LAUTECH: The Wave & The Way – By Amao Isaac Oluwasogo

There have been many commending efforts that have been channelled towards rescuing the soul of this school from the avalanche of shame that she found herself in. The working and non-working staff, student body, parents as well as religious organizations have lend their voice and pen in seeing to the fact that the crisis rocking the boat of the school is put to a staggering halt. But it seems that the harder the voice, the more silence is heard about her survival.

The latest of such effort came up after much hemming and hawing among the students which later metamorphosed into the decision to take the war to the heart of the country, the Federal Capital, perhaps if this will make our leaders who only read it on the pages of the newspaper or watched it on the television to know that the war is no longer on the screen or pages of newspaper again but that it is real and demands urgency and promptness.

Placing their lives on the line, they matched to the National Assembly and was favoured to be addressed by the Leader of the House of Representatives, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila in the company of others. I said it was favour because any good our leaders did for us in this part of the world is not a right but a privilege. The straight demand by the students to the representatives was to have the ownership of the school transferred from the two owner states to the Federal Government.
This is a good and reasonable demand that worth the applause.
The response of the Honourable that the country operates democracy and cannot just wake up anyhow like a drunk man and hijacked the school is a wise way of noting that this demand may not be all that easy as it may require the full conscience of the two states and their submissiveness to let go. This shows political correctness! At the same time, it has a bigger implication beneath because there is more that meets the eyes.

The truth is the Federal Government -controlled schools have their own problem with some level of speciality. Few months ago, they went on strike because the right percentage of salary that should be given were not given. And I think it is a problem that these institutions are stylishly managing thinking the Federal Government will repent. To topple the school to the Federal Government will ease the problem but won’t peg it down ultimately. This assertion is premised on the fact that the Nation’s educational system problem is phenomenal with slight variance in degree and to know that our country is yet to be serious with education.

Another close news though regarded as rumour that is related to the above was that the students of the school will be distributed to other schools across the country. If that holds true as some students are becoming optimistic and happy about this, few questions that worth pondering about should be asked. How many Nigerian institutions have enough resources to cater for the present numerical strength of their students not to talk of taking in more? What is the fate of the working staff of the school? They would be rendered jobless or be equally distributed? What about their salaries not yet paid? What would be the fate of the school? Sink down in the history of time and the buildings become rotten, finally turning to the house of animals?

These are questions that must be objectively considered. The alternatives are good but may not be the last stroke that breaks the Carmel’s backbone. One of the ways out is if the Federal Government can intervene by releasing substantial amount of money to solve the financial crisis rocking the school which is the main challenge the two owner states admitted.

Another thing is to have the National University Commission to come to the rescue of the school in their capacity as a body seeing to ensuring the smooth running of the Nation’s Varsities. The two owner states should also wake up to their responsibility, having a sanctuary of reasoning on how to bail the school out no matter the cost. And if they felt they cannot keep the school running again, they can humbly yielded the wheel to the Federal Government if the occasion demands.
A clarion call is also given to the stakeholders in the educational system across the country to have a roundtable meeting on how the problem can be pronto brought to an end. This will not only rescue the school at this pressing hour but also save her glory from getting drown at dawn!

Author: @isaacsogo

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