How Nigeria Will Be Islamized – By Henry Okelue

Nigeria will be Islamized in two possible ways. Let me break it down for you.

1. By Military fiat.

The Islamization theorists thought IBB was going to do it. Gbadamasi was too busy dribbling, he did not do it. Fake guy.

Others thought it was going to be Abacha. Sani was busy plotting how to rule forever, he forgot to press the Islamize button.

That rules out the military. Damn

2. An Act of parliament, assented to by the President of the Federation.

This is the point we are in right now. So let me show the Islamization theorists, 100% of them Christians, how they can pull this off.

Section 10 of Nigeria’s constitution says Nigeria does not have a state religion. This nonsense section has to be done away with.

It is the only way all RCCG churches, and all Winners Chapel chapels will be turned into mosques and Ile Kewu.

So how do we go about this? I will tell you.

Somebody in the National Assembly, could be the House of Rep or Senate, does not matter, should sponsor a bill to amend section 10. I recommend a Christian Senator or Representative do it. Will make it very dramatic.

Then it will be debated. Let us say it is the Senate where this bill comes out from, all the 109 Senators, Christian o, Muslim o will scream Aye!!!!!. And the Ayes will have it and it will pass first reading. Same will happen during second reading, Aye will have it still.

Then the Senate President, whose Deputy is a devout Catholic, will refer the bill to the Senate Committee on Religion… or maybe Committee on Magic.

The Senate Committee will now call for a public hearing. It will be advertised on TV, Radio, Twitter, Whatsapp, Towns Meetings, beer palours(including association of sobonton hawkers). EiE will start tweets about it, BudgIT will release infographics, AyeeDee will whip out his red marker, activists will call rallies, online petitions will be signed.

At the public hearing, Bishop Oyedepo will tell the senate committee “carry go, I am ready to hand my congregation to Ahmadiyya”. Papa Adeboye will tell the committee “It is not a problem,all my parishes on most Nigerian streets are ready to put speakers on their roofs” FFK will announce that same day that he is now ready to become Tajudeen. Reno will release a Youtube video of him counting his tira.
All the real Christian leaders in Nigeria (read Adeboye, Oyedepo, etc) would thumbprint the Islamization form at the hearing. All the faux Christian leaders in Nigeria (read FFK, Reno, and the rest) will also thumbprint.

The Senate Committee will now go back to the Senate and present its report to the Senate President. “Your excellency, Nigeria is ready to Islamize”

His excellency will then hit his gavel “gboa! gboa!! gboa!!” and ask that the report be debated. All the Christian Senators will be baying “NO NEED TO DEBATE, WE ARE ISLAMIZING!!!”

The SP will again hit his gavel “gboa! gboa! gboa!!”

What the Senate did will then be repeated by the House of Representatives. Same Christian leaders will come around and sign off

This bill that is getting energized will now be sent to the State Houses of Assembly.There are 36 of them. They also will do what the National Assembly did, complete with public hearing. They will then vote to adopt the bill amending section 10.

Remember there are 36 States. To support the amendment of section 10, 24 of these states must scream “Aye!!!!”. Now let us do small analysis.

Going the geopolitical arrangement of Nigeria, the North East and North West are seen by some as the core Nort and are made up of 13 States.

Let us even pretend that 8 of this 13 don’t have a large number of Christians and they all vote AYE!!!.,we will still need 11 more states to make magic happen and move closer to our never ending dream of Islamizing Nigeria.

Which States will make up this 11 o??

I am suspecting Ebonyi will vote yes, considering the Igbo dialect there sounds very much like Hausa. We need 10 more.

I think Ekiti. Fayose has always wanted to go down in history. He probably has dreamed of himself riding a camel to Mecca for Hajj.

We need 9 more. Ah!! Imo. Rochas likes muslims. He will make his State Assembly vote yes. 8 more. We are almost there!!

Akwa Ibom and Cross Rivers anybody? I think they will vote yes too. 6 more. I think Bayelsa will vote yes. Alhaji Asari Dokubo comes from there.

5 more states. Infact, let us stop looking. Throw in the entire South East, South South, and Lagos. That is all. We have more than 24!!

The State Houses of Assembly will now convey their message back to the National Assembly. They will receive the document and put it in a safe, under military, DSS, and Mopol guard. We don’t want stories.

The Senate President will now convene plenary. The Senate and House will reconcile their different versions of the bill and…..wait for it….GBAM!………the amendment of section 10, which will now read “Nigeria will be known as the Islamic Republic of Nigeria and Islam will be its religion” will pass with a very big AYE!! Back patting and fist bumping all around.

There will be celebration in the land – RCCG will hold thanksgiving thanking God for this feat. Winners Chapel will start a conversion program. While the President will receive the bill and sign it sharp sharp, because his people have asked him to do it sharp sharp.

That is how I will go from being called “Henry” yesterday to being called “Haruna” today. What a time to be alive ??

Henry Okelue….on the move

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