The 6 Stages That Define The Career Of A Music Artiste – By Olubayo Paul

Hi guys!

Today, I’d be looking briefly at the 6 critical stages of a music artiste.

My aim, via this very short piece, is to illuminate and breakdown the life of an artiste which would help all artiste identify the stage where they currently belong and help them to be better at what they do!


This is the stage where you are trying to figure out who you really are. In doing this, you begin to try new things, new looks, sounds, signings etc.

Here, you’re literally trying to explore your creativity as an artiste.

Feedback at this stage is key. Is the music working? Does the brand look good? Am I a street-typa artiste or a more Banky W-ish type? Do I have a story to sell? How am I being perceived? Short 1 minute Instagram music skits and free styles also fall into this category.

The feedback at this stage is what important as it would help form the basis of your launch into the “music realm”


At this stage, you begin to seek validation if truly your music is connecting with an audience.

This begins to reflect in the following areas- money, ticket sales, shows, attention, coverage, followers, bookings etc.

A test of this can be a first commercial release. Except you want to deceive yourself, you should be able to judge the connection you have gained so far with your audience.

If after doing this, it doesn’t seem to be working according to expectation, jejely send yourself back to Stage 1.

Don’t fight it.


What are you refining here?


Your sounds, songs and live shows!

This is the serious-ish stage. If you were hitherto, without a Manager, you should get one NOW!

You need now to begin doing big shows as you gradually grow to validating your brand as an artiste .

Noticeable viral growth in the market is experienced. You should also being looking at new markets to conquer vis-a-vis working on your first album!


You already have a strong foundation at this point.

The two key ingredients you need here- pressure and consistency.

An application of these keys reflects in your fan growth.

You also have your first hit song/album at this point which in turn paves way for bigger gigs.

The finishing tackle of this stage is MONETIZATION- make money off your hardwork. Invest in a good entertainment lawyer to guide you through the murky waters of music licencing, copyrights and piracy. Better still, come talk to us at 5ive Music!


You need to maximize revenue streams as well as branch out.

Multiple Stream of Income (MSI) is important here. Realize you can’t do music forever except you are an Adele that can come out at will to drop a song and still go home with Grammy awards.

It doesn’t mean you would no longer do music, this stage marks the beginning of securing your future!

They include:

Endorsement deals


Licencing and Publishing

Trying out other things (very important)

Consolidating on your music


This is the Daddy Yo stage. You continue giving your music consistently with improved quality song by song; album by album!

You renew the following:

Your music

Your brand

Your shows

incorporating the following along the way:

Re-connection with your first fans

Taking risks by doing international collaborations and or trying a completely new sound(s)

Dig deeper for new inspirations…don’t be afraid to ask your fans for a couple

Re-discovering your passion for music; this would help to keep you hungry



This piece was written by Taye Paul Olubayo (who is the Digital Communications Executive at 5ive Music Group. You can connect with him across all social media platforms via his handle: @UNILAG_EFIWE).

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