“Manchester United Must Start Making Life Easier For Themselves”- Bastian Schweinsteiger

The German says he experienced 10-man defences in the Bundesliga

Manchester United are making strides towards breaking down defensive opponents says Bastian Schweinsteiger.

The Reds finally shattered West Brom’s 10-man blockade at Old Trafford on Saturday with second half goals from Jesse Lingard and a late Juan Mata penalty.

But the German midfielder concedes the Reds still have to get better and understands the fans frustration with United’s possession style and lack of excitement.

“You recognise what the supporters are saying but football is not only attack,” says the 31-year-old.

“There are teams with different game styles and they also win titles. But especially in home matches we have to press and go forward.

“We did well offensively against West Brom. When you are playing a team who defend with ten men it is not easy to find the gaps. There is still room for improvement but we did improve on breaking a team down.

Schweinsteiger speaks excellent English
Schweinsteiger speaks excellent English

“Teams defending is not exclusive to England. In Munich it was exactly the same. It was difficult then with opponents defending heavily. I saw recently Bayern drew 0-0 at Frankfurt because Frankfurt were defending.

“It happens but you have to find solutions and this is where we can still improve to make it easier for ourselves.”

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