I stopped talking to my family, they only care about my money – Emmanuel Adebayor

Togolese striker Emmanuel Adebayor recently spoke exclusively to the BBC about the controversy.

Adebayor declared that he no longer talks to members of his family in an interview with one of BBC’s journalists.

Emmanuel Adebayor said;

Its a tough one, its a very tough one. I think I have made the right decision to go public because what I’ve been through, people will say you ahve to keep it to yourself.

I have done everything I can to stay in Real Madrid but I could not stay there because my late brother wrote an official letter to the club telling them not to keep me.

I’m not sure that is the reason they didn’t keep me but that can be part of it. Even if it is 10%, it is a lot.

My mum is saying that I have never given her 200 Dollars before. But I have built houses and bought cars for people I don’t know so my mum and family cannot say certain things.

Today, I’m a different person, I see things differently.

My mother gave me the opportunity to be who I am today, I can never thank her enough. I respect her for being their for me during difficult moments but today, I’m Emmanuel Adebayor and I have to look after someone else as well.

I no longer talk to my family but I talk to my friends. Whenever they want to talk to me, I’m open to them because I’m a good believer.

We have done things, we have seen things and we have been through things but the issue is not just mine because for me, they’re not helping me to do my job properly.

They never call me to check if I’m injured or I’m ok. After a couple of games, I get injured, they never call to ask about me. They only call to ask me for something.

Care about me, let me care about you too. Don’t just care about my finances, don’t just care about my accounts.

At the end of the day, you say blood is thicker than water. Why do you forget about the blood but only think about my account? So, for me, the issue is just hanging somewhere.

I’m happy as I am, I’m always happy anyway.

In 2015, Emmanuel Adebayor publicly revealed some of the personal issues with his family that have disrupted his career.

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