing a Christian gathering in a university, an institution for learning? Nobody does that, even in a war! I remember one of the safety drills during my service year was that in case of crisis and riot breakout, the places to run to for refuge are the churches, and army barracks. But the former is now deemed unsafe. A one-time refuge (both physical and spiritual) is now the focus of so much violence.

For our government, Bayero University attack has just being added to the ever-growing list of Unsolved Bomb Attacks in the country. It is no news that the government has failed us when it mattered most. With a clueless president, and a cast of corruptible public administrators that care less about the well being of it citizens, you would agree with me that a lasting solution to the Boko Haram crisis must be sought elsewhere. Government cannot guarantee our safety.

Just so you get a grasp of how many innocent lives that have been lost, here is a quick rundown of bomb blast incidents from December 2011 to April 2012: St. Theresa’s bomb blast on Christmas day in Mandala (35 died, over 50 wounded); Kano multiple bomb blasts (over 170 perished); THISDAY office suicide attack in Abuja; Taraba Police Convoy attack (days after Bayero University. 11 died). This doesn’t include the countless rampant suicide attacks on Christian gatherings in the north.

Each time these things happen, we are quick to pray, “May their souls rest in peace”. For me, that ends now. I earnestly pray that their souls not rest in peace. May their souls (armed with vengeance) not only cry out for justice but also go out and get justice. May their souls rise and torment the perpetrators of the evil acts that ended their lives prematurely. May their souls hunt down every pot-bellied politician that is an accomplice to these wickedness. After their souls have done all these, after their souls have destroyed all that is culpable, then, maybe their souls can rest in peace.

At times like this, I wish we lived in the days of the prophet (Elijah especially), when fire and brimstone is hailed upon the enemies of the children of God.

I am a Christian and my religion teaches me that vengeance should be left to God, but I am also human, and at times like these my humanity may just overpower my spirituality.


Ayomidotun Freeborn

Lagos, Nigeria


@iamayomidotun on twitter


MURDER ME… IT’S AT YOUR PERIL! #SuperBloggers by @halybee












Back then in our Traditional African Communication class, my lecturer, Mr. Akinola was so passionate about this particular topic that day: NAMES. What’s in a name sef?

In Africa, well particularly with my Nigerian experience, we take our names serious and we don’t just give names, there is usually a reason for giving names, I remember him being angry then that some would have beautiful local names but because they want to “form civilization” would go for “atowoda” (self-given) English names that they in most case, don’t even know the meaning.

In this part of the world, we believe that there is power in a name, your name can make or mar you, just remembered a story I heard sometimes ago, according to the narrator, there is this classmate of his whose name is “Araragbaya” (I can take all sufferings) and indeed he gets punished almost on a daily basis even for someone else’ offence.

Back to my point, there is power in a name, even in nicknames, hence, we should always watch it before we choose it, don’t get me wrong, am not saying we should not adopt a nickname but adopt the ones that are positively meaningful if you must choose one, likewise your name, let people see the beauty in pronouncing it well and saying it in full. Your name or nickname should be reflective of who you are and who you want to be.

My lecturer did call this name murdering, if your name is Oluwadamilola and you decide to shorten it to Dam for instance, I guess you did get damned! So at whose peril are you murdering your name?

Sometimes I find it really annoying why an Oluwabukola would decide to spell her name as Orhluwabukholar, just because they want to Englishnize their name, apart from the fact that the spelling looks annoying you changed the meaning of the name to Only-God-knows what?


The power in a name did reflected on our number one citizen in the country as he keeps coming from nowhere to “big places” and thus became the man with no shoes with countless shoes, you can imagine how the number of babies that begin to go by the name Goodluck skyrocketed within that period even some adult became Goodluck over night. Though I wonder if people still want to be goodluck? This goes to show that one needs to work even on a good name to sustain it, how much more when we give ourselves name that we know nothing about its root, origin or meaning.

I see no reason why a Subulola would want to be called Subu, the name has been murdered at her own peril, yes, because Subulola means fall into wealth, but when she allows herself to be called Subu which simply means fall, then she can probably fall into anything.


Let’s keep it positive, whether as names or nicknames, you don’t have to “funkify” the spelling or pronunciation of your name all in the name of civilization, because most times you lose the beautiful meaning of the Name in the process.

Now, before you axe me, am not saying  we can’t be called by our nickname or have a short form pronunciation of our names but then let’s make it positive not like the “Subu” type. Whatever the swag you want to give to your name, don’t lost its meaning and keep it positive, because if you murder your name, it is at your own peril.

There is power in a name!



Well, any  of the names used is just what came up in my thought , no personal vendetta okay, and I had to use mainly Yoruba names because am familiar with them and know their meaning.


Adebisi Halimat Bukola

Lagos, Nigeria.

@halybee on twitter

THE VOICES IN MY HEAD #SuperBloggers by @overLordNoni













It’s a well known fact among healthcare professionals that one of the key symptoms of Schizophrenia is Hallucination either visual (seeing things) or auditory. Now I’m sure I am not mad but don’t all mad men say that? On a more serious note, there are voices in my head. I hear them now and then and they all have something to say. It’s so noisy sometimes up there that I just choose to do nothing and sleep (apparently they can’t follow me to dreamland).

One voice I hear often is my mothers’. She is kind of my control switch. I have a hyperactive mind which often tends to spin off tangentially. I may be there physically but my mind is gone, all I need do is cue in my mother’s voice “Boluwaduro ki lo nse e naa” and automatically I’m back. Me and my mum, we have it like that. Whenever I feel like doing WHATEVER I like; I run that feeling by my mum (in my mind) if I can’t do it in her presence without that sweet voice saying “Boluwaduro ki lo nse e naa”. Then I don’t do it. It doesn’t make me mummy’s boy, it means I have self control because in reality she is not there. Remember the bible says “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he won’t depart from it” kudos mama, you really did it. So this voice acts as my Correction Officer.

The second voice is actually my most loved voice. It’s the voice of the Overlord – my smarter alter ego whose presence I feel at all times and he doesn’t go around killing people (at least not physically) he is El Creativo. The one who brings to earth all the poems and creative write-ups, the drama scripts and vivid imagination for directing, the humorous me is all him. I really am a shy person on my own. But with the Overlord around, you won’t notice it because he brings out the charm and the persona. He is the one who charges me up when I am lazy – borderline crazy and tells me something like “dude, if I could come out right now, I’ll kick your butt, get up! And face the task before you or else I will remain silent for a month” now that’s a threat I can’t live with, a month without the Overlord? Basically The Overlord
is the Creative part of me.

The third voice is the voice of my father in heaven; the two voices are limited by their natural origins. Nothing is complete without the supernatural. In God I live breathe and have my being. He completes me, tells me the world is mine and gives me grace both to will and to do his good pleasures. And let’s not forget he created me. So his place is a rightful one. That being said, you can say he is the captain of this ship, my navigator and anchor in the storm. In these times, it would be unreasonable for anybody to want to live and make impact without a heavy dose of creativity.


Without appropriate self control, you’ll probably never be able to make use of all the creativity you have because you’ll be busy doing anything and everything but the main thing. You’ll find yourself taking one step forward and three backwards without direction, help and support, who is best to provide this but the creator Himself?  Do you have voices in you head?

Asala Boluwaduro

Lagos, Nigeria
Blogs at:
@overlordNoni on twitter

THE POWER OF MONEY #SuperBloggers by @cherybola













Andrew and Anne were an item in school! Anne was an embodiment of all he admired in a girl; she had curves in the right places, intelligent, interesting to be around, good in the bed department, and ultimately a prudent spender so much he put her in charge of his finances six months into the relationship referred to her as his wife.

Three years into their relationship, a shaking that will eventually end their relationship happened. Anne went home on a weekend, she went to her mum’ supermarket to assist her mum. There a young man, apparently a regular customer of her mum came in to buy provisions but his eyes caught more than the provisions. Anne attended to the man calculating his bill and offered to help carry some of his stuffs to the car. On the way outside, the man introduced himself as Mike, a civil engineer with one of the multinationals; on getting to his car, he gave her his business card and N1000 for helping him carry his bags to the car, telling her to call him. Anne took the card without the intention of ever using and tucked the money into her waistband.

Anne returned back to school the following Monday, armed with food stuffs, provisions that would sustain Andrew and her for a while. Andrew was happy to see his babe and he showed her how much he missed her. On Thursday, on her way to lectures, Anne received a call from an unfamiliar number, she picked it and it was Mike, he got her number from her mum and asked why she didn’t call like he told her to, Anne said she forgot and took an excuse that she had a class to get him off the phone.

On getting back to her hostel later in the evening, Mike called again, and he made his intention known. He wanted her to be his wife! She laughed and asked how that was possible, he told her he had asked her mum for permission before asking her. She slammed the phone down and called her mum!

Anne’s mum confirmed and said she had given her blessings as Mike was rich, had a stable job, a bright future etc. Anne rushed to Andrew’s hostel crying and told him what her mum had done. He consoled her and told her she should go home and talk it over with her mum.

Anne went home and her mum remained adamant and when Anne said she had a guy, Andrew who she loved, her mum asked for Andrew’s number. Mrs. Ogbuefe called Andrew and told him to back down and leave her daughter right in Anne’s presence. She then proceeded to tell Anne that she had to stick with what she told her; reminding her how she had been the one there for the kids since her husband passed away ten years back.

After much blackmail, Anne had no choice than go with her mother’s command. Within nine months she was married to Mike, she thinks back on the good times she shared with Andrew with fond memories but clears her thoughts when she remembers what her family had started enjoying.

The heartbreak caused Andrew to go back to his playing the field ways and resolved never to get serious with a girl till he becomes rich enough to get a girl without the fear of having a rich man snatch her away, and he’s well on his way to achieving his goal… Now he’s a lawyer working with a reputable chamber and getting six figures salary.



Omobolanle Savage

Ibadan, Nigeria

@cherybola on twitter


BEE’S PARADOX #SuperBloggers by @iamdemark













Mum screamed and slumped on the sofa.

Bee had known that there was no way she would take this lightly. She just had too much drama.

It was only when all other options seemed futile that she resorted to the pain of telling her…and the shame that would inevitably follow.

Mum was staring at the ceiling mumbling words she couldn’t hear. She felt a great pity for her, even more than she did for herself. She wondered what her dad would say.

Mum stood up suddenly, eyes bloodshot; hands balled in a fist; picked her keys, grabbed her hand and walked briskly for the door. They got into the car without a word.

She didn’t know where they were going, but she had a good idea.

“I’ll never break your heart’ by Backstreet Boys was playing on the radio; she had just broken mum’s heart. She almost laughed at the irony of it. There was also the risk of her mum planting the heel of her shoe in her skull so she kept mute.

On arriving, mum parked the car, opened the door and walked towards the front door of the building. Bee slowly came down and trailed behind her.

Mum walked straight to her uncle’s office.

When she got in, they were speaking in hush tones. She was speaking in Yoruba, purposely because Bee didn’t understand a word of it. Bee had spent most of her 22 years in the UK… before her parents decided it was time for her homecoming. They had the script of her life planned out. She had gotten tired of arguing with them about her own plans and had fallen into the role of the obedient and dedicated daughter… their plan had become hers!

When they were done, mum walked out of the room. She stopped briefly to take another look at Bee, as if to convince herself that she wasn’t dreaming. Bee kept her eyes on the ground as the door closed. Uncle Steve was gentle and didn’t say much all through it all.

15 minutes later, she walked out and sat beside mum. She then experienced the quietest thirty minutes of her life. It seemed everyone had sensed that something was amiss, because they all seemed to stare…and stare…. And stare.

Uncle Steve finally called them in.

“Well, you are indeed pregnant”

Before she could react, mum spun from her seat and slapped her. Ok, this wasn’t just a slap; she fell out of her chair, slammed her head against the table and crumpled to the floor in pain.

“Who the hell did this to you???” She screamed.

“Mummy, oh…”

“After” SLAP “All” SLAP “I have” SLAP “Done for” SLAP “you” SLAP… “How could…??”

She was spared from further slaps as Uncle Steve quickly ran over to pull off her mum.

By this time, Bee was in serious pain, hurt and raving mad. She hadn’t signed up for this either. She jumped to her feet, blood dripping from her nose and the places on her face where mum’s nails had dug in.

“Don’t you dare touch me!”

This infuriated mum even more and she struggled against Uncle Steve’s grip.

A good 20 minutes after, after calling her all unimaginable names, swearing, cursing…the typical raving mad Yoruba woman, she asked;

” Who?”

She had dreaded this moment for weeks and knew there was no turning back.

So she felt relieved when she called his name.

They both stopped moving and stared at her, mouths wide open.


Bee finally summoned the courage to look at them, eyeball to eyeball

“I said it’s daddy!”



 Udu Mark

Lagos, Nigeria

Blogs at

@iamdemark on twitter


AWAY FROM THE NORM #SuperBloggers by @bossboyrocks












I am anti-convention. This couldn’t have been more evident in the 2011 Nigeria Presidential election. The two major contenders were Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and Gen. Mohammad Buhari (rtd). While the latter ruled once with a very strong hand and is often mistaken as a dictator, the former represented a change from the norm; he wasn’t once a military man, he wasn’t from the north and he came from a very poor background. All these traits made him look like he was heaven sent. Afterall, he did walk several miles to school without shoes while he was a kid, so he would know the plight of the over 70% poor Nigerians. But my mind kicked against it. To me, this was a script and he’s our ‘heaven sent’ candidate is just an actor.

Our brother Goodluck won and we all thought Nigeria had finally found peace. But peace is the opposite of what we’ve had since May 29, 2011. Soon after the president was sworn in, a viscous group who calls itself BOKO HARAM increased exponentially their number of attacks in the northern part of the country; this didn’t deter the fairytale believing citizens. To them, the attacks were just the work of evil people trying to bring their hero down.

Our brother Goodluck slapped us to reality on Jan. 1, 2012 by removing the subsidy on petroleum motor spirit (petrol) thereby making life a lot more difficult for the poor masses he was meant to be saving in the first place. Instead of my people to settle down find who their real enemy is, they shifted to the other extreme. GEJ, as the president is often called, isn’t an angel anymore, he is now the demon sent to destroy this country. On this account, a lot of ‘warriors’ have risen up to save Nigeria from GEJ. You find them in newspapers, on TV, on radio and most especially, on twitter.

This is where my anti-convention syndrome kicks in again. Do i think GEJ is an evil blood sucking reptile out to consciously bring Nigeria to her knees? No. Do i think he is the most clueless and myopic president we have had who is eventually going to bring us to our knees? Yes. I think the man means well, he’s just a pawn for all the snakes in the country’s garden and his cluelessness is their strongest weapon.

The president has hinted that he knows those behind the Boko Haram attacks and some of them are even in his cabinet. But our dear old boy can’t face those people; he wouldn’t even know where to start. Also, the recently concluded fuel subsidy probe justifies GEJ. He said, before the removal of the subsidy, that it was to block a huge hole of corruption and truly the probe report has shown what a big hole it is. I mean he knew this hole was weighing down the country but instead of our clueless hero to fight for us, he used us as shields.

Fellow Nigerians, we all regret having this man as president, let’s just not hate him because we’re going through tough times. When our real hero finally comes, we will all have to go through pressure to come out as diamonds.

Bode Olumodeji Jnr

Lagos, Nigeria
Writes on
@bossboyrocks on twitter


WHY ARSENE WENGER IS THE BEST COACH #SuperBloggers by @il__duce








“Best coach” and “Arsene Wenger” in the same sentence? You probably think I’m stark raving mad. Wait, till the end of this, you’ll be better able to judge. You all abuse him and call him names – kidnapper, child slave driver, Baba Ijebu etc. Fact is, he’ll probably excel better than you at your own job! Here we go.


He hasn’t won a trophy for upwards of seven years now? Well, he pockets a cool 7 million pounds a year while he’s at it. That’s a few million pounds more than Sir Alex “Red Nose” Ferguson, who has won a ton of trophies. That’s certainly a lot more than many of you beefers will earn in 3 consecutive lifetimes.


Arsene Wenger speaks SIX languages fluently. He speaks English better than all English coaches combined; speaks German better than Hitler; talks pretty good Japanese; speaks Italian better than Mancini speaks English, and Spanish better than Xavi speaks English. Pause. Xavi doesn’t speak any English at all. You can’t even compose 140 characters in English without Gbagauning!


Do you know what a hedge fund is? Relax with the googling now. Listen up first. Arsene Knows! He has a Masters’ Degree in Economics, and he’s a football coach. He can explain the global financial crisis; you can only sit, watch, and froth from the mouth in admiration.


Last year, Arsene Wenger, despite being married, had a fling with a hot French rapper. Swag. The rapper na girl. Arsene no gay. Perhaps you don’t understand. That’s like saying Adegboye Onigbinde is bedding Eva, or Muna. Sweg. Did I hear someone say Sasha somewhere? Riiiiigggghhhht.

N:B: How Arsene got the babe? When they met in Berlin, he told the rapper chick, “Freundlich eingewickelt… Ich bedeutete die boobs.” Translate at your own peril.


You think Arsene Wenger isn’t eye candy? Then spare a thought for the Conqueror of Barcelona, Roberto Di Matteo who, despite his lately fancy suits, looks like a 3D projection of Rango. You should see the movie. Or if you’re less patient, google “Rango”. If you’ve also seen the hit family show “The Simpsons”, spare a thought for David Moyes, and then picture Moe.


In this world of fights, you want to make sure you don’t always end up looking like the weakling. If Arsene were on Twitter, he’d be the only one capable of stopping the Piers Morgan juggernaut. Arsene is the king of retort. Here are a few sample knockouts he’s delivered over the years:

[After the departure of Sol Campbell to Portsmouth] “It is a big surprise to me because he cancelled his contract to go abroad. Have you sold Portsmouth to a foreign country?”

[In response to Fergie’s claim that he possessed the best team in the league despite Arsenal winning the title in 2002] “Everyone thinks that they have the prettiest wife at home.”

[On Emmanuel Adebayor’s stamp on Robin van Persie] “I watched it when I got home and it looked very bad. You ask 100 people, 99 will say it’s very bad and the hundredth will be Mark Hughes.”

[After the success of the Great Britain team at the Olympics] “I didn’t know the English were good at swimming. I have been in this country for 12 years and I haven’t seen a swimming pool”

And finally, this absolute gem, “I tried to watch the Tottenham match on television in my hotel yesterday, but I fell asleep.

Trophy or not, he’s better than you all combined!


Kayode Faniyi

Lagos, Nigeria.

Writes on

@il__duce on twitter.


OFF CAMPUS AND INTO THE REAL WORLD #SuperBloggers by @muhammadsageer








With term papers completed, and final exams graded, graduation can be an exciting time for university students. However, with the economy looking more like a roller coaster and less like smooth sailing, it is understandable that many recent graduates may be anxious about starting their life in the “real world.”

The shift from undergraduate student life to full-time employment, graduate studies or volunteering can be a major change involving new schedules, colleagues and responsibilities. For some students, life after college may be the first time they are independent from their parents or caregivers, so moving into the next phase of life can be an intimidating change. For others, moving on from a community of friends, teachers and mentors created over their college tenure can lead to a feeling of loneliness and sadness. Furthermore, the unpredictable economy and the high rate of unemployment can put recent graduates at unease.

“Change can be frightening, but it is important to remember that it happens to everyone all the time. Know that the new experiences and challenges you face will help you grow and discover your own path.”

The following tips will help you to reduce graduation anxiety:

Focus on the positive – You are armed with an education and energy,two tools that will help you chart your new course, whether it is a career, graduate studies or volunteering. Remind yourself that you are well equipped to persevere and overcome any obstacles that you face. If you are in doubt about your abilities, create a list of the things you have accomplished and post it where you can see it regularly

Stay connected – The support system you built while at school doesn’t disappear the moment you leave campus. Keeping in touch with friends, professors and mentors is easier now than ever before, and their guidance will help you navigate the sometimes confusing post-university world. Don’t be afraid to talk about your challenges,chances are others know exactly how you feel and would enjoy helping you.

Look for opportunities – Part of graduating from university and entering the “real world” is engaging in a process of self-discovery. Look for ways to enhance your existing interests as well as create new ones. Taking opportunities to further your knowledge about a particular subject, meeting people who have similar interests and becoming involved in the community will help expand your horizons and open doors to your future.

Take action – Don’t just talk, get busy! If your goal is to have a job, take decisive steps to reach that goal, such as refining your resume, sending out applications and talking to people in your network about what you’re looking for. The more action you take, the closer you will be to reaching your goals.

Be Resilient – Resilience, the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, is an important skill to learn when facing the ups and downs of life after college. Don’t let rejection letters from companies or graduate programs get you down. Everything is a learning process, so try to look at each “no thank you” as an opportunity to improve.

Muhammad Sageer Zubayr
Jos, Nigeria.
@muhammadsageer on twitter

WISE UP NIGERIANS #SuperBloggers by @shemkaf








Elections shall come and go, but Nigerians have ceased to be WISE. That political thug who lost his mother during child birth still wants to sacrifice his life for the rogues in Government who refused to equip our hospitals, that girl on the street hawking during school hours still supports these heartless leaders of ours that have made quality education unaffordable for her. That lady who lost her entire family in an accident due to the death traps we call highways still want these murderers to continue to govern us. That 80 years old woman who has ten children, forty grand children who are poor stack illiterates is ever ready to dance Azonto during the campaigns of these thieves. I am confused.

I partially don’t blame the politicians, it is we the masses that are DAFT. How on earth will one intentionally vote for a candidate who all he/she says are glibs. We are bribed with peanuts (some people were bribed with INDOMIE not even a carton during the last elections) at polling booths in other to vote for desperadoes, hmm tribalism and nepotism major characteristics of the Nigerian masses. Yet after elections we complain.

I have no dream(s) for Nigeria, but have few solutions to our daunting problems.

1. Federal character/Quota system should be ERADICATED. If it means having a ministry/Govt agency with competent/qualified workers from one particular tribe or religion so be it. This policy is retrogressive and barbaric. It’s high time we dump all sentiments. MERIT AND MERIT ALONE should be the slogan.

2. Enough of the committees here and there, our anti-graft agencies should be made INDEPENDENT as in full time independence where they need no authorization from the president or AGF before prosecuting anyone .Corrupt judges should be sanctioned severely. Plea bargain is just like setting a criminal free, it should be abolished. Let the ROGUES of the past and present administration face the wrath of the law.

3. Our recurrent expenditure should be reduced from its current 70% to 20% .The number of ministers and special advisers should be halved. The education, health, power, security and housing sectors should be prioritized.

4. The Almajiri (destitute) problem in the north should be cubed. For example in Algeria its compulsory for children between the ages of two to fifteen to go to school, it’s a crime to deny one’s child education (primary and secondary education) and so punishable under the law, we can do that in Nigeria too.

5. The INEC chairman should henceforth be nominated by an independent judicial service commission and confirmed by the legislators. The president should hands off this duty of appointing the INEC’s boss because if he continues to appoint the INEC boss there shall NEVER be a level playing ground for all contenders.

6.  Court cases should be accelerated in order to decongest our prisons, torturing of suspects should be stopped. The welfare of law enforcement officers should be improved. Corrupt officers should not be given second chance they should be dismissed.

7. Private enterprises/companies should be mandated to respect labour laws and the prices of their product(s) should be controlled. Nigerians should make up 80 percent of the work force of foreign companies. Any company evading tax should be sanctioned accordingly.

Lets come together and make a change in our dear country Nigeria, everyone has a role to play. Are you ready to play yours? GOD BLESS NIGERIA.VIVA L’AFRIQUE


Araga Mohammed Dahiru

Blida, Algeria

Writes on

Twitter: @shemkaf










The tips on winning the #SuperBloggers are some of the tips you need to succeed as a blogger.


As a blogger, it is not as much about blogging as it is about sharing your post. You decide whether you want people to find your post by themselves or you take it to them. Where are people on the internet? You guessed right Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and other networks and forums. You don’t even have to use them all, just use the one you know you have a level of influence and share your works at intervals.


You don’t share today and assume that is all. Others are sharing theirs too. You do this for as long as takes to see your post at the top. If I was a competitor, I’d share my post for periodic morning, afternoon and evening sessions. I still do this. It is my space so I’ll share as long as I like. You don’t want to annoy too many people though (you’ll inevitable annoy some 🙂

Write well:

Write a good post. If you write a good post, your friends will not only read your posts, they will be moved to share too. Your post could form an object of discussions on social media and the next thing you hear is “where is the link?” Our first two winners had good posts (and were also bullish about sharing their posts)


Look at what your friends may be doing right. Either copy them well or do it better. Just make sure you are not behind anyone.

Forget The Money:

Virtually everyone in this competition can afford the prize money. This is not about the money; it is about the opportunity to take your game to the next level. Our first two winners were unknown bloggers only weeks ago, today they are rising at a speed that’d make some established bloggers sit up. Do it for the fun. If you don’t enjoy it, you will tire out trust me.

Always add your blog’s address to your post. It is a link for more readers before you become the winner.

I’ll take questions but may only answer at a later time. Have my best wishes.

MY PRECIOUS GATES – THE IBORIGATE SAGA #SuperBloggers by @gbengaosowe

My Precious Gates- The Iborigate Saga








It does not matter if our citizens have no food

Nor does it matter that there is no healthcare

About lack of quality education, I do not care

I have my most treasured possession-golden gates


Should the people get angry and dangerous?

Or violent, destructive and riotous?

They can never come near me, I dare say

My gates of gold will keep them at bay.


As for those who criticize and malign me,

In newspapers and electronic media they say things about me

But come begging to share of the goodies

Their days of entrance at my gates shall soon cease.


But sir, what if they decide to probe you?

Or send their agents to investigate you?

Nothing will come out of that my dear friend.

I have my iron gates to secure me

My golden gate sure does a lot of things for me

It keeps out thieves and blood sucking human leeches,

Behind the gates my loots are secure in my castle

Oh my golden gates, precious and treasured golden gates.


And what about these horrible stories I hear,

This false news going about everywhere

Go and let them know I am going no where

Behind my golden gates I know no fear


On my side are men of timber and calibre

Men who can testify to my good character,

People who will let the world know I meant no harm

The money I “took” I used in building gates


Gates are in the stadia, gates on highways

In my houses in DUBAI, ABUJA and even LONDON there are gates

My dear friend JOHN will gladly say this in my defense

So that no evil might come across my gates


Alas! It has just happened

Damning evidence, did I just hear you say?

But with the right pay, can’t we have our way?

Gladly will I give them whatever they ask, all in order not to leave these gates!


Dear Chief Jimmy, this honourable court finds you guilty

Of wanton looting, large scale theft and money laundering

Nothing you say can save your face

A place is prepared for you behind OUR own GATES, our precious IRON BARS.


A poem based on imaginary reminiscence of one-upon-a-time Governor (The Sheikh)


Lagos, Nigeria

@gbengaosowe on twitter.

IF ONLY……. #SuperBloggers by @ikeamadi

If Only……..








“I love you very much.” I said brashly.

“I would love to be in a relationship with you, something real and permanent, “I continued, “I want to share my heart with someone. Please let me share the rest of my interesting life ….” Before I could finish that line, she interrupted me in a most beautiful fashion:


“So why do you think I am the one?” she asked me.


“You see, from the moment I set my eyes on you I knew you were the one. More so, my spirit just keeps telling me that you are the one. I just feel this peace whenever I am around you.” At this she laughed a little bit, but still retained her composure. I was happy she laughed.


“But is it just spirit connection? Is that the only reason why you seem to love and want me?”


Oh I had consulted with a few friends and they had given me the series of questions I will most likely encounter if I were to make my intentions known to any girl. Their predictions were coming true. I itemized the glaring physical qualities which I find attractive.


“I have been waiting so long for this moment in my life. Let’s do this,” she said and jumped on me with excitement – such excitement as I have never seen her exhibit before.


Immediately I woke up. Alas! It was a dream.


“Oh Indiana! This must be confirmation from the Lord.” I told myself happily.


Indiana is fresh in every sense of the word. Fair skinned with a near-British accent. She attends my church and sings in the choir. Oh how well she sings! I fell in love with her after a ministration she did, a month after I started attending this church. Since then I stayed. I couldn’t return to my previous church. Yes, the pastor preaches well over there. This sister sings well over here too.


Indiana is very beautiful. Beautiful does not really qualify Indiana’s beauty, hence I decided to do a little dictionary run just to be able to near-accurately describe how beautiful she really is. ‘Pulchritude’ was the closest word to what I had in mind to say about her, which means “the quality of appearance which pleases the eye; beauty; comeliness; grace; loveliness.”


Last week, however, I finally walk up to my Indiana – by the way, Indiana isn’t her real name. I just refer to her as my Indiana. I repeated the exact same words I had told her in the dream that helped confirm my request and secure her heart.


Guess what? She refused.

I mean, she said NO.

Well, she didn’t actually say “no”, she just said that she was already in another relationship and as such can’t go out with me.

Now I am distraught. My faith is shaky. I had asked a few brothers of their opinion and they gave me a go ahead, saying the Lord was surely with me. I had even showed her picture to my mum and she was really happy saying I have her blessing.


And the dream; does that not also show that I have God’s backing in this endeavor?


I am confused. What should I do? I think she is the one. Should I wait hoping that she will come out of her current relationship, or should I move on and seek another?


Help a brother!


Ike Amadi

Moscow, Russia.

Writes on

@ikeamadi on Twitter.

WHY THIS MADNESS MUST STOP #SuperBloggers by @blinkingam

Why This Madness Must Stop






The girl is 17 years old but looks much younger. Her face has the fine elegance typical of Nigerian natives, but her accent belongs to the streets of Nigerian villages. She is plainly terrified. That much is clear from the way she avoids eye contact.


“Promise you won’t print anything related to me.” She implores. “If people of my community find out, they will say I have betrayed them and I will be executed.”


With great courage, this rural nurtured girl – called “TATA” – is about to describe a barbaric act of cruelty which has been perpetrated against her. Knowing the danger to which she is exposing herself, her anxiety is understandable. It’s known by a variety of names, most common of which are Female Genital Mutilation, Female Circumcision, or simply “cutting” – a word which conveys the raw pain its victims suffer.


It involves cutting and sometimes sewing up some parts of the female genitalia, leaving a small opening for urination and menstruation. It’s carried out on tables or floors, without anaesthetic, using filthy, blunt knives, razor blades or scalpel. Some people argued that the practice is to increase the sexual pleasure of the man, but this is an outdated reason why many women are treated this way. Others claimed it’s to avoid promiscuity and demonstrate virginity.


Tata is so determined that other girls should be spared the misery she has endured since she was cut that, recently, she told her story. She was three years old when her family opted for a greener village. Everything changed for Tata when she was 12 years old. One morning her mother told her, quite casually, that they were to visit a friend. “I thought I was going to visit her friend.” Tata says quietly, avoiding eye contact.


Soon after she arrived at the friend’s house, everything changed. Tata’s mother had secretly joined together with several women to pay for a “cutter” to circumcise their daughters. “They believed it had to be done for us to get husbands.” Tata shrugs. What happened next was like a scene from an action movie. Her mother and other women suddenly grabbed and grappled her to the floor. Then the strange woman came in with her bag of implements. “They held me down, and when she began cutting, I screamed, so my friend’s sister put her hand tightly over my mouth,” she says. I had known her and these other women all my life, but now they were doing this, even my mother” she concluded while shedding tears.
Female Genital Mutilation often results to life threatening complications such as septicaemia, hemorrhage or cyst, but in this case, Tata was fortunate. She quickly recovered and returned to school. However, the legacy of the atrocity inflicted on her when she was 12 years old will always remain. If she is lucky enough to avoid prenatal complications frequently caused by genital mutilation and have children, she will almost certainly have to undergo a caesarean section.


Whatever the argument is, the fact is that genital mutilation is real and its negatives far outweighs its positives. The best way to address this menace is through strict health policy where children will be closely scrutinized during infancy, and any abnormal behavior or prolonged absence from school immediately investigated and if confirmed, parents be handed to the police. In this age of political correctness, no doubt, factions will argue that such intervention activities are discriminatory and breach of human rights. But the idea that things are too private to be acted upon is what is keeping them shrouded in silence. This madness must be expunged.


Abubakar A. Musa
@blinkingam on twitter.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY #SuperBloggers by @nosatopnotch

Personal Responsibility







“Manliness consists not in bluff, bravado or loneliness. It consists in daring to do the right thing and facing consequences whether it is in matters social, political or other. It consists in deeds not words.”

? Mahatma Gandhi


When I was a kid growing up in Benin City-Nigeria, I was taught right from an early age that personal responsibility is what moulds an individual to succeed in life. Today we now live in a country where all facets of the society has been bastardized by a clueless ruling class thereby erasing any form of personal responsibility and replacing it with pointless finger pointing.


It is all too easy to blame the Government of Nigeria for all the ills that affects the country. They more than deserve this blame. The track record of our Government cannot be defended. If out government was a drug, it would have since passed it expiration date. I have come to a non-empirical anecdotal statistic that 30% of the problems in Nigeria are caused by the Government but an overwhelming 70% is due to personal responsibility and lack thereof.


Our National Anthem and Pledge both invoke the spirit of Personal Responsibility.  In The Nigerian Anthem, there are lines like “Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey. To serve our fatherland, With love and strength and faith”. The Government albeit brazenly corrupt, is not the root cause of our problems. Prison they say is where society sends its failures but unfortunately the Nigerian society in general is failing.


On Sundays we troop in our millions to churches seeking divine intervention for our problems not realizing that 90% of them are self-inflicted. There are common sense things the average Nigerian can do to make the country better. We complain of extra judicial killings by the Nigerian Police but every now and then, I watch videos and read stories of suspected criminals(including petty thieves) getting burnt alive without having their day in court or judicial due process. When I am speeding home after a night out in Benin City, do you think my biggest fear is what the FGN would do to me that night?


We don’t need the government to tell us to pay our taxes, we don’t need them to tell us not to defecate in public, we also don’t need the government to tell some of us that kidnapping, robbery, cyber-crimes, cultism, fraud etc is inimical to the image of our dear country.


Personal responsibility translates to societal empowerment. The reason our government has taking us for a ride is because they have also figured when given the opportunity, some of us would do worse than the government we so eloquently oppose and denounce.


Personal responsibility equates to love for ourselves and our own people. We need to stop allowing others take advantage of us because they have realized some of us can be gullible. We have unknowingly sold half of Nigeria to Lebanese, Indians, Europeans and the Chinese with the other half going to corrupt politicians.


In a country of 170 million people, it is a shame we can’t make our own phones, automobiles, technology. We have outsourced our own existence without even knowing it.


Personal responsibility would make the hell we are going through right now in Nigeria to be a bit bearable for everyone. JFK once famously said “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you — ask what can you do for your country” So I am making this same appeal to my fellow Nigerians lets embrace personal responsibility.



Nosa Topnotch

Toronto, Canada.

My blogsite is

Twitter @nosatopnotch


MY BOYFRIEND TALE #SuperBloggers by @princessimysola

My Boyfriend Tale







At age 11 I had my first boyfriend, I thought I’d found love, I was young, intelligent, smallish and adventurous.


I was alone and lost in the world I had been kept. And in the midst of the entire crowd, He found me; he called me “his ebony cutey’, he said he loved my smallish body; he said I was sweet, caring and fun to be with; he spoke sweet nonsense to my ears, and I loved every bit of it, I thought he was my kind of man, 3 times my size, well built, eloquent and a charmer.


I thought we shared something special and magical, but it did not take long (about a month to be precise) before I found out I was just another girl on the queue.


What could I have been thinking, sad but true; that was the beginning of my boyfriend tale.


As years go by, I have fallen in love, been hurt so badly, cried all night long, woken up with swollen eyes, let it go and moved on…


I have gone round that cycle over and over again, just as a lot of girls have, which makes it seem normal, but then suddenly it dawns on me.


It is not normal to cling to a guy that obviously doesn’t give a heck about you,

It is not normal to stoop your standards low because of some dude,

It is not normal to be in an abusive relationship and show a happy face to the world,

It is not normal to stay with the guy that cheats hoping he’ll pick you,

It is not normal to stay with a guy, who would not support your dreams and aspirations,

It is not normal to live your life waiting for the “ONE”.


If you do not know whose daughter you are,

What values you stand for,

Your worth as a daughter of Zion,

I tell you, you’ll fall for absolutely anything, and take whatever crap thrown at your face.

Like they say, if you would not stand for anything, you’ll fall for everything


Do you have your own dreams and aspirations?

Do you have your own personal standards and values?

Whose pillar are you leaning on (Man or God)?

Are you blessing or a burden to everyone around you?


At the root of it all is simply not knowing our worth, we have let the world draft our standard and put a price on Us.

And so, every day we go through life yearning and searching all of the wrong places for Love & Affection, demeaning our standards to fit in when we have been born to stand out.


Nobody can Love you like you do;

Nobody can demean you unless you let them to;

Nobody can take you for granted, unless you give them the opportunity.


It’s time to arise, feel beautiful, sexy, smart and gifted.

We are extremely special in the sight of our “Daddy”

When He created us, He took a step back, sighed and said “VERY GOOD”,


And so who are we to walk like slaves, when we are princesses in our father’s palace.

Inside of each one of us, is Royalty…

We have all been born Royals…


Don’t ever let the World Lie to YOU!


Simisola Agunbiade

Lagos, Nigeria.


Twitter: @princessimysola

LETTER TO MR PRESIDENT #SuperBloggers by @De_guch

Letter to Mr President







It is with a heavy heart that I write to intimate you of the happenings in our dear land. We pride ourselves as the most populous black nation with abundant human and natural resources. We have all it takes to make our land a pride of place among the committee of nations as a leading emerging economy.


Five decades and counting and we have been crawling, taking a few forward steps and exponential backward ones to nullify all our effort. We fought an avoidable war that saw millions perished. I remember my history books telling me what started the war, blaming it on ethnic and religious violence.


We leaped into the seventies where a certain leader once said money wasn’t our problem but how to spend it. Then came the barbarous elites in khakis and robes who plundered and looted our collective wealth, making corruption a way of life. Our anti-corruption agencies are weaker than toothless bulldogs and the judiciary now issues judgement for the highest bidder. Our hope of getting justice for looters of our commonwealth now lies in foreign law courts.   Merit has been  sacrificed on the alter of nepotism, sudden wealth have now become accepted without the society asking questions.


The ultimate goal in life is now how much you can accumulate. Our certificates from the ivory towers have turned to mere papers as hard work is now ridiculed and most folks think it doesn’t pay anymore. Our leaders are still taking us for a ride. Like a donkey we have been mum suffering and smiling like a famed musician once sang.


The whole world called us the happiest people which is indeed an irony as over 70 percent of our 160 million populace live in abject poverty even as your foot soldiers told us we are the “third fastest growing economy” in the world. The terror attacks that increases in magnitude and number of casualties each passing month is now threatening to consume us all and our security agencies seems to be on top of the situation only on television screens and on the pages of newspapers.


We can now gather ourselves and speak up for what is rightfully ours thanks to the fuel pump price you unilaterally increased as a New Year gift to the already impoverished citizens. We have seen people power topple tyrannical rulers in the Arab spring. That gives us hope that we can reclaim our father land. Hope that we can rid our beloved nation of corruption and bad leadership.


You told us you were once in our shoes and even lived without shoes for a while. Now we don’t know if you can still remember how it feels to live without the basic necessities of life with your billion naira food budget.


You have become detached from us as some would say and even add further that you are clueless when it comes to proffering solutions to our multitude of problems. You stand a better chance than our previous leaders to help us out with your PhD if it isn’t a mere paper like that of most people who parade themselves about as academic Doctors. Mr President you have many critics now mostly due to what you have failed to do as our leader. You can still salvage the situation with more actions and less talk.


Your impoverished citizen,

Odoh Ogwuche

Makurdi, Nigeria.


WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE? #SuperBloggers by @gboukzi

What Do You Believe?








I have been taught in Sunday school since I started going to church as a little kid, that God is the arbiter of all things; that God is the creator of heaven and earth and he decides what happens to whom and when. This seems like a good way to explain the questions above but in reality, it doesn’t really answer them. I was listening to a philosopher’s opinion on this issue and he was saying that this kind of “God is all in all” statement shuts down your reasoning and effectively renders the part of your brain that asks questions useless! While the Christian part of me wanted to cut off the man’s head for uttering such a ridiculously blasphemous statement, the other part of me that reasons and asks questions immediately started to reason it out.


What if it is indeed true that this whole thing is one big lie? In a country like Nigeria for instance; People go to church just because their pastors tell them to come. People have no personal opinions on issues as they are content to believe whatever their pastors tell them. People cannot reason out decisions made by the pastors as they now see their pastors as greater than God himself. How does one explain the case of a very big “Man of God” who slapped a young girl in the full glare of everyone just because the girl claimed to be a “witch for Jesus”? How do you explain it when a church asks its low income earning members to contribute money to build a university and at the end of the day, even the guy that contributed to the building of that university cannot afford to send his child to the school because he can’t afford the tuition and other fees? Yet he still contributes more towards the development of the school when asked.


How do you explain a Bishop in an orthodox church that goes into the vestry to drink alcohol when he is supposed to be observing lent? How do you rationalize the fact that a pastor goes about with bodyguards and armed policemen all in the name of security? Who wants to kill him? Why? How do you explain a situation where a pastor lives like a drug lord at the expense of his congregation? How can a pastor spend his church’s money lavishly and with reckless abandon when there are people in his own congregation who cannot afford two meals a day? How does a pastor think to build or buy mansions and choice estate all over the world when there are members of his own church whose permanent abode is under the third mainland bridge? What does God have to say to all these? Surely he can’t be pleased? Something has to be wrong somewhere.


I however believe that religion is a personal matter. Nobody should tell you what to think. If you feel like believing that there is God, you should. If you don’t feel like it, don’t. At the end of the day though, every man will be responsible for whatever his decisions and/or indecisions are; first in this life, then in the life hereafter (if there is one). I will end with a quote I heard from friend of mine; “I WOULD RATHER LIVE MY LIFE AS IF THERE IS A GOD AND DIE TO FIND OUT THERE ISN’T, THAN LIVE MY LIFE AS IF THERE ISN’T AND DIE TO FIND OUT THERE IS”.


AKINSOLA, Olumide B.

Ibadan, Nigeria.



Racism and Research (The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment)







The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male was a notorious clinical study that has become a byword for racist and unethical medical experimentation. It ran from 1932 to 1972 and involved nearly 400 impoverished and poorly educated African-American men diagnosed with latent syphilis – meaning that they had the infection but showed no obvious symptoms at that stage. For 40 years they were never told they had syphilis and were never treated for it, even when penicillin became a standard cure in 1947. They were simply told they had ‘bad blood’. Among the aims of the study was to see whether syphilis affected black men differently from white men and how long black men could survive without treatment.

For participating in the study, the men received free rides to and from the clinic at Tuskegee University, Alabama. There they were given hot meals and free medical treatment for minor ailments. Any treatment they thought they were also getting for their ‘bad blood’ were actually placebos, aspirin or mineral supplements. Medical staff allowed nothing to interfere with their work. Even when 250 of the men were drafted for service in the Second World War, strings were pulled to ensure that they remained part of the study instead.

When the study ended in 1972 following a public outcry, only 74 of the original participants were still alive. Twenty-eight men had died of the disease and a further hundred or so of related complications, forty wives had been infected and 19 children had been born with congenital syphilis and mutations. Survivors eventually received financial compensation and in 1997 US President Bill Clinton was moved to declare that ‘on behalf of the American people, what the United States government did was ‘shameful’.

Peter Buxton: a former employee of the United States Public Health Service, who became known as the whistleblower, is responsible for ending the Tuskegee syphilis experiment; a white man who felt black men were used as substitute for guinea pigs ended the experiment by exposing it to journalists.



OJUKWU, Nkem Sandra
Ibadan, Nigeria
Twitter: @MordSith27









Never have I seen such beauty.

Until your sparkling face passed my eyes.

The man in white took his time on you.

Progressively processing procedures.


Sun suddenly shows sadness.

He terms you as a rival.

Your beauty can shine the whole world.

Devil drops down deliriously.


In his darkness your beauty blooms.

Even Helen of Troy will bow to you.

At first I thought some angels have come on earth.

Until saw you in flesh and blood.


Comparing my desire with the sun’s heat means reducing it.

Honey and sugar mixed do not have your taste.

My blood’s last drop I can use for you.

Against all overwhelming odds.


Bijimi Daniel Meindous.
Kaduna Nigeria
Blog site-
twitter handle- @dmeindous


…..from the musings of a desperate NaijaBoi……







On the first day of creation
there was a great declaration
the sun rays gave the confirmation.
A breathe into the clay was the human formation.
And all races are traceable to the diverse generations.

After the amalgamation
in the era of colonization
on the gulf of guinea, with a coast along the Atlantic Ocean,
without much elaboration
the name Nigeria was given to my nation.

Sometimes I’m soaked in the pool of depression
musing over the current situation,
especially on the issues affecting my nation,
even when the certificate I got at my graduation
could not even compensate the fee for my education.

Politicians with their ambitions
using all means to get our attention
and at every election
when they win and get the position
they are always found guilty of corruption.

If we have the best vegetation,
why should our children die of starvation?
Many of them living without an accommodation,
yet politicians could afford ten mansions
at different locations.

How I wish the amendment of our constitution
be the priority of the people in charge of the legislation,
so that our government institutions
across the federation
are administered in the right direction.

See a lady caught in fornication
shouting “I have an explanation”
it’s my country’s poverty condition,
that led me into prostitution

We live in a world of civilization,
and inside your bedroom, you get all the information.
And at the close of work, when I go for relaxation,
I tune in to Channels Television
“Breaking news; fuel price increased again by the GEJ-led administration.

Shattered is our hope with expectation
when it experiences prolongation
but the only way to get the realization
of our restoration
is to be part of the revolution.

Many leaders are crazy in their demonstration.
Lies and deceits are their major occupation.
Always living only for their own satisfaction.
And when it’s time to present their documentation,
they have no answers to many questions.

In the book of revelation
I read about the great tribulation,
and I got an assertion
that all deeds shall be subjected to justification,
and all evil doers will never escape the retribution.

To God, we must give all appreciations,
for giving us the best habitation,
never heard of any volcanic eruption.
Even when natural disaster flooded some countries to destruction,
just go visit Haiti for verification.

Oh my people perish for lack of vision.
But in my trance I saw a great destination.
The picture of the new Nigeria gave me the inspiration,
and here I am to give everybody the motivation
that it’s time to possess our possession!




Minna, Nigeria
Twitter @fEMIoWOLABI










Who shall narrate our chronicles?

Of the times we lived in huts and caves

Wrapped in leaves as the elements battered our delicate skins

Fashioned tools and weapons with stones and sticks

Conquered beasts and terrains with our bare hands

Created communities and appointed leaders from amongst us

Buried our children as they died of unknown diseases

Vainly battled against malevolent forces

Our futile sacrifices to dead gods recursively unacknowledged

Our voodoo and jinxes ineffective




Who shall narrate our chronicles?

Of our capture and imprisonment on our own soil

By the fair-pigmented demon

Our exile to an unknown land

Forced to work amidst canes of sugar and apples of pine

Our ingestive apertures sealed with impenetrable latches

As we built modern “Babel towers,”

Died within the rows and ridges

Buried enmass in colossal doors in the floor

Correctively raped by our depraved taskmasters

Ironically modeled into gladiators for their pleasure

As we toiled amidst blood and sand in the arena much to their sick delight




Who shall narrate our chronicles?

Of our return from ostracism

The demise of our valiant heroes

Whose candor and nerve contributed to their expiration,

Our reclamation of our isolated domains,

The rebuildings and recoveries of seized territories,

Our struggles and tussles for total freedom from our bleached captors

Our plots and coups against the hands of tyranny,

Our amalgamation and unification after relentless toil,

As the white-green striped emblem danced in the skies.

The replacement of our conquerors with our liberators,

Those we put all our hopes in.

Their betrayal and perfidy

As our costs of living soared calamitously.

Our security degenerated to a new low.




Who shall narrate our chronicles?

Of the upheaval by the camoflagued warlords,

The penetration of government echelons by smart illiterates,

The silence in the streets of all and sundry,

The hushed whispers in chambers and closets,

The cries, torture and deaths in prison cells,

The satirical lyrics by the brave panted crusader,

his euphony and message striking a chord.

The spicy words of the brilliant white-haired intellectual,

As he voiced his disapproval time and again

The hangings and slaughters of the martyrs

As the powers that be rotated the control amongst themselves.




Who shall narrate our chronicles?

Of the return of the flowing garment to supremacy

After the demise of the apple-munching fiend

and the completion of a solar revolution by the meek legionnaire.

Of the wastes and mismanagements

Draining away our hopes and expectations

The exponential augmentation of living costs,

The scarcity of the once abundant energy fuel,

The hikes in prices of the previously abundant grains

The corruption and infiltration by sensational high-ranking petty thieves,

The passing of “The Umbrella” from idiot to fool to buffoon,

The kidnaps and tussles in the South

The cries for liberation in the East

The voiceless dependence on prayers in the West

The bombings and beheadings in the North

The pointless agendas and policies

The incessant Massacre of the lingua franca by the Queen Bee

The continued martial hold on the nation by a fearsome trio

The mishaps and strifes and rituals.




Who shall narrate our chronicles?

When finally we cease to be

When all that’s left is dust and smoke

Our lands finally blown apart

Our culture completely disintegrated

And aliens our lands gradually rebuild

Who shall be left to tell these stories?

And who indeed shall be left to listen?




Oreoluwa Aboluwarin

Abeokuta Nigeria

I blog at

Join me on twitter: @oreoluwade




I watched the tears form a mist in his glasses as he struggled to keep the tears from falling. His attempt to put up a brave front failing completely in that brief moment of human frailty. I felt pity for him; my own hardened demeanour softening with this display of affection. Concerned for him, I stopped what I was doing to focus on him.


The patient was his wife. She lay there, a shadow of a human being, her skeletal structure easily envisioned, as if trying to liberate itself from underneath her pale, sagging skin. She groaned in acute pain, vomiting continuosly.


He wasn’t. Amazingly, they had been married several years despite being a young couple. Their last child was six. All three children were also HIV negative. My attention went back to him, with a new found respect and admiration, I saw the love in his eyes as he looked upon his sick wife, I noticed the gentle way he had cared for her while in the hospital, and now this, tears. Tears of fear; the woman whom he loves wasn’t getting any better despite being on drugs.

When did she contract the virus? How did she contract it? Most importantly, how had the children and more especially, the husband escaped from being infected?

Unfortunately, this is not an article about how some individuals are naturally immune to the HIV virus despite adequate exposure to it (scientifically proven).

The love of a husband who sticks with his wife in her time of greatest need, who stands by her despite public ridicule, who loves her despite imperfections; and who will stick with her come what may. A husband who refuses to be judgemental but accepts his fate knowing there are no guarantees in life.

I did what little I could to allay their fears and concerns; I even told the story of the lady with HIV and TB who got better just to reassure them. As they left, a new found hope in their eyes, I learnt a valuable lesson about life.

So are you for better or worse?


Dr Erhumu

Lagos, Nigeria.
Writes on
@drerhumu on Twitter



I beat with unrivalled passion, and when I sing

Heavens drop by to play the talking drums

The blood in my arteries is green and fire flows through my veins

I make my home with eagles and I only beat in the chest of the magnificent

I keep them proud and tall,

I make them walk where angels fear to tread,

I am never broken, I am never shaken.

My name is FEARLESS…I am a Nigerian heart!!!

By: Okang Ashiwel

©In His Steps Magazine, March/April 2011


The first day I read that poem, shivers went down my spine. It is so short and yet so deep. It strikes a chord in the heart of a true born Nigerian. If you have been around recently in the country, you will understand better. Make no mistake, I don’t mean to say that any Nigerian outside the country is not true born, but only those in the country might be able to relate better to what I am saying.

Reading through this wonderful poem, I ask myself this “what happened to the Nigerian heart?” What happened to the heart that protects values? What happened to the heart that cherishes life? Yes life!!! The Nigerian Heart I know cherishes life. It hungers and thirst after self-preservation. What happened?

I go to bed every night wondering; can we actually have a FEARLESS Nigerian heart? Can we have a heart with all the qualities stated out in this poem? Then my mind wanders off to the Nigerian national pledge. I wonder how many of you guys can still recite it. The words in it are not much but they are strong. The words are binding and deep. I wonder if we have ever taken time to meditate on it. These are words that meant to inform us on our role in building this great nation. Let’s take a look at some excerpts”… to be faithful, loyal and honest… to SERVE Nigeria with ALL my strength… to DEFEND her unity and UPHOLD her honour and glory”. When you serve, you lay down what your ambitions are and pick up the ambition of what will benefit the majority. With all your strength implies with everything you have. It means with all that’s within you. It implies selflessness to reach a common goal of Peace and progress. Now when we say to defend her unity, it means to fight against anything that will rip the core of the country apart. It includes fighting corruption and malpractices in our own little way. Charity begins at home they say, this means you need to have yourself informed and adopt the right mentality. You need to have the building called self renovated and maintain it. Free yourself from mental slavery, break from the norm, stand out and surpass (ok that was from Hip Hop world Award 2011 but you get the drift. It takes determination and the right frame of mind to make this work. It is a Fearless Nigerian heart that can only stand up for what is right and fight the corruption in high places sometimes at the risk of one’s life and freedom. The fearless Nigerian hear will with FAITH defend the UNITY of this country as we aim for PEACE and PROGRESS.

So I ask today where are the brave ones? Where are the ones who are ready to go all out for the Fatherland? Where are the people who refuse to let the labours of our heroes past be in vain? Where are the ones ready to yield to the call of Nigeria??


Okikiola R. Oladele

Ilorin, Nigeria.

Writes on

@DonOkizle on twitter





You could hear a pin drop on the Assembly ground as the principal hollered “Are you deaf? Who ordered the students to boycott their meals?

“I did sir” responded Joshua.

“Then you must be punished for this. I will make you a scapegoat and teach you a lesson you will never forget.” The principal growled. ‘Get me a cane’.

As he raised his hands to whip Joshua on his buttock, a murmur spread through the student body gradually increasing in tone, till the chant reverberated through the assembly. “Free Joshua” they chanted, “Give us good food!” As if on cue, all the students surrounded the principal and mobbed him, intending to toss him into the pit latrine. “Let him go” Joshua cried, but his plea fell on deaf ears.

The whole school was shut down for three months and Joshua was expelled and barred from going to any other school in Nigeria for the next two years. It was very devastating for Joshua.

What led to all this? The beans served for dinner was too watery and Joshua decided to do something about it as the head boy.

The hypothetical scenario painted above is a common practice among Nigerian youths either as leaders or followers. Whenever disputes arose between two parties especially the leaders and the lead, we always resorts to all sorts of irrational means to drive home our point. The worst of it all is that these means apart from causing long term damages; they end up producing results that never lasts.

Majority of us believe that our leaders only listen when our demand assumes violent dimension. Although this may be true to some extent, but that also goes to tell about the quality of leaders we have amongst those that govern over us, which in most cases are a manifestation of what they learnt and practiced over the years.

Obviously, there is a dearth of quality leaders in the right positions in Nigeria and this applies to leadership at all levels and strata in the society. Our corporate and political climate is full of examples of inadequate and ineffective leadership.

Every leader is a follower and every follower is a leader in his or her own right. If you are not a leader in your state, you may be in your local government, community or even family. If as a follower in your local government, you resort to violence against your local government Chairman, what will be your fate when your followers turn against you as their leader in your community?  We must learn to dialogue and resolve differences so that the atmosphere that may birth violence would not be encouraged. Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.”

Leaders are not born, they are made and made through the things they learn and practice. We cannot make good leaders when as followers, we resorted to violence. We cannot expect our followers to be responsible if we had not been responsible when we were followers to some other leaders. If we want to be effective in leadership, we need to be open to new ideas, insights and revelations that can lead to better ways of accomplishing goals. “We need to understand that there are pitfalls in leadership and these pitfalls are what we would be able to avoid with the leadership capacity we develop over time.

These attributes were exactly what Joshua, the charismatic and unassuming head boy in the hypothetical scenario described above lacked. Needless to say that what he did was not the wisest thing to do in that circumstance. All he needed was the right skill set in engaging the authorities as well as keeping his colleagues calm, yet focused on their need against the outcome of his decision. Therefore, we must learn and practice all that is required to be good leaders so that we can be role models to our generation and generations yet unborn.


Abubakar S. Usman

Writes on and

@abusidiqu on twitter Abuja, Nigeria


Our Pastors are Celebrities


In the real sense of it, this vignette is not meant to sarcastically dissect the sheer psychosis assailing many a political pastor and pastor (Mrs.), but to metaphorically, as corrosive as it may be, inundate any discerning reader with the shaming stasis progress in Nigeria. But note this; the writer is a moderate Christian.


Happenings and happenstances have shaped the inexhaustible vortex of human existence in Nigeria including the variegated events in the political front, the virulent and ravaging display of impunity of our dear politicians, the crippling sycophancy of Nigerians, the conflicting contradictions inherent in our governing policies, as well as the clear vacuity on which Nigeria stands precariously.

Our pastors, because they cannot beat them, they have blindly joined them. With large market size and favourable market fluctuations, the church enterprise is becoming irrefutably more profitable as plenteous people are jostling to get divine tickets into the Kingdom of God. Consequently, pastors have been infected dangerously by the disease of self-aggrandizement ravaging the defective minds of the tin-horn messiahs unfortunately at the corridors of power of the Nigerian entity, possibly christened by Lord Lugard’s mademoiselle, Flora Shaw, in the very heat of one of their innumerable nights of emotional tête-à-têtes.

The mushrooming churches around, the manipulated display of miracles on screens, continued defeated prophesies, television and radio advert placements, magazine advert placement, display of pastor and pastor (Mrs.) in a manner that suggests that the pastors are models on bill boards, increasing emergence of open wave market-based churches and among others, are signs that our self anointed pastors are in for real business enterprise. Behold, the end time is here!

My oeuvre should not be pooh-poohed as mere balderdash to glibly rubbish the reputation of some Nigerian pastors. But my point is clear, with no hyperbolic intent, majority of the Nigerian self anointed pastors are in for profitable church business enterprise. You will need to take trips round Lagos and Port Harcourt to see them. It is very funny when you find five different churches using five shops built side by side. Imagine a shop-church of 10 members having a big bill board displaying the pastor and pastor (Mrs.) of the church. Imagine such shop-church booking advert placement in social magazines.

Imagine the pastors and pastors (Mrs.) of some churches ordaining some self-made religious members as pastors and pastors (Mrs.) even without any calling from God. They often argue that God’s anointing would come later. But has God’s anointing become so loose? When has it become a norm for churches to advertise in newspapers? When has it become a norm for pastors and pastors (Mrs.) to model on bill boards for their churches? When, I mean when has it become a norm for pastors to claim the place of God? I stand to be pilloried; I think some of our pastors can pass for celebrities who are always scrambling to get noticed on the social front. Lucidly put, the end time is here, not soon!

The issues I raised are clear. Truth be told, I consider some of the dispositions of some self-made, self-anointed, self-called, self-directed pastors and pastors (Mrs.) including those hiding under the aegis of awaiting anointing, as abhorrent to scriptural provisions. My message is clear; such pastors and pastors (Mrs.) are usually graceless and end up as footnotes in the colossal book of human history. For according to Abubakar Gimba ‘s Trail of Sacrifice, “a hen that lays eggs in secret places cannot deceive the world for long that she doesn’t”.


Jonah Ayodele Obajeun, Lagos.


Twitter handle: @Obajeun




Genuinely, I am fascinated by the lives that politicians lead. There is a defining class and poshness to their lifestyle. That is if you are a politician that has close links with the party in power. It really doesn’t matter the party, as long as you are tied to the apron strings, you are welcome to the party.

Posh cars and perfumed air; exotic spirits and exotic girls; long convoys and armed escorts; iphones, blackberries and all manner of smart phones. Tall, ego and short manners. In this club, your principal is your god and the source from whom all blessings flow and to whom one must stay connected.

Long on promises and only a few have their words as bonds. On the road, they move swift and loud. Tires screech and dust fills the air. You get patronage if you are in the service delivery business. Do not be fooled, this is not service to the people. It is duty to self, family and all those in their food chain.

If you are a Local government boss, the chairman of a board or an assistant-special or senior doesn’t really matter, a commissioner or an adviser in any capacity, you are in the league. This league; play it big and you are a slow learner if you do not have a huge appetite.

There are phone numbers you must have and patronages you must quickly see to. You ought to know the journalists that cover the major circulating newspapers and their colleagues in the electronic media. You are smart if you wield some influence with the chief-of-staff and strike ties with the rank and file of the police force. The DPO in your locality, the area commands and the office of the CP must be within your radar. It’s a wise investment for the day you need to show teeth and prowl like a lion.

Your local church is a vital constituency. Your pastor and his family must be able to feel the government in power. Prayers are more spontaneous and potent when they flow from a merry heart, you know. If you are blessed with the aura of carriage and have a wife that has some swag, you successfully create the mystery effect.

Politics is a brand. The Nigeria brand is class, ‘my belle’, ‘our belle’, allocation sharing, anticipatory budget approvals and sleaze, sleaze and more sleaze. I am really fascinated, albeit with a ‘belle turning’ frown.

Osarumwense N. Igbinogun
@drigbinogun on twitter

Benin Nigeria



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Dying to live
Dying to live again
Trying to reach
Climbing to meet
Mind preached dreams
Dying to live
Not as it is
Silver linings like dark shades
Mistakes like mirrors
Feedback’s undelayed
Dying to live
Chance at life again
To puzzle-fix again
Piece broken mirrors again
A shot at gain again
Dying to live
To breathe again
To leap before look
To make valleys mountian tops
To taste gratitude instant
Willing to give
Not the right arm
But sweat and toil
And for all it’s worth
To die to live again
DJ Imaralu

FEAR DROP #SuperBloggers by @thenaijaseer


Her exotic face and prominent breast dazzled me when I’d barely survived the demise of a relationship that almost killed me.
I tried getting her attention but she didn’t notice me, then the stalking began.
I found out her name was Ejiro and she ran an NGO called ‘Fear Drop’ through which she championed the causes of battered women.
At twenty-six, without a university degree, she ran a successful business, took care of her diabetic mother and paid her siblings tuition fees.
Her popularity grew as she encouraged more women to speak up against violence but I felt helpless that my affection couldn’t grow on her.
Her creepy aura kept me at bay – a flaw I suspected kept her single – and I wasn’t sure I could penetrate her firewall. Still I followed her.
I volunteered to walk with her in her campaign against violence, keeping a safe distance as I strategized. More than once I caught an affluent elderly man stare at her like a scavenger and that was when I knew I had to drop my fears.
That night I mustered courage and walked to her house but was already beaten to it by that same elderly man from nowhere. I watched, pleasantly surprised, from my hideout as she yelled at him holding the door ajar.
‘Go to hell where you belong’
‘I love you’ he said and she banged the door in his face.
He went to his parked jeep and drove away. As he disappeared I said to myself that should he show his face again, he would be seeing her in my embrace. So I went to prepare.
Ten days later I stood at her door in my tuxedo with a rose in my hand, about to knock and decided against it. I turned the knob and sneaked inside to surprise her.
Barely inside, I heard her footstep as she walked to the sitting room. ‘Who is there?’
I quickly hid myself and kept quiet.
‘It’s me Ejiro’ I heard a baritone voice answered from outside.
My heart began to beat like a locomotive engine as I watched her open the door revealing that same intruder. She stepped aside and allowed him inside. I got surprised instead.
‘Thank you for having me’ his voice quivered ‘I know I don’t deserve a second chance ’ ‘Everyone deserves a second chance’ she replied, ‘and I deserve one too’
‘But you’ve done nothing wrong’ he said.
‘I failed myself’ she continued ‘I got too busy and did not notice the lump’
‘I don’t understand’ he looked confused.
‘I have cancer’
‘Don’t blame it on God, I was carefree but I will survive this like mum, my sisters and I survived your betrayal -’
‘I am very sorry ’
‘Just so you know dad, I cannot help you win their forgiveness; it’s your cross’ he nodded.
After a moment silence, she spoke again.
‘By next tomorrow I will have one breast left’ she smiled weakly.
‘A surgical operation will be performed on my left breast to remove the malignant tumor to prevent a spread of the disease’ she started crying as her father cuddled her, his eyes watery.
No way! I screamed but she didn’t hear me as usual. Just like my last lover whom I was severed from surgically, I was about to lose another lover, leaving me a loser again. I don’t care if they call me cancer or malignant, I only care about winning this fight as I recoiled back into my position in her left breast.
Richard Odilu



Where is our pride and integrity as Nigerians?
Almost every day the Nigerian passport is merely an object of disrespect and suspicion to Immigration officers and law enforcers all over the world. Thousands of Nigerian business men and women fail to seal international deals, Nigerian youths outside our shores are seen as fraudsters and now terrorists. Where is our pride and integrity as Nigerians?
By our policies of always putting square pegs in round holes, We started this year with a policy, subsidy removal on PMS, a policy that has been successful in other nations including our neighbour Ghana. But, the integrity of our government is so bad that the citizens have lost faith in their abilities. Protests followed in the wake of the subsidy removal as many youths took to the streets to clamor for change. What did we get? Deaths of innocent youths. Army personnel were deployed enmasse to lagos in a bid to quash innocent protests while the north where Boko Haram have wrecked havoc was left porous. Anytime the issue of corruption worldwide is talked about, Nigeria is always a case study, to draw hypothesis and make conclusions on. Why won’t we be? The Halliburton case, Ibori’s case,Governor Alameseigha’s and recently, the aruma oteh -denbe &co show are interesting for the world to see.
We have no intelligence network to effectively combat terrorism in our country yet our armies are sent on peace keeping all over the continent. Boko Haram issue, due to our government lack of purpose and direction has now become a nationwide threat, with the Christmas day bombings, pushing our sluggish government to declare a state of emergency in some states in the north. A suspect of the sect was found in a governor’s lodge in Abuja and prominent Nigerians were fingered as sponsors of the sect but as usual,the whole matter was fizzled out, showing how insincere, wicked and untrustworthy some of our leaders are. Ethnic, religious and  now political crises, kidnappings and recent death of some foreign expatriates in the country have sparked off diplomatic rows. Even South Africa has deported a lot of Nigerians this year. The president claims there is a cabal looting proceeds from oil but they have not been brought to book.
Millions of Nigerian youths take to the internet to dupe investors as a result, genuine business deals are getting impossible day by day. We give everything corrupt a funky name, making it seem natural to people. Trust is now extinct as we believe what we see. Religious and ethnic classes have to degenerate into the killing of thousands before we decide to act. Different bodies have been set up to check corruption. From War against Indiscipline and Corruption (WAIC) to Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC), what has been the success story? The Justice Mustapha Akanbi’s led ICPC did virtually nothing to redeem Nigeria’s image. The corruption they wanted to eradicate eradicated them. WAIC just died as soon as it was born. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCC) is here. At least something happened under Nuhu Ribadu despite claims of political influences. His Succesor, Farida Waziri must also be commended for leaving behind the main corruptors in government and corporate bodies to go after the” yahoo-yahoo” boys. Now, she has made way for a new boss, Ibrahim Larmode, who is already been fingered as part of the wicked and greedy Nigerians siphoning pensioners hard-earned monies. Is it safe to say that what happened to WAIC, ICPC and even HRVIC will still happen to EFCC?
We are doing “Father Christmas” for other countries while our own country is being run aground by misadministration, bad leadership and corruption of the highest order. Yet, it’s not too late to salvage what is left of our pride and integrity. It’s not too late; our pride and integrity is at stake.
by Osagiede Nicholas
• @nykelodeon via twitter

THE SECRETS OF POWER #SuperBlogger by @oeumeka


Knowledge they say is power and it’s true even unto the spiritual realm. This universe was created by God in law and order so believe it or not, nothing has changed since then just our understanding or the limitation to information or knowledge we possess and that is what makes the difference. This goes to say that just as we have certain laws and principles like law of gravity, theories and its like, so also are these things applied to the spiritual realm.

If it were not so, what other explanation can we give to the rain maker that actually prevents or makes rain to fall when he wants? How come people who engage in money rituals can transform sacrifices to money? How can people make themselves invisible to bullets and knife or metal cuts?

The simple answer is the knowledge of the laws and its application. God is the supreme one, the alpha and omega, the all knowing one that is why He ranks supreme. On the other hand, the angels and other heavenly beings have limited knowledge even the Devil. Little wonder why there is a limit to the things they can do. If only for everyone, our spiritual eyes were opened then would we see things in a whole new light and do things beyond our wildest imagination. Take for instance a confession from a friend who had a relationship with lady from the marine world. One day she was able to manipulate and enter his dream, give him a particular leaf from a plant that in reality grows in front of his house and groundnut to chew and his spiritual eyes opened. In reality, he was able to do it and it worked. He could see things for what they truly are .He was able to discover both humans and spirits moving around in school back in the days.

In summary, what I am trying to portray is the fact that everything happening in this world is according to law and order and if you want things done in a way beyond your imagination, you have got to know these laws and apply them and you will see it work. God has not altered anything since after creation. The pool of knowledge of the laws is out there and anyone who can lay a hold on it can manipulate it to his/her advantage. These are the reasons why spiritual forces manipulate humans, use them as medium to manipulate people for example the ‘JUJU Priest’ who can see and prepare charms of various sort.

Olisa Umeka



With the advent of mobile phones, the internet and other swift means of communication,interactions among the 7 billion people on earth have increasedBefore visiting Kenya, Iknew about its rich wildlife and some of her notable leaders via the Internet.

Globalization to Birdsall (1999) is the trend of increasing integration of economies in terms not only of goods and services, but of ideas, information and technology which has tremendous potential benefits for developing countries.” We cannot deny the fact that the world has gone global but yet again, for developing nations of the world, focusing on Africa this time, it has done us more harm than good courtesy of leaders who lack vision.For over almost two decades now, we have been singing about REFORMS! Be it political, financial or otherwise.

On market reforms, we have to liberalize trade, privatize public corporations and liberalize our financial system. Trade liberalization makes economies more competitive; generate new labour-intensive jobs in agriculture and manufacturing, provides cheaper imports, reducing the consumption costs for the urban poor who unlike the rich use most of their income for consumption. Unfortunately, this widens the wage gap between the educated and uneducated, especially in developing countries. Privatizing government institutions that have created an inefficient monopoly and ran basic services like power, water and telecommunications for many years was imperativePrior to privatization, publicly managed institutions were in debt and their services were ineffective. The rich had access to water to fill their swimming pools while the poor paid more to purchasefrom private trucks. African nations are handicapped by weak institutions, lack oftransparency, and high concentrations of economic and political power, which ruined the privatization processIn the financial sector, those who already have assets, control this sector thereby starving the informal sector comprising of small-scale businesses the requisite funds for growth. This tends to increase the concentration of wealth again among the powers that be. In Kenya, they call them “cartels” and in Nigeria “cabals”.

With the economic recession and current EURO crisis, developing nations feel the heat the most. African nations export similar products (mostly raw materials) and scramble for the same export market, which has greatly depleted our foreign exchange earnings. An average citizen of Greece will remain in Athens than take a vacation to see the beautiful safaris of Kenya. African nations are forced to introduce austerity measures, which they literally CANNOT implement. Nigerians will recall the fuel subsidy debate that grounded the economy in the early part of 2012. Government failed on his part to put in place palliatives to cushion the effect of the ‘so-called’ subsidy removal.

This evil of globalization boils down to lack of political will on the part of our leaders.Instead of seeking foreign investment, our leaders go about seeking foreign banks to invest their loot. Our focus must be to strengthen institutions to fight corruption, distribute wealth equitably, INVEST HEAVILY IN HUMAN CAPITAL, infrastructure, and massive employment generation through industrialization. African nations should put in place frameworks to trade among her over ONE BILLION people and stop the habit of begging for foreign aid or grants.

We should learn to make sacrifices and not live beyond our means. Success is not a destination and is not measured by material wealth. We take pride in consuming foreign goods and forget that we are exporting employment and killing our local economiesIn football, after 90minutes regulation time comes the “injury time”. We can make a difference in this “injury time” of our existence.

God bless Africa.

Anthony Ebitimi Owei

Writes on

@TeeWhyOwei on twitter

MY NIGERIAN UTOPIA #SuperBloggers by @Hardeyi


Lagos-Ibadan Expressway,South-West Nigeria.
My road trip with my wife of forty (40) years and three of our six grandchildren was finally over. I looked over at my wife in the passenger seat as she slept and snored lightly. In the back seat of our SUV were the grandchildren, all asleep. I smiled at myself and thought what a lucky man I am. As I was smiling, it dawned that I am not as lucky as my grandchildren. They are a part of this huge family and of course they are lucky to have been born at a time like this.
I changed the function of the sound system of the SUV from CD to radio and a classic song from Tuface, a member of the defunct Plantation Boiz and the first Nigerian to win a Grammy came on. My grandchildren call it old folks music. It is better than what they listen to today.
The song is cut short when an announcement from the Power Holding Corporation of Nigeria (PHCN) is read out by the radio presenter. It is to alert the residents of Lagos State of a 30 minute power outage tomorrow morning between 8am and 8:30am due to maintenance work. When I was growing up, having uninterrupted power supply for 6 hours was a miracle but just last month, Nigeria celebrated 3 years of uninterrupted power supply.
The siren of the police van behind startled me back to life. I remember years back, when Twitter was the social network to be on, my followers will tweet so many jokes at the Nigerian Police. These days,everyone is full of compliment for them. They recently solved the murder of an ordinary man who did not have money nor power. They are indeed our best friend.
One of my grandchildren woke up and told me he had to use the toilet. I asked him if he could wait for another five (5) minutes before we get to the nearest petrol station. He nodded his head. Crude oil our major source of income before our economy diversified and agriculture was encouraged. Even though we still make money from it, the economy of the nation is no longer solely dependent on the proceeds from the export of crude oil. Agriculture, according to the statistics released by the National Bureau of Statistics contributed about 30% to our GDP. We have finally succeeded in eliminating the influence of the cabal on the price of petrol has we now have 6 world class refineries in the country and the price of petroleum products dropped drastically in the last 10 years.
We got to the petrol station, the attendant is an Hausa man. Seeing him reminded me of the menace of Boko Haram which we had to put up with for a while before God intervened. Today we no longer hear of bomb blast in the Northern parts of Nigeria. Peace and calm has been restored. I took my grandchild to use the toilet.
When I got back, my wife was awake. She got out of the car to stretch her legs. She asked me if I have used my medications. Oh my God! She worries so much. She is worse than my late mother. I had a heart bypass some few years back and I have been on medications since then. The whole operation was performed here in Nigeria by Nigerians. There was no complication during or after the operation. I used my medications just to get my wife to relax. I love her so much. She still looks as cute as she did when we met.
We got into the car and as I continued driving, I realized that Nigeria had come a long way and the only way we can is to move forward. Our economy which is one of the top ten in the world will keep growing. Our future is bright.
Twitter Handle is @Hardeyi

I’M TURNING AROUND/RESENTMENT #SuperBloggers by @debukunolami


I’m Turning Around

Job didn’t curse God, even when there seem to be no hope, he held unto his faith. And because he didn’t curse God, God gave him ten times what was taken from him.

In any critical situation you find yourself, don’t go back on your faith. Hold on to God because He carries us in the most turbulent times of our lives. When our soul is troubled, when we have no money, what to wear, drink or eat, we should always realise that God is always there. We have a living God.

God is ever so faithful and gracious, we should give our hearts to Him. If God is in your boat, He’s going to turn your situations around. All you need do is just to give Him a chance to sit in your boat. God’s methods might be confusing but His motives are always right. If it is God, impossibility is not tied to it. Rise up and say to yourself “I’m turning around.

If you were rejected in the past, you’ll be respected in the future. RememberGod is your voice in silence and your light in darkness.

By @debukunolami


Resentment is when you’re hurt by situations or people and you don’t come into terms with the person or that situation. Resentment eats deep into the heart, it kills both physically and spiritually. When we get hurt, we cover it with resentment because it sets us in a position that makes us think we are in control of situations. It is like sratching ourselves when we get an itch, the relief is pleasant but only an alternative to the irritation. Lingering resentment reduces us to sour, morose and damaged souls.

Resentment puts the whole physical and mental system to war. It makes one physically ill and tires one out. Most sick people are dying because of resentment, until they let go. They can’t get well. “A heart at peace gives life to the body but envy rots the bones”. This could also be said of resentment. Get rid of resentment before it gets rid of you.

Resentment may not be as a result of what you’re eating but what is eating you. No one can afford to carry resentment, it takes too much of a toll. You chew your tongue when you chew on resentment.

By @debukunolami

CONVERSATION WITH MY FATHER #SuperBloggers by @skarjar



MAGAI: But Dad I thought Democracy was the government of the people by the people for the people?. This process starts from the party level where the nominees are elected by the delegates after campaigning and presenting their manifestos and visions.

DAD: yes son indeed that is Democracy. Why the questionsince you understand the concept to a “T”?

MAGAI : It is because I am perplexed by the just concluded primary of the ruling Privileges and Dominance Party (PDP). I was excited to see a younger person being touted as the candidate for the zoned leadership of the party. But my excitement has been turned to confusion at the just concluded primaries where an antiquity from a different zone was chosen to lead the party in his stead.

DAD: Well that is the type of democracy termedpeedeepocracy. It is just that which is determined by the president that is crowned despite the peoples mandate. It is a system of imposition of candidates by those in authority because they are omnipotent and know more than you as an ordinary citizen.

MAGAI: But Dad if this is done at the party level is it not an indication that the people will also not matter in a general election as the same process is likely to be repeated on a larger scale?.

DAD: Why yes son, indeed you show an understanding of these issues despite your youth. I am proud.

MAGAI: I am worried about this, because we could be slaves in our own country without knowing it eventually, or even worse a state of anarchy could occur and the situation in themiddle east we witness day in day out could be our reality in the near future.

DAD: Indeed that is true but you fail to remember that we are already on the brink. Have you forgotten the group propagating a new system and new nation already in the cattle rearing region? Or the ones that claim the Oil is their birthright alone in the delta? The situation is grim.

MAGAI: What have you done to save me from this peril? I am scared I may never have it as good as you. Not to think of my children or their children.

DAD: Well boy I pray for you often.

MAGAI: Prayer? Prayer alone does not suffice, why do you not use your voice to speak against this injustice or join the opposition to weed out this malaise?

DAD: Dear boy politics is too dirty I cannot endure the mudslinging. You better steer clear of it I warn you.

MAGAI: Dad I love you but I shall disobey you. This is a fight that must be fought. I would rather die trying to live than live trying to die. If we do not stand up to these confusedlootocrats the air we breathe will one day be rationed and we may have to pay for it with our blood. I sang that one day I would be the leader of tomorrow in my elementary days but the leaders of yesterday refuse to move and allow my glory to be crowned. The time is now. I know today and have nopromise of tomorrow. I shall find a way to make a difference. THE TIME TO START IS NOW!!! .

@skarjar is a Nigerian youth tired of the status quo. Tweets occasionally when there is the need.

RICHEST BUT UNKNOWINGLY POOR #superbloggers @yusufamoke


Aliko Dangote is a household name as long as Nigeria is concerned, he was announced the richest man in Nigeria, subsequently in Africa and most recently, the richest black man on earth.

Even at this, the Dantata family view him as a boy in terms of riches. Closely followed by the kano Emirate, in particular, the Emire himself HRH Ado Bayaro. The Abacha family (Mohammed Abacha) is another rich dude with undisclosed amount of wealth, which even the almajiri on the street recognises. 

These individuals are only but few dudes in kano state who are wealthy beyound there own imagination, yet, hundreds of thousands of there immediate and far neighbours sleep in hunger and in abject poverty. 

If these people were Rochas Okorocha of Imo state or Gani Fawehinmi of blessed memory, with there wealth, Kano would have been the dream land of every Nigerian. But unfortunately, eventhough they claimed to love kano so much, they have done little or nothing to touch the lives of kano people let alone the future of the unborn child. 

They don’t care about the education of the Kano child, unlike Chibuike Amechi of Rivers who with the resources he controls, has given new look to education. Rochas Okorocha was never a Governor when he biult schools across the six geopolitical zones of this country. Yet these so called richest people are doing virtually nothing to put there state in the right direction let alone the country.

No qualitative Education, No more groundnut pyramid, No good health care delivery, no pipe born water, dead and continuing decaying Industries, high unemployment rate etc. Yet it’s the home to the Richest black man on planet Earth. What a shame. May ALLAH GOD bless NIGERIA. @yusufamoke

IMMINENT CONFUSION #SuperBloggers by @reMOHdified


I was consumed by the ambiguity of my dreams,
Consumed in the wilderness of reality,
Consumed in series of confusions,

Consumed in state of our living condition,

Conditions- apparent class distinction;

Confusion causing confused conclusions,

Conclusions resulting in pollution,

-Pollution to some ‘minds’- severing motivation,
Motivations to aid progression,
Progression of a ‘developmentally’ static nation,

-Pollution- fueling motivations,
To uphold ‘destructions’,
Destructions of lives, properties, only a few to mention,

more confusion!

Confused while penning this piece,
Confusingly piecing up the pieces-
Of pieces 
of little fragments found of the glory of our nation,
Glory stripped by the greed of our leaders,
Politicking on us,
Pocket-picking in public purse,
Lavishing the helpless’ lots;

many more confusion.

Confusion in our constitution,
Confusion in the legislators contributions,
Contributions? or lack of it,
made out of desperations,
To enslave us in our own nation,
Corruption in every institution,

Confused youths take up arms and cause harms,
Confusingly hurting the helpless they’d wanted to protect,
Confused brothers hurting one another in desperation
To join the ‘A-club’,
And cause more confusion,
Consumed in the act, ‘confused’ it is right!

more confusion.

Confusion in worship places,
More confusion in religious circles,
Confusion in our careless translations of Gods words,
Confusingly killing one another in ‘unholy’ conflicts,
Conflicts confused- misconstrued as holy,

More conflicts and many more confusion,

Conflicts attributed to mother tongue variation;
– inter-tribal wars, land division,

segregation,minority marginalisation-
Hmmmn…. More confusion.

Confused citizens use arms in place of brains,
Confused heads leading confused legs,
Confused leaders chairing a confused nation, 
While trying to make sense of my confused state(s),
I drifted and lie in many more confusion!

Mohammad Dawodu @reMOHdified

THE DYNAMICS OF GOOD AND BAD #SuperBloggers by @richardchilee


                               THE DYNAMICS OF GOOD AND BAD



I have always been fascinated by all kinds of rules governing human behaviour but have decided to concentrate on the dynamics of good and bad. These concepts have since affected man from cradle, yet the answers seem elusive. The more man searches for the answers to these concepts, the more they elude him, like the horizon – an imaginary line that recedes you whenever you try to reach it.

While these concepts of good and bad seem elusive and ambiguous, one thing is certain; they largely depend on your perception as an individual. What is good for you may completely beabhorred by some other person and what is bad to you may completely be accepted by another individual irrespective of the stipulated standards of good and bad laid down by the society.    

The society creates laws which must be followed and obeyed by its member, anyone who goes contrary or fails to obey these laws is regarded as a non-conformist, a criminal and is required to face the wrath of the law by being incarcerated or punished by payment of fines.

Nowwhen a person is accused, tried and found guilty of, say, Corruption, he is expected to face the punishment which should serve as a deterrent to others who wish to partake in similar incident. This accused person is seen as bad person by the general public, he is scorned by all but his close family and friends. These people may have in one way or the other benefitted from the loot of thicorrupt individual, to them he is an angel, a good and providing parent to his family; a saviour, a good ally to his friends. What then do we say? There is now a tussle between good and bad between the friend, family and the general public.

Similarly, when a thief is arrested, condemned and sentenced because he a menace to the society, the people become happy, justice has prevailed. But do the family and friends of the criminal share the same opinion with the society? If he is our close friend or part of family, we become blinded by our emotion, we shut our eyes to the dangers this person can be to the society or how his act can negatively affect the lives of others, the police is no longer our friend. This happens because, as humans we are all affected by a string of mutual self interest, we try to look for every avenue to scramble for our own gain, we always try to push our own agendas not minding if we are stepping on others toes. We are always clouded by self aggrandizement; whatever we do to promote our own cause is good.

When next you see or hear that a person is condemned because of an act which is regarded as bad, do not be fast to criticize. This is not an excuse for some people’s extreme case of recidivism though. Instead take your time and get into the persons mind, try to see what the person sees and feel what the person feels. Think if this person is your friend or family – a condition which is known as mental transvestism. When this is done, it gives you a clearerperspective, it shapes your way of thinking, you are now in a position to judge if the act is good or bad. In the face of reality, a person can choose to go in either direction– to condemn or to defend, based on the proximity to the accused individual.  

By @richardchilee Richard Chilee



Why Nigeria Will Not Change Anytime Soon!

It’s almost certain you aren’t comfortable with my seemingly negative title. Of course, I’m not a prophet of doom neither do I desire anything less than great for my motherland, Nigeria. But outside our habitual tradition of ‘confessing positive’ and hoping, in futility, to harvest orange from our seed of lemon, I think its hightime we stopped fooling ourselves and stayed true to our future, if we really desire to have one.


Contrary to some widespread belief, transforming this long-overdue, under-developing country into a developed one isn’t an impossible task at all, but for the unfortunate circle of sturdily self-centered and greedy leaders our system keeps attracting.


Until we are able to create a system of government that only attracts dangerously passionate, selfless, successful and intellectually proven leaders of integrity who would align themselves with the same simple but proven principles that have transformed the economies of nations like Japan, South Africa, Ghana and the likes into enviable ones, our over-51-years journey to independence haven’t started.

A key government official recently told me our President is truthfully a man of integrity. Well I do not totally doubt that fact but, truth is, it takes much more than integrity. You never succeed as a leader just by sheer integrity, no matter the degree at which you possess same trait. 

Mind you, I’m not writing this piece in an attempt to join the league of those dedicated to laying blames on leaders, as I believe what Nigeria demands from us all is responsibility, and not just criticism. However, with the present cadre of power-struck positional leaders that fill our public offices, we sincerely aren’t ready for change. It is in view of this that I’m pointing the very few but major reasons why this country might just remain where it is, if not worse, in the nearest future.


Nigeria will NEVER attract true leaders until her public offices become financially unattractive. Ever wondered why election period is synonymous to shedding of innocent blood in this country? If the amount of killings and death recorded during our election period is anything to go by, then I leave you to determine the real motive behind the intentions of our rulers.


Only people who have been able to solve their personal problems should be allowed to lead.We all know that people can’t give what they don’t have. Yet we live in a nation where poor, ignorant souls, who are still struggling to make ends meet, are allowed to go into power with the major definite aim of amassing wealth just enough to last their 20th generations to come.

For instance, I sometime heard the wife of late General Sanni Abacha once said to the billionaire entrepreneur, Aliko Dangote, that even if Nigeria recovered all the funds stolen by her late husband, she still wouldn’t be as poor as Dangote. Nigerian Ex-Governor James Ibori, after being shamefully arrested for theft in a supermarket abroad, still went ahead stealing over $250m of the people’s money! Just one unscrupulous LEADER piling up such huge amount of money, adequate enough to forever transform thousands of lives! And the list goes on! I’m of the candid opinion that you can legitimately empower yourself in government without stealing a dime of the nation’s wealth. Proving that to you will be a discussion for another day.

You see, time and season may change, but principles never change. No nation has ever, or will ever, succeed beyond the quality of her leaders. While I love this nation with the whole of my heart, I dare say that we really won’t record meaningful progress anytime soon unless we rise up, risk our lives if it so demands, and change these future-altering dynamics at once.

IsaaOladipupo | @SoarNaija on Twitter | Website:

Lagos, Nigeria

AN APOLOGY TO SATAN #SuperBloggers by @obajeun



Dear Sir/Ma,

With gallivanting bravery, I write this to you; tormentor of the world, for a coward dies many times before his death but the courageous one tastes death once.

Who is this Satan?…

You are known as a confusionist. Before now, your skin colour is not known by many until the white man succeeded in painting you with black colour. The white man is often joyous to see us. He came to our land with his Missionary, he brainwashed us, or sometimes forced us to accept his culture, he made our mother tongues appeared archaic, he embedded inferiority chromosomes in our mental structures, and he freely preached the gospel of his superiority. Today, it appears as if the blacks are ugly, offspring of Satan and are refugees on earth.

Who is this Satan?…

Sir/Ma, without any undertone of rudeness, your sheer callousness, the foolhardiness and psychosis assailing many a political rulers in Nigeria, has led to the killing of the Nigerian dream. Your unwholesome magnanimity has for long been giving us Sodomonic leaders. Nigeria now has a political party that is thoroughly hobbled and incapable of any brilliant socio-political programmes; it has elevated blasé slogans and vacuous rhetoric into state policy such astransformation agenda amongst many more irritating shindigsIt also prides itself as the largest political party of soulless gangsters in Africa, overseeing transition to the docile Insular of Katsina, then to the divisionist president from Otuoke.

Who is this Satan?…

It is kill-joy to note that you have done no good for this my crawling nationonly if any good can come from you. For instance from up north to down south, Nigerians who are truly and sincerely bothered about the static state of the Nigerian society and the searing stasis that this has brought the whole nation into are not oblivious of the excruciatingly painful fact that our beloved country is violently adrift in the precipice of retrogression.

Who is this Satan?…

Sir/Mathe lawmakers you supported through your almighty scientific rigging machineries are happily dancing to a new melodious song of jumbo pay.  Happy are thou Sir/Ma, to let you know that we now have unpatriotic, and benighted bipeds as Ministers, Directors-General, and Chairmen on the already sorely impoverished Nigerians. They are all products of the absurd ‘take-a-bow’ sing-song of our hallowed chambers in their rudderless cocoon. It is even an open secret that in post-colonial Nigeria, the iron-cast law of steady decline in good governance, moral ethics and values, and international relevance is now in unhampered swing.

Who is this Satan?…

Watching the punches gnawing greedily at the heart of the country, makes me feel that you havetortured us for too long and too much. Sir/Ma, we are on the verge of declaiming with hardihood that Nigeria will forever be lost in the woods of undiluted regression in all spheres if we continue to have spent men and women directing the most crucial affairs of our country. However, it seems that you are happy with this.

Who is this Satan?…

Pardon me, for I owe you an apology for not pre-emptying you before daring your evil deals. So today, I will dare your evil mind. Let it get to your skull, your days are numbered, for 2015 will define your end. You will be stoned out by our votes and condemned to the pit. But before then, you have the chance now to start recalling all your agents from the National Assembly, Federal Executive Council, and Governors’ Forum, for 2015 may be too late. This is the battle I have been waiting for, for thou shall perish in the irrecoverable abyss of your evil. I regret any inconvenience this might cause you.

Who is this Satan? It is every evil man/woman tormenting the Nigerian dream.

Yours unfaithfully,

By: Jonah Ayodele Obajeun


Twitter: @obajeun

GEHENNA #SuperBloggers by @oreoluwade


I am by myself
Lonely as a jellyfish in a sizzling desert
Spinning in a fast-paced jerky mode.
My lights fading out.
I black out!

Opening my eyes
I find myself in unfamiliar terrain
Walking a strange course.
The skies an horrendous shade of purplish-pink.
I behold the strange impatience of the heavens,
I observe the darkening of the clouds
Threatening to pour down hot tar.
The cacophony of the skies
Heralding the first few drops of the corrosive rain
Geysers surging high
Stretching forth their fingers
In pleadings to the burst-dams of the firmament.
The wind hurling profanities at me
Declaring expletives
The noise gives way to a screaming silence
An eerie calm!
Silence known only in the depths of Sheol
Icy murkiness becomes my essence
I Walk for miles, not a soul in sight
Only the whispers of the wind for company
Treading on dried matter
Crust crackling with each step
My heartbeat mollifies me
As I trudge onwards in desolation.
Looking ahead, beautifully patterned lights catch my attention
What on earth?
Nightmares not dreams!
Unreal no longer surreal!
Homo-sapiens litter the streets,
Their forms dismal and disgusting.
Bodies shriveled,
Limbs sawn-out,
Mouths, chasms of gloom,
Crevasses of trapped muted cries
Jaundiced eyes, blackened teeth, broken noses,
Protruding bellies, impossibly contorted joints, smiley-frowny faces
Chattering indiscriminately
Not a single form of vegetation in sight
Annihilated structures,
Charred skeletons
Wrenched metals
Suspended macadams of death
Unfit, unstable
Thick layers of smoke and fog
Neon lights flicker

With tortured eyes
I see carnage, butchery, pogroms and holocausts
Humanoids floating in blood-baths
Carcass-eating Neanderthals
Blackened stains of blood on mirrored walls,
Mementoes of horrid disasters
The stench of death hangs about
Can hardly breathe.
Mind-boggling civilization
Alongside stupefying devastation


A mad rush, clamor of feet towards a levitating object!
The weak are trodden upon
In the likeness of a stampeding zombie herd
The object now dramatically transformed,
Into a gargantuan screen of brainwashing pixels
The horde mesmerized into hypnosis
Their jaws hung
Wide-eyed, their mouths drool
The swirling colours cease
A gloomy black envelopes the screen
The cursed pixels are reanimated
And what they show
Is the king of all horrors
It’s the time and date:
00:00, 29TH February, 2030.
Almost immediately the screen explodes
Shards of LEDs tear into the crowds
Dismembering bodies indiscriminately
A large piece bearing the numbers 2030 hurtling towards me
I will my limbs to turn, to run
I’m frozen now, the shrapnel isn’t
Floating and darkness!

I’m standing in the middle of the street,
A cab driver cursing me out
Loud honks filling the air
I stagger drunkenly to the sidewalk,
Muttering faint apologies to the impatient throng
My hip vibrates
I dig in, retrieving my cellphone
What catches my eye isn’t the caller ID
But the ‘13TH May, 2012’ flashing at the top right corner
I’d been jolted back to reality.
I inhale the fresh scented air
A far cry from the poisoned atmosphere of my couchemards
I had been on the other side of the wormhole.
I recognize the surroundings fairly
I’d been here only a few minutes ago
Howbeit, technologically superior and environmentally degraded
I’d seen evil and agony unimaginable on this very street,
La rue de despondent
Seen the effects of the errors of ages past,
Consequences of the misdeeds of modern times
I had walked the corridors of time.
Seen the looks of uncertainty and despair in every face I glared at
My assertion is harsh but sad veracity,
In man lies hope!
In man lies doom!
I have seen the future.
It is gehenna…


Oreoluwa Aboluwarin



Heathrow to Murtala.

Hmmm, so I finally leave England. I leave England after 18 months of rigorous study, self searching and jaw-dropping adventures. 18 months in England- a journey which had its ups and downs but never for once did I rigidly gaze focus only on an end so as not to let lessons en-route this journey pass me by. Its hails and its woes, its friends made and foes generated, its knowledge gained and ignorance given…every moment, I have loved it all. From moments of endless intellectual arguments in class, leading to freezing nights at the bus stop to house parties and bar nights, leading to police interrogations and warnings….I have surrendered to love it all. 

I leave England after 18 months with a Masters Degree, a Fellow of Chartered Public Relations Practitioners, a Resident Permit and endless abstract materials. These materials have formed opinions and I have concurred with myself, they are facts. Facts but yet so timid to squirt in words. To be modest, they have sprinkled on me a self aware individuality and enlightening self discovery. With these I evolve into Lagos; I evolve into the city I hold so dear, the city I was born, breed and brewed for twenty something years; to module experiences and knowledge gained from the West into improving my heartthrob- Lagos. If my character is noble and my choices attract formidable alliances, all I wish for and more for my heartthrob would be reality even more so, could also rub off on its sister states.  In third world countries, local community development is paramount and backbone to birthing a formidable or emerging economy. Local councils need consecutive climaxed attention so as to facilitate adequate living structures. They need mostly to support informal sector participants in their vecinities and rely strictly on community participation/engagement for policy formation and implementation. If such measures are drilled into localities, hardly can other societal ills cripple economy transformation. I have not only read but witnessed repeatedly how consistent and strong relationships between local citizens and local council representatives have helped transform societies into better economies. Its not fiction and so for my Lagos and her sister states, it can be reality.

With rigid hope “primarily” for transformation, I  fly into my heartthrob city. Then, I evolve to have a laugh at honking horns and curses in traffic…I evolve to feel goose pimples Iya Bose’s  “Ewa Agoyin” gives me…I evolve to continuously act the fool for Lagos girls as that makes them loyally spread it open….I evolve, I evolve, I evolve. Eko Ile, mo tin bo….

Jide Alara.




Whilst watching the first ever episode of the Justice League;where aliens bent on taking over the world landed in Yankeeand predominantly American superheroes (Superman and his crew) saved the day and the world once again, I wondered why 95% of the time, in films/cartoons, aliens always land in the States first. I figured that since it was Americans telling these stories then yah they’d tell it from their own perspective, their familiar environmentWhat if Nigerians told the story though, what if aliens landed first in Nigeria and it was up to us to save the world, what would our story be like?

Since superheroes don’t actually exist I’ll limit our fight backto what our leaders and everyday man would do. I could compare our reactions to those in the movie Independence Day, where Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullmansaved the day with just good old fashion Brains and Brawn.

First of all the invasion would happen without warning or any inkling whatsoeverWe‘d have no scientists or a hobbyist gazing out into space wondering what was out there and inadvertently catching some signal or whatever talk less of deciphering it. We’d also have no ‘crazy’ guy warning us about the aliens as he would have had casting performed on him once the crayze started sincceee.

They’d be no gridlock trying to get out of Abuja because 3/4ths of the population will be in Churches and Mosques praying for salvation as the end times had finally come. Cast your mind back to New Year’s Eve 1999

They’d be no news about the Alien Invasion on local TV asNTA will be showing the Argungun festival live. No breaking news, no nothing. The population not in churches or mosques will get their news from international sources such as CNN and Aljazeera as it’s “the party don’t stop” on NTA.

With the PDP camp decrying the attack as an attempt to discredit the president, Nigerians will keep waiting for a word from said President. With no official word, Nigerian Twitter news will fill the vacuum left. We will hear unconfirmed rumours about another attack at the city gates which will turn out to be an exploding NEPA pole. Tweets from all over with the false covering the truth.

So the aliens finally decide to stop fronting that they are friendly and destroy Aso Rock, with Mr President escaping unscathed because his first instinct was to run and he took it.  When word comes at last Mr President will speak from the Nigerian embassy in England (because technically it is Nigerian soil) as the Aliens begin to round us up.

In conclusion if Nigeria is Ground Zero, Earth is screwed. Atrue Disaster movie. We might as well hope on KaptainAfrika.

TWITTER: @mnena



Today, I was conceived, funny but my parents don’t even know about this.
My hands and limbs are growing; I noticed that mum has a sonorous voice,
I think I would love to look like her, because dad constantly tells her “you are beautiful”
Today I noticed lashes in my eyelids, my ears are also growing, and strands of little curly hair on my head…
But I still can’t open my eyes yet…
I can hear dad talking about his favorite football club… while mum tells him about improving in her singing because she hopes to sing professionally… I don’t think I would love football, or singing, I think instead that I would love writing, yes writing about everything… I know I want to be a WRITER
I wonder why mum and dad don’t talk about me… don’t they understand the fact that I also deserve attention… all they do is talk about each other
I can hear mum say her body no longer feels like her body again, that she noticed her breast is fuller… while saying this mum throws up… after which she decided not to attend classes for the day
Mum throws up again today, it’s been going on for five days now…
Dad comes around, and suggests mum sees a doctor, and stop self medication… I think mum should see a doctor too; I hate the fact that she is constantly weak…. Yet I also wonder why dad and mum don’t live together.
Dad takes mum to the hospital, and the doctor tells them about me. Am shocked and excited…
Shocked because both my parents never knew of my existence up until now…
Excited because now I know they would both shower me with attention…
Today my sex is formed, I wonder if mum and dad know I am a girl. I can hear the doctor tell them I am 16 weeks old and they should expect me in the next 24 weeks, I can’t wait to see them, I hope they can’t wait to see me too.
Mum has been sad for days now, she sobs constantly. She keeps saying she has to go to school and wants no distraction.
I noticed she keeps saying she doesn’t want ‘it’, that ‘it’ was a distraction and it wanted to ruin her future.
She says she wants to do away with the ‘it’.
I wonder what the ‘it’ is, and why won’t ‘it’ leave mum alone, instead of constantly making her sad…
If only I can give the ‘it’ a piece of my mind.
Mum and dad had an argument today over the ‘it’… mum keeps saying she doesn’t want ‘it’, and she has no plans for ‘it’, while dad says he wants ‘it’ and would make plans for ‘it.’
If only I can give the ‘it’ a piece of my mind. Just like my parents are doing.
Today my mother killed me…..
Never knew I was the ‘it’ she didn’t want all this while….
#superbloggers2 by @Ayoweke

STOP COMPLAINING #SuperBloggers by @iamsleekpetr


If you are SINGLE and keep on saying “I DON’T TRUST MEN OR WOMEN!” remember… your mates are getting married every Saturday question for you, are they marrying spirits? Wise up!
If you are MARRIED and keep saying “I HATE THIS MARRIAGE!” Okay,is it not married people like you that are celebrating Gold, Silver and even Platinum jubilee? 
If you keep on ranting, ”I’M LEAVING MY MAN, HE CHEATED ON ME!” Please, go to town and see all the fine, cute, sexy, hot, hungry and desperate chicks waiting to snatch your man’s money and property, they don’t even mind sharing. Make it work, my friend! 
Stop saying “I HATE MY JOB!” Look! 20 million people are jobless and can’t even find any job not  to talk of keeping it! Do you want to join them? Am sure of your answer
You keep saying “I HATE WHERE I LIVE!” Try visiting those locations that are flooded now, people leaving in tin/zinc shacks in winter or people living/ sleeping under the bridge at night and you will be grateful to God that you even have a place to stay! 
Some say “I AM TIRED OF THIS LIFE!” Well, go to  the hospital and see people fighting for their lives! Go to the mortuary and take a look then tell me what you feel after that! 
My point is, be positive and believe in God, that’s all that matters. 

@iamsleekpetr on twitter

EXEMPLARY LIFESTYLE #SuperBloggers by @princess_simy


If every road user drove like you, would there be chaos or orderliness on the roads?

If everyone threw garbage on the streets just like you did, would our cities be sparkling clean or home of garbage?

If every parent failed at teaching their Child manners & values, would we have a generation of responsible or irresponsible kids?

I could go on and on about the events of our personal lives that we know in our deepest hearts are not worthy of emulation, but then, we go ahead pointing fingers at the government about everything they do wrong, when in our daily lives we fail at the little responsibilities that come before us. Wseem to already know the problems, but it is high time we start to be a solution, not only by the plenty words we say, but by our actions & deeds.

Gone are the days where just your spoken words carried weight, now, it’s your actions that speak loudest volumes.It has changed from “do as I say” to “do as I do”.

We live in a society filled with youths (people with the mentality of deferred responsibility), We live in a generation where everybody wants to blame every other person for everything that has gone wrong, everybody but ourselves. But in truth, we simply constitute the problem. If only we’d carry the mantle of responsibility.

The leaders of this great and blessed country is you & I, the future of this country is in our hands, we are the determining factor of what Nigeria would turn out to be, we are the Majoritywhether Nigeria would be divided or not, its in our hands, we are either going to leave a better Nigeria to our Children or a worse Nigeria and if Nigeria fails, we have ourselves to blame.

There are so many youths in the Land, but few leaders, being a leader is not about been the President or the Governor. Leadership is merely a mindset that is demonstrated by people, Leadership is not an aspiration, but capacity to create and deliver desired change,alot of us just fail to accept the fact that we are Leaders, when infact, we have all been born leaders, we have all been born great, there is something inside of each one of us that Nigeria needs to become better.

It takes just one person to live an exemplary lifestyle, it takes only you to make a change, it takes the Leader in you take full responsibility of your actions and live responsibly.

Let’s bring back the days where love & honesty was a norm, where each person cared for hisneighbor’s child like his own, where we were truly our brother’s keepers.

The younger generation is watching, what example of a Nigerian are you showing to them, because no matter how many cities/countries you go to, or whether you choose to reside in a foreign land or speak foreign language, one factor remains constant, you would always remain a Full blood Nigerian, you either accept it or you accept it.

I ask again,

What type of Nigerian are you?

Are you just another youth, or a leader to bring about change?

Can your footsteps be followed by the generations unborn?

Are you a blessing to this land or just another citizen ranting about everything wrong?

Are you a solution provider, or a cause for worry?

Are your ways truly worthy of emulation?

The real change of this Great country, starts with US, it starts with the decisions that we make every day.


Twitter handle: @princess_simy

THE POOR GIANT #SuperBloggers


It is in the same “Giant of Africa” where three governors were arrested for over #101 billion fraud that over 71 percent survive on less than $1 daily. Interestingly,the Federal Government has completely shut its eyes to the paradox of  a worsening poverty among its citizens while boasting to a supposed economic growth every year.
        Its no news that Nigeria is sitting 20th among the world’s poorest countries. Children are not exempted from this burden of poverty as they have joined their parents in struggling to get their daily bread. One cannot help but notice children as young as 5 years of age hawking on the streets.
        This is a crying shame to a nation with such enormous resources and potentials. As the sixth largest oil producer in the world, it won’t be out of place to say that this Black Gold is indeed a curse.
        Even the elected leaders who used several promises to woo and deceive Nigerians into voting for them were  last heard of on the election day. 
       The rising poverty level is the result of corrupt levels,poor infrastructure,mass unemployment and high level of illiteracy. Several lives are lost daily as people suffer from malnutrition and other nutrition-related diseases. While majority of Nigerians continue to wallow in abject poverty, a few privileged live in affluence.
         Just as social services and infrastructure are non-existence in several rural areas,politicians are given entertainment,newspaper and recess allowance in the same country. The Wardrobe Allowance of these political leaders is enough to make significant changes in the lives of many Nigerians.
Indeed,poverty has become synonymous to Nigeria and poses a serious threat to the development of the so-called ‘Giant of Africa’. What will make the youths kidnap people and demand for the ransom of #1000 only? POVERTY.


Akande Atinuke




??Doctors always have that occasional patient that thinks he can take you for a fool or just sets out with the sole aim of deceiving you. There are also those who end up deceiving you by no fault of theirs.

An hilarious case in point retrospectively (though it wasn’t too funny at the time), was the ‘unconscious’ young lady who was brought into the Emergency room by her husband. History and preliminary examination proved nothing significant until the husband happened to step out of the room. It was then it occured, a ‘miracle’.

She who was hitherto in a ‘deep coma’, opened her eyes, looked furtively around and started to talk. She hurriedly told me that this was just a set up, she was only acting. She told me how uncaring and stingy her husband was and how she wanted to use this opportunity to milk him out of his money.

I was amazed at her skills, indeed Nollywood/ Hollywood was missing a potential star here. How she managed to keep a straight face while everyone around her was in complete chaos mode was beyond me, how did she keep from reacting when she was being moved, how had she managed to remain limp? Indeed, how did she remain perfectly still through all the checks on her?

I had a hard time convincing her this wasn’t exactly the reason the ER was set up(duh!)And why she had to come clean, also I couldn’t continue to spend anymore time ‘treating’ her.

I guess the husband would have eventually learned the lesson of the wrath of a woman scorned. But again, i guess not.

UNTITLED #SuperBloggers by @GrantDa2nd


So, I’m sitting on the floor with a slight pain in my waist, typing on a television ‘cause it goes off when the stupid guy at Nepa decides to trip that switch. I’m gon pretend to be the major character from “Finding Forrester” and just write. Also because Omojuwa said to do so – of course, Lincoln and Jordan backed him up. So yeah, there’s nothing interesting for you to read here, feel free to use the close or scroll button, if you’re actually reading this. I mean, what are the chances this wins, one in “I-don’t-know-number-of-articles”. I won’t feel bad since I’m getting used to people not reading my works and black men don’t read.
Ok, you are still reading. I wish there was a way I could find out what is still keeping you here – I wager my brain its curiosity as to where I’d go with this. Like brains are worth anything in Nigeria. So, you were warned and yet, here you are. Another warning; you are hereby not allowed any deeply, personal opinions on anything out of everything you are going to read. Of course, your thoughts are totally yours so let them stay in your head, where they belong.
The slight pain in my waist is there because I am jobless, five months and counting hence, I sleep all day. Only a doctor from Hopkins can tell me otherwise. This is a problem considering the pressure to be successful and you need a good job for that in Nigeria. Our mentality sucks. I really want to be a writer but you have to have spent time in prison or write on abuse, social unrest, war etc. to be successful. I’m therefore learning to take sad things more seriously. And yes, define success as an assignment.
In the chase of “success”, I took two final level interviews of reputable Nigerian companies last year and they didn’t even have the courtesy, no scratch that, common sense to tell me they didn’t want me. I mean, what’s a text message to a big company? Can you imagine what it feels like having to wait and guess?  International companies I applied to sent me messages, yes plural, that made me feel good about being rejected. You see why the black man would forever remain behind the white man? I know what you are thinking, it is still the black mans’ mentality! A rat just strolled into my room.
Just imagine, my parents are still responsible for my upkeep – very thing I was trying to avoid by not going for M.Sc abroad. They had their jobs in their early twenties and are still working when they ought to be retired and reaping the fruits of their labor – l being the laborer. But alas, we live in a realist world. I’m beginning to regret this but hopefully these millions would go towards their retirement. I love them pieces men. Heard they had a huge fight the other day and Barrister, for the first time lost his cool. Wow, Pastor really crossed the line. Imagine, they didn’t tell me. They say I lack emotions and can’t empathize so, no need. Only if they knew.
That I had enough emotions to land my first girlfriend in JS 2 and that was the real reason I wasn’t made head boy – you would think taking WAEC in that school was for qualification to paradise. I have since graduated to a guy involved with six ladies in different shades of relationships with plans to break up with the only steady one – a lawyer in Abuja, soon. No calls, monosyllabic responses to pings, and she’s gon call it quits herself. Girls, girls, girls – only thing they love is lies. And no, my heart was not shattered beyond repair and I’m no player. It’s the girls instead…
Adeyemi Oluwatosin
@GrantDa2nd on twitter Lagos.



Based on the number of young lads indulging in masturbation,I have decided to focus my piece on the act. I definitely do not claim to be an expert on the subject,and stand to be corrected on any wrong interpretation.
The word masturbation, according to one of the world famous scholars is “stimulation, usually by oneself,of the private organs by manipulation so as to produce orgasm.” Many young persons are involved in this act,which I categorically considered to be a lewd habit. A lewd habit by my little cultural diversification and affirmations is a bad, lusty and unchaste habit. It is a habit that should not be indulged in by beings of all sort because it’s ‘sinful’ and capable of putting one in bondage. Several factors are responsible for the indulgence of young persons,especially the male folks in this act of masturbation. The principal reason been lust and the desire to gratify inherent sexual cravings. For some,its a way of letting out pent up tensions of libido. For others,its something they find themselves doing to the extent they can’t help but cave in. While it might be true that those who indulge in the habit derive temporary pleasure from it,many a times,end up becoming frustrated,empty and helpless. This is because,God,who created the human private organs never intended for people to masturbate. That was why He created one man and one woman, as husband and wife. Sexual gratification,pleasure and intimacy was ordained by God exclusively for married couples within the legitimate confines of marriage. Anything outside of that is an anomaly,an aberration capable of wrecking your spirit,soul and body and ultimately separating you spiritually from God (debatable though).
    My simple and candid advise to those practicing the act of masturbation is to stop it! Stop tormenting yourself. Stop subjecting yourself through psychological and emotional traumas. If you are young and single,take your mind off sex and occupy yourself with other worthwhile. pursuits. There is more to life than sex. If you are old enough to get married,please do not hesitate. Its better to marry than to burn with passion. While you are still single however,you must be disciplined and have self control. The married of course should stay faithful to their spouses. The difference between man and lower animals is that animals are beast without self control,character and morals. They are irrational and lack personal will. But we are different…..we are humans with values,a priceless creation of God with dignity. So,you should not design yourself to lewdness. You can overcome masturbation if you are determined to do so and willing to give up certain attitudes or behaviors that could make you vulnerable or predisposed you to the act. Do not cow under the excuse that you are helpless because you are not. You must exercise your mental power and psychological tuning off from thoughts of masturbation. Every human activity start with a thought be it positive or negative. We must occupy our minds with positive ideas that will ensure a prosperous society. Let’s make ourselves symbolic to the idea of change rather than been irrational. An emblem of great tomorrow and sacrificing tools for establishment of a pure nation. God bless Nigeria.
Abubakar A. Musa
@blinkingam on twitter Kaduna, Nigeria

SOMEHOW, ONE DAY #SuperBloggers by @zebbook


How long will the stone in the air defy gravity?
How long will the sky hold on to a long due rain?
We shall be there to mock the bathroom
That dreamt of keeping fishes in custody
Crude joke of the trifling storm
That promised to collect water from the coconut
Or the trial of the bantam termite
That wanted to drill a tunnel through iron-ore
Preposterous as ridiculous
Is the passion of a rat that doles a hungry cat

How long will an impotent man keep a promiscuous wife?
How long will the clouds stop the sun from shining?
Despite the acrobatic stunt of fly
It landed on the ugly road’s stomach
Who will ride a tiger to his in-law’s birthday?
Either side, it shall definitely end somehow
The castle of ice when the sun is up
Or the arrogant flame of candle in the rain
All, All shall blunder in shame
And so shall we see the end
Of ill-gathered wealth as it crumbles one day

For how long will it survive?
A house of sand in the path of a tornado
A banana tree in the middle of the desert
Comprehensively will it be beaten
The frog that challenges a hare to race
Laughable as precarious
Is the visit of a deer to the lion’s den
The ant that blocks the path of an elephant
Is ready to see its intestines in the mud
Either side, it shall definitely end somehow
An inept cup of water trying to extinguish an inferno
Rio Ferdinand’s futile tackle against Lionel Messi
All, All shall bungle in defeat
And so shall we see the end
Of corrupt, sleazy, impervious despots

Ogunyemi Olaitan Bukola is a young Nigerian, driven to see the emergence of a new Nigeria where dreams come true and potentials are maximally utilized.

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THE EDO REVOLUTION #SuperBloggers by @joyness_247


Last week, one of the discussions I followed on Twitter was the #theworsegovernorinnigeria raised by @ekekeee and it was both informative and disheartening to say the least. The issues examined by contributing tweeps were not new, kleptomaniac rulers bankrupt of quality ideas and a longsuffering people with hardly any hope for political redemption. I was impressed though that with the dearth of inspiring leadership in Nigeria, there are some governors who have dared to be different, who for them it is not business as usual. The likes of Rochas Okorocha, Tunde Fashola and my own state Governor, Adams Oshiomole. Now these men are not perfect, I’m sure some persons may be able to fill up pages with their errors. However, we cannot afford to lose sight of the progress they have made.

Someone said recently that there have only been three performing government in Edo State, the government of Ogbemudia which gave us such legacies as the Ogbe Stadium, the Benin museum and the University of Benin. The government of the late Ambrose Alli; which gave people like my mother, the chance to get an education. Governor Alli supplied free textbooks, gave Edo a state University, several colleges of education, as well as polytechnics. And finally, we have comrade Adams Oshiomole.

Adams Aliyu Oshiomole went to court to fight for his mandate and since he assumed office, he has tackled his job with vigour. Most Edo roads that were virtually impassable are now transformed or undergoing transformation, from roads in Benin City to roads in the interior, the story is the same. One of the biggest problems for road maintenance in Edo state is the annual flooding which has led to severe erosion. Oshiomole and his team have mapped out a flood control plan that involves linking the historical moat of Benin to the Ikpoba River. So far, work is going on in earnest and the prayer of everyone in Benin City is that this solution works.

Another aspect that the Oshiomole Government has tackled is the fixing of dilapidated school buildings all over the state. I have always believed that an enabling environment for learning includes the facility where this knowledge is being impacted. How can children learn when they are exposed to the elements in school? Or when the child has to hide behind a bush and step on other people’s mess to answer nature’s call? These days, I am heartened when I come across these shining new school buildings everywhere in town. However, a fancy school building is not enough; these schools need books in a functioning library, quality teachers, more discipline, a crackdown on examinationb malpractices etc.

Beyond all of these is that Oshiomole has given the people of Edo the ability to dream again, hope for the landlord who has become a tenant because erosion has taken over his property. Hope for the child who can now learn under a roof, sitting on a proper chair, writing on a proper desk. Hope for the everyday men and women who have access to the cheap mass transit buses aptly tagged comrade buses provided long before the term ‘palliatives’ became a buzzword in our polity.

Idemudia Eseosa Joy




The collector from Mary

Introducing: Nigerian Government as Bààlè Oshogbò a.k.aKàbiyesi

Citizenry as Mary

Miscreant/Palace Warden as Koleosho

Bààlè Oshogbò: (Heavily sweating calls out Koleosho)

Koleosho! Koleosho! Have you seen Mary’s new jalopy. She just passed by the palace.

Koleosho: Yes, Kàbiyesi, she is doing very well with her shop.

Bààlè Oshogbò: Indeed, has she paid all her dues?

Koleosho: Beni, Kàbiyesi.

Bààlè Oshogbò: Environmental dues (a sha fun won ni fresh air)?

Koleosho: Yes, Kabiyesi.

Bààlè Oshogbò: Light nko, palace dues, water, security?

Koleosho : Chuckles, Kàbiyesi ooooo, she has paid all. In factKàbiyesi, we collect the dues from her even though we don’t provide the services.

Bààlè Oshogbò: O kàre. There must be something else she should pay for. (Thinking…)

Koleosho: What do you have in mind, Kàbiyesi?

Baale Oshogbo: Still thinking…

Imagine the case of individuals whom the responsibility for the provision of their sustenance, welfare and security has been assigned to a Government. The Government, corrupt, inept and non-chalant best describes them. With little or no care from the Government, these individuals strive for a means of sustenance. They resort to the most unfathomable jobs just to survive. Some others amongst them work their fingers to the bone.

At the end of their strife is the irresponsible Government who inhibits these individuals at their place of strife through their goods-seizing, shops-demolishing, funds-collecting official miscreants. One would think what more mischief and oppression can this government cause those it is responsible to? What more trials and tribulations can these individuals be subjected to? Alas, like a thieving tax-collector, the collect all or almost all what these individuals have earned through various means; un-provided services, increased cost of living, expensive basic amenities etc.

These collections are at the very least are supposed to be used to improve citizenry sustenance, welfare and security. However that doesn’t happen. Instead, it goes into government extravagancy, lootocracy and mismanagement. Thereafter, the whole cycle continues like the famous Deming cycle. This scenario is what I term ‘à gbà lòwò mèèri‘ – ‘the collector frommary.’ A gbà lòwò mèèri‘ is a theme a bit similar to the proverbial Robin Hood. However, in this case the masses (mèèritranslated as the underprivileged in yoruba) are deprived of their earnings through various means.

A gbà lòwò mèèri, Bààlè Oshogbò’ was one of the yorubaliteratures I skimmed through as a child. The scenario described above actually typifies the nature of the ruler of Oshogbò; ‘Bààlè of Oshogbò. I actually can’t recall the fate of the ‘Bààlèof Oshogbò at the end of the story (I didn’t complete the bookbecause of its gbànkò gbi (strong vocabulary) yoruba). But, I am almost certain that it didn’t end well for the Bààlè nor his kinsmen. In actual fact, it couldn’t have ended well.

Wake up! We need not imagine again. Isn’t this an exact replica of the Nigerian Government – Citizenry state of affairs? At times, I ask myself, ‘In what way has this Government added value to our lives despite all the hard-knot problems we are made to go through as citizens everyday just to earn a living and contribute directly or indirectly to our economy?I can’t but pray that this Government wakes up to its responsibilities so that it ends well for them.

by Odeshina Nurudeen Olaotan

HOME OF PEACE #SuperBloggers by @ecentricshemale


Home of Peace is where I reside
peace & calm’s been shoved aside
Deformed bodies littered the roadside
Fear gripped,panic curled my siblings at my bedside
Home of peace is what I know
Now I feel trapped with no where to go
Where did tranquility pack?
Who gave law & order the sack?
Home of peace oh home of peace
Who has laid upon you both curse and gift?
What is the offence,who’s being brought to book?
When the blood thirst become by hook or by crook?
Peace peace oh home of peace
What price must humanity pay
What happened to the legal system where all have a say
In the home of peace we’ve marked this day
Next time before the sun rises make your hay
War begins now without the sounds of the drums
Its so silent it starts with the click of the thumb
There were explosions from locally made bomb
Home of peace now hushed like an ancient tomb
Home of peace was it not?
Who thought?who bought?
Who fought? whose Fault?
Home of peace-yes hours ago
Now with wailing amariya’s and dead Ango’s
Home of peace peace peace
Torn piece by piece gradually to pieces
The death toll increases
We hope all the chaos seizes
Bullets flying into the night skies
Looking like harmless fireflies
All with a target, an intent to kill
How the same hand can make an ill & heal.
By Toyin Inniss-Agaja

MY QUESTIONS FOR LAGOS #SuperBloggers by @ijayXL


Having been born and bred in the serene and calm environment of the east, I swore I would never have anything to do with the city of Lagos; the traffic and chaos that obtain…but here I am, lying on my bed, awake, juggling between writing my thoughts and the workload I have cut out for me tomorrow at the office!

How did I get myself in this in the first place? Yeah I remember, six months of staying at home and the high unemployment rate made it all the harder to pass the job offer. I am here now and deadlocked into the madness of waking up by 5a.m daily, to join thousands of other robots driving to work, and arriving home by 8p.m. I do not quite know about job satisfaction but I know about putting food on the table and meeting my needs so I am not complaining. And one of those needs is being in a healthy and stable relationship which in Lagos seems confusing to me.

How does one go about meeting a sane single guy with ample time to spare? And if one does find the guy, how does one keep the fire in the relationship burning bright enough when you only get to see in the darkness of the nights and dawns? How does one keep the fingers of desperate older unmarried women off the guy? As a damsel (my opinion :D), I was quite used to being the center of attention when I walked out every morning and there was always this hope that prince charming was, through all odds, painstakingly riding his horse towards me.

Having been in Lagos for over a month, I am beginning to wonder if he missed his way or perhaps was waylaid by some armed desperate women or hoodlums. How come I do not even go out on Saturdays and Sundays but spend the weekends washing clothes, sleeping and preparing for yet another week? How come washing the car and cooking have become luxuries?

Too many questions to ask and yet no one seems to have the answers: why are the majority of working ladies not married? Why does the only form of happiness depend on lavish spending to acquire material things? Why is there a frozen and wrinkled frown on everyone’s face? Why can’t people see the stars in the sky and not the bumpers in front of them while driving? Why is there a market thriving enough for one to comfortably purchase cooking utensils, a settee and a standing fan in a traffic jam?! Oh the questions I have for Lagos!

I look forward to the day prince charming finally finds me; I look forward to our first date. I look forward to a Friday night not spent sprawled on my bed. Most especially, I look forward to the day I will finally leave Lagos for good. Till that day comes, I will adapt to survive by finding the answers to all my questions. Should I conquer, I will live another day to tell my stories. Permit me now to close my eyes for a little while before 5a.m.

Sweet dreams.
Written by @ijayXL

A 10 YEAL OLD GIRL GIVES BIRTH #SuperBloggers by @xahido


There’s one thing called conscience in our life,its divided into two the good and the bad we all have the two sounding in our head at all time,your attitude and character will be determined by which of the conscience you listen to either the good or bad.The conscience is like a tiny little voice in our head that tells us what to do that forbids you from listening to the other voice in our head that draw us toward all the bad things of life.If you have the grace of listening to the good conscience your intention will definetly be good and if you listen to the bad conscience you will be faced with the faith of having bad intentions.
Having this good conscience will make your life be in shape,that if you listen to what it tells you because our conscience communicates with us every moment of our life to guide us and help in making decisions.
But in the situation that I regard as incredible where a 10year old Gladys Chelagat from Kenya gave birth,wait did i just say 10year old OMG!!! could any right thinking and mentally stable person do something this outrageous,because I keep wondering what in heaven could this small girl have done to arouse this person sexually,the way I see it she is a small girl that has not yet started her life but now being subjected to what might likely be emotional or mental trauma.
If the person that did such thing to this innocent girl has a bit of conscience he might likely reconsider before carrying out such devilish act and imagine if she was to be his daughter,how he would feel and the great animosity he would have for the person involve.
Lets now think about her parent and her family members what could possibly be running through their minds because they’ve suffered a great blow with that incident,plus the little girl couldnt give birth to the baby herself so she had to undergo caeserian section,the baby who weighs 2.8kg at Kericho  district hospital in Kenya.
The girl who was a former pupil of Chemamul primary school,for you to know that she’s still a very small girl,but the unfortunate person that impregnate her didnt perceive her like that.But in my own opinion who would have done such evil deed to this innocent 10year old girl should be castrated with immediate effect because this little girl is not close to having what it takes to be a mother yet,now you see why conscience is important in our life even  if you are a pagan,just try and have the conscience because it will forbids you from doing bad things and hurting ur people.
By Oyekanmi x’ahid Ibadan.
@xahido on Twitter

BEFORE YOU SAVE THE WORLD… #SuperBloggers by @fatumoriginal


The world is filled with daily doses of sadness. Everyone wants to express his/her feelings and everyone wants to be heard and understood, and where possible, they want it to be put to use. I cannot tell you, dear readers, how much I hate writing about such sadness, and in any case, there are other people that write about it daily, so many. The truth is there are so many sad stories that we don’t get to hear or read about, and this piece is exactly one of them.

Earlier this evening my 2 year old daughter tripped and fell……… I was trying to get her dressed and she was trying to run away with the trousers still at her ankles so she tripped over and fell flat on her tummy! As she began to cry, I scolded her for not staying still! ( I did tell her to stand still!). That’s a sad story that you didn’t know, right?

Her feelings included; pain, fear, sadness and neglect. She expressed them through crying. I heard but I pretended not to understand and I didn’t put it to use. Yes, I know I was wrong and there was no reason why I couldn’t have picked her up, cuddled her and requested she stopped crying!

But you know what? Next time I will put it to use. How? I’ll sit her down while dressing her or place her on the bed where it’s soft and I know she won’t be bothered to move till I’m through. I also believe that she will put her own lesson to use. How? I have no idea, but I bet she would!

What I’m trying to say is, everyone struggles day in, day out with their own little problems and if they can’t, won’t or don’t find solutions to them, it grows and spreads until each person in that house is affected with a piece or portion of their once simple problem. It then becomes compounded and complicated and they take their frustration and/or anger out of that house to the public, and the rest is what we see today: Suicide bombers, genocidal bombers (and all the classes and categories of bombers including BH), serial killers, drug addicts, kleptomaniacs (including the Iboris).

I deeply regret that I didn’t comfort her. That was the only thing she needed from me at that time. Please whenever and wherever you can, don’t leave anyone you love or care for, family or not, with a painful or sad feeling in them. Try as much as possible to resolve it. Who knows, you might be the reason they decide to be humane in their actions, words and thoughts next time. Everyone looks for someone, anyone at all, they can imitate, and they search for someone to make a difference in their lives, in their world.

Don’t save the world, save the person next to you. Check on your neighbour, call that distant cousin of yours, send a text to that friend you have on your mobile but have never called. It takes only time which I must say we are quickly running out of! Hug that little child near you.

I’m going to hug my daughter and kiss her right now as I leave you with this final message: Love your neighbour as yourself!

FATIMA UMAR. @fatumoriginal

Cairo, Egypt.

ARE WE ONE? #SuperBloggers by @hullerj


“We have flown the air like birds and swum the sea like fishes, but we are yet to learn the simple act of walking the earth like brothers” – Martin Luther King Jr.

When the Boko Haram saga intensified last year, talks of division and splitting was in the air. We were even told that the Americans had predicted our date of break-up. As these went on, I kept on thinking, why have we allowed moles to plant division in our midst? Why can’t we see that some people are tugging at the strings of secession for personal gains? Why are we allowing them to divide us with religious and tribal differences?

If this nation will progress and stay as one, all hands must be on deck. Losers in elections must accept their losses in the spirit of sportmanship. Religious leaders must stop anti-peace statements in their places of worship. Traditional rulers must emphasize the importance of unity in our society. Then and only then can we be one.

Remember the words of Martin Luther King Jr., “We must learn to walk together as brothers or perish together as fools.”


Ogunjimi James Taiwo



Have you ever asked yourself “why should I invest ?so much of my money, time, emotions et al into a friendship that sometimes lead to betrayal, agony, pains to name a few?” Interestingly friendship, actually good friendship is “LIFE ENHANCING”. It makes us feel more alive, enhances our activities by intensifying our absorption in them and hence the pleasure we get from them.

Friendship is an in-depth relationship combining trust,support,communication,loyalty,understanding,empathy and intimacy. It is a comfy relationship like home.A friend is someone you can be alone with and have nothing to do and not be able to think of anything to say and be comfortable in silence. It is a single body dwelling in two bodies.

Friendship is pleasant in itself as well as useful to the friend; it helps promote self-esteem, which is ? good both instrumentally and for its own sake.

The idea of friendship began from the beginning of time, man has always been a social animal and that’s why Adam the first man desired companionship and therefore God created Eve to be his partner. Primitive communities such as Aztee Indians are historical examples of people living together for companionship, protection and for the well-being of their tribe.

Law such as our constuitution were formed to bring “similarity” and order solely because of man’s desire to live in a society and this leads to Maria Kenley’s definition of friendship as a connection between two or more people that fulfils their desire for socialization and community.

Friendship can be futher emphasized by saying Even God is? a “social God”, He desired companionship thereby creating man in His own image and likeness (Gen1 :27) when He came in human nature, He made friends to accomplish His fulfilled purpose (Luke 2:4a) Friendship is the ability to render unceasing sacrifices to humanity, trust others, be loyal to them, share your joys and pains, fears and accomplishments, love each other, not judging the other, accepting their flaws and celebrating their strengths.

Friendship can also be said to be distinctively personal relationship that is grounded in concern and the part of each friend for the welfare of other’s sake and involves some level of intimacy.

When God said it is not good for man to be alone, He was actually talking about friendship because that’s the only thing that brings geniunine compaionship to humanity even in marriage. Successful marriages they say has its tribute to a good friendship platform.

Making friends isn’t hard, but sometimes keeping them is a different story. It’s easy to assume that once you’ve achieved friendship status, you’re solid; you can let a few things slide without jeopardizing your tight twosome. But like any significant relationship, these require time, effort, trust, selfless giving, respect or regards, introducing him/her to your other friends and including him/her in your activities rather than ditching your older comrades and hanging out one-on-one all the time, doing something sentimental, like compiling photos and memories of the two of you into a scrapbook.

Or simply tell her out of the blue, “I’m so lucky to have a friend like you.” having equal parts of effort: don’t let her take care of everything and giving impressive attention. As with anything you undertake, you’ll get out what you put in.

Don’t sit there day dreaming about that wonderful friend, be the best of all friends to all friends, the better friend you become, the better colleague, spouse, neighbour, class mate, name it you’ll become because every relationship is all about friendship and living well is? a function of our relationship with other people.

THE AFRICAN WOMAN’S DREAMS #SuperBloggers by @awkpemikpaw


Since I could remember (starting at the age of seven) I have always been ‘told’ about ‘the husband’. “You had better learn to sweep well or is that how you will sweep in your husband’s house?”, my grandmother would say impatiently in yoruba. My naïve mind would then wonder who this deity called ‘the husband’ was and why I had to learn to sweep for him and practically spoon feed him (The Gospel according to my grandmother).

As I gradually bloomed into a young woman,it dawned on me that ‘the husband’ was a nameless, faceless man who could be anybody (even that my akward neighbour who I beat at every game).

Now as a young woman in her early twenties,I finally understand the societal pressures placed on young women to get ‘the husband’ and settle down. In my mind,the order of a young African woman’s life is written from heaven. A manual is given to her by an angel as she prepares to journey to earth. It reads something like this ;

1.Be born
2.Go to school
4.Get married
5.Have children

Many African women due to these pressures by family and friends, fall into the wrong hands. In their desperation to get married,they unknowingly choose the wrong man. With all the excitement to find ‘the husband’ ,you would think that after they get married,there would fireworks and a parade. With some luck, the government might even declare a public holiday. What do these women get instead? They lose their sense of self, their sense of purpose and some even fall victim to domestic violence.

My question is, whatever happened to purpose, talent and fulfilling destiny?
Whatever happened to the African woman’s voice?
The almighty question now is this; can the African woman have it all? Great marriage, motherhood and a stellar career? Or will ‘the husband’ stand in her way?
As for me, when ‘the husband’ is finally enthroned, I hope His Royal Highness will be kind enough to let his humble subject have it all.


Twitter @awkpemikpaw



The modern world is becoming smaller, highly integrated and technologically more advanced. It is also becoming highly fragmented, less peaceful and unsafe for both present and future generations. The world is today passing through an environment full of tension, violence, declining values, injustices, reduced tolerance and respect for human rights. The gun culture has already taken a dominant position in most of the developing countries, threatening the future of the youths who deserve a peaceful and better quality of life.

The youths constitute the richest wealth of a country. They develop quality of catholicity of personal integrity, personal discipline and open mindedness. The youthful period is a period of passions, emotions, activities and vigour. Because of their frontline positions in any country, their input to any development programme will go a long way in achieving desired objectives.

There is no doubt that there is a greater need to create a culture of peace and conflict free environment. This is an area where the youths can come in. One important role which the youths can play in peace and conflict resolution is for them to “BE THE CHANGE”. The youths can do this by changing their attitudes towards people, traditions, religion and believes. They should learn to combine their enthusiasm with patience, realising the importance of living together and should be responsible to defend the frontiers of peace and non-violence.

The youths should equally understand their leadership capacity by educating themselves on the need for community leadership and taking opportunities available to prioritise leadership development programme especially within them in rural areas because lack of knowledge about basic decision making impedes progress and therefore results in conflicts.

On the other hand, the youths can play an active role in peace and conflict resolution by forming a new phalanx of peace missionaries and NGO network in the grassroots, concentrating on value education and spiritual renewal among children.

In the area of ethnic development, the youth of different ethnic groups can forge links between cultural minorities and popularise shared values, shared culture and traditions handed down from generations to generations. The youths on the political area of development can engage or join in political awareness building, force reforms in bureaucracy to ensure good governance, accountability, transparency and citizenry participation.

At the international scene, the youths can become peace ambassadors of their respective countries, promoting exchange programmes in education, culture, science and technology, sports and games and in tourism promotions to link all the youth of the region and the world in the pursuit and maintenance of peace and conflict.

In addition, the youths should learn new skills to deal with conflict in non-violent ways and create a community that lives by a credo of non-violence and multicultural appreciation. This however must be done with the present crop of people whom we have termed as the leaders of ‘yesterday’ given the necessary chance and creating the opportunity for the youths to act with their enthusiast.

With all this and with every youth having at the back of his mind that wherever he goes, peace is with him because without peace, he cannot live, then the 21st century would be a century of tolerance, peace and conflict free.

Abubakar Sidiq Usman

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@abusidiqu on twitter Abuja, Nigeria

MUSIC AND OCCUPY NIGERIA #SuperBloggers by @Grantda2nd


If ‘Occupy Nigeria’ was a successful revolution or not, is a debate I’d leave to pundits; preferably political. I can say authoritatively though, that, music carried ‘Occupy Nigeria’. Yes. Music is the sole reason why ‘Occupy Nigeria’ (as I would refer to the NLC/TUC strike action throughout this piece) was a success. If we can call it that.
So, every Nigerian (and interested foreigner) has the basic gist of ‘Occupy Nigeria’ and its major characters – the President and his cronies, the labour leaders, heads of civil society groups etc.  They were the ones occupying our TV screens and newspapers, pushing to the background the real major characters; the people!
The union leaders were fighting the President’s attempt at alleviating the suffering of the masses. The heads of civil society groups convened rallies at which social commentators spoke. All smooth and nice except that, none of the above actions could have happened without the masses. Yes, the common man is why the President removed the fuel subsidy, why the NLC/TUC embarked on strike…well, you know the rest.
I travelled home for the holidays, so I occupied at Liberty Square, Lugard Roundabout, Kaduna. Day one and there was only a few of us; about fifty. We all just milled around and discussed the situation. By twelve noon, we were done.
Day two and our numbers were still dire. Doubt began to settle in, as I walked over to a few faces I recognized. It was all talk again, albeit strategies this time, and by twelve noon, we left for our houses again, everyone determined to pull in more people.
I arrived the third day, wearing a maternity mask and a broad smile – we had selected the maternity mask the previous day as a symbol of our protest and the smile because we were finally a crowd! We had agreed to embark on house to house campaigns and public speaking – a primary schoolmate of mine, now an imam, spoke at his mosque. We had a little talk, educating the newcomers, after which a Christian prayed and then a Muslim – it’s a moment I’d never forget.
Next thing I heard, banging, was, “food e no dey, brother eh, water no dey…” African Chinas’ ‘Mr. President’ was blaring out of the speakers. Everyone began to sing and dance along, as yet another strategy paid off. Next was ‘Jaga Jaga’ by Eedris Abdulkareem and by this time, Okada men were parking their bikes and joining in. We; hundreds of people of all religions and tribes, were all moving in a big cycle as we shuffled our feet to Felas’ ‘Suffering and Smiling’ – we were finally having ourselves a protest. I left in the evening that day and saw something similar happening at Freedom Park, Ojota, Lagos on TV – difference being the live performances.
Someone may argue, as people did and still do, that it was a protest and not a concert. Firstly, tell that to the Israelites in Babylon, the Negro slaves who sang while they picked cotton, to the South Africans before 1994 etc – music has always being the voice of the oppressed! Secondly, how do you keep people engaged in a cause all day on just mere talk? Ehn? Lastly, the only voices the people were going to listen to were the voices of people they love and are familiar with. Voices they hear every minute of every day on their streets, from their radios etc. While everyone had their say, these voices belonged to the musicians, who came out in their numbers. Their music, carried ‘Occupy Nigeria’.
Piece by Grant.
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DON’T TELL ME BOLLOCKS ABOUT MEN #SuperBloggers2 by @topeolowu


I sat on my bed musing on whether to put myself forward for the Superbloggers’ challenge again. Then I saw this on twitter; “We are age mates. You are married. I can’t even find a man. You are better than me. I hope that makes you feel better. Now get off my case :-)”. And this, ” Dear unborn baby, I am trying my best to get you the best dad in the world”. Now, this got me super charged and loosened the writer in me. Different schools of thoughts have said a man does not complete a woman; a man should not be her identity. They say, “A woman’s strive for a successful career should be the one thing that propels her towards a state of completeness”. Did you get that? Ok let me re phrase it. They claim that if a woman cannot find a man, then her career should take the place of a man in your life. To that I say bollocks!!!!!!!

God made man and said “it is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him”. Marry this with the fact that wo (man) is a social being. We want someone that we can lay ownership to. Everyone wants that person you can call yours. The one person that makes your heart skips a beat (well for some it can be more than one person). The jury is still out on whether it is possible to love more than one person at a time. The one that is able to turn an introvert into an extrovert. The one that makes you throw caution to the wind and love with reckless abandon. If you are lucky to find that person and marry him; I believe you will feel wholeness; you will feel absolutely complete.

Modern life has deviated from the traditional ideology that a woman needs a man to reach a state of wholeness. We have been brain washed with the erroneous notion that a woman plus a good and solid career minus a man equals whole. Don’t get it twisted; I’m not saying I have to find this man by hook or crook but please don’t patronise me. If I am worried about my marital status please let me because it is my prerogative. Telling me a man does not complete me does not take the worries away; it actually makes it worse. This is because girls, not goats are getting married every Saturday. Please don’t tell me a man does not complete me till I find my man and marry him. Then, I will tell you if a man does or does not complete me. Please don’t tell me “all men are bastards anyway”. Trust me, I will ask my prospective mother in law respectfully if she played an away match. Please don’t tell me a man doesn’t complete me because the bible says “for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they shall be one flesh”. God said it, I believe it and that settles it; somebody shout hallelujah!!!!!

Please don’t tell me a man doesn’t complete me because my married friends have not left their matrimonial homes yet; maybe when they do I will believe you. Please don’t tell me a man doesn’t complete me because love remains bottled up inside me waiting to be shared with THE ONE. Suffice to say, I intend searching for that man that will complete me. I don’t intend settling for just any one but THE ONE. I will let you know when I need your advice; but right now please let me be; let me find my other half. Please take a walk in my shoes before you tell me I don’t need a man to be whole. I know you mean I can achieve my dreams without a man but who says I can not achieve my dreams with a man. All I am saying is, being single at a marriageable age can be worrying, irrespective of colour or status. It does not matter how successful a woman is; without a man to call yours; there is a huge vacuum.

Temitope Ajagbe
@topeolowu on twitter

London, United Kingdom

CAN WE BLAME GOD? #SuperBloggers by @Lanre_Olagunju


The existence of a supreme being is an issue that till the end of time will keep generating an unending controversy among different races and people. Though I’ve got no intention to delve into that, I can only advise that it’s smarter to live and assume that a God exists somewhere, so as not to die and shockingly discover that He truly does. And if perhaps he truly doesn’t exist, shouldn’t your gentle soul just rest in peace like family, friends, and enemies repeatedly prayed, while you speechlessly watch from another world.

Those of us who agree and confess to believe in the existence of God also acknowledge that He’s so loving, caring, and perfect; reason that He’s made provision for all that man needs to govern over the entire planet earth amongst other reasons.

Though some are too religious to ever nurse the thought that God created pain, but before you rebuke me or the devil that isnt anywhere in me, think about those critical times, when you or someone dear to you went through pains and excruciating experiences that doesn’t match the traditional belief of a good and loving God, though we don’t ventilate it. We just want to think that probably He must have goofed in this area. If not. Why did God create pain? What was the pain mechanism suppose to achieve? This has been my major source of headache from time and I think the quest to know and understand might just be a lifelong assignment.

Great philosophers have posed questions like ‘why hadn’t God designed a nervous system that protect us without the unpleasant aspect of pain. So many conflicting believes even amongst people of faith. Some are of the opinion that man must have stepped out of God’s will and that God uses circumstances to bring us back to normalcy.

The reason why we cherish pleasure is because of the reality of pain. So from a perspective, pain is essential to normal life. Although to one suffering from cancer and the miserable pain of chemotherapy, pain to such is far greater than misery. But to anyone with a reasonable health, pain is a communicator that protects.

Ok let’s take the oldest recorded and the most dreaded disease, Hansen’s disease-(leprosy) for instance. It’s the only one I can think of for now and it’s vital for this discuss. Leprosy is a disease of the nervous system. The bacteria practically attacks the pain cells of the skin, peripheral nerves in the hands, feets, and mucous membranes of the nose, throat, and eyes to numbness.

If we fear disease because of the pain and misery it brings, then what is so horrible about diseases that cost no pain? A woman whose infant was suffering from “congenital indifference” told a horrifying story of how she heard her child cooing and laughing loud all alone as if she’s discovered something new. Only for her to amazingly discover that her daughter had bitten off the tip of her fingers with her newly grown four teeth and was playing in the blood, making patterns with the drips. Could pain be created as a quality that saves us from destruction?

We have at certain points made God lesser than he is over the issue of pain and suffering ignoring that even man has brought more pain to man. Many of the things we derive satisfaction from we don’t complain or lament over. Things such as our ability to perceive, eat and drink, pleasure derived from scratching when the skin hitches and also the wild fire pleasure of orgasm.

Lanre Olagunju is a regular contributor on
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PURPLE SHOES AND “AND CO” BOYS #SuperBloggers by @TemiPublished


Danger! The first thought that crossed my mind when I saw the guy wearing the purple SUEDE shoes. Come to think of it, the shoes were more lilac than purple, and heck, were they … Aesthetically challenged! The way this guy was … strutting is the word; in his lilac coloured shoes, I couldn’t even blame him because he most likely believed he was trendy and ‘on point’. I could only follow him with my eyes, I was shocked soundless. Maybe I’m aesthetically conservative, maybe the shoes were awe-spiring; either way, to err is human I guess.

At what point does one person become smart enough to delude a section of the human race into thinking some stuff is cool, e.g. light purple suede shoes? That person is a blooming genius of likes of Einstein and Beethoven. That is the only explanation for being able to convince Nigerian men to wear light coloured suede shoes. And these shoes come in all kinds of colours, with and without tassels and/or crests. And trendy people (men) the world over are wearing these … fashionable shoes.

Coco Chanel said, “Fashion is made to become unfashionable.” Remember that before you mindlessly follow the trends. Imagine how positively ridiculous you will look in retrospect and how your best friend would have captured you in your bad-ass suit and pastel suede shoes to blackmail you and show your children. Pictures don’t lie, sugar.

My take on fashion is that individuality is not a bad idea and that style is personal. You don’t have to be trendy to be stylish. “Fashions, after all, are only induced epidemics” said George Bernard Shaw. Let your clothes reflect you, not the current media rave or the A/W collection for 2011. BE YOU!

I will reinforce my position with the ‘white trad’ boys. One day in school, I was looking for something to eat. In the course of my quest, I came across a group of guys, about 6 of them. All dark skinned, all wearing white kaftans. Initially, it didn’t register until they started walking in a single file in (almost) order of height. I laughed, hard. It couldn’t be helped. It was comical.

Not that there is anything wrong with ‘and co’, I just believe that uniforms belong to school children, blue collar workers and owambe patrons and matrons. Do you? Find your fashion identity and rock it! Whether classic, alluring, sporty, romantic, edgy, eclectic, retro, or whatever. Just find your niche and make it fabulous. You don’t have to fit into the mould. However, neither do you need to upset the fashion police. Find a comfortable midpoint, maybe even turn a few heads. Heck, you can even do it in purple shoes AND white trad.

Temiloluwa Paul




One of my favourite words is ‘beautiful’ – I am Nigerian! Gosh we love beautiful and big things – gigantic houses and cars, dresses, shoes etc. Even when unaffordable, taking out a cooperative loan is not a hard thing for most. The need to have everything picture perfect has now resulted in what I call the ‘Carpet Syndrome’

We do not mind living in denial as long as our issues can perfectly fit under the carpet. We hide the mentally challenged relatives in the boys’ quarters, hide the students whose parents cannot afford socks and books at the back of the classroom during inspection, hide poor citizens by destroying their shops and houses and we hide the suffering masses in gigantic places of worship.

Blatant hypocrisy!

Usually, we can have a field day ridiculing PHCN for not ‘bringing’ light for the past three days, but God bless the non-Nigerian soul who dares to abuse ‘our’ PHCN! There is a Yoruba adage that says ‘bami na omo mi, ko de nu olomo’ which literally means ‘beat (discipline) my kid for me, is not a sincere request’. We like to do the beating ourselves, because we get so embarrassed about washing our dirty linens in public. Why not wash them in public if it will bring solutions? Are we not being publicly humiliated by our leaders on daily basis?

Let’s picture this – Kunle is the sole breadwinner of his family, his wife is involuntarily unemployed and he cannot afford to send all of his children to school when they can barely feed. His difficulty with feeding and maintaining his family has nothing to do with being poorly paid though, he is extremely well paid. However, Kunle has a habit – he enjoys his toys and gadgets, so whenever he gets paid, he either gets a new car or the latest iPad. Kunle can also be very generous! You know what he does when he’s feeling generous? He shares his money with his family by buying new furniture and repainting the house. You also think Kunle must be crazy? This is what Nigeria does to its people! What is there to hide?

This brings me to the on-going operation ‘clean Nigeria’. When people get their homes or stalls destroyed, what choices do they have other than moving to other ‘illegal’ sites? I personally do not care about how beautiful some places look when behind those images, there are starving families with uneducated children. Nigeria is a prosperous country but individual citizens still have to pay for everything from health to education. There are no general social schemes to relieve hardships. If majority of Nigerian citizens were provided with means of earning their living, would most not stick with the rules? Why do we allow our government put the cart before the horse?

Hate it or accept it, 61% of us live in poverty, there are children out of education, mental illnesses exist, unemployment is rife, security is almost non-existent, citizens feel uncared for and nurse deep resentments. For Nigeria to have a positive image, we should work earnestly towards fixing the issues and not just sit back and encourage unnecessary cover-ups.

The officials who used millions to open a Facebook account, the state governor who bought an at worst ‘comfortable’ celebrity a car, the Director General who ‘fed’ daily with N850,000 – these are the kinds of people we should be getting rid of and not our brothers and sisters who are struggling to survive. People who acquire their wealth through corrupt practices or live above their means have NOTHING to be proud of and should not be hero-worshipped. Enough of the ‘buje budanu’ idolatry!

We need to get our priorities right. We have been oppressed for so long that we jump at the sight of supposedly beautiful places and things. Why should we forget about the beauty of humanity?




Hello friends,

Everybody has a story to tell. The more you tell one the more you pay attention to your world to tell more. Some are telling their stories and despite telling same the best way they can no one is reading. Together we will change that with Super Blogs. You will become a Super Blogger. If you genuinely take part in this , I will believe a new you will be birth whether or not you win any of the prizes we will be giving along the way.

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5. Other things and questions will arise. Do not worry #SuperBlogs will get better. Who knows, we may have a hangout later in the year (just us Super Bloggers)

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She is the very first winner of our SuperBloggers series. Considering the plans and ideas we have for this writers and bloggers competition, I am particularly excited because our first winner is not just a person of competence but also a lady with a big heart. She chose to donate her cash prize to a charity called 1Child1Book an organisation founded bY child songstress Tosin Jegede. She took time out to introduce herself to us. Enjoy the short profile below.

My name is Oluwapemi Elujoba (Payme). I am from Ile-Ife, Nigeria. I am a third year Chemistry student at the University of Bristol, England. I am a Christian. I love *good* music, reading, writing and sports (mainly tennis, formula 1 & football). I hope to one day be able to play an acoustic guitar and speak French fluently.

I had all of my primary and secondary school education in Nigeria before moving to England. A couple of months ago, the #occupyNigeria protests inspired me to start my blog. My aim is to continuously motivate every one of us to be actively involved in our communities. I believe in the beauty of humanity and I know it will always triumph all evil. I have a passion for justice; especially for ordinary citizens like me who feel like they have no voice. I believe we can all make our country much better than it is today by holding ourselves and our leaders accountable for all actions. We have to keep hope alive; without it, there is no reason to live.

Keep visiting my blog and please do drop comments. I hope the blog continues to be thought-provoking. We should all keep inspiring and motivating each other to always do good.

To Omojuwa, thanks a lot for this opportunity. To my boo and sister (my amazing editors lol), friends and everybody who have supported my blog. Thank you so much!

Payme does write really well and focuses on issues that matter to the society. You should see her new blog here




A great motivation this superblogger is for me. I once used to write and I wonder where it all went awry. Anyways this is just another opportunity and am sure gonna take it. Thanks Omojuwa.
I was opportune to be one of the adhoc staff during the INEC registration for the presidential elections that took place in January 2011, and I am just gonna give a brief account of what my experience was.
I was a youth corps member at the time and it was just another phase in my life and not special at all. There was no thrill or excitement and i just wanted to get it over and done with. The then NYSC co-ordinator passed a directive to the corp members to all register online to be Adhoc staff for INEC and the first thing I asked my friend was IS IT COMPULSORY? And he answered in the affirmative. I was put off and didn’t pay much attention to it and forgot totally about it.
I travelled for the holidays and during that time various corps members kept asking about it and I just told a friend to sign up for my because Iwasn’t gonna do it. Eventually anyway I did I was picked out of all my other friends. I was not happy about that at all, they all said don’t worry just go, it will b fun and fun it wasn’t.
I got posted to Bwari an area council in Abuja. It is like a local government in other states.
Bwari to me then was entirely different, I didn’t feel like I was in Abuja anymore and so it started. We were allocated to the chief’s palace and it was a roller coaster all the way.
On the first day the ESU that’s the chief welcomed us and the first thing was “you people are going to register me, my family and council members 1st” and we agreed afterall he was the chief. We started they took like the whole day and we barely registered anyone else besides the ESu and his people. Lots of people where outside on queue and my heart skiped each time I took my eyes off the system to look around.
The next day we did and we did and for 3weeks. The RACO as we call her knew practically nothing about the computer and the systems of various units crashed at various times and we had to go to the INEC office in “town” to fix it each time without security and our own too.
So that brings me to the arrangements made and all. The Electoral officer when we needed something was never there and he didn’t provide what he was supposed to. We ran out of ink and had to register people and tell them to come back for their cards making us do more work. Corps members took bikes to their various station which was sometimes hours away into the jungle of Bwari which even INEC never knew existed and came back late and had to sleep on the floor with mats imagine mats and the electoral officer was like you just have to manage for a day or two. That day or two ran it to a week or two. So one fateful day my system broke down and my partner and I had to take it for repairs in town and we bumped into the EO and he was surprised at the outburst because I remember he had an earful and I remember him saying this was a gang up and he wasn’t going to have it. We made sure he had it and even took the matter to the appropriate authority.
All in all it was not a pleasant experience and things just went from bad to worse and I regret ever being on the wagon as did other corp members. Just a note for all no one really cares about you like You. Stand for yourself and what you believe in! Be heard.
Bimbola (@duchessbimzy)



Dear me,

16 years old and all grown up!!!! Are you for real? Jamb is looming and you feel invincible but a re sit is inevitable. Why was it so important for you to go to that university at all cost? Just maybe you should have gone to its counterpart and study law but hey s**t happens…..
You will never have the luxury of just loitering around your Estate gisting about boys. Thinking you are way out of their league arrogant cow!!!! Hopelessly hooked to Hints magazine!!!!! Hey talking about Hints, no you never did work there or in the journalism industry as a whole. Let me shock you some more you didn’t get ANY job at all. It is not because you didn’t try hard enough or because you weren’t smart enough. Unbelievable? I know!!!! Let’s get this straight. Plan A was go to university, fall in love anywhere in between, get a job and get on with life. Plan B was eh…….NONE……..

Wait for this!!!! You won’t see most of your closest friends from secondary school for a very long time. To be candid some you might never see ever. Scary but factual!! Fast forward many years after school and bang lands social networking. It is really humongous…….Did I hear you say what’s that all about? It is a platform that focuses on building and reflecting on social relationship among people. It allows you to connect to old friends. There’s Facebook, twitter, yahoo, blackberry messenger, apple etc. And no they are NOT fruits cheeky monkey!!!! The world went ballistic with their arrival and you got absolutely obsessed with them; no change there!!!!! You can never imagine that you will speak to people you never saw in the last fifteen years or so. Imagine being good friends with strangers that you’ve never met. Sounds exciting and impossible at the same time right? It did happen!!!!! Social networking made the world even smaller. The world became a global village. Let me help you figure it out; think of pen pals but on a better and more graphic level.

Let’s talk about Maths; remember all the beatings??? Sheer wickedness and child abuse!!!! You still hate Maths, remember Calculus; no human being you know uses it in the adult world. Ok maybe you don’t know the smart ones. My point, you don’t need calculus to make it in life, yes really, your Maths teacher lied.
Moving on to boys….remember the first boy you kissed yes him and you thought you were hopelessly in love? You didn’t marry him; in fact you didn’t see him for FIFTEEN FREAKING YEARS!!!!! Guess what? It was never love, you saw him and it was emptiness, you felt nothing I kid you not. However, love came knocking in the university; more on that as we progress. Your brain Tope is a class act, you will remember bits and bobs about old friends like birthdays, information you’ve been told in passing etc without even trying. That is absolutely priceless. Not many people can pride themselves on that so hold your head high Miss encyclopaedia. On a serious note, you should have put your brain to better use by utilising its ability to retain information.

Let’s deviate a bit……Back to LOVE. You found love slowly, recklessly, totally and badly. End result; disastrous, burnt fingers, ripped heart, ever teary eyes and depressed state of mind. Soldier that you are, you marched on and found solid love…… Stick to wearing your heart on your sleeve. It will come handy later in life. It shows guts, strength and character. Advice for you: don’t be in a hurry to grow up…. You will wish you hadn’t wished so hard. Be more forceful with achieving your dreams, you lose nothing but you gain something by being persistent. Enjoy every phase of your life….it goes quicker than you can imagine.

I love you,
From you

Temitop Ajagbe @topeolowu

London, United Kingdom



If you have it, the feeling of unworthiness is a feeling that others can see when they look at you unlike some other feelings like, say, love, that you can hide and can even fake for one purpose or another. You reek of it; this feeling of unworthiness. Like a chronic body odour, it fills the air around you and might even choke you if you let it get pass the limit that your miserable soul can take. They all have it. Aside from chronic malnutrition which is their main problem, their leaders tell them every day at dawn after the morning prayers that they must strive for the worthiness of their souls. They must be ready to sacrifice this ephemeral life for the everlasting one that only the worthy will be stakeholders.

They are all illiterate teenagers, homeless and completely hopeless about their future. These are the hallmarks of an unworthy person. Nobody sees you; you can only be smelt.

“I am hungry…” Farouk said to the youngster beside him in their native language. There are about two hundred teenagers holed up in the large room. They are all males. The females are fewer and are usually at the beck and call of their leaders when they are not preparing food for their male counterparts. They all wear loose clothes and their faces are covered all the time. And of course, they are kept in a different building. The last time Farouk tried to count, he thought he counted more than two hundred males. They are fewer now. That means some of them are already in the company of the worthy. These are usually the bolder ones; the more desperate teenagers. The ones that believe everything their leaders say and are not afraid to carry out their instructions. These instructions are usually acts of violence that only the heartless will not flinch at. These ‘worthy’ teenagers are carefully separated from the ‘unworthy’. They are then given proper care akin to the ones their leaders get. They are taught the basics of formal education and religions, the emphasis being on Islam and Christianity and the reasons why Islam is the only accepted form of worship. Now that they are well fed and clothed, these youngsters will pledge their loyalty and their lives as an extension to the cause of their leaders and never for the cause of Allah, who they are told they are fighting for. But by then it really doesn’t matter anymore what or who they are fighting for. These leaders gave them life, so to speak. It will amount to nothing if their lives are taken by these same leaders. They are even given wives among their female counterparts when they are old enough to be married. And their violent acts of devotion to their leaders continue. And because they are now robots in the hands of their merciful benefactors, these brainwashed teenagers can go as far as strapping remotely controlled bombs to their now ‘worthy’ bodies… after all this life is nothing compared to the everlasting paradise in which they are stakeholders.

Farouk repeated his statement to his equally hungry counterpart and silently made up his mind to leave the company of the ‘unworthy’. It is the right thing to do. It is the only thing to do.

MUYIS ADEPOJU writes for


@abdulmuizzx on Twitter.



To start with, I know that this is one of hundreds of music videos with similar themes. However,I’m choosing to write about it as it is quite recent and my issue with it is very relevant to the present day attitudes of a lot of us young people.

Can someone please tell me what the first 30 seconds of the video was all about???!


Poor waiter who unfortunately had to wait on a group of arrogant and self-obsessed boys made the ‘mistake’ of asking if they were going to pay for their drinks. The response he got was the intentional spilling of ‘expensive’ bottles of wine before having huge wads of cash slammed on his tray.

The message?

I am rich and I can do whatever I please no matter how egocentric I look.

My Issue:

I have a problem with the sheer arrogance portrayed in this video. I believe this is one of the roots of the major problems facing this generation. It is partly responsible for the current spate of scams, stylish or outright prostitutions and even armed robberies. A lot of young people involved in horrible things like yahoo, aristo (sleeping with older men for material gains) etc. mainly do it for this ‘Big boy/Big girl’ effect. Yes there are other factors such as parental upbringing, environmental influences etc. that contribute to these but having the despicable behaviourglorified in music videos does not help matters.

Who are we competing with? Why the incessant need to show off? Usually, people who obtain their wealth through hard work are not lousy since they know the value of money. I know this borders on individual personalities but I also know that spending or enjoying your money is no excuse for being downright disrespectful or lousy about it. ‘Fingers are not equal’ – does that make the thumb more important than the middle finger? That you are rich and someone else is from a more humble background makes them lower than you?

Back to the video, the waiter was clearly disrespected. That someone is waiting on you either as your hairdresser, house help or driver does not decrease their value as a human being. The lack of respect shown just because the waiter did not belong in their ‘class’ is deplorable.

I didn’t find the spilling of the drinks funny either. I have seen this done so many times. It does not make anybody look cool or untouchable; they just looked wasteful! If you have too much money, go give to charity or help people in your neighbourhood. I know that there are people that work hard and play hard too and in no way am I against having a party or chilling with friends. But these can be done tastefully without I repeat ‘being lousy’! To me, the dudes in the video did not appear cool. They actually looked like the ‘money miss road’ types.

Recently saw a picture of 50 Cent with wads of cash lining the whole stretch of his two arms. Sad thing is that a lot of young people see people who act like this as role models. Young peopleare being led to believe that being significant in life has to do with external and material things which is a blatant lie! But how do we go about correcting these mind-sets if these messages make up the majority of what young people see on the internet and television?

We should take a deep look at ourselves, outside of our clothes, our shoes and make-up, WHO ARE WE?

P.S: Someone tell the boy that nobody is trying to ‘da duro’.

Oluwapemi Elujoba .





Elder Statesman and former Biafran warlord the late, Ikemba Emeka Odumegwu_Ojukwu, once said, “the source of our (Nigeria) problem is our fear to unite”
This statement got me thinking. Tried as I may to understand the level of disunity and distrust amongst us as a nation has drained me off.
Nigeria as a nation has become so polarized to such nauseating dimensions that one might be tempted to believe that our continued stay together as one sovereign entity is but a mere waste of time. The deep into anarchism is open to every conscious observer.
The call for a Sovereign National Conference is becoming louder by the day. The security challenges facing the entire country needs no mentioning. Regional sentiments have climbed to high heavens with calls from ethnic bigots for separate entities. Some criminal elements (Boko Haram Terrorist) have even gone too far as to give ultimatum for Southerners living in the North to leave, imagine that. As a Nigerian from the North and a Christian, I make bold to say majority of Muslims nationwide don’t share the bigoted views of these hoodlums.
The assumption that the mostly Christian South is tired of living in a forced marriage to the mostly Muslim North is to my way of thinking a mere political game played by some people to gain cheap political point. I might concede that on the surface, it might appear as though unity amongst the diverse peoples, tribes and cultures in Nigeria is likely impossible but if one cares to look deep into it, the words of Abraham Lincoln comes true, “what binds us together is greater than what drives us apart”
Yes, I make bold to say our similarities are so great that we can afford to appraise our differences with candor and approach them with hope of building a stronger wall of defense
It is true that we have had inter-tribal and religious conflicts and are still having, but we should also take into cognizance of the fact that we have had inter-tribal and religious marriages as well.
Most of us have landed properties in states that are not our ‘state of origin’.
We get our sense of livelihood from businesses and jobs situated in places order than our ‘state of origin’
The truth of the matter is that regardless of what religion, tribe or culture you associate with, the hierarchy of needs theory as propounded by Professor Abraham Maslow is valid to you. This theory cuts across tribe, religion and culture and is majorly the reason why migration to other places for greener pasture still holds.
Now, if Nigerians will endeavor to strengthen the things that binds us together alone these lines, we might not solve every problem we have as a people, but most certainly, we can get something meaningful done.
To march the magnitude of this task of uniting the nation for better days ahead, we need the energies, uniqueness, and potentials of our people. Yes, we must enlist the splendid efforts in various endeavors of the life of the different ethnic groups (Ijaw, Kanuri, Bachama, Jukun, Igala, Tiv, Birom, Hausa, Ibo, Yoruba, etc) spread across the breadth and width of this great country.
As we learn to go forward and secure greater prosperity for generations to come, let us take stock of our goal- where peaceful co-existence is lacking, welcome it; where growth and development is fragile; make it strong; where dishonesty and corruption is thriving, suffocate it.
Welcome to the new Nigeria!
Calvin Lawan, Abuja



I geared up just like every other ex-student of the two great colleges. It was time for the St. Gregory’s College & Holy Child College Reunion Party. Venue was King’s Plaza, 80 Adeniran Ogunsanya street, Surulere Lagos. Date was 26th of Dec., a Boxing Day to reunite with old friends or foes as the case may be.

The colorful event kicked-off with the green carpet. Photographs and interviews were done on some notable personalities from both schools.

Now, let’s fast-forward to the main ‘thing’, the ‘pakurumo’ aspect. Lots of booze and chops were available for those that fancy getting tipsy. Ladies and gents really digging it big.

Vector tha Viper showed up being an ex-Gregorian. As expected guys and ladies crowded the simple looking rapper.

The MC pleaded for space to allow the rapper drop some lines. But, the love was just overwhelming.

The DJ had to drop one of the hit singles Vector did with 9ice-Angeli and the mood was instantly changed to dancing mood.

Vector decided to hook up with his old buddy from childhood. Both of them didn’t even enjoy much talk before they were mobbed. Some wanting autographs while others just wanted to take shots with the rapper. The love was just amazing.

Vector was just calm and even wanted to pose for some shots with the fans. Some were lucky, others weren’t lucky enough.

Then arguments started between a drunk guy and another guy. Bottles were smashed and the rapper was quickly protected as he took his leave.

Ladies and gents, please pay attention to your alcohol limit.

Ibrahim Omotosho writes on
@heem_tosh on twitter Lagos, Nigeria.



The Song of Sacrifice

The hut at the back of the palace is my abode
And from there many evils my eyes have beheld
The bastion bubbles with depravity
The village rumbles with rarity

So stand on the porticoes of your ritzy castles
And sing to me about sacrifice

The king and his chiefs are having a feast
While the future of the land hangs in balance
This year’s harvest is the worst in history
The people stricken by hunger as if by thunder

So stuff your belly with sweet delicacies
Stand on the porticoes of your ritzy castles
And sing to me about sacrifice

The skies have refused to cry upon the land
The people groan aloud under the weight of drought
So the royal jugs are filled with wine
To stupor the king drinks every other night

So pour whiskey down your sacred throats
Stuff your bellies with sweet delicacies
Stand on the porticoes of your ritzy castles
And sing to me about sacrifice

A man with his wife has the oracle forbidden
So the gods may be appeased and favour the land
I saw the king lure a woman into his chamber
The wife of the guard at the top of the tower

So lay down amidst smooth-skinned virgins
Pour whiskey down your sacred throats
Stuff your bellies with sweet delicacies
Stand on the porticoes of your ritzy castles
And sing to me about sacrifice

Bags of gold lay stored up in royal rooms
Into which pound-foolish hands dip unrestrained
While a workman could scarcely get his wage
Penury covers the land like haze in harmattan

So fill your purses with freshly minted coins
Lay down amidst smooth-skinned virgins
Pour whiskey down your sacred throats
Stuff your bellies with sweet delicacies
Stand on the porticoes of your ritzy castles
And sing to me about sacrifice

Women in tattered wrappers look on in unending grief
As their naked children scavenge
with pigs nearby
The prince rides past in his iridescent apparel
Royal wardrobes are filled with unworn garments

So clothe yourselves in grandiose attires
Fill your purses with freshly minted coins
Lay down amidst smooth-
skinned virgins
Pour whiskey down your sacred throats
Stuff your bellies with sweet delicacies
Stand on the porticoes of your ritzy castles
And sing to me about sacrifice

You steal my cow and placate me with a frog
My tolerance for your profligacy wears thinner daily
“The poor people do not understand it” you said
“The rich people will not understand it” I say
So sing me now your song of sacrifice
And in time I will sing you my song of mutiny.

Ogunyemi Olaitan Bukola writes on

@zebbook on twitter



Hello friends,

Everybody has a story to tell. The more you tell one the more you pay attention to your world to tell more. Some are telling their stories and despite telling same the best way they can no one is reading. Together we will change that with Super Blogs. You will become a Super Blogger. If you genuinely take part in this for the next 8 weeks, I will believe a new you will be birth whether or not you win any of the prizes we will be giving along the way.

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