#NotTooYoungToRun: Senate lowers elective office participation age limit

The Nigerian senate has voted to reduce the lower age limit to run for elective positions from 40 to 35.

This was disclosed after an electronic vote in the senate showed that 86 senators were in support, while 10 were against and one of the lawmakers abstained.

A tweet from the Senate’s official account further confirmed the vote:

This bill goes on to stipulate that 25-year-olds can now legislate in the national and state assemblies across the country.

Despite the results of the vote, the bill cannot become law until it passes the endorsement of 24 state assemblies and presidential assent.

Below are the 33 bills they considered and how they voted:

Members of the Council of States 95 NIL Passed
Devolution of Power 90 5 Passed
Financial Autonomy of State Legislature 90 5 Passed
Distributable account for LG’s to have their own special account 84 8 Passed
Democratic Existence funding and tenure of LG council 88  7 Passed
State creation and boundary adjustment 47 48 Not Passed
Immunity for legislators for Acts in Course of Duty 93 1 Passed
Political Parties and Electoral Matters : Time to conduct Bye Elections and Power to deregister parties 90 0 Passed
Presidential Assent 95 1 Passed
Time frame for submission of names of ministerial nominees 75 19 Passed
Submission of Ministerial Nominees with their Portfolios 78 16 Passed
35% affirmative action for women as ministers 49 43 Not Passed
Submission of Commissioners Nominees with their Portfolios 84 7 Passed
Submission of names of office of commissioners shall be attached with portfolio 87 8 Passed
35% Affirmative action for women as States Commissioners 61 35 Passed
Authorization of expenditure 93 1 Passed
Appointment of Minister from the FCT 77 12 Passed
Change of names of some LG councils: Ebonyi, Oyo, Ogun, Pleateau and Rivers 84 2 Passed
Independent Candidacy 82 5 Passed
The Nigeria Police Force to become Nigerian Police 87 2 Passed
Restriction of the tenure of President and Governor 88 0 Passed
Separation of Office of the Accountant-General 89 0 Passed
Office of Auditor General to be included in first line chat of consolidated revenue 95 0 Passed
Separation of Office of the Attorney General from the Minister/Commissioner of Justice 95 1 Passed
Submissions from the Judiciary 95 2 Passed
Determination of pre-election matters 97 0 Passed
Consequential Amendment on Civil Defence 97 0 Passed
Citizenship and indigenship 49 46 Passed
Procedure for Overriding Presidential Veto in Constitutional Alteration 87 4 Passed
Removal of law making power from Executive Arm 89 3 Passed
Investment and Securities Tribunal 76 14 Passed
Reduction of Age for Election 86 10 Passed
Authorization of expenditure time frame for laying Appropriation bill, Passage etc 94 0 Passed
Deletion of NYSC decree from CFRN 88 33 Passed
Deletion of Public Complain Act from CFRN 90 1 Passed
Deletion of National Security Agencies from the CFRN 92 2 Passed
Deletion of land Use Act from CFRN 46 44 Passed
Deletion of State INEC from CFRN 73 19 Passed

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