Kwara Community Requests Relocation Of Prison

Residents of Oke Kura Community on the outskirts of Ilorin, the Kwara state capital, have called for the immediate relocation of the prison located in their midst.

This is amid several complaints that the correctional facility is unhygienic and has become a source of friction between them and military personnel attached to it.

Speaking to Channels Television, a member of the community narrated the case of an attempted jail break which resulted in a heavy gun fire; an incident that shook the entire community.

The National President of the Ilorin Descendant Progressive Union, Abdulahi Ade, also supported the call of the residents, saying that the story would have been different if the stray bullet hit a passer by.

“The security situation in that place is not sound, it is not secured – They should relocate it”.

The agitation and call for the relocation got to the floor of the House of Representatives as the man representing the area, in company of the Committee on Army visited the community to assess the true situation of things.

The senator said that the Committee had been asked to investigate the case and caution the military so that they could interface with the community properly in the discharge of their duties.

He also charged the committee to look into the possibility of de-congesting the prisons.


Source: Channels TV

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