Groom Sues Clothing Brand, Men’s Wearhouse, Claims There Were Ants In His Suit

A groom claims that his wedding and his entire life was ruined by a bug-infested rental shirt he got from Men’s Wearhouse clothing store and has filed a lawsuit against them. In the lawsuit, the groom, Anthony Elam from Philly got married to his heartthrob 2 years ago.

He claims that just after he put the shirt on that he got from Men’s Wearhouse, he noticed it was infested by disgusting bugs but he still wore the shirt to the wedding. He said the bugs in the shirt bit him badly and “tormented” him during and after the ceremony.

In the lawsuit he filed against the clothing store, he described the injuries he received from the bugs

on his wedding day as horrendous. He said he had..
— bug bites
— pruritic rash
— systemic inflammatory response syndrome
— infection
— exacerbation of low back pain and/or sciatica
— other injuries involving ligaments, blood vessels and soft parts
— permanent shock to his nerves and nervous system
— pain, agony and serious disfigurement.

The suit states that since the incident occurred, he has suffered emotional distress, depression, mental anguish, humiliation, embarrassment, loss of life’s pleasures and that he and his wife can’t work for an indefinite period of time.

His wife is also suing for loss of sex in their relationship.

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