Nigeria’s greatest problem is hate – Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo yesterday urged Christian leaders to always preach the love of Jesus Christ rather than hate messages.

Osinbajo noted that hate among various groups and people led to killing of innocent citizens and destruction of properties across the nation.

He noted that the burden of faith for Christians is to fulfill the mandate of Christ by preaching the love of Jesus Christ.
Osinbajo spoke while declaring open the 14th National Biennial Conference of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria whose theme is ‘From Glory to Glory’.

He said for Christians to live eternally, they must be ready to die for the gospel.
The Acting President stated that it was unfair for people to suggest that the Federal Government was silent on the crisis of Southern Kaduna because it supported the killings.

Osibanjo explained that the Federal Government’s approach was to allow Governor Nasir El-Rufai, as the Chief Security Officer of the state, to intervene just as he did in the Shiite clashes.

He stated that the failure of past administrations to stop religious and ethnic killings could be attributed to failure of the criminal justice system.
He said: “Our greatest enemy is hate. In the past few years, we have seen the most brutal killing of men and women. The history of blood and religious conflict extends to every Nigerian government.”

On the Southern Kaduna Killings, he said: “Since investigations are still going on, I can’t make any categorical statement. The Federal Government has taken steps by first aligning with the state government working with the police to be the first respondents.
“It is not true to say that the FGN was silent, it is not true. Troops were sent in after a security council briefing were received from the state and police after they found themselves of not been able to curtail the killings.

“However, from the foregoing it is obvious that every Nigerian leader whether Christian or Muslim has tried to solve the problem of the killings and none has succeeded. Indeed killing has increased in velosity and intensity.

“In many respects, the failure of our criminal justice system to punish culprits has not helped matters. But meanwhile the suicide bombers and those ready to die along with their victims have added a more satanic dimension to the public.

“Why is it that no government has succeeded in stopping these age-long killings? Let me say that it is because the answer to it, the response to gross wickedness lies with the church.

“Everything about the gospel contradicts our flesh. As far as the gospel is concerned, the way to live and be fruitful is to die.”


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