Scott Disick Takes Credit For Kanye And Kim Naming Their Son “Saint”

As all the world found out why Kim Kardashian, 35, and Kanye West, 38, named their first son Saint WestScott Disick, 32, thinks he has another answer! Lord Disick is taking all the credit for the name, saying Kimye wants their son to be just like him; “holier than thou” and someone who can do no wrong.


Oh Lord! Scott feels Kim and Yeezus are definitely keeping up with him in the name department. After the baby boy born Dec. 5 was named “Saint,” we’re told Scott “can’t help but feel that his originality helped give the happy parents all the ammunition they needed to bless their child with the name Saint,” a source close to Scott reveals.

“In Scott’s mind, he’s holier than thou. Scott’s even called himself a Saint plenty of times in front of he family and they all either laughed at him or rolled their eyes. Scott loves the name and thinks the child will live up to it.” Maybe he didn’t get the memo that “Saint Robert West” is a tribute to Kim’s late father, as we learned on Dec. 7.


As TMZ reported, baby Saint checked into the world weighing 8 pounds 1 previously learned, the couple were also close to considering another iconic name. “Legend and Saint have been thrown around,” another source told During the name discussion, they hadn’t yet chosen one and were considering waiting “until the baby was born and live with the child for a little bit and then make the decision.” Saint and North West. Two very original names indeed. Congrats to Kim and Kanye, Saint is sure in for one wild and privileged life.

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