US retains 2-year multiple entry visas for Nigerians

The United States government has stated that the recent executive order by President Donald Trump will not affect Nigerians.

US Ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symington and US embassy Consular Chief Meghan Moore on Friday said the order will not affect the validity of visas held by Nigeria. US will continue to grant two-year multiple entry visa for Nigerians, they said.

Trump’s order was based on reciprocation, and Nigeria will not be discriminated against. It won’t affect the validity of visas held by Nigerians and US’ visa policy for Nigeria remains unchanged they added.

“No place has opened doors to people more than the US. We haven’t said we have closed the doors and locked it, what we said is we are going to take a pause and conduct checks and ensure safety of the people in the United States…the door would be opened again,” Symington said.

“I want to reassure by our actions starting from our consulate reception in Abuja and in Lagos that we would not discriminate on the basis of religion. If anyone didn’t get a US visa because they said their name was Paul or something, then they would be wrong.”




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