Shock as RRS Police officer assaults mentally ill man at Maryland

Commuters and other passerby were left in awe following the sight of a Policeman and a mentally ill man along the usually busy Maryland end of the Ikorodu Road today, Tuesday, July 25, 2017.

According to a report by Punch, the man, who was wearing dirty traditional attire and black sandals, obstructed motorists going towards the Ikorodu end of the expressway, ordering them to give him right of way. The situation however impeded traffic flow with motorists caught in the gridlock.

The man reportedly obstructed traffic flow for about 10 minutes until a combined team of policemen and officials of the Lagos State Transport Management Agency who were at the junction a few metres away tried to chase him away, Punch reported.

As the man refused to leave the middle of the road, one of the police officers ran towards him and tried to scare him with a baton. The man kept dodging him with a black bag he was holding.

The policeman, however, after several attempts, successfully chased him away from the middle of the road.


Photo Credit: PUNCH

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