Are You in Abuja? International Fashion Expo(BIG SALES) & Miss Democracy 2014


Abuja had been invaded as of yesterday, 16th December, as the International Fashion Expo 2014 has began and will run through Sunday, 21st December.

This event was created for fashion enthusiasts and fashion inclined individuals who are receptive to rare edginess in fashion and also appreciate African fashion. International Fashion Expo 2014 is a fashion train that has taken off in Abuja and will move to other African countries. The Fashion Expo is featuring ace African designers from across Africa with countries like Ghana, Togo, Benin, Morocco, etc, who will be exhibiting their newest collection here in Abuja.

Many other products and items will be leased with huge discounts as all items must go, while the much expected Miss Democracy 2014 will come up on the 19th December. Leading Nigerian and Ghanaian Artists will be entertaining you alongside a world class fashion show with the best models on the runway.

Venue for this big end of the year event is The Nigerian Air Force Conference Centre and Suites, Kado Express Way, Abuja. Don’t miss this exceptional fashion experience… The Mother of all Fashion Shows!

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