Rescuing Nigerians From Cul-De-Sac By Olukoya Obafemi

Holistically, this article is a well-intentioned moralist polemics against the prejudice and stereotyped blanket assertions which discusses problems instead of seeking a structured solution to the identified problem. In that spirit, this article will evaluate the validity of the objective and consequently posit a remedial conclusion.
Therefore, here goes.
Like the biblical figure- David, who was the youngest of his siblings, God told Samuel to anoint him as the king of Israel, rather than the tall and handsome Saul. In a likewise vein, Gen Olusegun Obasanjo and “Co” chose to through their weights behind the acclaimed shoeless, humble looking man from Otueke, ignoring the tall and handsome giants of our contemporary politics. Ignoring antecedent, core values and never demanding credentials. However, the romantic notion that the shoeless man will step up to the plate did not last 100 day before the place of pedigree and nostalgic credentials in choosing a candidate started being the loud voice over the supposed decorum of Aso Rock. Nowadays, talking about the ineptitude that followed the crass perpetuated Obasanjo and co now grates the eardrums with so much insipidity. As it is now palpable to even the blind. Only hedonist whose remedial vision has been blurred by cynicism will hold a negative opinion to this truth. Hence, problem one is identified.
It is hardly surprising however, that history plays an irreducible role in perpetuating the canonicals by means of its narrative structure. It is the bridge which provides the synthesis between the formal and the later, without which “progress” will only pass for being called pseudo. That brings Musa Yar ‘Adua of blessed memory into this article. Despite the brutal cleft of the state of his health, he still gave his best while in office. This is Palpable by the omniscient arrest of the Niger Delta unrest and the reduction of fuel pump price- to mention a few. Our beloved incumbent president Goodluck Jonathan is the legatee of such legacies, but he has rather proven to be an imprudent tender. His first claptrap being the removal of subsidy which hiked the fuel price his predecessor reduced. Albeit demanding such Eldorado of him, he shouldn’t render such good legacies of his predecessor intransitive. Of course, no identity is ever complete in life however, it is only through fantasy that the lack can be covered and the illusion of fullness can be achieved, but GEJ never even articulated such transition. Therefore, problem two identified.
Still on the biblical figure David– the commander in chief of the armed forces, the only time he chose to circumvent his legitimate jurisdiction- duty of protecting the citizen- terror was brought upon Israel. This led to his most grievous sin- having an affair Bathsheba- the wife of one of his most loyal soldier. This allegorical moment graduated from being just an abstraction to becoming pivotal moment in the history of Israel. In the long-term, this dereliction of duty led to the division of the kingdom into Judah and Israel. However, history shows how its abstract system of construct links with empirical realities. Meanwhile, in our contemporary scenario, the command of the presidency has been streamlined into the constitution. It is simplified into the simple act of applying the constitution. They are no longer expected at war front, such prowess is no longer demanded of them. However, back to the context, President Jonathan has consistently circumvented the priori of his office- the protection of the citizen- as the commander in chief of the armed forces. This circumvention has led to the death of ‘thousands’ of innocent souls under this administration. Plebeians have being divided along ethnic and religious lines, living in the full realisation of their social, cultural and religious boundaries. Such ambivalent status of the government has colonised every available negative space in terms of division of the citizenry. Furthermore, problem three is identified.
Generally, if we will let epistemology be our methodology for critique, then we will realise the dire and grim facing Nigeria is more structural than being monotonous. The entire system needs purging but, the bulk of the culpability will always stop at the table of president. In the same manner a fish will never be forgiven for its ineptitude to swim; as much as tree-climbing prowess is not expected of it. These take this article to the point of scrutinizing the agenda president Jonathan promised when he was campaigning in 2011. For the power sector- he promised to make power stable by 2015, and reduce the use of generator by citizens to once in a week. Six years later today, has the agenda gone beyond verbal? As for the economy- he promised to create 1.5 million jobs in 2years, and transform the economy within 4years. This requires no further scrutiny; the job creation is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf. As for Transformation of the economy- of course, the transformation has now plummeted the economy to the lowest of nadir where Naira is now one of the most useless currencies in the world and poverty has won the struggle for the hegemony of universality. The other agenda he promised are available at Check and scrutinize the list before you plead brut as the seer across your brow. As Yoruba people will say “ka soro, ka babe ni iyi omo kunrin”. Consequently, problem four identified.
In the words of Joseph-Marie – “Every country has the government it deserves” and “In a democracy people get the leaders they deserve.” The Nigerian citizenry seem to give colossal credence to this creed, holistically. The passivity we the citizen are showing seems too gargantuan. Our agitations are always short lived or rather, intransitive. 20billion was missing, we were agitated, but where is the agitation today? Removal of fuel subsidy led to mass revolt, where is the revolt today? Over 200 Chibok girls were kidnapped, we gathered in masses, where is the gathering today? NHIS recruitment killed many young Nigerians, we were angered and took to the street demanding the removal of Abba Morro, where is the anger today? We treat situations with specificity and render the universality of the angst intransitive. There are 65million young people that can effect a change, but then: the tentativeness of our agitations and the amorphousness of our stand have brought us thus far. Furthermore, problem five is identified.
Conclusively, owing to the methodology of the article, without much garrulousness, this paragraph will posit some schemata which can rescue Nigeria from its palpable cul-de-sac. The array of problem identified here are just few of the epidemic struggling for supremacy in Nigeria. Moreover, the above problems are the ones I consider primary, with which every other problems including corruption and poverty are the centrifugal protégé. Therefore, now that Nigeria seems to have attained the cusp of cul-de-sac, the kernel of the rescue lays with us the citizens. It is high time we distorted the high pitch of our snoring and unsettle our perpetual slumber. Let’s pull every string that can restore our country back to its in situ. We should pick up our PVCs and vote a candidate whose credential is the voice over his/her silence. A candidate whose antecedent has proved he/she marshals his/her word. Let us vote with the phenomena which radiate how much we have suffered in the last years. Let’s vote a candidate that will not blame his woes on the opposition. Vote a candidate that will make protection of the citizen the priori of his office. Vote a candidate that can boast of sustainable schemes and projects, not the one that boasts of trains as 6 years’ achievements. Let’s rekindle the molten magma which is nearly a dead igneous in us. Let’s us realise the power within our capacity as stipulated in the constitution (Section 14, subsection (2) Article a), sovereignty belong to us- the people. Let’s contest every seizure of rationality and take a stand against every pseudo-cognitive. Not only to save us-the present, but also generations unborn.
By Olukoya Obafemi
Architect, Pragmatist, Egalitarian, Teacher
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