Nigeria and Nigerians: Enemies From Within By Inyali Peter

I personally think that we, as Nigerians, need serious reorientation. I have read over the past few days how people, even the most educated come out to allege that US President, Barrack Obama foisted President Buhari on Nigerians. What a mentality!

Nigerians have celebrated Donald Trump’s victory more than even the Americans all because they think Trump has the capacity to make Buhari fail. What hypocrisy!

I see untrained bloggers and quack journalists publish stories alleging that Russian President, Vladimir Putin is threatening Buhari to let Nigeria separate or he finds himself to blame. And I dare ask, when has Russia become the country to determine our unity?

Why are we making ourselves look too inferior to the white race? Putin was a former military administrator just like President Buhari. Why do we undermine our own but celebrate others? Are we truly independent? Are we happy that our independence is an independence in paralysis? I am ashamed at the level of moral decadence among so many Nigerians.

President Buhari is over 70 years old. He has seen it all. He has nothing to gain or loose so we must begin to see his success as Nigeria success not APC or his personal success. Obama labelled Trump unpresidential  but when he won, they both put the interest of their nation ahead of their personal and political interest and have promised to work together. That’s patriotism.

Patriotism like I have always said is not in supporting a leader because you like his face, religion or ethnic background. But supporting whoever is at the helms of affairs in a way of constructive criticism or otherwise to succeed.

The Nigeria media has suddenly turned against Buhari. There’s no good program of this government that make front page or lead any paper. Any cover page story or lead news must be against Buhari. At my leisure time, I will write extensively why I hate being addressed as a journalist especially on social media even as trained journalist. I am writing a book about Nigeria journalism which I hope should be out next year.

The biggest Problem in this country is the media and the judiciary; we must come together to fight this monsters. While the media is so committed to feeding the public with false stories or at best half truth, the judiciary is there to legalize the illegalities. We must reason together to find a solution to this shameful commentary.

Stay connected for my article on “Nigerians Voted Change But don’t want change”. Till then, think Nigeria!

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