Lagos: Home of Continuous Progress and Excellent Leadership- Femi Owoyele

Adorn from above as an adorable abode for all

Brandishing a brighter, better & beneficial brand of breakthroughs

Consciously & considerably committed to the collective cares of countrymen

Defining direction for development with a determination & dedication to delivering dividends of democracy

Exerting efforts to ensuring excellence & an effective & efficient economy

Fostering a focus-driven, flourishing, fruitful & fulfilling future

Garnering great glory gotten through the granting of good governance

Habitually harbouring happy, healthy heterogeneous humans in harmony

Inherently influencing individuals’ intuition through its immaculate ignition of inspiring, innovative & illuminating ideas including its imperative for investing in infrastructure & improving its inhabitants’ image

Judiciously jibbing the joyous journey through justice, justifying the job of a just man in charge

Kicking out kleptomaniacs & kindly keeping the keys to our commercial kingdom

Limiting the limitations of learning & leadership to liberate & lift lives

Manifesting manifold manpower means made to meaningfully motivate mankind via managerial mastery & marshalling massive man & material mechanisms to making a megacity

Negotiating & navigating through notable new networks of necessities for a noble Nigeria

Objectively opening-up options & opportunities to ordinary occupants to operate outstandingly & in order

Protecting the people, promoting peace & providing a purpose-driven platform for politicking with a passionate pilot in position of power

Questioning the quintessence so as not to quench quality

Raising responsive, responsible, reliable, reputable & resourceful representatives

Salvaging sensitive situations, strengthening security & serving satisfactorily in the spirit of selflessness & sacrifice

Triumphantly transforming the territory through a team of tireless, tactful & treasured technocrats, transiting to tomorrow through technology

Utilizing the usefulness of our uniqueness & unity, using an upright umbrella of understanding

Valiantly venturing into various viable venture via a virile vision

Working wisely, waving-off weaknesses & winning the world in wonderful ways

Xpressing xcellence through xceptional xploits

Yielding to yearnings of its youths

Zooming zealously to the zenith zone

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