Deported Nigerian Man Re-arrested in US for Scamming Woman of Over $9,000

A 47-year-old Nigerian man, Chigozie Valentine Agu, has been arrested in Vermillion Parish, Louisiana, US, on charges of ‘Felony Theft’ in excess of $5,000, Bank Fraud, Money Laundering, and Racketeering.
Agu was nabbed after he scammed an elderly woman to the tune of nearly $9,000.

The suspect was deported to Louisiana and booked into the Vermillion Parish Correctional Center and was arrested at the weekend by the Metro Washington Airport Authority at Dulles Airport, following an investigation by General Landry’s Louisiana Bureau of Investigation (LBI) as he re-entered the United States.

Attorney General Landry of the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office, told Daily Mail that, “In May 2016, Agu contacted an elderly Vermillion Parish resident, telling her he was a Department of Homeland Security official and found a piece of luggage containing money he would return to her for a fee.

“The LBI found proof that Agu received the money and that he attempted to conceal his crime through bank wire transfers and a third party.

“Overall, Agu scammed the elderly woman out of $8,890.

“Our office is on the front lines investigating, arresting, and educating to help stop the awful occurrence of seniors being targeted and preyed upon by scammers.

“We want to help Louisiana’s people avoid falling victim to mortgage, contractor, charity and other types of frauds commonly perpetrated on senior citizens.”

“It is an absolutely despicable crime to take advantage of our elderly family, friends, and neighbors.

“No matter the great lengths these shameless criminals take, my office will do all we can to get justice for their victims,” General Landry was quoted as saying.

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