What is This World Turning Into? (See Very Sad Photo)

The young man in the obituary photo is an orphan who God blessed after he has suffered and made a little money. He reportedly went back to his village at Oba Anambra state to start building a new house on his fathers land as the only surviving male child in the family only to get the shock of his life. When he got home, His land and even his family house built by his father has been occupied by a new tenant who claimed that some men from the kindred sold him the land for N70M.

He approached the men who sold his land even while he was alive and hustling to know why they
would tamper with his property but the men warned him to disappear if he loved his life and  forget the land or they would kill him. The young man thought it was an issue for the court so he sued them only to be kidnapped in a forth night. His badly mutilated decomposing body was later discovered in a nearby bush

Before his death, he told his immediate family that the 10 men from his kindred who were responsible for selling his land to a foreigner were threatening to kill him if he didn’t hands off the land.

The names of the evil men including a Professor has been printed on his burial posters and brochure.

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