Message For ‘Saint’ Peter Obi And His Praise Singers – By Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu

The social media was agog yesterday due to the claims and submissions of controversial politician and former governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi on Platform. During the program, Obi, who always condemns all except himself, said that it’s better to save than to borrow. He also said that it is wiser to create avenues that will nurture job creation instead of creating jobs and in a bid to anoint himself a Saint who doesn’t borrow or live a luxurious life, Mr. Obi claimed that in the past seventeen years, he has been using one wrist watch and also has only two pairs of shoes. These claims, especially the last ones, caused an uproar in the social media thereby causing the praise singers of the self-anointed political and economic Saint to sing more praises, even when some of his claims like owing one wrist watch for seventeen years has been proved to be false.

While I agree that government should employ saving culture and create avenues that will nurture job creation, Mr. Obi should first of all apologize to Nd? Anambra and Nigerians for living a hypocritical life. Mr. Obi should tell the world what mechanisms his administration in Anambra State put in place to encourage job creation. He should also apologize to Nigerians for failing to raise such alarm when he was wining and dining with former President Goodluck Jonathan. Recall that the administration of Jonathan was notorious for squandering our external reserves and keeping Nigeria in a high debt profile. The most annoying thing is not the squandering nature of Jonathan’s administration but that the same man who is blaming the government for not saving was a major stakeholder in the economic team of the former president whose administration squandered our savings.

Also, it is shameful that despite being among the kitchen cabinets of the former President, Mr. Peter Obi failed to attract any tangible thing to the South-East. Instead he continued to wine and dine with the administration whose only achievement in the southeast geopolitical zone was nurturing politics of divide, religious slavery and tribalism in the region. The second Niger Bridge construction and dredging of the River Niger as claimed by the past administration later turned out as a hoax and the rehabilitation of the Enugu-Onitsha expressway also ended as the more you look the less you see during the past administration, and instead of Saint Obi to tell Jonathan the truth, he was busy parading him as Azikiwe and helping him in a political campaign that preached hate, and encouraged religious slavery and now, he has anointed himself a Saint and always delight in condemning all except himself.

For being a major stakeholder in the failed administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan, Peter Obi does not possess any moral right to embark on this his ridiculous and unnecessary campaign promoting saving. He should hide his face in shame for not living as he always claim. Also, the self anointed political and economic Saint should know that he is one of the major causes of the failure of former President Goodluck Jonathan in the 2015 presidential election. If him and his fellow kitchen cabinets told the former president all he is saying presently, the Otuoke man would have returned back to Aso Rock.

Mr. Obi should also stop being a talkative. Talking too much will only attract the searchlight of investigators to him and I believe that will happen sooner or later.

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