Are we really #NotYoungToRun – By Anifowoshe Titilope

In November 2015, my class constituted a committee of close to 10 persons to organize a befitting schedule and project for our graduating set. We were made to contribute #8000 each and up till this moment all we got was a substandard customized T.Shirt, a statue dedicated to faculty of #Law , Unilorin and an excursion to ile-ife, Osun State (whose expenses was largely donated by members of the class outside the 8K) .
Even after graduation we are yet to get our Final year book or an account of our money. The report of the panel setup to probe the found is that the “MONEY FOR THE FINAL-YEARBOOK WAS A SCAM” and that 3 of the committee members embezzled the cash!
ARE WE REALLY #NotTooYoungToRun ?
Here in #NLSLagos the #500,000 disbursed by the plateau state government for bursary of Law student was misappropriated by few persons.
ARE WE REALLY #NotTooYoungToScam ?
In #NLSAbuja students of IMO state were made to pay #500 each to facilitate the disbursement of their bursary and till this moment they have not heard anything about their bursary or their #500
Students of #Kwara State have for 4 years been deprived of their bursary simply because of the harebrained student leaders who survive solely from the suborner they get from the Kwara state government .
Are we really #NotTooYoungToRun ?
Indeed the glitz and glamour of political offices is huge enough to make a person spend his lifetime planning and orchestrating his way to the government house or senate. I remember how in 2015, one anorexic senator of National Association of Kwara State students with very a muddled command of vocabulary vaunted  about his plans to be the governor of Kwara state in the future. Today he doubles as the SRC chairperson of Kwara State University and the Chairman of NANS/JCC Kwara and the only thing his administration has been able to do is “commend , extol and appreciate” the Kwara dignitaries through open letters and votes of confidence without any viable and visible long or short term developmental projects for Kwara Students.
 Have you ever met a young man who aspires to hold any political position ? Have you ever met a young entrepreneur? Can you spot the differences between their ideology and reasoning ?
An entrepreneur believes so much in his handwork and hard-work while a Student politician believes so much in his influence and ambition. An entrepreneur reveres innovations and topnotch business ideas while. Student politician reveres his political Godfathers and their success. An entrepreneur prays for a stable and flourishing economy while a student politician prays for wealth for the purpose of getting the love of his constituency. An entrepreneur never spend beyond his earning because every kobo is business to him but a student politicians cares less of how much he spends so far he gets the required adoration of his constituency. An entrepreneur is always opened to learning new things that will aid his venture but a student politician only aims to get the commendation of his revered RoleModel.
If the #NotTooYoungToRun bill becomes law it means that a person of 30 years of age can contest for the exalted office of president, senator  or governor of a state ; and a 25 year old person can be an honorable member of the House or Representative or State House of Assembly . The #NotTooYoungToRun bill also seek for independent candidacy in our electioneering process.
Indeed such Constitutional amendment is going to provide a benchmark of an inclusive, competitive , modern, radical and rugged political system.
The green light is very crystal for this bill but are we really ready to #Rule and #Run ?
#LegalEagle is an aspirant at the Nigerian Law School , Abuja

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