Ademuyiwa Adebola Taofeek: ‘Change’ Is A Process And Not A Magical Manifestation

Allow me to reintroduce the subject “Change”; it is a process of becoming different, those with different opinions are those who see it as a ‘fire brigade’ approach. In the real sense, Change is a function of “Process” (series of events to produce a result) which explains why it is not a “Sudden” event.

16 years of this republic is not a sudden event, if those who destroyed this country did it gradually, how then would change come suddenly? With all sincerity, it is a fact worldwide that building is harder and time consuming than destruction. I need not to be a mason to ascertain the above statement. I usually ask myself if Nigerians are sincere with what they want as a people. Do we truly want water on our lands or Mirage, do we seek change or Magic, have we voted PMB or Late Prof. Peller.

For those who don’t know the latter, he was a man that could (according to legends) butcher a man and rearrange in the same vane with the power of magic. The former is a man with the exclusive rights to be called the first citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

To be concise, I, unlike few did a thorough research about his rule few years back which means I was born after his tenure as a Military head of State and I got to know him as a man who knows nothing about magic. My love for him is not far-fetched, it is simply for the love of the state and my only affiliation is to the most populous black nation in the world not of any political party.

I know a few people who wanted our President who contested severally before he was given the mandate to say “abracadabra” after swearing in for them to see a new Nigeria in close resemblance to United States of America.

My enthusiasm to see the Change we voted for is just like yours but on a basis of objectivity and reality. If I were you, I’d look at change from the Yoruba adage which translates thus ; “In pains, the tribal mark is made, but it becomes beautiful to the owner afterwards “

I know preaching patience and endurance as regards this government may make a few question my patriotism but we must say the truth even if things become worse but God forbid.

The budget is an important document to every organisation and society.  It is the biggest working document in an organisation which predicts the success of the organisation or otherwise. The ‘Change’ budget is yet to be passed; the dream of the present administration is (arguably) in the budget.

This is not me throwing stones but the last administration had 5 budgets to work with, we axed them on the fifth. Should we axe the current administration before the passage of its first budget? Doing that would definitely define our confusion.

Obviously, the hardship is bigger than the Change we expect but we must see ourselves as the 160 million Nigerians that are ready to take the sacrifice. If this turns out positive, history will remember us.

I voted for President Muhammadu Buhari not Professor Peller (with all due respect), I voted for Change, not for Magic.

Ademuyiwa Adebola Taofeek


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