Edo Guber: Stop Peddling Lies About Me – Obaseki Tells Opposition

The candidate of the All Progressives Congress, (APC), Mr Godwin Obaseki, has accused opposition parties in the state of peddling lies to discredit his person.


Obaseki who spoke at a live television programme in Benin City, urged political stakeholders in the state to assist the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in conducting a violent- free election by discouraging thuggery.


The APC candidate expressed displeasure over the lies told by some candidates, while calling for factual and issue-based campaign.


Describing his ideas in politics as fresh and modern, Obaseki said having served in government in the last eight years and interacted with major political actors across the state, victory is irreversible for the APC.


Explaining that though he has a cordial relationship with other party candidates, he said: “what I don’t like about them is that instead of focus on issues, they stimulate a lot of untruth, things that are not correct and begin to emphasize on them.


“I will love a political contest of telling the people what you want to do for them and how we want to do it. And also showing the people the experience we have to convince them that we will accomplish what we have promised.

“A lot of contestants today, all you hear them tell the people are contrived lies and abuses rather than focus on the issue of how to make Edo better and what are the options we want to give Edo people to make the state better.”


On the issue of not being a politician, Obaseki added, “I don’t agree that I don’t have a political background. As you can see, I am not an old politician. I have modern and fresh concept about governance and yes, this is the first time I am contesting election. But I have been in government, I have been in the corridor of power in the last seven and half years and I have interacted with every major political actor and I have been involved in most political play and decision”.


While urging stakeholders to support the INEC to conduct a peaceful poll, Obaseki said, “No institution is perfect, INEC is an umpire, they are doing their best based on the situation they find themselves and the resources they have. We will have to work with them and encourage them to improve”.

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