Dino Melaye needs our urgent help – By Abdullahi O Haruna

When you are humble, taciturn and mindful, your shortcomings are easily overlooked, even in war, only the arrogant and pompous fighter suffers death fast. My father would always say, not every breast is ripe enough for a man to touch. In life, not every fight should a man fight. Regardless of what, we must choose our fight wisely.

Dino Melaye is perilously intelligent, he is an uncommon fighter. With sheer doggedness, he defined a template of survival. From an abysmally poor background, the Okun born lad extricated himself from the intimate embrace of poverty.

That he is where he is today, is a testimony that where you come from is never a limitation to what you are today. Using empirical measurements, I dare to say that Dino has broken the ceiling of limitations. He has redefined what struggle for emancipation is. He is a walking reference of grass to grace.

Tragically, instead of being celebrated for his feat, he succumbed to the weaknesses of mortals. He began to play the god. He dares the gods to wrestling match. He brags and puff in arrogance. He become rambunctious, irritating and discourteous . He could challenge anyone to a fight. He climbed the high horse and attributed his divorce from poverty as his sole efforts.  He wears anywhere the garment of arrogance and self worth.

Instantly, he lost the admiring gaze from the public. He became a nuisance reference, a defender of absurdities. He goes violent and uncivil in his manifestations.  Within a blink of an eye, a promising lad transformed to a scornful reference. His unguided show of wealth didn’t help matter, he flaunt his wealth before his poor companions, instead of using his possessions as motivating tools, he turned them to oppressing teachings.

Instead of reliving himself in people, he found solace in the esoteric affluence of life, Forgetting that like erection, nothing last forever in life. Those who live forever are those who recreate themselves in others.

Playing the devil’s advocate all the time leaves you sapped in moral, value and dignity. Not every fight is your fight. You can’t be more intelligent than a body of 109 parliamentarians.  You can’t always speak their minds. Leave the microphone for once. Your thunderous voice should be reserved for the good of humanity. The world should regard you as a model of hope and not the monster of the parliament.

Ordinarily, the world would have come to your defense when the case of not graduating from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria came up, instead the public have joined in thorough search of your ABUSITE status. That you went to ABU to them isn’t enough, arguing in stoic defense that not everyone who went to the market returns with wares. Some even said that you may have earned a degree in ABU but not the character that comes with learning. Majority of Abusites are even saying that you quickly come clean by putting forth your degree before the public so that the issue of forgry can be lay to rest.

This is what unguided heroism can cause, it makes one vulnerable, exposed and opened to needless harms. The chick survived the fury of the hawks because it lay low from the prey of the hawks.


Please save your promising rise by choosing the fight that suits you as the furious rise of a child is usually not lasting especially when the child is against nature.

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