Reno Omokri’s Amnesia and Illusion of Knowledge – By Richard Tayo

You might not know me but my name is Richard Tayo. I am the same guy who wrote a letter to a certain ally of yours titled “Stellar Hypocrisy on Show: Letter to Senator Ben Murray Bruce”. You may seek to block me on Twitter as it is customary of you but here is a spoiler alert; I am not your follower.

For one Reno, or can I simply address you as Wendell? I read that you are a Pastor. I want to say that if you are truly a pastor then I respect the anointing upon you. I have no grouse with Reno Omokri the Pastor.

However I have every bone to pick with Reno the critic. I have problems with Reno the hypocrite and I certainly have problems with your amnesia and illusion of knowledge. I feel compelled to ­reject the views of hypocrites. I see hypocrisy as a vice and a symptom of incompetence or insincerity, I think you should be exceedingly careful about letting your emotions color your judgments of substantive issues.

This letter is not about Ex President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ). Howbeit I can’t properly address your amnesia and illusion of knowledge without reference to GEJ. The rate at which you sing praises of GEJ to high heaven is alarming. Actually, I observed that our democratic process has brought us some sense of loyalty which is a good ingredient for development. The loyalty between leaders and followers recently has increased tremendously and this auspicate good tidings for our national development. However, I wonder if your case is loyalty or plain sycophancy.

Now let me touch on your amnesia a little. You are so unoriginal, you are just like every other guy before you who hates President Buhari. You seem to have forgotten that everything you’ve tweeted about PMB’s administration to date as it’s shortcomings are not what you can exculpate the administration you served from.

All you seem to have on this administration is the economic recession, forgetting that the administration you served laid the foundation. Now let’s peruse a little; OBJ saved $67billion, spent N27trillion in 8years and left almost zero debt.

GEJ inherited about $47.7billion, spent N51trillion in 6years, left a debt of about $63billion. All these were inspite of the unprecedented oil boom during his regime yet as GEJ apologist you never stopped your cacophony of Nigeria been the largest economy in Africa under him. What a pity

Now to your illusion of knowledge and your so called #RenosNuggets. Where were the #Nuggets you flood twitter with on daily basis when your actions made you a liability to GEJ’s presidential ambition? Little wonder your vile marque of overzealousness was responsible for your replacement with Obi Asika. One would have expected your little #Nuggets to be your watchwords. Obviously your #Nuggets are only applicable to the gullible followers you placate daily on Twitter. What a shame!

The more I see you refer to Lai Mohammed as a liar the more I wanna smash my phone against the wall. It’s a visible case of pot calling kettle black. Imagine Reno ‘Wendell Simlin’ Omokri called someone a liar, this world done spoil finish.

Imagine a world full of honesty, a world without deceit, a world deprived off lies. It all sounds wonderful, but beware of what you wish for. And that is because the likes of you Reno Omokri might not be able to survive in such world.




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