Suicide Bombers Killed By Own Bombs In Maiduguri

At about midnight on Sunday when Muslim faithfuls were performing the vigil prayers associated with the last ten days of the holy month of Ramadan, two deafening blasts echoed all over Maiduguri as two suicide bombers on a mission to attack innocent persons got killed by the explosives they wore on their bodies.

It did not occur to many that the blast was from an improvised bomb until much later on Monday when their corpses were found shredded by the bombs they coupled with their hands.

Residents close to the spot where the explosion occurred said they had earlier in the night noticed two strange persons lurking around under the dark shadows of some trees but could not sense that they had sinister motive.

“People thought they were probably going to the mosques nearby for prayers until a heavy sound came some minutes after 1 am,”, Aji Hassan told journalists who visited the neighbourhood to enquire about the blast.

Although the military has yet to issue any statement to that effect, the area has been cordoned off by uniformed personnel.

The incident has created fear in the minds of many residents of the city especially those temporarily residing in the mosque to perform the late night vigil that will continue to hold till the end of the Ramadan.

Credit: PremiumTimes

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