Former California High School Student Wins $6m Settlement After Impregnating English Teacher

A 21 year old former student at Citrus Valley High School in Redlands, California who impregnated his teacher (pictured above), has received $6 million from his school district, the largest single-victim sex abuse settlements ever from a public agency.

The boy who was 16 when the incident occurred, received the large sum on Friday, three years after the arrest of his former teacher and lover, Laura Whitehurst and as at the time he was having a sexual relationship with his female teacher Laura, he was under 18 years.

According to the former student, he felt manipulated and used by Laura while he was in school, as he started having sex with her at the age of 16 in her apartment, before she gave birth to their child in June 2013 — while he was still in school
Whitehurst, a former AP English teacher, was slapped with 41 felony sex assault charges for her relationship with this student and two others, all of whom were under 18 at the time.
Laura Whitehurst, 29, is now a registered sex offender. During the court trial, the student’s attorneys accused the school of ignoring warning signs about the relationship.
Laura and the student (names withheld) now shares custody of the child with her former student.

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