Rivers State PDP Responsible For Snatching 14,000 PVCs – APC Spokesman Alleges

Events of recent days have confirmed the information in possession of the APC in Rivers State that it was agents of PDP that snatched 14,000 Permanent Voter Cards [PVCs] belonging to innocent voters across Rivers State.

Having been helped out of their dreamland of rigging the forthcoming elections with cloned and stolen Permanent Voter Cards [PVCs] last Saturday when the Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] conducted a mock voter accreditation, members of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] in Rivers in Rivers State have now resorted to blackmailing owners of PVCs which PDP hoodlums earlier snatched from INEC officials at various locations in the state. Recall that the INEC in Rivers State had announced sometime ago that about 14,000 PVCs were snatched by hoodlums across Rivers State

What the PDP members now do is calling owners of PVCs on phone asking each PCV owner which party he/she will vote for and if the answer is ‘PDP’ then they tell where to go to pick up his/her PVC. And if the answer is ‘APC’ then the caller cuts the line.

By this singular act, it is obvious that the snatching of the over 14,000 PVCs was perpetrated by the PDP in Rivers State. Even before this came to light now, the intelligence unit of the R/S APC have had reports of PDP locations where these nefarious activities take place. One is in Woji and another is in Elelenwo. It is believed that there are many more locations where the PDP members are undertaking this evil plan especially around those areas where the PVC snatchings took place.

The APC expects that any serious political party should work assiduously to support the INEC to conduct free, fair and credible elections and not to contrive all kinds of contraptions to subvert the electoral process to help it win. The APC believes that electoral contests – like all other contests – must be kept clean.

Unfortunately, consistent calls by the APC on the security agencies to clamp down on these criminal activities of the PDP in Rivers State appear to be ignored. But we will continue to highlight these issues for the attention and action of the nation’s security organisations, local and international observers, the National Human Rights Commission, the embassies of the EU countries, the UN and all people of goodwill until concrete actions are taken to stem and stamp out these negative machinations of the PDP in Rivers State.

Chris Finebone

State Publicity Secretary

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