For Goodluck Jonathan, this is another lost chance – By Abdullahi O Haruna

Former president Goodluck Jonathan is like the bird that draws rain unto itself, he had the opportunity to govern Nigeria for 8 years and possibly transmute to a global icon with final destination at the United Nations but he wasted it on the alter of greed, inexperience and cronyism.

From an infectious  admirable personality to a scornful figure, Jonathan’s rating burnt dangerously fierce like wild fire in harmattan. His ratings nosedive and he never regain it eventually. While I sympathize with him, I equally blame him for his self destruction. He approached governance with levity, he entrusted so much powers to cronies and above all, became reckless with state’s resources. That is why on assumption of office , he went berserk on spending spree to the extent of acquiring presidential aircrafts like Nigeria was going to the moon.

In the furious attempt to be fully in charge, he dismantled the late Umar Musa Yar’Adua’s political structure when he sent packing all the Ministers appointed by his dead predecessor. Rather than  a continuation of a legacy, he buried prematurely all the earthly traces of Yar’Adua. Imagine if he had worked with the same team he inherited from his boss! Vindictiveness took over commonsense as an important political legacy was lost by Mr Goodluck Jonathan.

Narratives of governance changed as the new power players went to town brandishing ‘We versus Them’ slogan with divisive messages like ‘This is our time’. And the president didn’t help matters as he too joined in the divisive template. In no time, the insensitive slogan of ‘Those with you are more than those who hates you. Overnight, a national figure became regional figure with all the traces of provincialism. He was making policy statements from the church as religious leaders became his spokesmen. Tragically, the man with the anointed slate was sliding to a perilous end. We saw it and shouted out but we were shutdown.

Even former president Obasanjo cried out but he was roundly insulted and gagged. In dejected resignation, Obasanjo watched as the seed he planted to sprout into a giant tree became dwarfed by opportunism. The young generational president was hijacked and derailed by people who didn’t contribute to his emergence and the nation suffered the lost of divine leadership.

Careless manifestations dominated GEJ’s leadership that Nigeria’s territorial integrity was almost decimated with belligerent forces taking over Nigeria’s  territory with ease. Our security forces were exposed as vulnerable ill-prepared bunch.  It became so bad that militant groups took over core functions of Nigeria’s security establishments. Nigeria was at the precipice of a failed nation because one man went to sleep.

Government officials turned the state’s resources to their personal vaults , that is why billions of naira could disappear and the president would rise up in defense that America would know were such monies stolen. With the avalanche of discoveries of orphaned monies every where, I wonder if GEJ is now ashamed of the manifestations of the people he stoicly defended.

The political irony of GEJ’s version of governance is that he refused to use money to develop the nation but waited for re-election to share money for campaigns. Who does that but GEJ! That the man is bemoaning his defeat right now is to say how politically inexperienced he is. He put his fate in the hands of a few instead of the electorate, he thought the religion card could save him. Instead of manifesting the divine push that catapulted him to limelight, he went the way of mortal and the result is the needless lamentations he is deafening us with.

The book ‘Against the run of play’ has exposed the psychological framework of the man called Goodluck Jonathan, the snippets from the book so far has betrayed every high rating estimation of GEJ. Instead of talking about experiences, leadership and way forward, the man went ballistic blaming everyone why he lost forgetting that no one helps you succeed but yourself first.

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