Introducing Patience Jonathan: Nigeria’s Natural Disaster – Japheth J. Omojuwa

Wetin him dey find again? Him dey drag with him pikin mate…Old man wey no get brain, him brain don die pata pata.”

Anybody That Come And Tell You “Change,” Stone That Person”

“Our people no dey born shildren wey dem no dey fit count

Our men no dey born shildren throway for street. We no dey like the people for that side.” – Dame Patience Jonathan.

If you were not privy to the source of the above statements, you would be forgiven to think I was quoting from a book on illiterate women still grappling with the issue of Nigeria’s unity. The above words were delivered by Nigeria’s First Lady, Patience Jonathan, at various campaign grounds from Cross River State to Kogi. She was on national TV when she made these statements. For the sake of those who don’t understand pidgin and poorly spoken English, the First Lady was taking direct shots at the All Progressives Congress’s presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari. She also reserved ungracious words for northerners when she suggested they mostly just have kids only to abandon them. In her worst display of why she should never ever have been seen near a First Lady let alone be one herself, Patience Jonathan has been on rampage embarrassing the presidency and indeed our country. It is a shameful sight to say the least. The only thing sadder than this is the fact that the authorities have looked on while the First Lady openly told her supporters to stone those who don’t tow the line of returning her husband, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as president.

What have we done? What have northerners done? What was the sin in trusting the Jonathans with power in 2011 and why, despite paying with death to loved ones and displayed family members, did the First Lady believe taking shots at northerners would guarantee the return of her family to the Villa?

Even if a place is reserved for some display of madness in politics, is such a place reserved for the office of the First Lady? Shouldn’t that office and whoever occupies it represent the best of Nigeria’s family values, kindness and decorum? Did we not have First Ladies, even under military governments, that were dignified in speech and in deed? Many will blame her lack of exposure for why she is who she is but that cannot be it, it is one thing to lack respect and be unenlightened, it is another to be unenlightened and to lack respect to boot. Dame Patience Jonathan is the embodiment of a badly educated woman who also doubles as an unenlightened woman who sees no wrong in inciting violence.

We need not look too far to find examples of First Ladies who brought class and elegance to the privileged office. They may have their own faults but few people will fault the elegance and class of the likes of Maryam Babangida and Stella Obasanjo. Looking to use Michelle Obama as an example of who Mrs. Patience Jonathan should emulate may be asking too much.

But if the First Lady does not know what is right and what not to say, especially on national television, does she not have media managers? Are they paid to urge her and her classless disrespectful self on or they are paid to make her look better? Even if they have given up on her getting better, would it be out of place for them to suggest she never appears on live TV? They could at least edit the unwholesome parts of her speech from the whole speech. If per chance the whole speech is unwholesome, would it not be better to make the speech available without its sound? That is, if the First Lady must be on television at all.

One saw that one or two men in the president’s campaign team said they saw nothing wrong in the Patience Jonathan statements. Now, it is one thing to want to earn a living, it is another thing to live life as though living beneath one’s beliefs is a way to earn a living. Or would anyone say stoning those who don’t agree with them tallies with the belief system of any civilized person for that matter? Haba! Should we begin to accord honourary titles to cows just because we are desperate to feed off their meat? Let us call a spade what it is, Madam Patience Jonathan is a disgrace to Nigerian women. Our women have certainly got more class.

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  • Well said. She should stop disgracing Nigeria. Calling her an illetrate is an understatement. Shes worse than an illetrate

  • But why are the elite in the North keeping quiet about this insultive statement?
    I ve expected a barrage of reprimand but everyone seem to show indifference.

  • Northerners typically respond to insults with actions more than with words. Expect their resounding and far-reaching response in the coming days.

  • For me I will not ever condemn the First Lady for her lack of control of the English language, simply because I think you don’t have to be grammatically equipped to be the First Lady of a country, that English is not their primary language. My disappointment was how generous she is in making mistake when it comes to managing situation. With her last utterances, condemning a former head of state and an elder stateman of a country which her husband preside on, and her also claiming to be her First Lady. Couple with the fact that she also discriminated against the people of that same country, irrespective of what region they belong to. It shows she never deserves to be the First Lady of this our beloved country not talk of returning her to that same office.

  • When a barren woman begins to deride motherhood and makes it look fashionable to be impotent, then you can be sure society is heading for the rocks!

  • Because they all know she is saying the truth but people will want to look the order way round. When you have children wonder all over Nigeria in the name of alumajeri, neglected, no care, no parental advice what do think those children will end up to be in future

  • No amount of coaching will put this Patience in order. She has a faulty background. Could be she didn’t even go to school.
    My question is, how did Jonathan, a so called PhD holder having gone through academia, came about this woman to be his wife?
    Madam Jonathan have exposed the quality and character of Mr. Jonathan as cover-up rascal.
    That’s why he has no guts to check the cabals around him wrecking Nigeria’s treasury.
    Its sad, very sad indeed.

  • Oohhhhh Pls, go get a life or find some more adequate and intresting news, and if you have nothing to say find something else to do, if you listened to her and heard whatever you did, why you spelling things wrongly? Or maybe you habe a problem with ur spelling ability? It’s children not shildren, some1s accent in the pronunciation of a word doesn’t mean the spelling of that word is changed, rubbish!!! You even have the effrontery and guts to call the First Lady an illiterate, I Dnt blame you Nigerians Atall, it tells u have no regard for your mother at home.

  • Mohammed Aboki what is illiterate? You need to be arrested by JTF cause you sounded like a Boko haram member. Idiot if not for GEJ who provided Almajeri schools, would you have been in the bush with your flocks. Da iska.

  • Love her all the same.

    Buhari is uneducated, do you know that?
    A lot of people from their generation are that way. At least, she’s not the president.

  • When a stupid idiot like you who is apparently a nobody abuses the first lady, it is obvious you have more brawns than brain

  • When cocksuckers like you find your way into public discourse, it shows how pathetic our society has degenerated. I’m not surprised though, your mom must have sold you out of a baby factory, so you lack decorum. Sorry whore!

  • Please don’t insult my child here because you will not want anybody to insult your father and mother. People like you are worse than patient Jonathan, you have just proven how indiscipline and coward you are. You lack of home training.

  • When Jonathan was stone in the north during one of his campaign what did the northern elite say about it.

  • They need the money to continue flowing and are afraid of being labelled as Boko Haram sponsors. they are worst disasters for the north and the country at large.

  • You have said it all, but that’s if she ll listen or if it ll make any difference to her camp. Indeed Michelle Obama is too high a benchmark to use for her; but then again I have seen the first lady of Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta and boy is she full of class and grace. I even once saw her and our first lady on the same stage giving speeches, suffice it to say that we all know how Patience Jonathan would have performed. She’s sincerely part of the scourge of this administration we would have to live with.

  • Am disappointed at you…. he doesnt need to be a somebody to say the truth… for the fact that he is a Nigerian and the person in question is disgracing our beloved country Nigeria then thats enough reason to call her an illiterate or more since thats the way she appears to be… and when people like you standup to sound this way its shows how low your thinking is….
    anyway i hope you understand that personally i don’t have any problem with the first lady not being able to speak correct English but for the fact that she is the first lady and yet promoting violence and also condemning some part of that same country… its shows she is a symbols of shame.. she doesn’t deserve to be among the first family of this country…

  • Sorry,our first lady should be able to speak simple and correct English,other first ladies before her did,it is a sign of her inability to develop herself,several illiterate Fuji musicians in yorubaland employed teachers to brush up their spoken english,talk of Salawa Abeni and others,even OPCs Gani Adams now speak English fluently. Having passed through several levels all these while, from being the wife of a deputy governor,to wife of a governor,to wife of a vice-president and finally the presidents wife,there is no excuse for her bad English.English is the lingua franca in Nigeria,she cant speak hausa,efik,yoruba and other indigenous languages, so she should be able to speak simple and correct English. A whole first lady and a christian for that matter advocating violence,when you stone someone for expressing his views, do you think he would let you go scot free if he can retaliate?It is not a matter of anyone being paid to post on issues,this is what our first lady said and they expect our children to turn out right,while we strive to bring our children up in the fear of the lord,they tell us civility is a sign of weakness,only God can bail us out of this rot and festering sore which keeps worsening by the day

  • Campaigning for APC in style.Common sense is certainly not common afterall

  • Tessa be very careful d way u attack ppl, what @Omojuwa wrote unfortunately is d truth plus what everybody has commented abt d first lady be it with a harsh tone or not sadly also is d truth, as we say elder wey no respect themselves small pikin go use them play, what I expect someone like u to do is reply whoever u think is harsh on d 1st lady with a more subtle tone than try to insult ur points through, nobody is perfect, however that doesn’t mean we all must be foolish, this d same reason why some ppl don’t go into politics so they can speak d truth d way it is good or bad and I feel that’s what @Omojuwa did. Therefore Tessy if u want to toll d line of a supporter of d 1st lady be more diplomatic as all u’ll get from ppl is an unending insult and more disheartening comments abt d 1st. I done tire to type…

  • @Aids So ppl can call a Gmb an illiterate who is obviously more learned than ur president and his wife put together and d person that is obviously sounding, looking and behaving like an illiterate because she occupies a seat we all should tell her to ride on and keep disgracing us, maybe u should go watch d clips and hide ur head in shame before u come out and rant in public, what ppl like u should do on behalf of d 1st lady is damage control rather than countering d truth with fight, ppl will always react when someone like d 1st lady who apart from d office she represent stands for peace, love, respect and decorum also bears d name mama peace comes out to public and make statements that can cause discord and hate not just amongst d citizens but more especially amongst women, while it saddens my heart to see ppl write abt our 1st lady this way, I won’t also come out in public to cover her up because she’s d 1st lady, all d wolves around her are just cheering her on, when she leaves d villa reality will set in as even ppl like u won’t have anything positive to say abt her. Cheers

  • Pres GEJ has assured us that the Chibok girls are alive and would be rescued,at least no one is denying the issue again.

  • Nothing warrants a first lady requesting people to be stoned,it is completely wrong,right is right and wrong is wrong,people should be free to express their opinions,it is a fundamental human right.

  • Do your due research,it was the security aides of the president that first reacted,people were only shouting Sai Baba and GEJs security reacted before the people retaliated,it is conversant for security aides of our leaders to be overzealous,Ayo Fayose was walked out of OAU Ife in similar manner for his over zealousness before the student leaders allowed GEJ to address them.our leaders should rein in their security aides and followers.

  • One thing keeps baffling me,the way we exchange insults on social media,whoever finds it easy to insult anyone and claims to be a Christian is not a Christian, Jesus said whoever calls his brother racca is liable to hell fire, besides it is uncultured to be insultive,it tells a lot about ones background and upbringing.

  • But her days are numbered. Why struggle with a headless snake that is wiggling about? The north will answer her on the 28th of March.

  • Emma how dare u say English isn’t an impt language in Nigeria? Isn’t that the most commonly spoken language for communication? Pls don’t compound issues pls, what is bad is bad period.

  • Chris u are a disgrace, pple like u aren’t worth to be called Nigerians, why segregating a Nigerian? We are all one,don’t always go along tribal lines pls, u are an adult and sensible to know beta pls

  • Pple don’t want to heat up polity as it is, they are on a right course so no need for distractions from them, I hope u get my broda so let them talk,our northern brodas are focused and heading to a clearer Nigeria, I am a yoruba man but I see myself as a Nigerian, we all are all one nation

  • A lot of pple in d north condemned it even GMB spoke the next day to warn his supporters against such, are u aware his PDP pple stoned him? The gov of that state who is a PDP man spoke the truth and they labeled him APC agent

  • Illiterate or non illiterate, she is First Lady and has first ladied all Nigerians for years. Damage did done…

  • If a man messes up he wd be ridiculed ok so insanity doesn’t come with age pls.

  • I commend your brave,sensible and un sentimental write up,is sad she speaks this way n much more,it baffles me how her attention is not always drawn on her unguarded utterances,mama peace suddenly turns mama violence…I’m emberrased to be precise more than I’m angry or amused..

  • U are a disaster and a big fool beyond forty. If you have a mum, a wife, am sure you don’t have, you dare not call another man’s mum, wife, sister names because you could without being arrested. Little wonder, disdain mannerisms thrive in your environment like in over grown idiotic obj. Go ahead and exhibit extreme sub behaviour. Animal.

  • May when your elder once messes up as have said you can ridicule them but not me.

  • our grt first lady & her husband ar victims of circumstanc. dey ar where dey ar out of surprise dey never in dia entire life of immagination dey will ever come close d corridor of power. so what do yu expect frm such bunk heads. such ppl dont care abt odas bu pocket. yes she is a natural disaster. she. let me tell yu any disaster has end of term. very soon her dieaster wi com to an end. enough is enough.

  • i get pained in my heart wen i look at my country Nigeria. where ar we going to. things ar out of place. we ar bn decieved wit pic in d dailys & televisions. shown us roads dat dont exist. farms, industries dat dont exist. telling us abt railway in lagos to ijoko in ogun state dat has bn there all dese years. why! why telling us lias.
    Jinathan & his wife. or his husband sud just quit. bcos dey hv failed. dey surand demselve wit bad ppl. & dese ppl mis lead dem especially Jonathan.
    Jonathan will be well respected in d world over if he just walk out. dis country can not work under him. he lacks what it takes to b a leader. but a ruler. enough is enough.

  • Your anger is that the man abused the first lady and you think your best reaction is to hurl harsher insults at him? Maybe BoT is right. Maybe you were produced in a baby factory.

  • interesting that Omojuwa is so quick to condemn Dame for being uneducated & unenlightened; yet will not blame Buhari & co for stunting her educational opportunities when they ruled nigeria with an iron fist. It is indeed a shame that she never had the opportunities to be properly polished because the opportunities were not available to her. Of course, Buhari & co sent their kids to school & for medical treatment abroad (even while claiming to have only N5m in assets)… I also would like to see some balance – Buhari said to his followers in 2011 (while holding a spear) that they should ‘kill anyone who denies their vote’ – plus the ‘dog & baboon will be soaked in blood’ if he doesn’t win…. i guess the point is no one has a monopoly on incitement. Dame may be crude & vulgar – but she is a product of her environment, which was created by Buhari and his military colleagues…. Let’s not forget

  • If u like talk from now till eternity. A city set upon a hill cannot be hidden irrespective gramatical blunder she is on top there is nothing anyone can do about it. So relax and pray to God to lift u up too. Shikenah

  • Some Nigerians are like the first lady Dame, they don’t give a damn about civility or what is right but blinded with ethnic biasness, nepotism and ism. They believe the Jonathans should continue to be a source of embarrassment to the country. Its purely politics of hatred. I seldom comment on stuff like this because there are several Mrs. Jonathan here, all they know how to do is to curse and use dirty language on anyone who don’t agree with them.o

  • So should we insult GMB too? I am disappointed in you justifying wrong because it appears to favour your cause.

  • No. You are. Can’t be compared with the devil. I am superior to satan. I am seated in heavenly realms with Christ Jesus.

  • Look who’s talking
    When you marry an 8 year old, does that speak well of someone who is educated.

  • So can I insult omojuwa since he is displaying the traits of a boy that wasn’t brought up well. Attacking the president and the first lady because he has been paid.

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