Ogunsanya Tosin: Welcome Into The Nigerian School Of Public Governance

A welcome speech by the institute head…

Listen up everybody, we welcome you all to NSPG, a place where we transform individuals to leaders primarily in the public sector. You are left with only one option and that option is to learn.

More specifically, NSPG covers all aspects of governance in domestic and global organizations, from risk assessment to policy analysis, disregarding societal status to whoever jettison the rule of law, design and evaluation.

May I inform you, that for decades now, this country, our beloved and well cherished country, endowed with many natural resources and huge population is experiencing bad governance in different sectors as a result of bad leadership, who at one time or the other chose to immerse the country in evil vices for selfish reasons.  Corruption, human right violations, mismanagement of resources and such likes, have dwindled the growth of our country. NSPG’s program seek to promote effective governance processes that operate in a manner consistent with democratic values of transparency, good leadership and accountability.

The inability of public sector institutions to function effectively and democratically undermines the sustainability of democratic reform. However, the task to raise credible breed of leaders is before us if this country must move forward. It is through improved governance that the benefits of democratic development most directly impact the lives of our citizens.

My plea to you all is to first learn how to become a follower before becoming a leader. You will be taken through series of lectures, trainings, exams, drills, and so on. Nelson Mandela was quoted with this word, “sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, you can be that generation”.

I leave you with these for now. Any question? (a pulse with a chorus) no question.

My first assignment to you all is this. Come up with a write up on integrity, using our President, Muhammadu Buhari as a case study. I expect to see your report in the next one hour.

Thank you.

(My desire is to wake up one day and see an established institution like this that develops whoever wishes to hold public office here in Nigeria. This is my thought with the few Nigerians that want change)

From Kristosin..

Ogunsanya Tosin
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