Important Facts About Marriage (Must Read)

These are facts regarding marriage posted by a facebook user:

1. The next worst thing outside death is a bad marriage.
2. The choice of whom you marry determines the course of your life.
3. A wedding cake is the only cake that can give you indigestion the rest of your life.
4. They say, ”Love is blind,” but marriage will open your eyes. Then you will know whether he snores heavily or she salivates in her sleep.
5. A successful marriage consists of God at the top, the man and woman answer to Him.
6. After the wedding, it is too late for regret.
7. Don’t tell me his wallet is fat; don’t say she greets my mum on her two knees……. Get God’s opinion first and make it your pillar.
8. Marriage is not for boys and girls.
9. Marriage is a lifetime contract; DO NOT RUSH.
10. It is better for people to laugh at you for marrying late than to be unable to laugh after your marriage. DEY NO DEY CANE OR PUNISH LATE COMER O.
11. The choice of whom you marry determines the totality of you.

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