#SaveLAUTECH: Where there are responsible elders, things seldom go wrong – By Amao Isaac

The Yorubas, out of their wealth of knowledge assumed certain unfortunate happenings are not meant to have a field day where there exist specific class of people,most especially the elderly ones.
This assertion I surmise is hinged on the fact that the elders have seen more than enough and equally have a cerebral grandstanding to decipher disorderliness and Pronto fix it.
This can also be attributed to the fact that elders are known for maintaining tranquility in the society. When they speak, it is traditionally and morally believed to be a word of wisdom that will end the existing problem.
And so their words and actions are seen as the last stroke that will break the camel’s back bone. As such, there is much regard for them.
While this is a proverbial truism, sad enough it is to say that this seems not to hold true in our clime. One will admit and testify to it that better it is to have no elder than to have them in an innumerable numbers because their presence has not prove positive.
Relating this with the issue of this institution of learning. We have repeatedly asked if there are no elders to hold a sanctuary of reasoning in proffering a lasting solution to the persistent distortion in the academic calendar of the school.
It is somehow painful that our elders who rode on the wing of Awolowo only does that to gullible the minds of the masses. They claim to be Awoist, promising free education to making the system better but once they ascend the crescendo they forgot all of the promises and leaves the system in the rot.
Sure Awolowo’s soul will not forgive the misdeeds of these ones- who keeps hanging the future of the nation in the air.
The school has a political figure like Tinubu as her chancellor and one would have hoped that being a political astute in the nation would have brought the problem to a staggering halt. Sad enough, we have not heard a drop of word from him.
This is what happen when political interests weigh more than the future of the country.
I dare to ask if there are no senators representing Ogbomoso and Osun constituency that would place their lives on the line to pursue this issue to a lasting end at the floor of the house. But the reverse is the case, they are busy gulping allowances and forget that they will come back after their four years term to what they are watching rotting away.
How about different stakeholders in the nucks and crannies of the state as well as the country?
We can keep mentioning the so called elders and remain inexhaustible but the point is, it is not enough to have them but calling them to be awaked from their slumber is the most important.
The future of this school must not be allowed to suffer this level of shame again. Let our elders prove to us that they are indeed elders that can be remembered for stepping in to the situation at hand and then we would appreciate the above adage of the land. Iroko Samson, Pele Olabanji, Adelaja Ridwan Olayiwola, Bamigbola Silas, Oluwasegun Àlàgbé

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