President Buhari May Be Staying In The UK Longer Than Expected – Presidency

Don’t expect President Muhammadu Buhari from the United Kingdom anytime soon, this is according to the Presidency.

In an update on President Buhari’s health, the Presidency wrote to Nigerians in a press statement, that the President says he may be staying longer than expected.

“President Buhari wishes to reassure Nigerians that there is no cause for worry.

“During his normal annual checkup, tests showed he needed a longer period of rest, necessitating that the President stays longer than originally planned.”

He however “Thanks millions of Nigerians who have been sending good wishes and praying for his health and well-being in mosques and Churches throughout the country.

“The President is immensely grateful for the prayers, show of love and concern”.

The president left the country in January 2017, on a annual leave and a medical vacation which he wrote to the National Assembly of his intentions to extend.

Its now about 32 days since he left Nigeria.


Source: Channels TV

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