IVF Kids Raised By Britain’s First Gay Couple Reveal How They Live Large

The IVF kids raised by Britain’s first gay dads have revealed their lavish upbringing filled with supercars, huge parties and mansion homes. Millionaire couple Tony and Barrie Drewitt-Barlow made history in 1999 after fathering twins Saffron and Aspen with a surrogate mum in California.

Now, 16 years on, the IVF twins have opened up on their very modern upbringing.

Aspen told the Mail on Sunday how he was given a £110,000 Porsche and a custom-made Rolex by his super-rich parents.

He added: “Dad and Daddy have been incredible fathers. Dad and Daddy say their greatest achievement is having us and I’m proud of them as it wasn’t always easy, although they have shielded us from any negativity. Like all parents they can also be a bit embarrassing at times.

“Daddy is very flamboyant. During school sports days he starts screaming and shouting, making himself the centre of attention. He’s just so gay all the time. “Sometimes it makes me cringe but I love him for it too.”

The family, who have an estimated £38 million fortune, have just moved into a £1.2 million mansion in Princeton, New Jersey.

Barrie and Tony said they moved because their luxurious way of life was rubbing neighbours up the wrong way and faces threats and harassment.

The pair were previously also forced to move the three eldest kids to a private school because of bullying by the parents of their classmates.

Aspen told how he has not missed a mother figure in his life and said he has a “good relationship” with his biological mum.

The pair were treated to an extravagant £24,000 party for their joint 16th birthdays where Saffron wore a $1,100 dress for the occasion. The bash included a marquee, dancefloor, top DJs, a laser show and more than 200 guests.

Aspen was gifted a £110,000 911 Carrera but sniffed at his new Rolex watch claiming it isn’t finished yet.

The kids wardrobes are packed with designers clothes and bags, and Aspen has a huge collection of trainers. But Barrie and Tony don’t think there’s anything wrong with spoiling their kids.

They said: “People say that they’re spoiled brats but every parent wants to indulge their children.”

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