Buhari Has No Power To Send Anybody To Prison- Asari-Dokubo

Leader of the now rested Niger Delta Volunteer force, Asari Dokubo has warned President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari against sending any ‘corrupt’ government official to prison. According to the ex-freedom fighter, if the incoming president ventures into sending anyone to prison, the ‘Moses’ in him will rise and the whole nation will boil.

Dokubo who had earlier warned that if President Goodluck Jonathan loses second term bid, blood would flow in the nation warned the ex-general that he has no power to jail anyone even as the Commander-In-Chief Of the Armed Forces of the federal Republic.
He passed his warning via a Facebook post in what appears like a reply to one Mohammed Kabir. He said: “Mohammed Kabir Ibrahim, your Buhari does not have the power to send anybody to prison….get that into your piggy skull and nobody is afraid of him….We are waiting for him….following the example of GEJ does not make us cowards….If he Buhari wants to be a Pharaoh….then he will find a Moses in me.”
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