Fr. Mbaka Gives Condition To Support Biafra Protest

Spiritual Director of Catholic Adoration Minis­tries Enugu, Rev. Fr. Camil­lus Ejike Mbaka, has given one condition on which he would support the ongoing pro-Biafra protests in the South-East and part of the South-South.

Mbaka said he would only support the agitation if those behind it come out to lead the struggle.

He warned that the protests are capable of snowballing into a huge crisis of the scale associated with Boko Haram if not curtailed now.

Fr. Mbaka spoke during the launch of new products, Rapha Groundnut oil, Rapha Soya Oil and Rapha Carbon­ated Drinks, produced by his company, Aqua Rapha Investments Limited. He is chairman of the company.

Speaking, he lambasted those still fueling the pro- Biafra protests, saying it was capable of scaring away in­vestors from the region.

Credit: Sun

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